OVW Saturday Night special house show report 11-12 Louisville

 Here's the report for the November 12th Saturday Night Special that Ohio Valley Wrestling presented at the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky. The crowd was in the range of 150 tonight. This wasn't a major Saturday Night Special, but the show was fine overall. Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin were the announcers for the upcoming DVD release of this show. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. There was still cake and frosting stains in the ring from an angle involving a cake at the Nov 9th OVW TV taping between Mike Mondo, Christian Mascagni, and new OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade. Former OVW announcer Timmy Baltimore was in attendance, and helped out with the raffle during intermission.

1. Paredyse beat Jamin Olivencia

Babyface vs babyface match to open this show, and a match with no prior build up, but an interesting match up nevertheless. Very even match up most of the way. Olivencia was pretty aggressive here, but not cheating. Olivencia finally went for his "O Drop" clamping DDT finisher, but Paredyse countered and rolled Olivencia up for a near fall. More near falls ensued, and Paredyse suddenly caught Olivencia for a three count to win it. Paredyse and Olivencia shook hands, and hugged, after the match, but Paredyse held the hug too long for Olivencia's tastes.

2. Jason Wayne, Dylan Bostic, Joe Coleman, Elvis Pridemore & Randy Terrez beat Andrew Patton, Nick Dumeyer, James Onno, Dre Blitz & Marcus Anthony w/Christian Mascagni in a 10 man tag

The very heavily muscled Marcus Anthony, who has been beating several men by himself in dark matches here recently, was not happy on the ring apron at the incompetency of his tag team parters as the babyfaces totally had their way early on. Randy Terrez went up for his Thrill Kill twisting corkscrew moonsault finisher off the top rope on Nick Dumeyer, but Anthony shoved Terrez off the top rope. Dumeyer missed a second rope legdrop attempt against Terrez. Jason Wayne came in a ran wild on everyone. Terrez leaped over Marcus Anthony in the ring, and hit a real pretty dive that took out several guys on the floor. Meanwhile in the ring, Jason Wayne hit his full nelson slam finisher on Dre Blitz to win it for the good guys. Marcus Anthony beat up all of his own partners after the match.

3. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Taryn Shay beat Benjamin Bray

Silvio and Green with prematch mic work. Green admitted he and Silvio put Taryn Shay up to faking her pregnancy, and claiming Bray was the father, but they wanted to have a friendly match with Bray tonight. Bray stormed out actually showing some fire, which is very rare for him. Bray beat Silvio all around the ring on the floor for a long time. Silvio introduced a plastic garbage can into the fray, but regretted it when Bray gave Silvio a back body drop in the can on the floor. Bray chased Shay around the ring as the track meet was on. Silvio hit Bray with the trash can as he ran around after Shay. Bray and Silvio finally got in the ring, and the bell finally rang to officially start the match. Silvio bumped into Green, and both went to the floor. Meanwhile in the ring, Bray spanked Shay on her child birthing sized rear end. Silvio came back in and rolled Bray up to win the match, while holding the tights. Short match, but exciting while it lasted.

4. Shiloh Jonze beat Tony Gunn by reverse decision

The mentally unstable Gunn did not have his beloved stuffed bear, named Ralphie, with him. Gunn is insanely jealous of Jonze' friendship with "Smooth" Johnny Spade, who Gunn has been stalking for months now. Gunn has injured Jonze several times in recent weeks, and at this past Wednesday's OVW TV taping, Gunn dressed up like an old woman and attacked Jonze with a cane, while Jonze was wrestling Jamin Olivencia. Gunn didn't want to face Jonze here, so just like in the last match, the track meet was on with Jonze chasing Gunn around the ring for awhile. Too much of that back to back here. Jonze went backstage, and came out with Ralphie the stuffed bear. Jonze told Gunn if he doesn't face him like a man, he might not see Ralphie in one piece again. Ralphie's had his head ripped off before, and is how held together with duct tape. The crowd was pretty dead. Jonze took control of the match once it finally started. Jonze with several chops on Gunn. Jonze landed the herky jerky Knee drop to the head. Gunn dropped Jonze throat first on the top rope. Gunn removed the top turnbuckle pad. Gunn ordered the ref to fix the turnbuckle pad. While the ref tried to fix it, and was doing an incredibly lousy job of it, Tony Gunn ripped off the head of Ralphie the stuffed bear, loaded the bear with a brick, and then duct taped the head back on. Gunn swung Ralphie at Jonze, but missed. Gunn threw a chair into the ring. While the ref was sliding the chair back out, Gunn hit Jonze with Raplhie, and got the pin. "Smooth" Johnny Spade ran out and stooged it off to the referee. The ref pulled the head off the bear, found the brick, and reversed the decision, giving the win to Shiloh Jonze.

