OVW TV tapings 11-16 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping report for November 16th, 2011, which was a show that saw current OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade verbally and physically display just how scary dark his attitude is nowadays. This was a bit of a strange show in general, the first taping following the November 12th OVW Saturday Night Special. The next Saturday Night Special will be on December 3rd.
The TV announcers tonight were Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was again in the range of 100, and they were hot starting with the very first dark match tonight, after being dead most of the show last week. Like I said last week, the crowd here is an odd duck. They left the lights up in the house during the matches this week, so they definitely want it to look brighter on TV now.
I say this show was strange for a few different reasons. First of all, the OVW Facebook had been heavily touting that this show would be the announcement of the TNA developmental deal with OVW, but nothing like that occurred on this show at all, at least for the live crowd. They may insert something into the TV show about it, who knows. Also, the OVW Facebook claimed they have a new ring now, but it was the same ring at the show. Both of these were head scratchers for me. Neither made any sense. Now, there may have been some new ring components. After the dark matches there was a several minute long delay as a crew rushed out and stretched the mat covers out, then tied them back down tight. Not sure if it was bunched up and someone tripped, or turned an ankle during one of the dark matches, or just noticed it.
The archive of the November 13th OVW Overview podcast with myself, Larry Goodman, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Jamin Olivencia, Christian Mascagni, and Mike Johnson of PWInsider is available at this link. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/psp/2011/11/13/ovw-overview
There was a story that broke on the Internet following the November 12th Saturday Night Special of a backstage confrontation between Mohamad Ali Vaez and Cliff Compton, who wrestled each other on that show. The rumor was Vaez was unhappy with Compton over how the finish of that match went down, and Vaez confronted Compton about backstage after the match. On the OVW Overview podcast Mike Johnson asked Vaez about it, but Vaez denied it/didn't want to talk about it. Christian Mascagni on the podcast claimed the whole story was way overblown. However, Cliff Compton later claimed on his Twitter that what was reported on the incident was actually toned down from what actually happened. Compton did not appear at this TV taping. Vaez did wrestle in a post taping dark match last night. Hmmmm....Very interesting.

1. Paredyse beat James Onno

Dark match. Paredyse rubbed himself on Onno early, and forced Onno to rub himself on his own chest against his will. Paredyse went on to win with a sunset flip. Like I said, the crowd was dead last week, but into it right from the get go this week.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Daniel Pruehs by submission

Also a dark match. Pruehs, which is pronounced "Pruce", is a student here, billed as being from Austria. Wonder if he knows Otto Wanz? He's a good looking kid in good shape, with a large tattoo on the left side of his chest. Pruehs got in some offense on Silvio early, which looked fine. Mo Green tripped Pruehs coming off the ropes, and Silvio got the win with a Crippler Crossface submission.

3. James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin beat Dylan Bostic & Elvis Pridemore

This was also a dark match. Moose gave Elvis an overhead fall away slam. Bellagio with a big spinebuster on Bostic. Thomas gave Elvis his "Moose kick", while Bellagio held him in place, for the win.

Next came the delay as the stretched and retied down the mat covers on the "new"(?) old ring. The ropes looked to be looser than usual tonight too, but that didn't appear to be a concern.

The TV Taping opened with clips from the November 12th Saturday Night Special where now babyface Mike Mondo beat OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade in a non title match. Mondo paid for that one however, when after the match Switchblade hung Mondo over the top rope with a bullrope, while manager Christian Mascagni pulled on Mondo's legs on the floor. Mondo had to be stretchered out, but the stretcher job part was not filmed.

