Faction MMA report - Mike Graham Fights at Moolah Shrine - 11/19 St. Louis

By Mike DeGeorge
Faction Rising MMA took place Saturday 11/19 at the Moolah Shrine Center in St. Louis.
One of the best cards I've ever seen with awesome action from tip to tail.
Nathan Dieckmann scored a two-punch 8-second "timber" knockout over Todd LaFleur in a K1
rules match.
Clifton Stock defeated his brother and training parter Shannon Stock in a special
grappling rules exhibition with a guillotine choke in 1:23.  This special feature was a
result of Clif's opponent no-showing.
Andrew Sanchez beat Justin Ratcliff with a thrilling 3rd round KO in the second K1 rules
Mike Graham won by DQ over Russell Cavaness in 38 seconds after a shameful display of
poor sportsmanship by Cavaness.  I should point out here that the refereeing (by the same
guy whose name I forget) was top notch all night  and no one argued a single ruling.
Josh McGrotty over Jason Patton by RNC.
Will Alfaro became the first ever Faction Bantamweight Championship by defeating Donte
Butler.  Donte was controlling the fight in Alfaro's guard but left his arm open and
Alfaro siezed it for an armbar submission from the back.
Kirk Huff beat CJ Hunter by scores of 49-47, 50-45, and 48-47 to become Faction
Lightweight Champion.  An outstanding fight that I thought was tied going into the fifth.
Hugh Pulley defeated Jeff Escobar by scores of 48-47, 49-46, and 49-46 for the Faction
Welterweight Championship.  This was consensus Fight of the Night as the two had the fans
going crazy for the intense action.  Pulley seemed to have the fight under control
(including a crowd pleasing "Rashad Evans slam" that really got the crowd going) when
Escobar took him down in the fourth, flattened him, and had a rear naked choke that
looked to finish, but Polley gutted it out through the end of the round, controlling the
fifth to make the decision a no-brainer.

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