UFC feedback from San Jose

That was one HELL of a battle.  But not sure it was the battle for a UFC on FOX show #1. Brutal but awesome.  But not for your premiere. 
Thank god Rosenthal didn't stop that fight in R3.  Holy shit that was some great officiating in the main event.

Name withheld by request


Round 1:

Castillo got multiple takedowns, moved into full mount and pounded out Bailey in the first round. Bailey complained about the stoppage but he didn’t look like was going to be able to improve his position any time soon.

After the fight Castillo expressed his irritation at Bailey missing weight and not being professional.

Winner Castillo via TKO.



Round 1:

Baczynski looked for the takedown early, working knees and elbows in the clinch. Baczynski eventually got the takedown, great sweep though by Brown. This was followed by some sloppy stand up and clinch work to finish the round

Round 2:

Brown gets the imitate take down, but finds himself in the guillotine. Brown struggles but to no avail.

Winner Baczynski via Submission.



Round 1:

Torres looked caucus in the opening minutes, but did manage to clip Pace a few times. Pace looked for the take down but only managed to hold Torres against the fence for most of the round eventually got the take down, but quickly got swept and both men finished the round standing.

Round 2:

Torres threw some left leg switch kicks at the start of the round. Pace got the takedown. Torres got up and looked for a take down of his own, giving Pace a battering against the cage till the end of the round.

Round 3:

Pace looked tired as Torres started to find his range, using his 8-inch reach advantage. Torres then controlled Pace against the fence landing short shape shorts. Sadly however it still didn’t look like the vicious Torres of old.

Winner Torres via unanimous decision (30-27)


Round 1:

Both men look like big 170lbs’ers swinging heavy leather early. Big takedown by Tibau. RDS got a return takedown almost immediately. Neither man can hold the other down.

Round 2:

Both men stuff takedowns. Tibau rocked RDS and landed standing shorts for over a minute but somehow couldn’t put RDS away.

Round 3:

RDS clipped Tibau early but couldn’t follow up. Tibau got the takedown towards the end of the round that probably give him the decision.

Winner Tibau via split Decision

Lawlor VS Weidmen

Round 1:

Weidmen displayed some awesome BJJ. He got then take down almost right away and chocked Filthy Tom Lawlor unconscious after just a couple minutes with what looked like in inverted D’arce.

Winner Weidmen via Submission.

McDonald VS Soto

Round 1:

Soto charging forward got caught with a massive left hand from McDonald, managed to get up but McDonald stalked him and got the KO.

Winner via KO McDonald.

Bader VS Brillz’s

Round 1:

Bader had said he’d been working on his striking and footwork before the fight and caught with a charging all be it glancing right hand for the KO.

Winner Bader via KO


Bonnar VS Kingsbury

Round 1:

A real Bonnar brawl with both guys landing shots early. Near the end of the round Bonnar got the take down followed the full mount and Kingsbury’s back before the bell went.

Round 2:

Complete domination by Bonnar. Bonnar got the take down early and had no problem controlling Kingsbury spending most of the round in side control.

Round 3:

Bonnar got another early take down, straight into side control just like in round 2. Bonner spent most of the round looking to get the mounted crucifix but never actually managed. Easy “W” for Bonner.

Winner Bonnar via Decision

Kampman VS Story

Round 1:

An almost complete round of stand up. Both guys got cut in the first minute or so. Story seemed to be swinging the harder punches but Kampman seemed more accurate.

Round 2:

Kampman really started to pick Story apart and managed to get a trip takedown. Kampman easily held Story down looking for a choke till the end of the round. Story was pretty bloodied up by this point.

Round 3:

Both men got a quick take down but couldn’t hold the other man down long enough to land anything of any significance. Story inexplicable gave Kampman his back towards the end of the round, Kampman looked for the RNC till the end of the round. One has to wonder what is next for Story. I have no idea how the judges only gave Kampman the slit decision.

Winner Kampman via Split Decision


Faber VS Bowles

(During Faber’s entrance Mr Chael Patrick Sonnen was visible sporting a shirt simply saying ‘MEDIUM RARE’) 

Round 1:

Faber repeatedly looking for the uppercut early. Before landing a massive double leg take. Faber held him down loking ground and pound to close out the round

Round 2:

Faber landed a huge uppercut right to the jaw of Bowles, Faber pounced and followed up with a big knee to the ribs and an elbow then sunk in the trade mark Team Alpha Male guillotine. Faber really looked like a beast in this fight to set up the trilogy with Cruz.

