More Survivor Series feedback, plus more on Shogun vs. Henderson, Alvarez vs. Chandler

Thumbs way up. Best match: Punk vs Del Rio Worst Match: Henry vs Big Show. I was at MSG live tonight, and this was by far the best show and hottest crowd I've ever seen live. Everything on this show, from top to bottom, was phenomenal. Even the Women's match had it's moments, particularly with the finish. The live crowd was hot all night long, Zack Ryder merchandise was everywhere, and his shirt was selling out at all the merchandise stands. For whatever reason, I did see them confiscate some Ryder signs, not sure what that's all about. The opener was great, but really, this should have been Zack Ryder's match. The crowd crapped all over John Morrison because he really had no business being in this match after being booked as a prelim job guy for months, and everyone wanted to see Ryder in this position. Dolph Ziggler is fantastic, and definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Zack Ryder got one of the loudest pops of the night when he came out for his deal. The women's match was good for what it was. The Survivor Series match was fine, maybe a little rushed. Everyone looked kind of confused as to what to do after Sin Cara injured himself, not sure how it came off on TV, but he really screwed up that dive and hurt himself fierce. I was actually shocked to see the heels go over, and them beating Orton clean in the middle, could they actually be trying to build new guys and push them as stars? Nah, that's silly. Henry vs Big Show was mostly a bore, the crowd popped big for the spot where Henry threw Show into the barricade, and Big Show's elbow off the top. I think a lot of people expected an Undertaker tease here, and were miffed when we didn't get it. Lots of chants for Daniel Bryan at the end too. The pop CM Punk got eclipsed everything on the show, including The Rock. Fantastic match between him and Del Rio, great crowd heat, and the reaction when CM Punk won was deafening. The main event was no great shakes, but the crowd loved Rock and hated Cena. Glad to see they didn't make Miz and Truth out to be totally inept in the ring, but Miz getting pinned right off the elbow was kind of lame. The crowd was dying for the opposite ending than the one we got and really wanted Cena to go heel against Rock, but obviously that won't happen, at least not right now. Overall however, for a show that looked like it would be nothing on paper, this turned out to be spectacular. 

-Geoffrey Gillott

It makes sense that how Miz ( being in mania ) and R Truth (Capitol Punishment ) were placed in this at this point . Its obvious with at least  one storyline they have actually built upon things overtime. The troubling thing is that this seemed like a normal Survivor Series with the exception that  The Rock was in the main event . The wwe didnt make much of an attempt to promote this outside their regular channel as neither did the rock .
This was more of a "re" introduction of the Rock to wwe and Rock personal thing than the begening of the Mania angle.
 The idea of the rock " returning in the NYC lights" gives Rock a little better stature in his regular job arena than just doing most other ppv's and it not being overly promoted wether it be just 50k buys shows his signfigance even on the most minor level.
Sam adams (subscriber)
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Hello Dave and Bryan,
Survivor Series
Thumbs UP.
I base this on in ring action NOT announcing (terrible)
Or booking (?) or Johnny Ace.
Best Match: Punk v. ADR
Best Performance: The Rock
Worst Match: Show v. Henry
Dolph v. Morrison
-Great opener. Right now, Dolph is the number 1 guy for me.
For in ring and the mic (not counting Dwyane, he is not full time)
Cant somebody call the Famouser/Rocker Dropper move??!
At least Josh Matthews says the "I will make you famous" line
when Dolph hits it.
-Just resign Morrison already.
Why didnt they just put Zack in the match??
They really need to change his music. Not a fan of Zack
but he is a good worker AND he is over so, GO WITH IT!
Lumberjill Match
-Great finish. Natalya w/ the "Are you gonna cry?"
is down right annoying
Team Orton v. Team Barrett
-Nice to see Wade and Cody go over
BUT WTF w/ Dolph getting pinned so quick???
What is the point of the two match gimmick??
Great match. Wish they would do more of the classic 5 on 5.
Sux for Sin Cara. I could imagine the conversation in the
Team Orton huddle after it happened......
-Show v. Henry
The highlight was the random chants in MSG.
Did I here a "Sexual Chocalate" chant??
Enjoyed the "DLO" chant. I was thinking Kane
was going to return BUT I guessed wrong.
Henry is over but this match did him no favors.
-Punk v. ADR
Cool to see Punk win. Nice celebration including the stage dives
into the crowd OR as Booker T called it a "Mosh Pit".
Punk is one of my favorites but sometimes
about his offense just comes off weak, kinda sloppy.
Will give him props on getting air on that elbow drop.
-Rock/ Cena v. ???/???
I really wanted to see Rock in more BUT I guess that
was the point, a teaser for WM. At times, I felt bad for
Cena BUT his character comes off like such a dork.
IF he actually wouldnt coward down to the Rock, maybe
people might start to get behind him.
Great match when Rock was in, just another Monday
when Cena was in
-NO Foley AND I hoped for maybe a Jericho Return
BUT not to be.Cool to see the Fink.
-I got an idea, have JR take Cole's spot and Cole take
Johnny Ace's role and Johnny Ace take JR role....
as in somewhere NOT ON TV.
Take care,
Jesse "Cant wait for my cable bill next month" Otawka

