Survivor Series feedback and some UFC feedback

Overall: Thumbs Up!


Best Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk


Worst Match:  Mark Henry vs. Big Show


The return of the Rock was the sole reason I ordered this PPV. I still miss the old days of five on five action so Survivor Series isn’t something I go out of my way to see anymore. I don’t understand why John Morrison was on the show as he went from a great feud with Sheamus earlier in the year to jobber status for what seems like an eternity. I’m guessing he’s done next month. Dolph Ziggler is a guy they can certainly build on and he has a that charisma about him. The Divas match wasn’t that bad and the finish was quite something. Team Orton vs. Team Barrett  was okay but didn’t really have any suspense and it seemed more of a push for Wade Barrett. Mark Henry and Big Show was average at best. Only real highlight was Big Show’s elbow drop off the big rope on the champion. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk was very good and I like how these two work together. Nice to see Howard Finkel. The Rock/John Cena vs. Awesome Truth was good. Rock looked like he was in incredible shape and he performed very well. Not sure what the long term plan is for Cena but this was the perfect time for an all out heel turn. One can only hope!


-Ed Ludwig


Burnbay, BC

Thumbs slightly up Best match: Tag match Worst match: world title match   United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler (Champion) w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. John Morrison **3/4 This was a good opener and was really back and forth. I was really surprised they didn’t add ryder to the match and only had him come out afterward but at least he got to do that. The ryder chants were super loud so if would have been really dumb to not had him do something.

Lumberjill Match for the Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix (Champion) vs. Eve Torres  ** This was a good divas match with a really good ending. I was not expecting a glam slam off the top rope and it looked like she killed eve so at least beth came off like a beast.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match
Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan, & Sin Cara) vs. Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, & Hunico) ***1/4 I enjoyed this match but there was some weird things in it. First of all ziggler is awesome. His gimmick is who can follow him so when he came out and was like I can follow me that was awesome then he got beat like a geek which sucked. Then sin cara botched a move and they said he was injured. I immediately thought he failed another drug test because the replay didn’t look that bad but who knows. Then sheamus getting dq’d was just dumb but I guess they didn’t want him pinned. I have to say I was a little surprised that Barret won but they’ve been pushing him pretty good since summerslam so good for him and maybe the will some big stuff with him.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mark Henry (Champion) vs. The Big Show *3/4 This match was okay. The elbow drop from the big show was awesome. The dq was lame but it led to an interesting angle with big show taking out mark henry so I’m interested to see where this goes.

WWE Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio (Champion) vs. CM Punk ***1/2 This was a good match. I actually enjoyed one of their tv matches a little more than this but this was still pretty good. I was a little surprised at the ending not that punk won but how he won with the anaconda vice. Truthfully I have no problem with putting the belt on punk. I know dave and bryan point out punk hasn’t won and all that but really after mania del rio really lost a lot of momentum and then he won the title and when he lost it to cena 2 weeks later it killed him and it just wasn’t working at least to me. So see what punk can do for a while.

Tag Team Grudge Match
John Cena & The Rock vs. The Miz & R-Truth *** I really liked the start of the match. I thought they would start with cena and keep teasing the tag in to the rock. Nope rock started off and was awesome and the crowd gave him the you still got it chant. Other than that this was a basic solid match. Can’t say I’m surprised how the match ended. Miz and truth were built up like geeks they got beat like geeks clean in the middle of the ring which was fine. There really wasn’t any big angle or anything afterward just that cena is an idiot and got rock bottomed.   Overall this was a good show that was entertaining because the crowd was really into to certain things. I really think the show should have been more of a bigger deal than it was and when it was over while it was cool to see the rock back it didn’t really feel as big as it should have.

  Al Dinkelspiel New Jersey

I watched Survivor Series tonight. Glad my friend was able to host it at the last minute because I really enjoyed the show.

Thumbs Up.

Best Match: WWE Title match Del Rio and Punk

Worst Match: Diva Match

I really liked the PPV. There wasn't a match that I would say that was bad at all. I really enjoyed just about everything. I think everyone worked hard.

The best match in my opinion was the WWE Title match, and I thought it should have been the main event. Great work by Punk and Del Rio. Having Howard Fink as Punk's personal ring announcer brought back a lot of memories and was a nice touch. Great idea. Rodriquez did a good job in his role. The crowd was great in celebrating and popping for Punk. The Chicago crowd was a bit louder though.  Loved seeing Punk jumping in the audience. That was great.

The "worst match" was the Diva Title. It wasn't that it was "bad" per se. both  Beth and Eve did their best. It was just alright. Nothing special.

The rest of the PPV was great, and the MSG crowd was fantastic.