Gilbert Corsey took a live mic at the announce desk to address the Mike Mondo injury situation, saying Mondo is under a doctors care at this time, and the doctor has not released Mondo to compete.
Out to the ring came OVW champion Rudy Switchblade, with his manager, Christian Mascagni. Mascagni proclaimed he was so glad to be "Free at last" of Mike Mondo. Switchblade said the fans were "brain dead Zombies". Switchblade said his actions at the Saturday Night Special may have been extreme, but his cause was justified. Switchblade said people are so quick to forgive and forget, but that Mondo was a man who attacked the owner of OVW, Danny Davis. Which did happen several months ago. Switchblade told Danny Davis, "You're welcome", but that he didn't expect a thank you in return. Switchblade said the fans just sleep walk thru life, but that he was bringing everyone a "Wake up call", which his his catch phrase, and the name of his finisher nowadays.
Announcer Gilbert Corsey got into the ring to confront Switchblade about his claim that he's doing this for Danny Davis. Switchblade said Corsey sits at the desk every week and knocks him, which is part of the problem. Switchblade then stopped, and told ring announcer Brittany DeVore, who was sitting in a chair on the floor, to pay attention. Corsey tried to find out what was really going on with Switchblade, but Switchblade kept stopping, then staring hard at DeVore and asking her if there's a problem, and if she thinks this is all funny or something. Switchblade then shoved Corsey down in the ring. Switchblade went to the floor and shoved the other ring announcer, Ron Hed, down. Switchblade pinned Brittany DeVore against the guardrail, and was heavily berating her, while Corsey and Dean Hill were yelling for security to get out here now. During this, a fan actually came after Switchblade with a chair, which is an extreme rarity at OVW. I've never seen that before. Some geeks came out, a few of who were not that long ago members of Switchblade's own security force during his recent intense feud with Jamin Olivencia. Switchblade knocked them all down with punches here. Ted McNaler of The Elite, and the real life boyfriend of Brittany DeVore, came out and made the save for her, along with Jason Wayne, and Jamin Olivencia. Even Switchblade's manager, Christian Mascagni, appeared to be taken aback by all this, and someone distanced himself from Switchblade during this. Just went it appeared things had finally calmed down a bit, Switchblade ran across the floor and hit Jamin Olivencia in the back of the head with the OVW Heavyweight title belt. Olivencia had to be helped to the back. Like I said Switchblade and Olivencia had a recent intense feud, which seemingly had ended when Olivencia beat Switchblade in a "I quit" match at the October Saturday Night Special. By the way, Olivencia has cut off his rat tail, that he's had ever since I've been watching him, and long before that I'm sure. Several fans around me were commenting about it. I can't believe it didn't get cut off as part of an angle here. This was a great opening segment of this show. Just beautifully executed by everyone really. Switchblade was outstanding here. Unfortunately, much of this taping was downhill from here.

4. Brandon Espinosa beat Ace Hawkins

This was the first match of the taping. Espinosa has been a jobber here for awhile, and they're trying to give him a bit of a push here, putting him in a program against Paredyse. Espinosa shows real nice flashes of potential in the ring at times, but is small, and doesn't have much of a body. He has quite a unique hair style though. Both Espinosa and Hawkins are from the St. Louis area, and in fact came into OVW as a tag team. Espinosa attacked Hawkins before the bell here. Hawkins came back some some flippy kid stuff, and a Bulldog on Espinosa. Espinosa got the win with a cobra clutch, dropped down into a face plant slam. I don't think that's really how the finish was supposed to go down. This match came off "indy", and out of place on OVW TV to me. Both of these guys are quite small too. This was Espinosa's first win on OVW TV. Might be his first win here period, that I remember anyhow.

They showed a backstage segment from a few weeks ago when Taryn Shay walked away from then OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo. JoJo has since lost the womens title to Taeler Hendrix on November 12th. This confused the fans in the arena, with people thinking they aired this now by mistake, but I'm not sure. It may have been aired as a way to tie into what happened later here tonight.

Jamin Olivencia was shown backstage holding the back of his head. Olivencia said he wasn't going to yell or scream now, but that "out there" he was going to leave Rudy Switchblade a broken, battered......mess. I took this to mean that we'd get Olivencia vs Switchblade later tonight, but that was still murky at this point.

5. The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) & OVW Womens champion Taeler Hendrix beat Lady JoJo, Epiphany & Taryn Shay in a "6 person tag team match"

Ron Hed introduced this as a "6 person tag team match" which amused me, because it was all women in the match. The Blossom Twins debuted new British style ring gear with long tights, which looked good. Lady JoJo openly berated both of her partners before this match. As we saw earlier, Taryn Shay walked out on JoJo a few weeks ago, and Epiphany let JoJo down by losing a singles match to Taeler Hendrix on TV last week. JoJo then lost the womens title to Hendrix a few days later. Shortly after this match began, some music came up, and out came Benny Bray, holding a book. Shay had recently faked a pregnancy here, falsely claiming Bray was the father, and then claiming Chris Silvio and Mo Green put her up to faking the pregnancy. Here Bray said the book was Taryn Shay's diary, which he found backstage. Bray then read from page 86 which said "Today I had an accident in front of everybody. My pants were soaked. I completely forgot it was this time of the month". Shay freaked out, went to the floor, and then ran to the back, leaving this a three on two match. Hendrix then dominated Epiphany. Epiphany had enough, and she went to the back, leaving this a three on one match. Taeler Hendrix then rolled up a lonely and stunned Lady JoJo for the win. Bad times for Lady JoJo, no longer the champion, at least for now, and her flunkies keep walking out on her and letting her down.

