OVW TV tapings report 11-9 Louisville

  Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping report for November 9th, 2011, just days after many eyes in the pro wrestling world are back on OVW after it was announced that OVW is now the developmental territory for TNA. I'm not sure so many eyes should have ever left OVW in the first place. This TNA developmental thing is good news for OVW, and it can be good news for TNA too, if TNA uses it properly. I'll be curious to see of TNA uses some of the regular OVW talent going forward in different roles. They'd be dumb not too, OVW has several talents that are ready made to step up and contribute today. Guys, and gals, that do TV every week, wrestle a few times a week, are in shape, and most can talk decent on a mic. As OVW talents like to say, they are over f'n prepared. Also, it was announced that ROH can still tape TV at the Davis arena if it wants, so this certainly is the beginning of yet another fascinating era for OVW. Speaking of ROH, there was a very heavy OVW influence at the marathon ROH TV tapings here last Saturday, so many different OVW talents will be on ROH TV for the rest of 2011. Also I read UK based wrestler, and OVW talent who is now back in the UK, Andreas Rossi(aka Andy Baker) appears on this Fridays WWE Smackdown in a jobber role.

But back to this taping for OVW. This was the "go home" show for the November 12th OVW Saturday Night Special. Quite a bit went on during this episode tonight, but it wasn't really a great show, largely due to the crowd. The attendance was close to 100 tonight, but they were just on the dead side most of the night for whatever reason. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. They did not announce the TNA developmental deal to the live audience. This appeared to be the smoothest show from a production standpoint that they've had for awhile, they've had some bumps in the road in the production department recently. It also appeared they put the lights back the way they used to be, thank God, so hopefully it won't look so dark on TV. But with that they were also fairly aggressive in trying to make sure all the seats on the camera sides were full. I was wondering if they were being so picky about that tonight in part because of the TNA deal. They are using a wireless mic again, which is fine, but I think they have a blown, or partially blown, horn in one of their speakers, and were getting some wireless noise. Sounds like the sensitivity on the receiver of the wireless mic needs to be adjusted. That may not be a problem on TV though.

It was announced the OVW Homecoming #6 show will be held on Sunday, December 11th, with a 5 PM bell time. The other OVW Homecoming shows have been held on a Tuesday night.
A fan drew some artwork of Dean Hill, with a mustache, and it was presented to Hill.
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1. Paredyse beat David Osborne

Dark match. Paredyse rode the husky Osborne like a horse, while he spanked him. Osborne back with a suplex, and kept control for awhile. Paredyse back with some slaps to the face, and socks to the belly. Paredyse with a butt bump, and a Bronco buster. Paredyse won it with his spinning neckbreaker. Paredyse tried here, but the crowd was really dead.

2. Nick Dinsmore beat Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match. Match off to a slow start, with Dinsmore amusing himself by playing mind games with Pridemore, who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer by a long shot. Dinsmore later stomped on Elvis' beloved red baseball hat, which Elvis wears on his head backwards during his matches. Dinsmore suddenly changed gears and pitched Elvis clear out of the ring. Elvis' foot hit the guard rail hard, as he didn't catch the ropes at all going thru. Sucked to be him right then. Dinsmore then won the match with his Diamond Cutter.

3. Marcus Anthony w/Christian Mascagni won a Gauntlet match

This was also a dark match. Mascagni took the mic and said his monster Marcus Anthony has already beaten two and three guys at once, and tonight challenged anyone in the OVW locker room to face Anthony in a Gauntlet match. Out first was Ace Hawkins. Anthony press slammed Hawkins, then pinned him after a vicious Powerslam. Anthony beat another guy with a Powerslam, didn't get the name. They sounded a basketball style buzzer between the falls here. Next was the masked American Assassin, who never needs to be within 1,000 miles of a wrestling ring as a wrestler. Just hideously bad. Anthony beat him after a running charge to the corner. Next in was Nick Dumeyer. Anthony beat Dumeyer after a big German suplex. Last in was Joe Coleman. Anthony beat him quickly with the old Brock Lesnar F-5 to win it, and end the jobber Gauntlet. Marcus Anthony is a name to remember. A heavily muscled Black guy that turns heads, has some charisma, and can pull off the power moves with crispness. He's the kind of a throwback guy Hogan and Bischoff would love if they saw him.

The TV taping opened with clips of last weeks unique "8 man melee" TV main event for the OVW Heavyweight title. A beautifully booked match with many future stories coming out of it, ending with Rudy Switchblade winning the OVW heavyweight title for the first time in a real shocker. Nick Dinsmore was the champion going into the match, and the week before that, Dinsmore shocked everyone by turning heel, and then beating Jason Wayne for the OVW heavyweight title. You got all that?? I'm shocked.

