UFC 139 live coverage from San Jose; Henderson vs. Shogun; Le vs.Silva; Faber vs. Bowles

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 139 from the HP Pavilion in San Jose.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it     


First round: Castillo is from Sacramento, from the Diaz camp. Bailey comes from the Ultimate Fighter reality show. Bailey missed weight coming in at 158 yesterday. Body kick by Castillo and he lost balance throwing it but then ducked and took Bailey down. Bailey throwing elbows to the shoulder from his back. Bailey back up. Castillo working for another takedown. He picked Bailey up and did basically a spinebuster with him. Another high pick up and another spinebuster slam. Castillo mostly blanketing him. Now he broke through with ground and pound. Castillo landing to the head and body. Castillo landing a lot of hard shots to the head as the round went on. He moved to full mount with 30 seconds left. Bailey tried to get up but was blocked. Castillo pounding on him with a lot of shots late and it was called off with seconds left. Bailey is mad because there were only a few seconds left and he wasn’t hurt bad when it was topped. 4:52

Castillo had little to say in the promo aside from saying Bailey disrespected him by coming in two pounds overweight and not even trying to drop the two pounds.


First round: Baczynski moved in pushing Brown against the fence. Now Brown has underhooks and has Baczynski against the fence. Baczynski landed some shots and got behind Brown. He finally took Brown for a ride and put him on his back. Brown reversed and got a few shots in an stood up. Big right by Brown. Body shot by Brown and Baczynski pushed him into the fence. Baczynski grabbed a front headlock and threw a knee just as time ran out. Close round to Baczynski 10-9.

Second round: Brown came in with a takedown and Baczynski grabbed a guillotine whlie holding a triangle body scissors. Brown survived for a while but finally tapped out.

Baczynski said that Brown is a super gnarly dude and he thought it was going to be a bloodbath war and he was going to look like dog crap at the after party.  No such thing happened.

Place is pretty empty right now but the upper deck is pretty full.  Middle section more sparse.  There are more seats opened up here than at any show since Shamrock vs. Diaz here.


First round: Torres got a star reaction, first on the show. High kick by Pace. Torres landed a good right. Pace moving for a akedown. Torres blocking. Very little happening. Pace took him down, Torres reversed and both up. Torres tried a trip and didn’t get it. Pace landed a punch. Torres started to connect with punches and a high kick as time ran out. Torres won the round on the last flurry 10-9.

Second round: Torres out with some kicks to the leg and body. . Frot kick by Torres. Torres missed a high kick. Pace ducked low for a takedown. Torres with punches and elbows from the bottom. Torres throwing elbows to the shoulder from his back. Torres back up. Torres has him aginst the fence throwing some knees. Torres foot stomping. Torres with body shots from close range and knees as time ran out. Pace did have a takedown but still Torres landed so much more so should take the round, but I could see judges going the other way, 20-18 Torres.

Third round: Pace missed a punch now Torres missed. Torres connecting some with punches and more with body kicks and low kicks. Torres dancing. Torres landing shots from a clinch. Boring fight. Pace escaped the clinch. Torres landed a three punch combo. Torres landed a few punches as time was running out. He tried a koppo kick as time expired. Should be 30-27 Torres.

Scores: 30-27 across the board. A win, but not the kind of win where Torres comes off like a top contender. Joe Rogan brought up him getting in the title hunt.


First round: Tibau out to "Iron Man." Both came out swinging. Tibau ducked for a takedown. Dos Anjos up and tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Now dos Anjos got a takedown. Tibau back up. Tibau didn’t get a takedown but landed a few punches. Now dos Anjos working for another takedown but Tibau blocked it. Anyone’s round, Tibau close 10-9.

