Early report on Raw from Liverpool (more detailed report to come)

By Sean Martins

It feels like a house show, lackluster main event, Ryder and Cena against Miz n Truth. Crowd really hate Cena tonight, CM Punk wayyyy over.

Morrison beat Ziggler with a schoolboy, interestingly Ziggler over, crowd not keen on Morrison.

Now they've done a ten minute feature all about Kelly Kelly being on the cover of maxim! Why do I feel like they do not give a shit about this show tonight

Nobody here cares about Nash, zero heat, nobody seems to know him

Apparently Nash says the reason he turned on Triple H is because after Rumble this year he asked Triple H to get The clique back together and Triple H didn't respond to that and hence the sledgehammer ...lol

John Laurinaitis just told the audience that even tho Brodus Clay was supposed to be introduced tonight that Liverpool wasn't worth it. That's what I call shoot, cos clearly WWE don't think were worth it. I really wanted and tried to enjoy it but this is just trash.

Strange dynamic, people kinda like Ryder but then hate everybody else including Cena inthe main event, but especially Cena.  It's like Cena is a heel and the main event is a match between 4 heels.

Cena first in, massive chants of "You Can't Wrestle" then "We Want Ryder," and its seem to be building to Ryder coming in for the pop. Crowd shouting ”Who are ya?” At Cena, they did the same with Del Rio before, seems to have happened at all house shows too.  It's a particularly English crowd chant

Crowd does not want to see Cena.  Everytime he tagged in people keep shouting We Want Ryder. Personally I prefer Cena in there but this crowd hate him lol slow match, not much happening at all crowd not that arsed

WOW!!Cena just got beat clean from a kick to the chest, either a botch or something definitely went wrong.  Wasn't even a school boy and I didn't notice Miz grabbin any tights - AWFUL

Major botch! They retaped the ending and the crowd just died for it. This time Truth held Cena's leg down for the win. Truly awful, good job this show isn't live tonight, major botch.

Dark match main event - Punk, Ryder and Cena against Miz, Truth and Ziggler.  Crowd dead and most of them confused with the botch and retape

by Lee Wall

Miz and Truth d. Cena and Ryder in the main event. The finish was Miz pinning Cena with Truth holding Cena's leg from the outside. However, they decided to redo the finish straight after because Cena was too far from the ropes and Truth had to climb into the ring to hold his leg down. On the reshoot Truth was then too slow, so they had to go round a third time before they got it right.
Also on the show: Punk and Del Rio argued in the ring, which was the most entertaining segment, although turned into a bit of a pantomine. They brawled, Punk got the better of it and Rodrigo made the save, inevitably tasting a Go to Sleep. Del Rio restored some intensity later on by putting Punk through a buffet table backstage.
Kevin Nash cut a promo, explaining he attacked HHH because he had been ignored when he wanted to come back after the Royal Rumble. Not much reaction until the payoff line, when he described attacking HH and said 'that's how you play the Game.'
Brodus Clay did not appear, John Laurianitis noted he was supposed but said Liverpool did not deserve to see him.
John Morrison d Ziggler. Ziggler got a babyface reaction.
Mason Ryan squashed JTG.
Jack Swagger d. Santino.

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