Winner Faber via Submission.


Le VS Silva.

Round 1:

Cung really took the centre of the cage early however Silva gained more and more confidence after cutting Cung dropped Silva with a spinning back fist during the early exchanges. Though Silva closed out the round with a high kick followed by a combination that caught Cung.

Round 2:

Dulling chants for both men. Le looked to be tiring. Silva stepped up his game and swarmed on Cung landing combinations got the clinch and landed knees to Cung’s head cutting him and breaking his noise. As Cung went down Siva landed some hammer fist before the ref stopped it. Rogan said it was premature but for my money it probably saved Cung a few brain cells.

Winner Silva via KO

Henderson VS Rua

Round 1:

Hendo rocked Rua really early leaving him bloodied and battered after a knee and some punches. Rua looked for the take down several times but Hendo’s base is so good he really didn’t come close to keeping Hendo down. Rua landed some some shorts towards the end but a massive round for Henderson.

Round 2:  

Hendo caught Rua again early with a straight followed up with an upper cut. As the round progressed both men seemed to take it into turn to throw exchanges at one another.

Round 3:

Henderson landed a huge right hand that dropped Shogun, he proceeded to land over and over again, could have easily been stopped. Somehow Rua managed to get up and manoeuvre Henderson towards the cage until the end of the round. Both men are already exusted.

Round 4:

By this point it was just a dog fight. Rua rocked Henderson. Henderson rocked Rua. I think Rua won the round but I don’t know how anyone would score this fight.

Round 5:

Shogun looked fresher, got the quick take down and got full mount landing shots. Huge round for Rua. Must have been a 10-8.

I can’t describe this fight, I don’t think anyone alive could put this fight into words. Truly one of the greatest fights I have ever seen.

Fight of the year.

Winner Henderson via Decision

Buy the PPV.

By Harry Alexander Breen-Turner.

UFC 139
Thumbs up
Best Fight:  Dan V Shogun - fight of the century
Honorable Mention:  Wanderlei v Cung
Worst Fight:  Torres v Pace
Note:  I watched at a bar.  Bar was filled with 75-100 very educated/hard core fans.  Lots of cheering for Faber/semi main/main.  My first time at this bar so I can't compare this crowd to others.
David Kaplan

Hey Everyone,
Bar was fairly busy tonight, not crazy but most tables, booths and bar
full by the Faber fight
Huge Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Henderson vs Rua although sentimentally could easily go to
Vanderlei vs Cung Le
Worst Fight: Kyle Kingsbury vs Stephan Bonnar
Best KO: Ryan Bader
Best Sub: Chris Weidman
You know it is going to be a great night when none of the prelims go
to decision.
*Seth Baczynski vs. Matt Brown-1st round pretty uneventful but a nice
guillotine for the upset
*Tom Lawlor vs. Chris Weidman-short and sweet, great d'arce putting
the Filthy One to sleep
*Alex Soto vs. Michael McDonald-again not too much to comment on but
it was an impressive win
*Ryan Bader vs. Jason Brilz-one feels a theme going on here, great KO
by Bader to rehab him. Best KO with the face first Flair flop
*Kyle Kingsbury vs. Stephan Bonnar-Bonnar certainly outclassed him on
teh ground and was surprised and how easily he dominated such a good
wrestler. Surprised he couldnt finish him on the ground though.
*Rick Story vs. Martin Kampmann -thought this was a great war in the
first round. I really like Kampmann as a fighter and he really needed
this win. Must be devastating for Story. In contention for a title
shot, takes and loses a fight on short notice and now loses again. Not
really sure what the judge that scored this 30-27 Story was watching?
*Urijah Faber vs. Brian Bowles-this was a great fight. Faber looked
amazing and really outclassed Bowles here. Faber's aggression really
pushed the pace and won him the fight. That was a highlight reel
uppercut that put Bowles down.
*Cung Le vs. Wanderlei Silva - Silva looked in incredible shape, Le
did not. The bar exploded when Silva won. His Muay Thai knees were
reminiscent of Pride glory days and made a mess of Le's nose. I had
Silva as a big underdog here as his chin has been questionable the
last couple fights. Would be a great way for Silva to end his career
but after the win I am sure he will want to fight again.
*Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua-What a crazy war this was. Looked like
Hendo must have broken his hand. I thought the fight was going to be
ruled a draw. Rua showed amazing heart in surviving all of those
Henderson barrages in the first couple rounds. Both guys left
everything out there and this fight should be talked about for a
while. A great main event.
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Have a great night all
Grant Zwarych

Hello Dave and Bryan


Thumbs Up.