Lennox Norris was talking to The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) backstage. Norris was supposed to team with Raphael Constantine against The Elite for the OVW Southern Tag Team titles on November 12th, but Norris claimed Constantine had car trouble. McNaler then allowed Norris to pick a different partner for that title shot, so Norris selected James "Moose" Thomas, but Norris and Thomas then lost to The Elite. Here Norris slipped up and mentioned Constantine had his tires slashed to The Elite, and McNaler then busted Norris as being a liar, saying Constantine never had any car trouble at all, and Norris just picked Moose because he thought that would give him a better chance to win. McNaler said he was going to give Norris and Constantine a shot at the tag titles, but now has changed his mind since Norris is a liar. Norris knew he was busted. Revolver then called McNaler out on the fact that McNaler instantly thought Revolver had caused Constantine's "car trouble" last week. McNaler apologized to Revolver. The always sneaky, and often questionable, Revolver then told McNaler, "If you can't trust your tag team partner, who can you trust"? A very interesting line indeed. Revolver then surprised McNaler by informing him that he Revolver has a shot at the TV title tonight, which McNaler obviously knew nothing about, and looked confused over it.

The mentally ill Tony Gunn was talking to Sean Casey backstage. Gunn asked Casey to be his tag team partner on December 3rd against "Smooth" Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze. Gunn has been stalking Spade for month now, and that will mark their first actual match against each other. On November 12th Gunn loaded his stuffed bear, named Ralphie, with a brick, and hit Jonze to beat him in a singles match, but Spade came out and stooged it off, causing the ref to reverse the decision, and give the win to Jonze.
Here Sean Casey told Gunn no, and called him a goof. Gunn pulled the head off Ralphie the bear, and told Casey to look inside. The bear at money in it, and a prepaid debit card. Heh! That was enough to persuade Casey to change his answer to a yes to teaming with Gunn on December 3rd.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Brandon Espinosa walked into his locker room, only to hear music playing, and find various posters of men hung up on the lockers, and questionable, perhaps Gay, looking magazines on the floor. There was also words written that said "I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it". Obviously this was the work of Paredyse, and it was revenge move, as someone, most likely Espinosa, had destroyed Paredyse' dressing room last week, and left him a crypitc message in lipstick on the mirror.

6. Jason Wayne beat Joe Coleman

Babyface vs babyface match here, in fact these two teamed up on November 12th as part of a 10 man tag, but you wouldn't have known that from this match. Coleman decided this was the time to make a statement and shoved Wayne back, but it was totally the wrong time and wrong place, as Wayne was in no mood for that kind of crap. Jason Wayne is pissed, and hot on the trail of Nick Dinsmore, and shouted out here several times for Dinsmore, as he took some frustration out on Joe Coleman. Wayne pounded on Coleman angrily. Wayne with a running powerslam on Coleman, and then beat Coleman with his full nelson slam finisher.

Jason Wayne took the mic after his match, and told Nick Dinsmore to consider that a message. Wayne said he's been looking for Dinsmore for two week, and Dinsmore has been avoiding him. Wayne said if Dinsmore thinks this will just all blow over, he is sadly mistaken. Wayne said when he left the US Marines, he left all his Military missions there behind him. He said when he came to OVW his mission was to become OVW champion, and he did so quickly. Wayne said now his mission was to destroy Nick Dinsmore.

