Feedback to CHIKARA and Dragon Gate

hey dave
i just watched the chickara ippv and thought it was really great great.
best match was obviously quackenbush chris is eddie kingston
worst match none as I can't think of 1.
from top to bottom was really good. as someone who really sure watching chickara this year tonight came off just tell you would think they would do a ppv.
in closing I really hope that they made a lot of new fans after tonight. and this ppv gets 2 thumbs up from me and it only cost me 15 dollars, I can't believe people pay 50 dollars for people you stay don't like, and I paid 15 for 1 I loved.

mark boric

Big Thumbs Up
Best match: Tie: Soldier/Fire Ant vs. the Young Bucks; Hallowicked/UltraMantis Black vs. Ares/Tim Donst
Favorite Match: Archibald Peck w/ Veronica and Colt Cabunny vs. Colt Cabana
Least favorite match: Gregory Iron vs. Icarus
Preshow featured an acoustic performance of I'm The Man by Tim Donst featuring Jakob Hammermeier, as well as Jigsaw beating El Generico in a nice little match
Match One: Fire Ant/Soldier Ant vs. the Young Bucks
Both teams had two points coming into this bout, so the winner would receive the crucial third point, which would allow them to challenge for the Campeonetas de Parejas (tag belts).  Great opener that had lots of quick moves, high spots, and near falls.  The Young Bucks were accompanied to the ring by Marty Jannetty, but he did not stay at ringside.  The Colony picked up the win and can now challenge for the tag team titles.
Match Two: BDK's Jakob Hammermeier vs. Sara Del Rey
Sara has been plowing through every member of the BDK since she severed ties with the heel faction, beating Claudio Castagnoli and Ares in the process.  Basic match that showcased Sara's kicks and power, with Sara eventually winning with a Butterfly Suplex variation.
A promo then aired showing what looked like high school football highlights.  I assumed this would lead into something with Archibald Peck, but not so fast.  Mr. Touchdown is coming...and it's good.
The Big Announcement regarding the future of The Osirian Portal
Amasis announced that due to his injury status he would not be returning to Chikara.  But, he could still dance.  At this point theortal started dancing, and inwas convinced that Amasis was going to attack Ophidian.  But, I was genuinely surprised when Ophidian spit mist into the eyes of Amasis.  Ophidian attacked Amasis and even stole his mask, declaring "Problem solved".
Match Three: Green Ant vs. Tursas
This has been a year long storyline that started with Green Ant body slamming Tursas, and starting the critically acclaimed Flex Express tour that was endorsed by the man himself Lex Luger.  These battled earlier in the year, though Green Ant lost a bout that was marred with interference.  The referee for this bout was Derek Sabato, a known BDK affiliate.  Thankfully, he was taken out early in the bout and Nick Papagorgio took over.  Some great spots in this match including a Superfly Splaah from Green Ant on Tursas on the concrete, and a massive superplex.  In the end, Green Ant got the big submission victory with a variation of the Chikara Special (presumably fought to him by Mike Quackenbush).
Match Four: Colt Cabana vs. Archibald Peck with Veronica and Colt Cabunny
This was five star fun and entertainment at it's very best.  Any Peck or Colt match is going to be fun, but when you put the two of them together it's unbeatable.  Finish came when Veronica had the ref distracted, and Peck tried to use the baton.  Colt blocked it, and the conflicted Colt Cabunny ended up with the baton.  Thankfully Cabunny made the right choice, hitting Peck with the baton, leading to the victory for Cabana.
Match Five: Gregory Iron vs. Icarus
I'm not the biggest fan of either of these guys, but they were smart in pairing Iron with Icarus.  Everyone hates Icarus, so it's guaranteed that Iron will get all of the cheers.  The background to this match is that Iron has two straight victories over Icarus, and Icarus has resorted to claiming that Gregory Iron is faking his Cerebral Palsy.  An ok match, with Icarus scoring the win after a low blow and his finisher (Angel's Wings/Hot Shot Piledriver type move).
Match Six: Hallowicked/UltraMantis Black vs. Ares/Tim Donst - No DQ Wager Match - Loser of the Fall Loses the Wager
This match was the culmination of a long storyline between UltraMantis Black and The BDK.  The short of it is that Ares of the BDK has the Eye of Tyr, which he has used to take control of Delirious.  If Mantis were to get the Eye back, then he could restore Delirious to his "normal state", freeing him from the BDK's grasp.  On the line in thus match were the masks of Hallowicked and Mantis, Ares' Eye of Tyr, and Tim Donst's hair.  This was a great street fight/hardcore style match that really was an homage to the old ECW.  Not as violent, but definitely a big change from a normal Chikara match.  A great display of how when you donthings sparingly, they really resonate as special.  Some sick bumps in this match, including Ares being backdropped off the steps onto two chairs, and Ares getting some kind of Michinoku Driver variation onto two open chairs inside the ring.  That was the finish, as Tim Donst walked out on Ares.  They had briefly mentioned that Ares and Donst were both claiming leadership to the BDK, so I'm not sure if it was that, or if Donst just didn't want to lose his hair.  This may be the end of the BDK, as Claudio has already left, and everyone else lost tonight.  Either way, I was a big Donsteroo at the end of this match.
Match Seven: Main Event Time - Mike Quackenbush vs. Eddie Kingston to become the inaugural Chikara Grand Champion
Big crowd response for Eddie Kingston in this one.  This match is the culmination of a round robin tournament that took place during the season, with Kingston and Quack winning their respective blocks.  The 12 Large Summit, as itmwas called, is in memory of the late Larry Sweeney, who was one of Kngston's best friends.  If you haven't watched Kingston's promo, it was powerful stuff.  This was a good match, that a great story.  Quack kept going after Eddie's injured knee, and the crowd was booing Quack for this.  Some subtle heel tactics by Quack after this, but who knows if this will lead anywhere.  The finish saw Kingston "Hulk up" and connect with a German and Dragon duplexes, and two Backfists to the Future to get the pin.  He was presented the belt by Sweeney's brother and best friend, and an emotional time was had by all.  Kingston then cutna firey promo challenging anyone from "New York, or that crappy place down in Florida".  He then said it didn't matter if you were CM Punk, John Cena, or Triple H.  it didn't matter if you were AJ Styles, or anyone else down there.  "You see, i can't even name anyone else down there".  He declared Chikara the best wrestling, wrestling, WRESTLING around.  Good move putting the title on Kingston, as he is a huge fan favorite, and it makes more sense to not have the title basically on the owner of the company (see Jeff Jarrett and TNA).
Overall it was a big thumbs up, and definitely worth the 15 bucks.  Hopefully it was a big success and there will be more to come!
Eric Miller