5. Taeler Hendrix beat Lady JoJo to win the OVW Womens title

JoJo had nobody in her corner for this one. Lots of jawing back and forth between these two ladies before the match. JoJo was in a nasty mood, and threw Hendrix down, and kicked her in the ribs down hard early on. JoJo had Hendrix on the ropes, and bent her backwards. Hendrix is long legged, and flexible, and JoJo held Hendrix in a half Boston Crab, and had Hendrix' foot almost touching her own head. Both ladies exchanging chops. After exchanging near falls, Hendrix dropped JoJo down by putting her leg on JoJo's neck, and got the three count to win the match, and the OVW Womens title for the first time in her young career. Pretty hard fought match. The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) came out to celebrate with Hendrix. Lady JoJo has been far and away the most dominant women wrestler in OVW history.

6. Cliff Compton beat Mohamad Ali Vaez

Grudge match here as Compton was looking to get revenge for one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes, who Vaez was accused of somehow injuring to the point that Hayes had to be hospitalized. Compton worked the match wearing baggy camouflage colored warm up pants. Compton chopped Vaez hard against the guard rail. Vaez went to the back thru the heel entrance, but Compton went and got him. Compton with a butterfly suplex in the ring. Vaez bailed out again, this time thru the babyface entrance, but again Compton went back and got him. Vaez knocked Compton to the floor, and ripped at his face along the guard rail. Compton back in control in the ring with a flying back elbow to Vaez. Referee Chris Sharpe got bumped twice in short order, so he was out. Vaez with a figure four on Compton. Out came the old manager of the Insurgency, Bin Hamin, who along with Vaez was responsible for Dean Hill losing his trademark handlebar mustache a few years ago. Hamin ended up getting his beard shaved off back then too, but he's bearded again now. Here Hamin had the Iranian flag with him, and cracked Compton hard across the back with the metal flag staff. Compton had a big mark across his back from it. Out came the returning Michael Hayes, wearing jeans and no shirt, to a big pop. Vaez was shocked to see Hayes. Compton gave Vaez a low blow, and referee Sharpe made the groggy three count for the win. Dean Hill got up, and was staring down at Bin Hamin, who was out on the floor. Hill threw Hamin into the ring, where Hayes gave Hamin his knee to the face finisher. This match had the most crowd reaction of the night, and Compton actually worked fairly hard here.


7. Alex Silva beat Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin & James "Moose" Thomas to retain the OVW TV title

Silva beat Bellagio at the Wednesday November 9th OVW TV taping to win the OVW TV title for the second time in his career. This was the rematch. Long collar and elbow lock up early, that went to the floor. Silva hit a rolling dive off the apron onto Bellagio on the floor. Bellagio hit a spinebuster on Silva in the ring. Both guys traded control of the match back and forth. Silva hit his "Silva Surfer" running knee finisher, but Bellagio got his foot on the ropes. Raul Lamotta, like he did on Wednesday night, appeared in the balcony with a mic, and played mind games with Bolin Services 2.0. James "Moose" Thomas ran up to the balcony to get Lamotta, but he was long gone by then. Meanwhile in the ring, Bellagio went for a powerbomb on Silva, but Silva got out of it, and again hit his Silva Surfer to win the match, and retain the TV title.

8. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat Lennox Norris & James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin & Rocco Bellagio to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

Norris and Moose were a total odd ball team going after the tag titles here, and Prince Bolin was unimpressed with the antics of the disco dancing Lennox Norris. Norris was supposed to team with Raphael Constantine, in what was also an odd ball team, tonight vs The Elite, but Constantine couldn't make the show due to "car trouble". Cough cough...So, Norris was allowed to pick a different partner, and he choose Moose. Both of The Elite in control of Norris early on. The Elite ended up on the floor, and Moose press slammed Norris on to McNaler. Revolver got out of the way of it at the last second, but didn't save his partner. McNaler then took the heat for awhile. Revolver came in running wild on Norris, who made a blind tag to Moose. Moose hit his "Moose kick" on Revolver, but Raul Lamotta again appeared in the balcony playing mind games with Bolin Services 2.0. Rocco Bellagio went up after Lamotta, but Lamotta came down the floor, tripped Moose coming off the ropes, and Revolver then rolled up Moose for the win. So The Elite retain the tag titles, but are still not getting along with each other all that famously. Bad night for Bolin Services 2.0, losing in two title chances back to back, and they were outsmarted by Raul Lamotta both times.

9. Mike Mondo beat Rudy Switchblade w/Christian Mascagni in a non title match

Main event time. Switchblade is the new OVW Heavyweight champion. Mascagni had been managing both Mondo and Switchblade, but at the November 9th OVW TV taping, Mascagni ordered Mondo to plan a celebration party for Switchblade's title win. The party turned out to be a Mondo babyface turn, when he forced Mascagni's face into a cake, and they showed clips of that before the match here. Switchblade then hit Mondo with two chair shots, and put him in his "Wake up call" submission finisher, which brings us to this non title match tonight. Mondo came out the babyface entrance. Mascagni took the mic and cut an angry promo on Mondo, saying nobody puts their hands on him and gets away with it. Mascagni told Switchblade to end Mondo's career. Switchblade was in no hurry to start here. Mondo worked on Switchblade's left arm when it did start. Mondo chased Mascagni around on the floor. Switchblade tried a dive, but ended up hitting the guard rail instead. Mondo with a pretty dive into Switchblade. Both guys went to the guardrail hard. In the ring Switchblade took control. Switchblade with a Boston crab on Mondo as he sat on the top turnbuckle, while Mondo was dangling between the ropes. Mondo with a nice flying arm bar on Switchblade. Switchblade back with a running kick that sent Mondo back to the floor. Switchblade with a full Boston crab on Mondo in the ring, but Mondo made the ropes. Both guys fighting up in the turnbuckle for quite awhile. Mondo scored big with a beautiful top rope Rana' on Switchblade. Mascagni up on the apron, causing Mondo to tumble off the top rope. Switchblade went for his Frogsplash finisher, but missed it. Mondo went for his Gut Check finisher, but Switchblade avoided it. Switchblade with his "Wake up call" submission, which is the old Walls of Jericho. Mascagni pulling the ropes back so Mondo can't reach them. Mondo finally fought out of it. Mondo with an arm bar submission, but Mascagni interfered to break it up. Mondo after Mascagni on the floor again, while holding his back. Switchblade appeared to load the kick pad on his boot. Switchblade came off the top, but Mondo got his knees up, basically a top rope Gut Check is what it ended up, and Mondo pinned Switchblade, but it was non-title. Good match though, and the crowd was fairly into it. Mascagni spewing bitter hatred as he screamed at Mondo how much he hated him. Switchblade beat on Mondo after the match. Mascagni got the bullrope, and Switchblade put the noose over Mondo's head and choked him. Switchblade then hung Mondo over the top rope with the rope. The geek squad and refs ran out trying to break it up. Mascagni was pulling on Mondo's legs on the floor, trying to make the hanging even worse for him. Mondo ended up being taken out on a stretcher.
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