OVW TV report 11-26

  Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for November 26th, 2011, which was taped at the Davis Arena in Louisville on November 23rd. This is episode #640, and OVW TV airs on WKYI in Louisville on Saturdays at 1 pm, with a 9 PM replay. The new episodes are put on ovwrestling.com every Monday, but this episode was actually released early, and can be seen on the OVW Facebook page now.
Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Dean Hill was off this week. Ron Hed was the ring announcer. The other regular ring announcer/interviewer, Brittany DeVore, was not here this week after being traumatized by OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade last week. The crowd was fairly vocal for most of this show.
Yet another unusual episode this week, featuring a main event that lasted nearly 30 minutes, and still went off the air without the finish being shown. Not sure if that was the plan going in or not, more on that later in this report.
The next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on December 3rd, but not a great deal is known about that show yet. However, with Trailer Park Trash now being named the Director of wrestling operations for OVW, there again seems to be an emphasis on tying the OVW house shows into the TV show angles, which is smart I think. OVW seems to go back and forth on that though. They'll do it this way from time to time, then drift back away from it.

This episode opened with clips of the finish of last weeks show where OVW champion Rudy Switchblade was disqualified against Jamin Olivencia for hitting Olivencia with the OVW title belt in a non title match. Switchblade then pulled the mats off the floor, and gave Olivencia a piledriver on a chair on the concrete floor.

1. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze beat Rocco Bellagio & James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin

An interesting tag match to kick things off this week. They are now putting the Twitter handles of the wrestlers on the graphics during their ring introductions. Moose overpowered Shiloh Jonze early. Jonze and Spade had some fun double teaming on Bellagio, but Bellagio had plenty of success against them too. Kenny Bolin on commentary talked about getting his car back after Raul Lamotta stole it, and then went for a 75 mile joy ride in it towards Cincinnati last week. Bellagio went for his powerbomb finisher on Jonze, but Jonze got out of it, and gave Bellagio a lousy version of the 619, or I guess it would be the 502 here in Louisville. That's lame as Hell when Indy geeks copy that move. Bellagio with a fall away slam on Spade, who then took the heat. Spade came back with a superkick on Moose Thomas, who answered back with his "Moose kick" finisher on Spade. However, Raul Lamotta, the huge thorn in the side for Bolin Services 2.0 nowadays, showed up at ringside with something in his hand. Bellagio and Prince Bolin chased Lamotta to the back, leaving Moose Thomas alone in the ring against Spade and Jonze. Thomas caught Jonze in mid air on a top rope crossbody attempt, but Spade and Jonze got the win after giving Thomas stereo kicks to the head, and Jonze then pinning Thomas. This match was fairly fun to watch, but on the unwieldy side.

Gilbert Corsey was shown backstage from earlier today interviewing Trailer Park Trash, who is the new director of operations for OVW, so at least they now finally have something resembling an authority figure here. TPT announced that ticket prices for the December 13th house show show at St. Therese Gym in Louisville would be 5 dollars, and there will be a tournament called "Holiday Havoc" starting in two weeks on OVW TV, and the finals will be held at the December 17th OVW house show in Clarksville, Indiana. The winner will be crowned "The King of Clarksville".

When the interview ended, Adam Revolver, the current OVW TV champion, as well as one half of the OVW Southern Tag Team champions with Ted McNaler, came into the room, and found a folder TPT had left behind that had "OVW TV Title contracts" typed on it. Revolver opened the folder, became excited at the name on it, and signed it.

One legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes did a pre taped backstage promo, with an American flag behind him, saying he was getting a shot at the OVW Heavyweight title against Rudy Switchblade at the Nov 26th(tonight) OVW house show in Elizabethtown, Ky.

Sean Casey was in his locker room, wearing a funky cowboy hat, and a vest with no shirt. Last week Casey, enticed by money, agreed to team with the highly disturbed Tony Gunn against Shiloh Jonze and Johnny Spade at the December 3rd Saturday Night Special. Here Casey picked up Gunn's stuffed bear, named Ralphie, and hid it behind him when Jonze and Gunn came into the room to talk to him. Spade asked Casey if he knew that Tony Gunn was a "Creepy Creeperton". Casey said he knows Gunn is a little weird. Jonze asked Casey if Gunn gave him a Teddy bear or something. Casey denied that. When Spade and Gunn left, Casey pulled the head off the stuffed bear, and took out the pre paid debit card Tony Gunn put in there for Sean Casey last week. Casey said it pays to be friends with a weirdo.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat David Osborn

Green and Silvio did their usual pre match mic work, which often takes longer than Silvio's matches against jobbers. Mo Green slapped Osborn with his flip flop early on, like the old time Little Beaver midget match spot. Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin openly wondered here why Silvio and Green put Taryn Shay up to faking a pregnancy, and having her claim that Benny Bray was the father. Silvio beat Osborn very quickly with a flying forearm.

Chris Silvio and Mo Green were shown backstage, surrounded by several OVW Divas, including the returning CJ Lane, who were admiring the size of Silvio's bicep as he did curls. Lady JoJo came in ranting and raving, but everyone just ignored her, so she screamed and went away. Benny Bray came in with a tube of ointment, and read from the label, which said "Eliminates dryness, redness, and irritability, and is prescribed for Christopher Silvio". This majorly grossed the girls out, so they all left, with Silvio claiming it wasn't his. Even Mo Green was telling Silvio it was nasty.

Gilbert Corsey at the announce desk said that last week Jamin Olivencia suffered a stinger and a concussion when Rudy Switchblade gave him a piledriver on a steel chair, on to the concrete floor, but that the test results revealed no serious long term damage to Olivencia. Curiously, they gave no update on the medical condition of Mike Mondo, who Rudy Switchblade injured just a few days before he injured Olivencia.