Second round: Ref stopped due to Tibau’s tape on his gloves coming loose. Tibau tried a takedown and didn’t get it. Crowd has been dead most of the show and this match is no exception. Dos Anjos working for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Tibau hurt him with a left and landing big rights and lefts late in the round. Dos Anjos bleeding from the ear. Tibau landing a lot of big shots. First thing that brought the crowd to its feet all night was Tibau’s landing all the big shots but dos Anjos stayed up from them. Tibau’s round for sure. Big hand at the end of the round. 20-18 Tibau.

Third round: Dos Anjos landed a left and throwing body kicks. Dos Anjos landed a good right hook. Dos Anjos with a good left jab. Tibau tackled him to the ground with 2:15 left. Dos Anjos back up quickly. Both were in a clinch against he cage. Tibau ducked low but could’t get a takedown. Dos Anjos working for a takedown but that’s only valid if he won the first, if not he needs a finish. The first round is close and so is this one. Tibau landed a good shot. Dos Anjos bleeding from both the ear and the right eye. This round was very close but I’d go with Tibau, so 30-27, but either way, he should take the match.

Scores: 29-28 dos Anjos 29-28 Tibau 30-27 Tibau. Nothing wrong with any of those scores.


First round: Lawlor has the most awesome ring entrance to Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Phyiscal wearing a 80s head band, pink tie and a using exercise tubing. Weidman tried a high kick and then took Lawlor down. Weidman went for a D’arce choke. Ref Dan Stell stopped it as Lawlor went to sleep. 2:07

Joe Rogan interviewed Weidman. About the only thing we got out of him is that he has long arms so he can make that move work.


First round: McDonald dropped him with and overhand right to the jaw and a few punches on the ground but Soto right back up. McDanald with a right uppercut and landed three more punches on the ground. Soto was out before the last two punches landed. Super impressive win by McDonald. :57

Interesting note.  A lot of the luxury boxes are empty, and others only have a few people.  For Strikeforce they were always jammed. 


First round: Bader landed a nice uppercut. Bader dropped him with a right to the side near the back of the head and Brilz went down face first. The ref jumped right in. Brilz wasn’t happy it was stopped. I didn’t like hte way Brilz fell but he was coherent pretty quick. 1:17


First round: Big home town reaction for Kingsbury. Bonnar was booed. Body kick by Bonnar. Kingsbury with a punch and pushed Bonnar into the fence. Bonnar landed a big left. Kingsbury landed a left while they were in clinch. Crowd booing the clinch. Bonnar tried a takedown. Kingsbury with knees, Bonnar now back with punches. Bonnar with a knee to the body. Kingbusy bleeding from the nose. Back in the clinch. Bonnar landed several more punches and moved into the clinch. Bonnar ducked for a takedown and put Kingsbury on his back. Bonnar moved him away from the cage. Bonnar got full mount and started punching. Kingsbury gave up his back. Bonnar landing good punches as time ran out. 10-9 Bonnar, would have been 10-8.5 with another system.

Second round: Body kick by Kingsbury. Bonnar with two left jabs. Bonnar tried a head kick but it was blocked. Body kick and Bonnar got behind Kingsbury standing. Bonnar working for a takedown. Bonnar took him down and quickly went for a choke but Kingsbury spun out. Bonnar moved to side control and throwing elbows. Bonnar moved to the other side and throwing more punches. Bonnar trhying a guillotine but Kingsbury out. Bonnar controlling him on the ground. Bonnar landing punches as the round ended. Bonnar dominated again, again close to a 10-8 but not quite so I’ve got 20-18.

Third round: Kingsbury with a left and Bonnar with a body kick. Bonnar got behind him and took him down with the same move as in the first two rounds. Kingsbury right up and Bonnar took him down again. Bonnar holding him down. Fans are booing . They want a stand-up but it would be criminal to do so since Bonnar is in full control. Nothing much happening and people are booing a lot. Bonnar continues to hold him down. Bonnar landing punches and elbows. More punches by Bonnar. Fans booing like crazy. Bonnar moved to the other side and throwing elbows to the left side of Kingsbury’s body. Kingsbury can’t do a thing on the ground which is the story of this fight. Bonnar punching the body. Bonnar landing punches from the top as time ran out. Crowd booed both guys. I think this time a 10-8 to 30-26. Easy 30-27, could be as much as 30-24.