Out came the new OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade, along with his manager, attorney Christian Mascagni. Mascagni was giddy with delight, introducing "his" champion to the crowd. Mascagni heaped piles and piles of gushing praise upon a glowing Rudy Switchblade. Mascagni called Switchblade a true American hero. Out came an unhappy looking Mike Mondo, wearing a wife beater and jeans. Mascagni has been managing both Switchblade and Mondo of late, but Mascagni snubbed Mondo last week after Switchblade won the title, and Mascagni may, or may not, have prevented Mondo from winning the title in the 8 man melee match. Mascagni was sarcastically very happy to see Mondo. Mondo said he hasn't heard from Mascagni all week. Mascagni said he has the biggest announcement in OVW history, and told Mondo to listen up. Mascagni said the announcement was tonight they would throw the biggest party in OVW history for new champ Rudy Switchblade. Mascagni then added that Mike Mondo would be in charge of planning the party. Mondo looked far less than happy, not to mention confused, with this idea.

The current OVW Southern tag team champions, The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) were talking backstage. Last week in the 8 man melee match for the OVW title, Revolver snuck up from behind and pinned his own partner, Ted McNaler, angering McNaler greatly. Revolver was telling McNaler now that last weeks match was every man for himself. McNaler said if they had worked together as a team last week, one of them would have walked out the new OVW Heavyweight champion. Revolver begrudgingly agreed with that. Lennox Norris walked up to The Elite. Norris and Raphael Constantine were supposed to challenge The Elite for the tag titles on November 12th, but Norris said Constantine was not there due to car trouble. McNaler immediately suspected his partner Revolver of causing the car trouble. Revolver denied it vehemently. McNaler told Norris to pick any partner he wants, and he and Revolver will face them for the tag titles this Saturday. Norris loved that idea. Adam Revolver hated that idea, while still claiming he had nothing to do with Raphael Constantine's car trouble. I guess they had to legit pull Constantine out of the match this Saturday for some reason. Wonder what was up there?

Brittany DeVore interviewed Mohamad Ali Vaez on the floor in front of the heel entrance. Vaez came out in street clothes. DeVore asked Vaez about his match with Cliff Compton this Saturday, and asked about the allegations that Vaez injured one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes, to the point that Hayes is still hospitalized. Vaez said DeVore has no evidence, and in America you can't just go around making those kind of accusations. Vaez said the talk was coming from the hearsay of Michael Hayes' mother, who was in attendance tonight. Vaez called Hayes a cripple, and said he has been beating on him for nearly 6 months now. Vaez said Cliff Compton wants to face him now to make himself seem relevant, and rode in on his white horse to get revenge for the injured Michael Hayes. Vaez said Compton would force him to do something they would both regret, but for very different reasons. Vaez sarcastically wished Compton luck.

4. Shiloh Jonze vs Jamin Olivencia went to a no contest

This was the first match of the TV taping, an interesting babyface vs babyface match up here. Match was dead even early, as both guys had the same idea on moves several times. It then became a bit heated between these two. With both guys up fighting on the turnbuckle, Jonze gave Olivencia a forearm shot to the head that sent Olivencia tumbling to the floor. Jonze went to the floor after Olivencia, but when he did, he was greeted by an "old redheaded women", who was walking on the floor with a cane. The "old woman" suddenly jabbed the cane hard into the gut on Jonze, and then back in the ring, whacked Jonze several times hard with the cane. "Smooth" Johnny Spade made the save, and pulled the wig off the "old woman", who was none other than Tony Gunn. Gunn has been stalking Spade for months now, and then injured Jonze several times in recent weeks, because he's insanely jealous that Jonze is friends with Spade. Shiloh Jonze faces Tony Gunn this Saturday. This old woman attacker angle was well done here.

OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo was talking to big Black lady wrestler Epiphany backstage. JoJo was asking Epiphany to have her back when she defends the title against Taeler Hendrix this Saturday. Epiphany was agreeable to this proposal. Taryn Shay walked out on Lady JoJo last week.

5. Jason Wayne beat James Onno

Wayne had been OVW Heavyweight champion since early July, but lost the title two weeks ago to the now turned heel Nick Dinsmore. Onno attacked Wayne before the bell. Two big guys going at it here, but Wayne came back and took total control quickly. Wayne got the win in short order with his full nelson slam finisher. More or less a squash. The crowd was pretty dead here.