The opening bout between Morrison and Ziggler was a pretty decent match. I liked that they started with this match. Good , solid opener, and they got the "We want Ryder" chants out of the way. I figured that Ziggler would retain, and Ryder would make the run in with his rough rider. What will happen with Morrison though? Guess we will have to see.  Vickie was great in her role as well.

The backstage skits for the most part, were pretty decent. I hated the one with Del Rio and Laurenitus. I didn't get the point of that one.  The interview with Awesome Truth was very good. Truth was great, I have to admit. However, the Rock's backstage promo stole the show.  The announcing throughout the PPV was terrible. I noticed Michael Cole was still selling that "injury" he got from Punk.  The PPV desperately needed Jim Ross to call the matches.The Punk match really could have used Ross, as did the Main Event.

The Traditional 10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Tag match was pretty cool. I liked it. What I especially liked was seeing "new" guys like Wade Barrett, and Cody Rhodes being the ones who survived. I thought that they needed the win more, than seeing the usual Super Orton beating everyone all by himself.  I thought that was refreshing. Good match overall.

Big Show vs Mark Henry for Henry's World Championship was pretty decent for a match with two large guys. I see they did a DQ finish. I wonder though why they did that when the next thing that happened was Big Show giving Henry a taste of Henry's own medicine so to speak, and putting Henry's ankle in a chair and smashing the leg like Henry had done to Show. Another storyline that fans will have to follow up with to see what happens.

The main event was really good. The crowd was so anti-Cena, it was ridiculous. There were the usual "Let's go Cena. Cena Sucks" chants. Cena was booed throughout the match. I could have sworn I heard "You can't wrestle" chants at Cena. That crowd was merciless when Cena was in the ring. Anyway, I really enjoyed the match. The Rock still has it, despite being away for 7 years, and having suffered an Achilles Tendon rupture while making a movie awhile back. He was mobile, and it looked like he hadn't missed a day in the ring.  Miz and Truth held their own of course.  Of course, Rock and Cena won when Rock did the People's Elbow" on Miz.

I really enjoyed the post match stuff. I loved it when the Rock got cheered when he did his poses, and when Cena did his poses, he got booed. So funny. The best part was the end when the Rock gave John Cena the Rock Bottom. That was awesome.

Terri Bey

Hi Dave, was at the show live. Thumbs up. Best match was Punk/Del Rio. Worst was Henry/Show, just because of the cheap finish. Not sure how everything came across in TV but the crowd had pretty great heat throughout the show. Stuff that was over was really over, and the stuff that wasn't was shit on to the extreme. Women's match had no heat but the finish got a huge pop. Everybody loved Rock, though the finish of the main event wasn't as big a pop as you'd think. Loudest moment of the night was Punk's victory. Crowd ADORED the tap. Great match. Nobody cared about the elimination match because nobody cares about anybody in the match, save for one guy near me cheering wildly for Hunico. Crowd wanted to like Henry and Show but they got nothing until the Savage elbow. Would have been a killer finish had they just given Show a pin there. One last thing: People HATED Morrison, probably because they thought he was taking Ryder's spot.

Kyle Anderson

Thumbs in the middle

Best Match: CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

Worst Match: Rock/Cena vs. Miz/Truth

The best part of the entire PPV was R-Truth's promo about pigeons.  It was the greatest thing I've heard in a long time.

Sin Cara may have torn patella'd his way out of WWE, though it did lead to a slew of "Better bring out Hunico" comments every time someone appeared to be hurt.

It's amazing how they can push and bury a guy in the same show.  Dolph has a fine match with Morrison, then he gets beaten up like a geek by Ryder after, and he's the first eliminated in the Survivor Series match.

I looked at all the guys in the elimination match, and we all agreed that Hunico would be the first eliminated.  Oops.  What happens to Primo and Epico now that Hunico will need to be the fake real Sin Cara?  Or do they finally bring in Averno, only to have him assume the identity of the real Sin Cara?

It's very fun trying to explain to casual fans who all the women were at ringside during the lumberjill match.

Great to see The Fink!

Overall, an ok show that was worth the 10 bucks I chipped in, but would not have been worth 55, especially with the awful main event that ended with a spine buster and an elbow drop.  Stupid angle at the end, Miz is now worthless, and Cena was grinning like a fool throughout the match.  Way to put over the one guy who won't be here after the Spring.

Eric Miller

Thumbs up

Best match: CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

Worst match: Survivor Series match

I was there live so my opinion might be swayed. If you were in MSG tonight you would think the WWE were doing great booking the last few months.

Quick notes:
-Sin Cara was getting booed before he even came out.
Ryder was the most over guy prior to the show starting.
Rock looked great and showed that he's not going to look like crap at Wrestlemania
CM Punk was majorly over tonight like a true main eventer.