Scores: 30-27, 30-25, 30-27 for Bonnar

Bonnar said he’s not used to fans booing him and talked about learning his Jiu Jitsu from Carlson Gracie and Sergio Pena. He said if he won he was going to call out Koscheck, but said that he did make a shirt of Koscheck without Koshceck’s permission and that he shouldn’t have done so, and apologized to Koscheck. I guess that means the lawsuit is over.

I'd say the middle section is 85% full.  The top is pretty much packed but the top has been packed early.  


First round: Story in throwing punches wildly with most missing. Story just trying to overwhelm Kampamnn with punches and landed a lot of them but Kampmann weathered the storm. Head kick by Kampmann. Story drove him into the fence but Kampmann got away. Kampmann cut over the right eye. Story landing more punches. Body and head shots by Story. Story continuing to land. Looks like Kampmann is waiting for Story to tire. Story bleeding from over the right eye as well. Story landed another shot to the jaw. Both trading. Kampmann now bleeding from the top of the head as well. Hard right by Story. Both guys bleeding. Story bleeding bad from the right eye. Story moved him into the fence and went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Kampmann landed a right. Good body shot by Story. Kampmann with a kick. Story went for a takedown. He couldn’t get it. 10-9 Story. Good round.

Second round: Story landed a good right hook. Story landed a left hook. Kampmann landed and another high kick blocked. Kampmann with another high kick blocked. Kampmann landed a nice shot but Story back with several. Kampmann’s technique looks better but Story’s slower punches are landing more due to aggression. Body shot by Story. Kampmann moved in for a takedown and put Story on his back. So this fight has had the wrestler out striking the kickboxer and now the kickboxer outwrestling the wrestler. Story tried a reverse but Kampannn blocked the atempt and remains on top. Crowd booing again but not too much. Kampmann mostly stayed on top. Kampmann’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Round three: Story moved in to put Kampmann against the fence. Story in with punches. Kampmann going for a takedown but Story blocking. Kampmann took him down but Story jumped back up. Story got away. Story seems tired. His punches are slow. Story then took Kampmann down. Kampmann back up. Both punching slow . Kampmann with two knees. Crowd booing as little is happening. Kampmann is behind Story standing and tried a suplex but Story blocked. Anyone can take this fight if they do something late. Both are in a clinch doing nothing. Takedown by Kampmann but Story back up. Now Story with a takedown and Kampmann back up. They are trying to make it hard to score. Kampmann tripped him down and has his back on the ground. Kampmann working for a choke as time is running out. Kampmann won he fight in the closing seconds 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Story 30-27 Kampmann 29-28 Kampmann. Whatever about the judging but the right guy won. Kampmann didn’t win the first round and Story didn’t win the second or third.


First round: There are people reacting to huge to Faber, not like the last few years and we’re only two hours from Sacramento. I mean, still easily the biggest reaction so far but not deafening or anything. They are booing Bowles. Good body kick by Faber. Faber moved in and Bowles danced away. Let’s Go Faber chant. Faber landed several shots. The thing is Bowles has KO power. Bowles just landed to Faber. Faber landed right bck. Both blocking punches. Bowles landed a body shot. Faber hurt him with three shots and then Bowles hurt Faber with shot. Faber hurt Bowles with a three shot combo. Head kick and punches by Faber. Bowles with two body shots. Bowles landed a good shot. Bowles with a knee, Faber moved in for the takedown but Bowles blocked it. Faber slammed him down with 1:21 left. Faber picked him up and slammed him down a second time. Bowels defending well on his back. Faber with a knee and two kicks to the butt while Bowles landed an up kick. Good round. Faber 10-9.