Best Match (Seriously, maybe ever)-Shogun v. Hendo

Worst Match ( I guess more dissapointing) Bonner v. Kingsbury


Watching that main event,I felt I was watching something really special.

Just an awesome match. It is unfortunate that this card might get lost in the mix.

As a hardcore fan of this sport, to me, it was a can't miss.

Just a few comments...

-That Old Mike McDonald..pretty impressive.

-Bonner really outclassed Kingsbury on the ground. Cant hate the guy seeing an

opening and taking it.

- I hope they don't cut "Filthy" Tom Lawlor, he has lost the last 3 out of 4.

Such a charasmatic guy, hopefully he will get "ONE MORE MATCH".

-I pick Bowles for my upset, but Faber looked really good. Bowles had only

lost to Cruz and he had broken his hand during the fight. I believe Faber keeps

getting better and I have no problem w/ Faber getting another shot.

-Huge Wanderi Silva fan, I picked him to win AND sure, was flinching in that 1st round? YES

Could he take a punch anymore?? HE DID! You can say that Cung's mouthpiece was hanging out

in the 2nd round and I know he is not a top ten guy, BUT Wanderli aint dead.

He got KO'd by the zombie known as Leben, but before that, he beat Michael Bisping, a legit

contender. If Wandi is a little smarter, he has a few fights left.

-The main event was a classic. I hope we see a rematch one day.


NOW, I hope my girl lets me order Survivor Series.

Its sad that I know that UFC tonite will probably blow away WWE tommorrow,

but I will still tune in. WWE, my bad habit.


Take care,

Jesse Otawka

UFC 139
Thumbs up definitely
Best fight: Dan Henderson vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
Worst fight: Stephan Bonnar vs Kyle Kingsbury
KO: Michael McDonald
Sub: Uriah Faber's Guillotine on Brian Bowles
FOTN (really FOTY) Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua
Obviously this show was an amazing show up and down from the undercard to the prelims to the main card. With there being two quick knockouts on the Spike Prelim show I had time to watch the Bellator LW title fight between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler (which I will describe below) and thought that this was amazing and the best thing on tonight. Well, thank god for Faber/Bowles, Wanderlai/Le and the without a doubt FOTY between Hendo and Shogun.
Faber continues to not have a bad fight with anyone, Wanderlai brought back the violence parade against Cung Le in a fight that Le was winning hands down and what else can be said about Henderson and Shogun other than this is definitely up there with Bonnar/Griffin I and Wanderlai/Liddell as greatest UFC fight ever. Oh, and I had Hendo winning via third round being 10-8 and Rua winning the fifth 10-8 with the overall being 47-46 Hendo
Bellator Fighting Championship 58
Thumbs up
Best fight: Eddie Alvarez vs Michael Chandler Bellator LW title
Worst fight: none
KO: Hector Lombard on Travis Prangley
Fight of the Night: Alvarez vs Chandler
Sub: Chandler's RNC on Alvarez to win the Bellator LW title
As I had the UFC undercard and prelims on my computer I was also watching tonight's Bellator show, and it was pretty great as well. Marlon Sandro was in trouble early against Rafael Dias but got his composure and got a great sub win.
The women's fight was pretty good, though nothing can still get Rowdy Ronda Rousey breaking arms in under a minute out of my mind.
Hector Lombard sent a message to Alexander Schlemko despite sounding horrible on the mic.
As for the main event, for about three hours it was without a doubt my fight of the year. Chandler, instead of dominating Alvarez with his wrestling stood and banged with him, almost winning the fight twice in the first before finally coming back after being dominated two straight round by Alvarez and getting the RNC in the fourth to win an amazing fight. For anyone who did not watch this show tonight I suggest you find it online and watch it, especially the main event.
Overall was an amazing night for MMA coming of a monumental event last week.

Robert Collard




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