7. Adam Revolver beat Alex Silva to win the OVW TV title

Revolver's championship tag team partner, Ted McNaler, watched this match from the balcony. Silva, who won the TV title here just 7 days ago for the second reign in his career, was in control of this match early, but Revolver kept bailing out to the floor to break Silva's momentum. Silva went for his "Silva surfer" running knee finisher, but Revolver caught it, and went to work on the legs of Silva with an Indian death lock. Silva back with a spinebuster, but Revolver hit Silva with his Russian leg sweep finisher for the win, and to regain the OVW TV title, which also again makes Revolver a dual title holder in OVW. Revolver has been desperately trying to become the first simultaneous triple title holder in OVW history. He's come close in the past, holding both titles, but losing to then OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne, and losing the TV title to Wayne in the process. Now, Revolver could potentially do it again. Ted McNaler left the balcony after the match, but didn't come to the ring to celebrate with Revolver. Not sure what was up with Silva only holding the title for 7 days this time, but they change this title frequently here. But, Silva worked a dark match at the most recent TNA tapings, losing to Austin Aires, so I guess it's possible he lost the TV title here so TNA could use him more, but that may not be the case at all. It could also be that Silva is going back to his native Montreal again for a bit. Time will tell. Silva and Revolver shook hands after the match.
Backstage a fired up Prince Bolin was yelling at his men, James "Moose" Thomas and Rocco Bellgaio, telling them to find and destroy "That Mexican" Raul Lamotta right now. Lamotta has been outsmarting Bolin Services 2.0 at every turn recently, ever since turning on them, when they wouldn't let him "officially" join their stable, because he was too much of a screw up.
Trailer Park Trash then walked up to Prince Bolin and told Bolin he knows what his men did to his tag team partner, Jack Black. TPT said he can't do anything physically to get back at BS 2.0 because he's now the director of wrestling operations at OVW. But TPT did inform Bolin that one of his men would have to face Raul Lamotta at the November 19th OVW house show at the Colgate Gym in Clarksville, Indiana. How is that punishment exactly? I mean BS 2.0 WANTS to get revenge on Lamotta. Duh...
But then, a panicked Rocco Bellagio was back screaming at prince Bolin to come immediately. Seems that Raul Lamotta had stolen Bolin's car, and was driving away with Moose Thomas on the hood! LOL! Damn, I wished the camera had gotten video of that. This may have been something they should have gone back to at the end of the show too, but we heard no more about it, at least for this week.

8. Jamin Olivencia beat OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade by DQ in a non title match

I thought this might end up being the TV main event for tonight, and it did. Olivencia was still holding the back of his head from Switchblade hitting him there with the OVW TV belt in the opening segment. An angry Olivencia was right on the attack on Switchblade, and kept total control early on. In fact, Olivencia was in control for much of this match, Switchblade couldn't get much going here momentum wise. Switchblade came off the top, but Olivencia had it scouted, and blasted Switchblade with a wicked knee to the face. Olivencia then sent Switchblade over the top rope with a big running forearm. Olivencia would not let Switchblade get back in the ring, but finally suplexed him back in. Both guys ended up brawling on the floor. Switchblade catapulted Olivencia into the large steel beam that helps hold the Davis arena up. Switchblade's nose looked puffy, and he appeared to have a little blood on his lip. Christian Mascagni gave him some water. Both guys went for their respective finishers, but couldn't get them. Olivencia with a stiff dropkick off the ropes. Mascagni removed on of the turnbuckle pads on the second rope, which Olivencia eventually got whipped into, and took it on his side, but it didn't appear to hurt him too badly. Olivencia hit his "O drop" champing DDT finisher. Mascagni up on the apron. Olivencia and Mascagni kinda went at it. Meanwhile, Switchblade got the OVW title belt, and hit Olivencia in the face with it, right in front of the ref, for the DQ. When the front of the belt hit Olivenicia, the end of it also whipped around and caught him somewhere, maybe on the face or neck. Made a cracking of a whip like sound like it really stung, wherever it landed. Switchblade pitched Olivencia out of the ring, while Mascagni blocked referee Chris Sharpe. Switchblade moved the mats on the floor, and gave Olivencia a piledriver on the concrete floor. Many rushed out to check on Olivencia, who was down for a long time, and ended up being stretchered out of the building, the same way Mike Mondo was only a few days before. That's two top OVW stars that Rudy Switchblade has injured to the point of being stretchered out of the building in less than a week, and in both cases, the actual stretcher jobs were not filmed. I guess Switchblade better enjoy this while he can, I get the feeling the paybacks are going to be a brutal "Wake up call" for him.
The match between Switchblade and Olivencia on this show had a different vibe to it. It was worked at a deliberate pace, with sudden moments of big action spliced in. Olivencia and Switchblade mesh really well in the ring, but this one just felt odd for some reason. It was one of those matches where as a fan you knew something was going to happen, you just didn't know what or when, but the match felt like more of a backdrop. It sorta seemed like they were told to stretch it out and go a bit longer at one point, don't know if that's true or not, but that's the feeling I got from it.
Well, here I go with my favorite word again, yet another "interesting" show from OVW this week. What's next on many fronts here is what I'm wondering now. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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