UFC 138 feedback

Easily a huge thumbs up show 

Best Fight: Brad Pickett V Renan Barao, although it could easily have been Leben vs Munoz

Worst Fight: Cyrille Diabate vs Anthony Perosh-wasnt horrible but just by process of elimination

Best Submission: Terry Etim

Best KO: Che Mills would be the closest to one but woudlnt surprise me if one wasnt announced and they bonused 2 best fights or best submissions

Terry Etim vs Edward Faaloloto-great crowd response to get the show going. Etim looked impressive afrter the long layoff. Faaloloto in the clips didn't look like he was going to be a pushover. Great guillotine.

Chris Cope vs Che Mills-another quickie that you can't comment on but Cope looked really out of his league here. Crowd still whoo'ing him even with the loss which I though was funny.

Cyrille Diabate vs Anthony Perosh-rounds 1 & 2 were polar opposites, Once Perosh got him down he was totally outclassing a tired Diabate on the ground. Needs to change his nickname from the Hippo though I think.

Thiago Alves vs Papy Abedi-Abedi was game at least the start. Alves looked like the old Pitbull once he knocked him off balance and swarmed him.

Renan Barao vs Brad Pickett-though this was a great fight with both guys wanting to exchange punches and keep coming forward. Reminded me of Garcia vs Korean Zombie in a way. Pickett could certainly take punches and that knee that put him down surprisingly didnt finish him. An impressive win here by Barao and he certainly is ready to step up to some higher level competition.

Chris Leben vs Mark Munoz-Leben was like The Terminator in this fight. He took a giant beating but just kept coming forward. An unbeliveable chin/head and heart. I am sure Munoz was wondering what he would have to do to finish him.

Have a  great night all.

Grant Zwarych

Thank goodness for the free shows because if I only judged this place by PPVs I'd be
pretty disappointed rightnow.  The two best cards of the year have been Cruz/Johnson and
this.  Is anyone paying attention to what this means or are we still going to go crazy
for Hendo and Silva for no good reason?  I can't even be disappointed in the main event
because it was a legitimate finish from an awesome pounding.
Thumbs way up, if you haven't figured.
My favorite fight was John Maguire/Lil Natch.  This fucking kid has the tools to make him
a star, I just want to see him again. I'm fully aware that Fickett will get FOTN and I'm
fine with that.
No worst as I can't remember not liking any of them.  I hate Alves so we can go there.
My favorite moment was when Fickett went down and his opponent pounced on his back like a
fucking praying mantis.  That was one of the best, slickest moves since Rousimar
Palhares' debut armbar.
Awesome stuff.  Personally, I'm hoping that Friday Night Fights is more of this type of
thing.  I can watch Unleashed to see Belfort and Hughes and Penn.
Mike DeGeorge

Dear Dave,
My feedback comes all the way from the Midlands in the U.K. Because we get all the numbered UFC PPVs for free on ESPN, I had to consider that when evaluating this show. I'm sure that compared to other Spike shows the quality of this show came across as superb though.
My fight of the night was tough because there was a lot of condensed action and few fights reaching a decision. I'd have to give it to Leben vs Munoz purely because it went longer and showcased both men perfectly. Leben takes shots like he's a striking dummy (he just absorbs them) and Munoz worked hard with a great game plan. The Pickett vs Barao fight came close, but it was just a little too sloppy, albeit action packed.
Knockout of the night for me goes to Che Mills. I hope the US audience takes these British guys seriously because Mills looked great. The "beautiful" nickname could create a wonderful cocky heel persona to elevate him way up the card.
Submission of the night is super hard, but I think it should go to Terry Etim. There were plenty of rear naked chokes that came as a result of aggressive striking AND just pure endeavour on the ground, but Etim got the guillotine in the air and sunk it in, and it looked fantastic on TV.
Apologies for picking the two British guys for those awards. For what its worth, Pickett's entrance came off very contrived and didn't get over with me, or anyone who doesn't watch Only Fools and Horses 24/7, Abedi looked like a star until Alves got him down and the post match interviews didn't come across as exciting since Chael blew everyone away. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing for the sport, or whether Sonned just raised the bar for interviews, and guys have to get up there! He showed that post-match interviews aren't just for paying respect to opponents and camps, but can also be a fantastic way to sell a fight in an emotional manner.
The overall show gets a thumbs up from me. It might have been thumbs in the middle, but exciting fights and a phenomenal crowd, who just LOVED the UFC made this a terrific show.
Adam Dawes.