Two Thumbs WAAAAY Up
Best Match: Quackenbush vs. Kingston
Worst Match (but not so bad): Gregory Iron vs. Icarus
The Colony (Soldier Ant & Fire Ant) vs. The Young Bucks (Winner gains third point necessary for challenging for the tag titles): ***
A fine opening match. Not a lot special in this match. The high spots were very good. Finish saw the Bucks missing More Bang for Your Buck and Matt getting rolled up for the pin and I found that to be very good to keep the Bucks hunt for the titles interesting.
Sara Del Rey vs. Jakob Hammermier: **
Sara Del Rey is really polishing herself as a woman who can have good wrestling matches with men especially in this match as she was carrying Jakob for most of the match. Speaking of Jakob he's a guy who just comes off as a good heel manager and nothing more. As a wrestler he just doesn't have that look. Match turned into a squash late with SDR getting the pin.
Before I go any further I have to commend Chikara for the fantastic Osirian Portal segment following the match. Ophidian's heel turn was VERY surprising and left the crowd (and me as well) stunned. Ophidian de-masking Amasis as a sign of great disrespect was just excellent. As Gavin was about to announce the next match the crowd was just buzzing in shock. WWE and TNA should have taken lots of notes from this one. THAT is how you turn heel.
Green Ant vs. Tursas: ***1/2
Another very good match. Notable spots include Green Ant hitting a body slam on the huge Tursas on the outside floor then hitting a big splash from the top rope to the outside floor. Match told the angle's story well and Green Ant tapped Tursas out with a modified Chikara Special.
Gregory Iron vs. Icarus: *3/4
God bless Greg Iron. The guy tries his damndest in the ring despite his right arm severely withered from cerebral palsy. For a man with his condition he did well tonight but the match was so slow paced. Crowd was lost in most parts on this one but in the end the finish was ALMOST great when Icarus hit a low blow out of the ref's sight and pinned Iron. Icarus commenced to beating Iron with a belt when Akuma returned. Thumbs down on Icarus selling the shock factor of Akuma's fact he DID NOT sell and just looked at him. It felt empty and they could have done more but no wrestling promotion is perfect when it comes to booking so it was good for what it was.
Colt Cabana vs. Archibald Peck(w/ Veronica & Colt Cabunny): ***3/4
I was thoroughly entertained by this match. Cabana and Marchie Archie have great chemistry and did a great job putting this one together. Peck is really coming up as a star in Chikara. He shows great charisma in his promos and his matches (especially in this one) and when you're in a match with Colt Cabana that charisma just explodes. Finish saw Peck summoning Cabunny into the ring to cheap shot Cabana but the mascot refused. Peck then had Veronica distract the ref as she handed the baton to Peck to use as a weapon but Cabana thwarted him and the baton ended up in Cabunny's hands. What happended next was so stupendous. Cabunny was torn between hitting Peck or Cabana. When Cabunny looked at Cabana the crowd in chorus yelled "NO!" and then looked at Peck to a "YEAH!". He went back and forth with the crowd eating it up then teased hitting Cabana and ended up hitting Peck for Cabana to get the pin. 
UltraMantis Black/Hallowicked vs. Ares/Tim Donst of the BDK in a No DQ match (If UMB or HW is pinned he must lose his mask. If Donst is pinned he is shaven bald. If Ares is pinned he must give up the Eye of Tyr used to control Delirious): ***1/2
Match told this angle's story well. Finish was awesome. Hallowicked was working Ares over in the ring as UMB was making his way back in. As Donst is about to hit the ring to save Ares he all of a sudden stops short and leaves the ring, leaving Ares to be pinned by UltraMantis Black. It was another well placed step forward in the BDK break-up and this should see the imminent face turn of Delirious. 