Jason Wayne took the mic after the match, and said he was coming after Nick Dinsmore hard for everything Dinsmore has done the past two weeks. Wayne said Dinsmore was his trainer, but that was all out the window now, and he would fight Dinsmore anywhere he sees him. Wayne said after he takes care of Dinsmore, he's coming after Rudy Switchblade, and will win the OVW Heavyweight title back. Nice promo. I think Wayne is facing Dinsmore this Saturday, but I'm not 100% sure of that one.

Christian Mascagni was talking to Rudy Switchblade backstage. A still very unhappy looking Mike Mondo joined the conversation. Mascagni asked Mondo how the party planning for tonight was going, and Mascagni added he wants everything top of the line for this party. Mondo asked if he'd be reimbursed for the expenses(heh), and Mascagni assured him he would. Switchblade then asked Mondo refill his coffee cup for him.

Brittany DeVore interviewed Cliff Compton on the floor in front of the babyface entrance. Compton usually gets really strong pops here, and he got some, but even he had trouble getting the dead crowd tonight to make much noise, let alone sustain it. Compton talked about his match against Mohamad Ali Vaez this Saturday. Compton said he knew Vaez was here now because he saw his Camel double parked out front. Compton said he saw Michael Hayes in this hospital. Compton said Hayes' mother personally asked him to make Vaez pay for this, so this Saturday night, he Cliff Compton will personally send Vaez all the way back to Persia. Since both Vaez and Compton mentioned Hayes' mother in their promos, I suspect she might somehow get involved in their match this Saturday. I pretty much expect Michael Hayes to show up and get involved as well. The interviews on the floor in front of the entrances was something new they tried out tonight, seemed to work fine.

6. Taeler Hendrix beat Epiphany w/Lady JoJo

I guess JoJo and Epiphany could be called the "Sistahood", or something like that. The large Epiphany threw the redheaded Hendrix around at will early, and seemed to be really enjoying her work. Hendrix came back and got the win with a crossbody, shocking Epiphany and JoJo. Match was short, and not especially good. JoJo defends the OVW Womens title against Hendrix this Saturday.

Paredyse was shown in his dressing room looking very sad and upset, because someone had vandalized some of his gear. A boa, or something, had been destroyed, and was laying in pieces all over the floor. Paredyse was on the verge of tears. On the mirror, someone had written in lipstick "Go home Queen". The culprit had to be Brandon Espinosa.

Out to the ring came Chris Silvio, Mo Green, and Taryn Shay. Things came to head last week, with Shay finally confessing to the supposed daddy to be Benny Bray that she had faked her pregnancy. Silvio and Green did their regular "Psychedelic Superstar" mic work. Silvio said he would face Bray this Saturday night. Silvio said he and Green were more than just wrestlers though. Silvio said they were jacks of all trades. Silvio said they would right a wrong tonight, saying they would patch up the "misunderstanding" between Benny Bray and Taryn Shay. Silvio said every relationship has problems, things like a fake pregnancy here and there. Well, I guess this IS Kentucky after all. Out came Benny Bray, wearing Tuxedo suit. He looked like he should be taking drink orders. Bray met some hot looking girls along the side rail, who immediately started kissing on him, and one even licked his face. Before Shay claimed she was pregnant, Bray had his way with all the ladies of OVW, except Lady JoJo, in many spots backstage at the Davis arena. The planted ladies kissing on Bray here were some of the Mondo Wrestling a Go Go performers, who are doing a show at a bar on November 17th. Shay took the mic, and ordered Bray to get away from those whores. Bray got in the ring and called Shay a Floozy. While Silvio told Bray to not do anything stupid, Shay snuck up from behind and gave Bray a low blow. Silvio then pounded on Bray with the cordless mic several times, as several refs ran out to break this up. Bray was left laying.

Prince Bolin was talking to Rocco Bellagio and James "Moose" Thomas in the locker room. Lennox Norris boldly came into the room and said he was picking Moose as his partner to go after the tag titles against The Elite this Saturday. Prince Bolin was incredulous, and berated Norris for coming in here, and declaring that. But Moose actually liked the idea, so the highly unlikely tag team of Thomas and Norris now have a tag title shot this Saturday night. While all this was going on, Raul Lamotta snuck in behind everyone, in a comical and campy way, and stole the OVW TV title, which was currently held by Rocco Bellagio. The way Lamotta stole the belt cracked me up. Lamotta had been trying to join Bolin Services 2.0 for a good while, but they kept spurning him, to the point of openly laughing in his face. Last week during the 8 man melee for the OVW title, Lamotta turned on BS 2.0 in dramatic, and timely, fashion. Anyhow, Bellagio turned around to grab his title belt, and freaked out when it was missing. Much yelling then ensued.
7. Alex Silva beat Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin to win the OVW TV Title