Second round: Crowd popped big when second round started. Faber knocked him silly witha right uppercut to the jaw and put him down and is swarming on him. . Faber landing a lot of punches and landed a hard knee to the body and more punches and elbows on the ground. Faber is trying to set up a guillotine. Hard punches by Faber and got side control Faber nailed him with punches on the ground and went for his guillotine and it’s over. Great win for Faber. This place went wild. Whatever pop he didn’t get coming out he sure got here. The key blow was the right uppercut to the jaw. They hugged when it was over and fans gave both a big hand. Faber continues his string of never having a bad match. 1:47


There are Vietnamese flags out but nothing like the past. One thing is this is a very different crowd than attended Strikeforce shows. It’s a UFC crowd and a lot don’t like Le because he was the face of Strikeforce, plus Silva is a legend to these fans and Le is the guy who was hyped who was never in UFC, the outsider deal and to these people unless you’re UFC or Pride you’re pretend. Both got a lot of cheers and scattered boos but Silva definitely getting more cheers than Le. You’ve got to remember Strikeforce drew from San Jose and UFC has its 75% who come from out of town and this event was not nearly as big in town as the Shamrock/Le Strikeforce shows. As noted, Le does not look in that good shape. I think there’s will be more tension in the crowd for this match than the main event. Crowd very psyched for this one. The one thing is, the San Jose fans vs. outside fans will give this a great atmosphere.

First round: Cung Le chant. Moved in and Wanderlei threw and Le backed out. They are traidng and Silva got the best of the exchange. Spin kick landed by Le. Le put him down with a spinning back fist but missed a spin kick and Silva back. Le with a spin kick to the body. Another spin kick missed and Silva fired back. Le missed a kick. Le with a side kick to the body. Another spin kick to the body by Le. Silva threw punches. Le kicked the body. Le tired already. Silva landed a flurry of punches. Spin kick to the head and Silva with punches. Le with a punch and Silva back with punches. Now Silva chants. Kick to the head by Silva. Le is bleeding. Silva throwing kicks and and a head kick and punches. Le with a kick to the body. Silva back with punches. Silva swarming Le. Silva swarming Le with more punches. Great round. Le’s right eye is busted. Very hard round to score as Le won the early part and Silva the late part. Le got a knockdown so I’ll go 10-9 Le.

Second round: Silva threw a big punch that Le ducked. Side kick tby Le. Spin kick to the body by Le. Body kick by Silva. Silva with a nice right counter. Silva’s left eye busted. Le landed an ax kicki. Body kick by Le. Cung Le chants. Loud even. Spin kick by le blocked. Spinning backfist landed. Now Silva chants. Silva landed a good shot. Body kick by Le and another. Another kick by Le. Silva’s left eye looks bad. Silva back with a right. Silva in landed a good punch. Kick to the body by Le. Low kick by Le. Le looks tired. Silva threw a straight right punch and Le went down. Hard knees. More knees by Silva and more punches and Le went down again. More punches on the ground and it’s over. Great fight, more than lived up to its hype in some ways even though both are clearly past their primes.

It was a Straight right that put Le down. High kick and punches rocked Le. Le went for takedown but Silva grabbed a front headlock and threw knees. Silva swarmed him with a hard knee to the jaw and punches on the ground and it was over.