Mike Quackenbush vs. Eddie Kingston for the right to become Chikara's first ever Grand Champion (i.e. WORLD Champion): ****1/4
Match was very excellent. Quack teased turning heel by using some rather heel tactics (slamming the knees on the ring apron, eye poking, etc.). Kingston came off as a huge star in this match. Crowd was on fire for Kingston. Quack used various submissions but Kingston refused to give. Quack finally hit his Quack Driver but Kingston almost immediately kicked out at one which got a huge pop from the crowd. Finish saw Quack attempting to hit his variation of the Black Hole Slam for the second time but Kingston fought out and hit the Backfist to the Future across Quack's jaw then hit it again to the back of his head for the pin. Kingston was awarded the belt in a very emotional ceremony involving Larry Sweeney's brother and a close friend. Kingston cut a fantastic post-match promo challenging anyone, whether they're from New York or "that piece of crap from Florida", to come to Philly. Be it CM Punk, John Cena, or AJ Styles, no one can touch Chikara and when you compare this iPPV to any PPV put on by WWE or TNA this year he's absolutely right. In my opinion, this would be PPV of the Year if was a that, a PPV but in the meantime iPPV will settle.

Trey Loutham

Hi Dave,
Dragon Gate USA Revolt 11/11/11
Thumbs Up
Best Match: YAMATO vs BxB Hulk
Worst Match: D.U.F. vs Konley and Reed 
Also ordered the Friday Dragon Gate USA show from Revere.  Stream quality was the best it's ever been and was consistent the whole way through with no problems.  There was nothing really bad on the show at all and in ring stuff was largely good with some of it being great, particularly the main even which was by far the best match on the show.  The six man FRAY match was also pretty good.  Uhaa Nation was someone I'd never seen before but I'd be surprised if he didn't end up in WWE or TNA within the next year.  He's super athletic with a great body and can do some unbelievable things for someone his size.
Thumbs up show overall and well worth the $15.
Patrick McHugh

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