WWE Survivor Series live coverage from Madison Square Garden - Rock's first match since 2004

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Thoughts on the opening video.  Never before have WrestleMania opponents teamed up before.  Yep, never except all the time they have in the past.  Are Rock & John Cena today more charismatic than Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage as the most charismatic tag team of all-time.  Or Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes.  Maybe yes, but it's debateable.

Dark match saw Santino Marella b Jinder Mahal with the cobra  

John Laurinaitis was out.  Today's the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series but also his 10th anniversary with the company.  Technically it's not the 25th anniversary, next year would be, but WWE's anniversary math is always a year off.


Very good opener with tons of near falls back and forth.  Morrison used the shining wizard and went for Starship pain, but Ziggler got his knees up.  Ziggler then used the Zig Zag for the pin.

The whole match was designed to get fans to chant "We Want Ryder."  This was designed to Ryder running in.   Ziggler attacked Ryder and veat honhim.  Ziggler got super heate  beating on Ryder as the people hate the idea that their guy has to sell.  It was crazy.  Ryder came back and did the Rough Ryder and Ziggler bailed. 


Phoenix won a short match with a Glam slam off the top rope.  Lumberjills played no part in the finish and just felt like a time filler.  They had some spots where they were on different pages but it wasn't a bad match or anything.

David Otunga came up to C.M. Punk and noted that where he comes from what Punk did to Michael Cole would be considered assault and battery.  They traded words and Otunga said John Laurinaitis wants Punk to apologize to Cole.  Punk said he would after winning the WWE title.

The Rock did an interview, talking about the first time he was in MSG was in 1977 when he was five years old and his grandfather challenged Supertar Graham for the title.  He said he was back in 1984 hanging out with Andre the Giant when his father was defending the WWF (sound edited so they must be on a few second delay) tag title.  He talked about his debut with a goofy outfit and worst haircut in history at the 1996 Survivor Series and his return.  He did all of his catch phrases, actually mentioned Miz & R-Truth, said "boots to asses" and got people to chant that and also got people to chant "lady parts" when he cut his promo on John Cena.  He ended by talking about Frank Sinatra playing here, Ali vs. Frazier taking place here, and singing "New York, New York."  People reacted big to the promo, no bigger or less big than you'd think.


Rhodes and Barrett were the final Survivors.  Sin Cara suffered an apparent torn patella tendon early in the match.  Sin Cara and Kofi Kingston did a double dive on Hunico and Jack Swagger when Sin Cara appeared to be injured.  Everyone seemed confused as far as what to do next.

Orton pinned Ziggler right away with an RKO
Sin Cara was injured and it was announced he was eliminated since he couldn't continue
Rhodes pinned Ryan after a springboard kick and crossroads.  The crowd loved Rhodes and didn't care for Ryan and were chanting "Cody."
Barrett pinned Kingston with the Wasteland.
Sheamus was DQ'd for dropping knees on Swagger.  Really cheap finish.
Sheamus came back in and gave Swagger the Brogue kick and Orton pinned him.
Orton was left with Hunico, Rhodes and Barrett.
Hunico did a springboard while Orton was distracted but Orton caught him in mid-air with the RKO.  You could see the spot set up but it was still really well done, probably the best spot of the show.
The finish saw Orton hit the RKO on Rhodes, but Barrett immediately gave Orton the Wasteland and pinned him.


Henry was DQ'd for a low blow.  Shitty match.  They did an injury angle with Henry as show put his ankle in a chair and Show did a leg drop on the chair.  As Henry was helped out he said it was broken.
Key spots in the match was Henry, who the crowd cheered most of the way, tackled Show through the barricade.  They teased a count out finish and when Show got back in the ring, the crowd booed Show getting in, as apparently they wanted Henry to win, or they just wanted the match over.  The other was Show doing an elbow off the top rope which led to Randy Savage chants.  Crowd went crazy for that spot.  Lots of chants that had nothing  to do with the match.  A lot were hard to decipher but according to someone there the funniest was a "Fallen Angel" chant.  Because they were in New York, there were no bizarro world comments by the announcers.  Can you imagine if this was Canada,  England or Mexico, they'd be insulting the crowd like crazy.  The match was really bad but the crowd made it seem worse than it wasl


Punk won the title in a good match clean in the middle with the Anaconda Vise.  The match was what you'd think, with a lot of near falls and working their way out of the GTS and armbars.  The big pop of the show was Punk saying that he had his personal ring announcer and brought out Howard Finkel.  The crowd went crazy for Finkel to the point he was almost in tears.  Finkel announced Punk as the winner (we had that wrong earlier, between all the web site problems I had to watch some stuff over)


Crowd booing the hell out of Cena.  When Rock came out the place went crazy.  According to people live the building was shaking.  Rock & Cena won when Rock pinned Miz with the People's elbow.  Post-match angle saw Rock use the rock bottom on Cena. 

They did push the story that Rock debuted in MSG and had his last match in MSG.
A unique match.  Rock came in and did super fast armdrags and a a La Magistral cradle and few more trademark spots.  When Cena came in, the crowd turned on him including "You Can't Wrestle" chants.  After shining for a few minutes, Cena sold for a long time.  The story they were trying to sell is that when Cena was in trouble, Rock would not save him.  Booker T is doing a gimmick where he's pro-Cena and anti-Rock.  The crowd was quiet regarding the ebs and flows of the match but seemed to entertain themselves doing chants negative to Cena.  Rock hot tagged in and nailed R-Truth with the rock bottom and put Miz in the sharpshooter but Truth saved him.  Cena speared R-Truth and they rolled to the floor.  Miz then attacked Rock who sold for the first time, before coming back with a spinebuster and winning with the people's elbow.   What Rock did he looked quicker than ever, because's a lighter than in his WWE days.  Athletically he looked tremendous.  

After the match was over Rock would climb the corner and the crowd would cheer.  They showed Rock's mom in the front row.  Cena would then climb the ropes and get booed like crazy.  They did this back and forth.  Cena kind of laughed about it.  At one point Rock looked to the sky, perhaps a reference to his grandfather who died when he was about 10.  Finally after going back and forth several times, Rock gave Cena a rock bottom which was the big post-match angle.  It was nothing major but it's probably early to do something too major, just the tease was enough.  Interesting how Booker's role was to push that Rock was selfish and Cena was going to kick his ass at WrestleMania.
After the show went off the air, Rock thanked the people for giving him a chance to entertain.  he said this was the greatest night of his WWE career and that he was back and this run had just started.  He then, as he left, made sure to shake the hands of the announcers and the crew at ringside, likely a reference to the C.M. Punk interview.

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