First round: Henderson cheered more than Rua but their reactions wasn’t close to that of the previous fight. USA chants. Rua landed an overhand right. Body shot and a takedown by Rua, and Henderson grabbed a tight guillotine and threw a knee and uncorked the bombs. . Rua is in trouble and bleeding. Henderson gave this smile and the crowd went nuts. Rua’s left eye is busted. Rua chant. Henderson dropped him with a punch but Rua moved in and pushed Henderson into the fence. Henderson threws Rua down and walked away. Rua was bleedingall over the place. Body kick by Rua. Rua going for a takedown. Rua landed an overhand right in the corner. USA chants. Henderson threw the bomb again but didn’t land solid. Rua dropped Henderson and now he’s pounding on him on the ground. Henderson back up and nailed Rua wiht a punch which brought the crowd to its feet. High kick by Rua. Henderson landed the right but not hard. Hard left by Rua and pushed Henderson into the fence. Even with the late knockdown it was Henderson’s round 10-9

Second round: Crowd now into this after the hot first round. Trading punchs. Rua pushed Henderson into the fence. Rua threw a punch and Henderson back with punches. Henderson landed the bombs again. Rua stood up to him though. Henderson threw the right and a left. Both throwing and Rua got the better of the exchange. Now Henderson back with punches and a low kick. Rua moved in with punches. Henderson with punches and Rua back but Henderson got the better of this exchange. Both guys are tired from throwing. Crowd booed the long clinch. Booing anything after the fight these two have had? Ref separated them. Both swinging and Henderson’s uppercut was the best punch in the exchange. Henderson’s round 20-18.

Third round: More exchanges with both landing hard shots. Rua rocked Henderson with a punch. Rua landed high kick and a body kick. Rua went for the takedown and couldn’t get it. Henderson tripped Rua down but let him back up. Henderson doesn’t want to go to the ground with Rua. Both slowing down. Uppercut by Rua. Henderon dropped him with a right and pounded on him with hard punches and Rua is in a lot of tourble. Henderson mauling him with punches. Hendeson with elbows to the body. Rua working for an ankle lock but Henderson isn’t in trouble. Henderson escaped and the crowd is going nuts. This fight is even better than the last one. Rua’s face is a mess and he looks one step from dead while Henderson is exhausted. Both guy are just exhausted here. Henderson throwing elbows as Rua took Henderson down and now Rua is pounding on him from back position. This is one fantasticfight. Rua landing more at the end. Another Henderson round 30-27.

Fourth round: Rua took Henderson down twice. Henerdon got Rua’s back for a choke attempt and both to their feet. Rua landing punches. Henderson with a takedown. Henderson is exhausted and trying to rest on top. Henderson trying a guillotine but gave it up. He wasn’t going to get it from that position. Henderson on top. Henderson throwing hard punches on the ground and a knee to the body from the side. Rua back up and tripped and went down. Rua back up. Rua landed a good uppercut. Rua landing punches. Rua hurt Henderson with an uppercut to the jaw and Henderson is in trouble. Henderson went for a takedown, blocked and rua is unloading. Henderson threw one killer counter but Rua picking him apart. Rua landed a right and a left. Henderson is in real trouble. Rua took him down and got mount with 29 seconds left and pounding on Henderson on the ground. Rua went for a choke. Henderson escaped and reversed on top. This crowd is going crazy. This is every bit like Guida vs. . Henderson if not ebeter. Rua’s round so 39-37.

Fifth round: Henderson is so tired. Rua took Henderson down to start the round. Rua in sided control throwing a knee to the body. I still think Rua needs a finish. He got the mount and is pounding Henderson, knocked his mouthpiece out and throwing more punches and elbows. Rua landing punch after punch from the mount. . Henderson grabbed a guillotine attempt from the bottom but has nothing. Rua got mount again he’s beating on Henderson with punch after punch. Henderson gave up his back. Ruya with punch after punch. This could be a 10-8 round and a draw. In fact, right now that’s what I’ve got. Rua with the mount again. Rua continues to pound on him. If Henderosn doesn’t get up this has to be a 10-8 round. Rua continues to pond on him. Rua got mount agin. Rua got mount again as time ran out. 10-8 round. One of the classic mathes ever. 47-47 draw.

Scores: Crowd gave both men a standing ovation. All three scores 48-47 Henderson. Nobody gave Rua the 10-8. That’s ridiculous but not unexpected. Some booing of the decision but not much.

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