Silva became the youngest OVW TV Title champion in history some months ago, and indicated recently he wanted to win the TV title back. Silva beat Randy Terrez on Tuesday night at St. Therese gym in Louisville to earn this title shot. Bellagio was very bothered to not have the actual title belt with him here, and shouted out several times asking where it was. The show long dead crowd finally came alive for the first time all night during this match. Better late than never I guess. Still, the crowd here is an odd duck at times. Silva with two crossbody blocks early. Silva came off the top tope, but Bellagio sidestepped him. Bellagio with a bear hug on Silva, followed up with a fall away slam. Bellagio went to the floor, and while there, pulled Silva to the ring post groin first. Raul Lamotta appeared in the balcony with the stolen OVW TV title belt, which distracted Bellagio greatly. Silva fired back with some offense in the ring. Silva hit his "Silva surfer" running knee from a short distance to beat Bellagio, and win the OVW TV title. An Ok match, but the crowd finally coming to life makes all the difference. Lamotta handed the belt down to Silva. Silva held the belt in his teeth, like Bellagio did when he was the champion.
Prince Bolin took the mic and cut an angry promo. Bellagio will get his rematch for the OVW TV title against now champion Alex Silva this Saturday.

They set up a table in the ring, poured confetti on it, put some streamers on the ropes, poured balloons all over the ring, and put a cake on the table. Ahhh, a cake in a pro wrestling ring, no doubt someones face was going to end up in that sucker.

Christian Mascagni was backstage on his cell phone. Mike Mondo came up to Mascagni, looking unhappier than even before, if that was possible. Mascagni wanted to make sure everything was in place for the party. Mondo handed Rudy Switchblade back his coffee cup, which it appeared he never refilled.

Next came the main event of this taping, which was not a match, it was Rudy Switchblade's party to celebrate his winning the OVW Heavyweight title. Christian Mascagni threw confetti in Dean Hill's hair, and on his jacket, on the way to the ring. Mascagni got in the ring with Switchblade, and said Switchblade truly deserved this "beautiful" party. Mike Mondo came out and joined the festivities, but looked more like he was at a funeral. Mascagni kept calling Mondo "Mikey". Mondo told Mascagni not to call him "Mikey", saying "Mikey" was no more, he was Mike Mondo. Mascagni asked the party planner Mondo where the booze, the women, and the guests were? Mondo said he thought he did a good job with the party planning. Mondo took exception to Mascagni saying "we" now have the title. Mondo said there is no "we", or at least, he's not included in it. Mondo said Switchblade has the title that Mascagni cost him. Mondo said he had Dinsmore beat least week during the 8 man melee match. Mondo said he went to the top rope, but Mascagni got on the apron, and hit the rope, causing him to fall. Mascagni called Mondo a "selfish prick", and told him to think about the "team", and that "we" now have the title. Mondo said Mascagni needs to check the mirror, that maybe Switchblade wasn't as good as he thinks he is, and that maybe Mondo made a mistake by hiring Mascagni as his manager/attourny several months ago. Mascagni became angry and said when Mondo was fired from OVW several months ago, he Mascagni got him back in. Mascagni said he got OVW owner Danny Davis banned from his own Davis arena. Mascagni started really feeling on the mic at this point as he got on a roll. Mascagni said he got Mondo into the tournament for the OVW title in July, and got him to the finals, but then Mondo couldn't even beat a rookie, Jason Wayne. Mascagni mentioned other losses Mondo suffered, and called him a failure. Mondo then forced Mascagni face first into the cake, Mascagni coming up with his face full of frosting, and cake all over his suit. Mascagni first said Switchblade would face Mondo and teach him a lesson this Saturday, but then changed his mind, and told Switchblade to "Hurt him now". Switchblade blasted Mondo, who was now covered with cake himself, with two hard chair shots to the back. Switchblade then put Mondo in his "Wake up call" submission finisher, which is the old Walls of Jericho. Once that was finally released, Mondo wasn't moving. Many refs and the geek squad ran out, and it took them a long time to help the injured Mondo out of the ring. Dean Hill looked stunned at the announce desk for an extended period of time. I guess it's been a good party when it ends with someone facedown passed out, and with cake smeared all over their ass. Switchblade might face Mondo this Saturday, but I'm not sure of that.

As I often say, yet another "interesting" show from OVW tonight for sure. Not sure what the post taping dark matches were, I had to leave. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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