Hi Dave,
Just watched the Chandler vs. Alvarez on my DVR, and damn I am torn
between Hendo vs. Rua or Chandler vs. Alvarez for Fight of The Year.  I
am sure most people will vote for Hendo vs. Rua since it was on a
bigger stage. Since I was saw it live, I am pulling towards Hendo and
Chandler, but they didn't have the pace of Chandler and Alvarez.   One
thing for sure is November 19th was an awesome night of fights.
John LaRocca

Hi Dave,
My pre-oredered copy of the new Steve Austin DVD came recently. Don't know if you have seen it or received any feedback about it so thought I would give a few thoughts.
I have watched and think it is pretty damn good. Austin is really good on the DVD, as is Jericho. Don't know how accurate the early part of is career is, but they do say the heel turn was a bad idea. There is the usual revisionist King Of The Ring and overnight success story. The Miz was annoying to me, but I enjoyed everybody else. And there is a cool story from CM Punk in the extras about  when Hogan blanked him and Austin hugged him, at the 15th anniversary Raw. Austin also says that if he fought Tyson on PPV it would still hold the record.
All in all I would say that it is a success.
James Witcombe

Awesome fight and much better than I expected, but I don't see it as fight of the year,
fight of the month, or even fight of the weekend.  Henderson/Guida and Chandler/Alvarez
were both better.
I think this fight is helped by the star factor and that the intestinal fortitude shown
by both guys.  But Chandler came from behind every bit as much as Rua did. 
Mike DeGeorge

Hi Dave,

Best Match: Ziggler vs. Morrison
Worst Match: Henry vs. Big Show

Unlike Vengeance I watched this with about 35 people (Which meant we all pitched in just under 2 dollars per person for the show) and I have to say I enjoyed the show.  There were some things I could nitpick but all in all it was a fun show in front of a loud crowd which made the show seem even better.

All the matches had something I could say I liked from them (although I found the main event and ending really disappointing).  Even the worst match had a post match that did a good job of building a match at TLC (If that was the goal).  I could go into everything that was good and bad about this show but what I noted most was that this crowd was very hot (though at times smarkish to the point of annoyance) and it really contributed to the presentation of the show.  Not a top 5 Survivor Series show in my opinion but still one of the better ones.


-Ryan McDeed

I thought the Survivor Series was a solid show that was rendered
nearly unwatchable by the commentary. I mean, it is truly awful, to
the point that it is really hurting the product.

Ken Bowen

I would give the pay per view a Thumbs Up All match were entertaining and for the most part the booking was actually good for a change and some good finishes.
Best Match Cm Punk vs. Del Rio
Worst Match Eve vs. Beth Phoenix 

Kyle Schroeder

Thumbs up show.
Best Match: THE ROCK/John Cena vs. Miz & Truth
Worst Match: Big Show vs. Mark Henry
Truth be told, I was rather bored for a good deal of this show. I was bothered that all they did with Ryder was a run-in when clearly he was one of the most over guys on the show. I don't know why they didn't put him in the US Title match. I wasn't feeling the traditional tag match at all, and Sin Cara getting hurt made it ever worse. Big Show and Mark Henry was just boring, and I thought the finished sucked. Then the final two matches turned this thing around for me. I thought CM Punk vs. Alberto del Rio was really, really good, especially the finishing sequence. Big fan of that. Fink doing the announcement at the beginning and end for CM Punk was a nice touch.
Then, the main event.
The Rock is really just above and beyond anyone else in this business...even after being out of the ring for seven years. I thought everything looked crisp, and I loved the crowd just going absolutely crazy. The main event was all about The Rock and not the other three geeks. Yes, they were all just geeks. Fucking great main event with The Rock being awesome, and the crowd not caring one bit about John Cena. I loved this.
Charles Humphreys
WWE Survivor Series Feedback
Thumbs Up
Best match: CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
Worst match: Beth Phoenix vs Eve Torres
Hi Dave
I really enjoyed the show tonight. Ziggler was fantastic in his match against Morrison and really showed that he deserves a strong push. I don't think he should have been in the traditional Survivor Series match, or at least if he was perhaps he should have lasted longer. But that match was fun as well, even though it was awkward at the time of Sin Cara's injury. The finish was definitely booked right and Cody Rhodes came off strong in this match.
I enjoyed Mark Henry vs Big Show although I hope they move on to another opponent for Henry soon.
Punk's title win was great and this was the right building for it and his use of Finkle was classy. It's funny that with Punk's anti-authority character that he is probably the strongest traditionalist they have right now. I enjoyed the build to the finish and although it was a tough call between this and Ziggler vs Morrison for match of the night I would go with this.
Rock and Cena vs Miz and Truth was successful in my mind. Although their build hadn't been strong, Miz and Truth performed well in the Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff role. Starting and ending the match with Rock was probably the smartest move as well.
I also should note that I watched the show at the movie theatre which was pretty packed and the crowd really enjoyed the show.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

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