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Hey Dave. 

  Always appreciate your insight into MMA\Pro Wrestling especially when on The LAW:Live Audio Wrestling here in Canada.   Best match last night was CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio.  Punk winning the WWE Title is the kickoff to a long title run I hope.   Punk is my fav in WWE.   Worst match was The Divas Match awful ring work by Eve Torres.   Beth was decent.   Thumbs up.  Quick question is Sean "X Pac" Waltman or Rob Van Dam returning to WWE anywhere in near future?

Mike Cohen

DM:  RVD is under contract to TNA so until that runs out, I don't see it.  I'd be surprised if he'd want to work the WWE schedule at this point in his life.  Waltman is unlikely to return as a wrestler, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a job in some form with developmental. 

Was there live in a Sky box.
Thumbs in the middle: except for the last 2 matches, it was a pretty unexceptional card.
Best match: CM Punk
Crowd was hot and as several have mentioned, were into some really snarky chants, including : Sexual Chocolate, D Lo Brown, Daniel Bryan, Randy Savage, Fruity Pebbles, etc.
CM Punk was the most over wrestler and rivaled any pop for The Rock. The Rock's pop was big, but not spectacular. The audio for the live crowd was difficult to hear from where I was sitting.
The Rock's match started off hot, then the crowd died for the Cena beatdown part. The Rock bottom on Cena was not really set up well, as there seemed to be no reason for it.
Rock 's promo was the best I've heard in quite a while..he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.
Sin Cara appeared to have tripped over the bottom rope on his way over the ropes..once he landed he never moved. The match completely fell apart at that point and it appeared that most of the crowd knew it was real. The ref did do the X was slow to come out. They unlaced Sin Cara's boot and took it off, before he was helped to the back.
Dan Chornomaz

Thumbs up.

Best Match: CM Punk v Alberto Del Rio
Worst Match: Mark Henry v Big Show

The show was fine.

However - Booker T, goodness gracious. He ended the show thusly: "At Wrestlemania, Cena is going to whip the Rock's You-Know-What. And payback is going to be You-Know-What."

What? Ass? Payback is going to be ASS?

Anyway, onwards and upwards!

Jonathan Savage, London, UK.

  Survivor Series 2011

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Punk v Del Rio

Worst Match: Big Show v Mark Henry

Considering how Mark Henry was exposed as an old, slow slug out there, it's important to keep him strong until they decide exactly how to move that belt along. We were shocked they didn't have Show leave Henry lying and Daniel Bryan didn't cash in Money in the Bank on the injured leg. But they were changing the other belt and didn't feel they needed the extra pop on RAW/. God knows Daniel needs the pop at this point, the way he's being booked.

From the way they were pushing Orton as the "ultimate survivor," we were just trying to determine (a) who would pin him and (b) how many guys on the other team would be left.

The finish of the show left us completely cold. Rock got the pin, Miz and Truth disappeared, and then a pro-Rock crowd booed Cena out of the building. But Rock was mad because Cena knew that would happen, so he tried to give him his moment? Rock came off totally heelish and the announcers were no help at all.

Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Hey Dave,
Here is what i thought of the show.

Overall: Thumbs in the Middle

Best Match: WWE Title, Punk vs. Del Rio

Worst Match: World Title, Henry vs. Show



Tonight was a pretty enjoyable PPV because of the Rock and some of the matches. However, I’ve seen better, the MSG crowd saved the show. They were just fantastic. The backstage skits for the most part, were pretty decent. I hated the one with Del Rio and Laurenitus. Awesome Truth was good but Truth was great! I have to admit. However, the Rock's backstage promo stole the show as he usually does. Overall, good show because of the only thing that really mattered; which was the Rock. 


The opening bout between Morrison and Ziggler was a pretty damn good match. It was a great match to start the show. There were giant "We want Ryder" chants the entire match. Ziggler is really starting to show how great of a worker he is. I think he can be great baby face one day. Good back and forth action with some great spots, like when Ziggler hit a huge Fame-Asser. Ziggler blocked Morrison’s Star Ship Pain and then hit the Zig Zag for the pin. He cut a good promo saying that he is great and for everyone to try and follow that. Then Ryder came down to hit his rough rider, much to the crowd’s delight. What will happen with Morrison though? Guess we will have to see.  Vickie was great in her role as well.

The women’s match was ok. There was nothing bad like most Diva matches. Beth hit an awesome Glam Slam from the top rope for the pin. Other than the finish, match was pretty forgettable.


The Traditional 10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Tag match was decent. It sucked that Sin Cara got hurt; I was looking forward to see how the NY crowd would treat him. I noticed that most of the match Hunico was wrestling with an orange tank top cause of Ryan spray tan rubbed off. I especially liked was seeing guys like Barrett and Rhodes being the ones who went over and survived. I thought Cody should have gotten the pin but its ok. It was better seeing them win than seeing the usual Super Orton beating everyone all by himself.  I thought that was refreshing. Good match overall.


The Big Show vs. Mark Henry for Henry's World Championship sucked majorly. It was long and boring fight between two large dudes. Henry kicked Show in the groin for the disqualification. I hated seeing a DQ finish after sitting through the entire match. Only redeeming thing was seeing Show hit a “Macho Man” elbow drop. After the finish Big Show gave Henry a taste of Henry's own medicine “Pilman-izing” Henry's ankle in a chair after nailing a huge KO punch and smashing the leg like Henry had done to Show after failed attempt by Henry to Show. The after match beat down was interesting but confusing. The crowd and the group i was watching the PPV with was disappointed that Daniel Bryan didn’t cash in his briefcase.


Next came the match of the night, the WWE Title match with Punk and Del Rio. Great work by both guys and each told a great story. Punk had the awesome Howard Finkle as his personal ring announcer brought back a lot of memories and was a nice touch. Started out kind of slow but when it picked up it really picked up! The only nit-pick I have was that the finsh could have been a little smoother. The crowd was tremendous in celebrating and popping for Punk. I love watching Punk celebrate his victories. Scenes of Punk jumping in and out and in the audience made me smile and laugh, which was great.


The main event was ok. It did not live up to the hype but the Rock kept it from being disappointed. Obviously no one liked Cena. Cena was booed throughout the match. There was "You can't wrestle" chants at Cena which led him to do some chain wrestling spots that weren’t too bad. But the crowd didn’t care and then chanted “You still suck.” The Rock looked just as good as before. Boy does he still have it, despite not wrestling since 2004. Miz and Truth held their own but were completely overshadowed which is no surprise to anyone.  Not shocked to see Rock and Cena win with Rock hitting the People's Elbow" on Miz.


The post match stuff I think hurt the build to Mania but its still gonna do well. Rock was celebrating and Cena was clapping outside. Then the each posed for the crowd, guess who got cheered and who got booed. Then Rock nailed Cena with the Rock Bottom to end the show.
Gregory Cuadros

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