3. Adam Revolver beat Dylan Bostic to retain the OVW TV title

No wonder Adam Revolver was so happy to sign the contract for this match earlier, Dylan Bostic has never won a match in OVW. Why would he be in line for a TV title shot in the first place? Corsey and Bolin talked about Revolver knowing this would be an easy win for him, and both said Revolver is so hungry for titles in OVW, that they wouldn't be shocked if he went for the OVW Womens title. I've heard fans in the stands talk about that as well before. Bostic got a little offense in on Revolver, but Revolver got the win quickly with his Russian leg sweep finisher. Revolver started a major victory celebration, with Bolin saying Revolver is acting like he just beat Nick Bockwinkel or something, when out to the floor came an intense looking Randy Terrez.

Back from commercial, Randy Terrez was in the ring with the mic. Terrez talked about his good friend, Jamin Olivencia, being injured last week. Terrez said Olivencia will be back. Terrez demanded that Rudy Switchblade come out now, and Switchblade did come out, along with his manager/attourny Christian Mascagni.
Mascagni told Terrez to shut up about Jamin Olivencia, and asked Terrez who he was to call Switchblade out here. Switchblade said Terrez has a "Bromance" going with Olivencia, and that he will injure Terrez too if he's not careful. Terrez then revealed that he is the number #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight title, and will face Switchblade on December 3rd. Mascagni said that he calls the shots in OVW, and that he decides who the #1 contender is. Meanwhile, Switchblade attacked Terrez from behind, and then quickly bailed out to the floor when Terrez fired back. Mascagni on the floor continued to rant and rave that he calls the shots in OVW. Out came Trailer Park Trash, who told Mascagni to shut up, and confirmed that Terrez is the number #1 contender at the upcoming Saturday Night Special. TPT asked the crowd if they want to see this match happen right now, and they responded they did. TPT said it didn't matter what Mascagni wanted, and to get a ref out here now, leading to.....

4. Rudy Switchblade w/Christian Mascagni defending the OVW Heavyweight title vs Randy Terrez went off the air with no finish shown

TV Main event time, with Terrez in total control early. There was almost 30 minutes of TV time left for this one, yet oddly it still ended up not being enough. Terrez went to work on the left leg of Switchblade, and kept control for almost 10 minutes straight. Terrez had moments here where he looked unsure of what do to next, but for the most part he stayed focused with a good sustained attack. Terrez, then a heel, had an entertaining mid card feud over a woman from their past with Rudy Switchblade when he first arrived in OVW, and Gilbert Corsey mentioned Terrez beating Switchblade in a "Barrio Brawl" back then. Terrez with a big dropkick on Switchblade, who was on the apron, to send Switchblade sprawling to the floor.

During the first commercial break of this match, Mohamad Ali Vaez cut a promo on Michael Hayes, saying he has been battling Hayes for 6 months now, and that Hayes was crazy if he thinks he going to win the OVW Heavyweight title tonight against Rudy Switchblade tonight in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, with he Vaez in the building in E-town. Vaez all but said he was going to interfere in that match.

Back from break, Terrez remained in control, still working over the left leg/knee of Rudy Switchblade. Switchblade catapulted Terrez over the top rope, but it was not ruled a DQ. After some sloppy moments from both guys, Terrez came back with his firemans carry into a forward Samoan drop move, and then went up top, but Mascagni interfered and sent Terrez tumbling to the mat.
After another commercial break, Rudy Switchblade was in full control of the match for the first time, nearly 20 minutes in. Switchblade went to the floor and pulled the mats away, but Terrez sent Switchblade to the guard rail with a sliding dropkick. Back in the ring though, Switchblade again regained control of the contest. Terrez came back with his running kidney punch. Terrez scored a near fall with a 'Rana, then gave Switchblade his unique over the knee neckbreaker. Switchblade went for his "Wake up call" Walls of Jericho finisher, but couldn't get it. Switchblade went up for his Frogsplash finisher, but Terrez got up and fell into the ropes, causing Switchblade to be crotched. Terrez hit his newest finisher, a face plant, sort of like a reverse Russian leg sweep, but Gilbert Corsey suddenly out of the blue shouted they were out of time, and they went off the air with the finish not being shown.

Wow, what a unique deal that main event was. I guess they're going to show the conclusion of Switchblade vs Terrez next week, which that's very old school, and I like it in that it gives pro wrestling a real sports feel, but they went off the air too suddenly here, it should have been counted down and explained more by the announcers. It's amazing this match went nearly 30 minutes without a conclusion in the first place. It wasn't a great match, or a classic of any kind, but Switchblade and Terrez did put on a mostly solid, and fairly entertaining, match for that long of a time, which is commendable.
The story here had problems though. First of all, Terrez is popular with the crowd here, but I think even his biggest supporters would have to admit he's done nothing here that would make him the number #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight title, so the story was weak in that way. They could have had this TV match be Terrez getting a title shot if he wins. Trailer Park Trash coming out and "asking the fans" if they want it now for the title too seemed lame. Of course they did, but should they have gotten it here? In fairness, some of this may have been due to a somewhat limited crew of wrestlers at this day before Thanksgiving taping, but from looking at the results of the dark matches, there were several OVW regular stars at this show who weren't used on this taping at all.
Also, the Terrez friendship thing with Jamin Olivencia came off kinda strange. It's fine they're friends, and Terrez came out I think first to check on Olivencia when he was injured last week. But before that, nothing at all has ever been done here to show on TV that Terrez and Olivencia were friends, and there would be no reason to keep that a secret. Just a lot of stuff popping up out of thin air here, and this is a promotion where most of their storylines make sense. Still though, not a bad show this week. I mean how many wrestling shows nowadays feature 30 minute plus singles matches? Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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