Overall a great show and I'm glad I paid $100 dollars for $50 dollar tickets. My fiancée and I were in Bridgeport for Smackdown and I told her before the show that all wrestling pales in comparison to a major WWE show at MSG and tonight I was proven right.

Troy Cummings

Thumbs up.
Saw show live at MSG.
Best match: Del Rio-Punk
Worst match: Ziggler-Morrison
Very well done show. Last two matches first rate. Rock did not disappoint;
he was on his game.  Show-Henry was sluggish for a while, but picked up steam.
Ten man tag lost its stride for a little while after the Sin Cara injury, but was fine
once they got it together.

Mike Omansky

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Punk vs. Del Rio
Worst Match: Show vs. Henry

I don't know how this came across on TV but I attended the show live and for what it was I enjoyed it.  I've seen shows with a lot better wrestling but the people were there to see the Rock and not much else, and the Rock delivered.  Everything else was pretty much secondary.  Huge reactions for Ryder and also for Punk winning the title.  Rock, as I'm sure everyone has said, got such loud ovations that it was hard to hear yourself think at times.  Cena was as close to universally hated as I've ever seen.  I'd say at least 90% of the crowd, and that's a very conservative estimate, was anti-Cena.  It was too the point that people didn't even care about anything he did, they just wanted to see Rock, and Cena was more or less in the way.  Entertaining show and delivered what it was selling, like I said I've seen shows with much better wrestling but from an entertainment standpoint it was a thumbs up show, plus there was nothing offensive from a booking standpoint.  Curious to hear how it came across on TV.
- Dan Marsiglia

Hi Dave,
I'm not sure if you have heard any feedback from Joe Rogan's show at the San Jose Improv from last Friday night, but I attended the show (Along with UCF 139) and the show was great! It was a packed house, I'm not sure what the actual seating capacity is, but it appeared to be about 1200 people in the place. There were 3 opening acts, including Joey Diaz (who has appeared in numerous films and TV, including The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler), also appearing at the Show was Doug Benson, who just appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast last week, and another local stand/up comic. I attended the 10pm show Friday night and it was a great night. I did not see any MMA fighters at the show, and Joe made a few UFC jokes but not many. The crowd appeared to be mixed between MMA fans and just people attending a live comedy show. Joe Rogan is great at stand/up, the whole show was very adult-oriented and hilarious! Nothing like his stand/up show from Comedy Central last year, he was very good, and so was Joey Diaz. After the show was over, Joe Rogan and the 3 other comics at the show stayed in the lobby and signed autographs and took photos with just about everyone attending the show, Joe was very gracious and stayed for about an hour chatting with fans after the show and making sure everyone got a free pic or autograph, very neat guy in person. During the show he was wearing the Hendo VS Shogan T-shirt from the show, but as I mentioned not too many MMA jokes, there were a few, but not many. There was ALOT of marijuana jokes and making marijuana legal, and judging by the smell of the place, most of the crowd was probably pro marijuana as well! lol! But it was a great show, sold out house, and just alot of fun. Anyway, just thought I would provide some feedback for the show.
Anyway, I'm sure you have received a ton of feedback from UFC 139 which I also attended, but just wanted to make a few observations. Of course it was a great card with the PPV matches, but I arrived at the arena about 3pm or so to see the prelim fights, so it was a long night of fights. Should of just skipped the prelims since there was long breaks in between the facebook prelim fights, the Spike TV prelim fights, and then the start of the actual PPV itself. Don't get me wrong, the main event and co-main event were the best 2 fights I've seen in years, but I was sitting in the upper level in the 200 section since the ticket prices were so high, and the "cheap" seats were still 100 bucks! And I thought the 4 extra big screen monitors were not needed and actually a distraction. The main big screen monitor in the middle of HP is good enough to see anywhere from in the arena, so the added big screens I thought they could go without. At least for us poor saps in the upper level where some of the views were blocked by those things. Anyway, for my first UFC card, it was a great show! I've been to numerous Strikeforce events, and Bellator, and the difference in production and fight quality is amazing. I would go again, but Dana White really need's to lower ticket prices, the prices were insane for lower level and ringside, that was my only gripe. Anyway, just thought I would add some feedback.

Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

WWE Survivor Series: Thumbs Up (thanks to the Rock)
Best Match: Rock & Cena vs. Truth & Miz
Worst Match: Phoenix vs. Eve Torres
The opener was good with Ziggler vs. Morrison.  Still not sure how Morrison with one win gets a title match and Ryder having already pinned Ziggler has to have a petition.  Is this Ziggler wrestling multiple times thing going to lead to something, because it just makes no sense when they have other guys on the roster not being used.  Ziggler you think would end up as a face having to keep overcoming two matches on every ppv.  Divas match was your typical nothing match.  They seemed out of sync as well.  Glam Slam from the top was pretty cool, but Beth looked hurt after it.  Traditional Survivor match was below par for what I was hoping for especially since it was the only one on the show.  Sucks for Sin Cara going out like that.  They should have brought in Ryder who they were chanting for to replace him, but I guess that wasn't going to fit with their storyline.  Sheamus getting DQ'd was awful.  I thought Orton was going to overcome the three guys, but Wade Barrett actually went over.  Glad to see them behind pushing Barrett.  Hope this continues.  Big Show vs. Henry again had a lousy DQ finish.  I was waiting for Big Show to kill himself when he attempted coming off the top.  Just don't need to see these two again at TLC, but we probably will.  Nice Daniel Bryan chant for him to cash in, but he has to lose a bunch more times so he can become a champion that never wins at WrestleMania.  Punk vs. Del Rio was a good match.  Having the Fink do the announcement was great.  Fink still has the greatest voice in wrestling and he really should be used to do pay per views or at least the title matches.  Fink has gained a lot of weight since I last saw him.  Enjoyed seeing the Rock return to action in the main event despite the lack of heat for his opponents.  Miz and Truth were fine, but if they had actually been built up before this match people might have cared.  Cena selling got kind of boring since crowd wanted to see the Rock.  When Rock was in, it was very good.  He looked great, like he'd been wrestling all these years.  Rock Bottom on Cena despite that Cena gets booed still seems like it would make Rock a heel, but outside of actually killing someone I don't think Rock will ever get booed again.  Well thumbs up overall, but WWE still needs a creative resurgence.
Robb Block

Thumbs Up

Best Match – Punk/Del Rio

Worst Match – Beth/Eve

This was my first every PPV and it was well worth it. The crown was hot right from the start of the evening with numerous chants for Ryder. The dark match was Jinder Mahal vs. Santino and it was an ok match that saw Santino win with the Cobra.


The crowd HATED Laurinitis coming out to talk about the 25th anniversary of SS and his personal 10 year anniversary at WWE.


The PPV started with the US Title match and the crowd hated Morrison and as soon as Ziggler came out the We Want Ryder chants started. As you noted this match was designed for the fans to chant for Ryder. A decent match between the two and Ryder’s run-in at the end gave the crowd a happy moment even if he didn’t wrestle.


Next was the Lumberjill match and as you can guess it was atrocious. The only redeeming quality of the match was the Super Bitch Clamp off the top rope. The worst match of the night.


Next we had the Punk/Otunga meet which was followed by the Rock getting the crowd riled up.


The “Traditional” SS match was decent at best. I understand why Ziggler was the first eliminated and the Sincara injury looked legit from the start. I was surprised at the finish though as I expected Orton to clean up on and eliminate the other team one by one until he got beat by Cody Rhodes. Also it looked like Cody finally took some advice as I saw he had knee pads on for the first time.


What can I saw about Big Show/Henry it was a train wreck. It was saved from being the worst match because of the dasher board spear and the Big Show elbow off the top. There were two really loud chants of Sexual Chocolate as the crowd liked Henry. There was also a sustained Undertaker chant too.


The Barrett/Miz R-Truth thing seemed kind of pointless.


I really liked the Punk/Del Rio match it was nice to see a clean win and I think Punk deserves the title. The crowd was clearly behind him on this and there were some dueling Boo and Yeah chants. There was also a Colt Cabana chant at one point. Getting Howard Finkel out to intro for Punk was amazing and it was really nice to see him moved by the response from the crowd. It should be noted that in the earlier interview Otunga told Punk that Laurinitis wanted Punk to apologize before the match. He didn’t and I don’t know if it was mentioned during the broadcast, but I feel it may play a part in Raw tomorrow.


What can you say about the Cena/Rock match. The crowd hated Cena and LOVED Rock. Hell even Miz and Truth got cheered when they did a few things. The end of the match felt kind of flat to me as I was expecting Cena to screw Rock causing him to lose. The final part of the PPV was decent, and it just shows without question how the audience feels, or at least the NY audience.


After the PPV went off the air Rock was out by himself thanking the fans. He finally got a mic and there were dueling chants of You Still Got It and Welcome Back. He told the crowd to make up their mind and they chanted You Still Got It. And when that one died down they started chanting Welcome Back. He started talking again when one fan yelled out “Don’t Cry” He assured us that the Rock doesn’t cry and then the crowd started to chant “Thank You Rock!” He said he didn’t come back for the money even though it was good but he came back for us and he said this was only the beginning. He reiterated that what he said in his promo was true, and after thanking the crowd again he jumped down and gave his mother and I assume his GF a kiss.

Chris Callan

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?