Hello Dave and Bryan,
Got home and found a wonderful gift on my DVR...
UFC 138
Thumbs up!
Such an educated crowd...awesome crowd!
Leben v. Munoz
Leben has been in one of my favorites. I have loved the guy since the Season 1.
This guy AND HIS CHIN...So bummed it was stopped like that.
It looked like Munoz was gassing (AND Leben was already in zombie mode)
I could see Leben pulling out the win BUT it wasnt meant to be........
Really sad to see such a performer fall short AND
Munoz moving up the ranks, who in my eyes,  just isnt championship material.
Who the hell is Renan Barao?
I never missed a card AND obviously I need to read up on my Wikipedia......
Sure, he can't celebrate for shit (SO funny that he ate shit doing that cartwheel)
BUT this guy would make an awesome fight against Cruz!!!
Really impressed w/ Brad Pickett too.
Alves looked great and nice to see him get back in the WWeight picture.
With Dan Hardy not being able to get a win AND Bisping being the biggest ASSHOLE of ALL TIME,
it was nice to see some new UK talent (and Etim) rising up.
Great show. Just sad to see Leben lose like that.
Jesse Otawka

Thumbs I Don't Think They're Gonna Do Any Better Than Last Time.
Best fight: Griffin-Riley
Worst fight: take your pick
KO: Andrei with an asterisk
Sub: none
Card opened with a 4 fight heavyweight tourney round that was notable mainly for the favorites losing in three of them. Cody Griffin's come from behind KO over Justyn Riley was the one moment of drama. Reagan Penn then proved to have even less cardio than BJ, getting drubbed by Evan Cutts, who looks promising at age 20 and showed competitive BJJ with Penn along with obviously much better conditioning. Arlovski and Travis Fulton, who does as many bouts as rasslers, stunk out the joint for three rounds till Andrei scored a ah very theatrical looking one kick KO with one second left in the fight. Then Sylvia showed he can still suck just as bad at 265 as 305, stinking out the joint vs. some Greek or German guy.
UFC 138
Thumbs in the middle. Not much of a card on paper and not much better in action. On the + side, lots of clean finishes and outstanding performances, but way too many squashes and short fights.
Best fight: Barao vs. Pickett
Worst fight: The other Brit heavyweight vs. Broughton. Possibly worst fight of the year.
KO: Che Mills
Sub: Etim
Caraiso outworked Lee and clearly won the fb opener, but one of the judges tried to steal it for Lee. Little scary omenwise but fortunately otherwise the judging was okay, or even better not needed. Decent fight.
Che Mills UFC debuted big, cutting the ring on Chris Cope from the bell and stopping him after 2 high knee KDs in only 40 secs.
Omigawa outworked Young to take his first ever UFC win.
As far as Broughton and other guy, did you ever see the Cheers where Norm had the fight with the other fat guy? Dreadful. The other guy, who isn't actually that fat but fights like he is, won the UD btw.
The fb fights closed on a relatively high note with very skilled Brit journeyman John Maguire taking a clear UD over Justin Edwards.
On the main card, Terry Etim, IMO the best of the Brit fighters including Bisping, Hardy and Daley, finished off Eddie Faalaloto in 17 seconds with a Jump Guillotine.
Then came three straight RNC finishes. First was Anhony Perosh over Cyrille Diabate, who wasjust clueless on the ground when Perosh managed to get it there.
Next was Thiago Alves vs. some black guy from Sweden. Why they threw this guy in with Alves for his first UFC fight is unanswerable. Alves knocked him silly then took his back and choked him.
Then it was Renan Barao's turn to do the same to Brad Pickett in what was the best fight of the night, while it lasted. Both showed extremely high level standup until Barao stunned Pickett and wasted no time in pouncing on his back and working the RNC past his defenses. Barao is scary and the ranked guys better be paying attention.
In the main, which was pretty good while it lasted also, Munoz just kept on too much pressure for Leben to deal with, and Leben did not seem to be arguing all that much when the fight was stopped in the corner due to the cut. When I think of Munoz getting a title shot though I can't help thinking about how easily Okami handled him.   
Crimson Mask

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