Bellator feedback

Sometimes I have to wonder about the intelligence of MMA fans. 
First off, Bellator delivers AGAIN.  I sound like Bryan talking about ROH but of you want
a high goodfight-to-clunker ratio, Bellator is the way to go.
Villa and Dantes fought an outstanding grappling match.  Go to a gym and take a class,
then tell me nothing was happening. Was it exciting?  Maybe not, but it was a classic.
Pitbull/Batman was NOT an early stoppage.  Stop to think for a moment (an action a bit
foreign to those on the internet MMA community, I know) - you have a destructive puncher
in an incredibly dominant position on a guy who is nearing the end of his career.  If you
want Peligrino to watch his kids play with his walker and clean up his drool, then by all
means let it go.  But in my MMA, you protect the fighter.  Definitely falls under the
"three punches too soon rather than three too late" rule.  If anything, criticise the ref
for not seeing the back of the head shots.
Finally, the low blow on Prindle was an illegal shot.  But (again) think logically about
this.  Santos was already winning and Prindle couldn't get a shot off yet.  Why THE FUCK
would you throw an illegal kick in that situation?  I don't know for sure, but it seems
obvious Santos tried to throw an inside thigh kick, or even a kick to the ass to hurt or
humiliate Prindle into standing.  A kick to the nuts only makes sense here if you play
for the Detroit Lions.  Was it a bad kick?  Yes.  Was it stupid to throw?  Hell yes.
Intentional?  There is no logical argument that can be made for this.
In summary, I think I've said this a dozen times recently, everyone, for the love of God,
settle the fuck down.  Every fight isn't a plot against you.  Sit back, enjoy the fights,
have fun if your guy wins and if your guy what?  Seriously.  Get a grip and
enjoy the fights.
This statement may seem ironic considering the above rant, but keep in mind that I'm
ranting about douchebags who can't seem to enjoy a fight without seeing conspiracies
everywhere (even though I still think Joe Warren lost that fight last year...)
Mike DeGeorge

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Marcin Held vs. Philipe Nover
Worst Fight:  Erin Prindle vs. Thiago Santos
1) Marcin Held d. Philipe Nover by a split decision: Fun fight with
some great ground game stuff.  Held is a 19 year old sensation who did
some wicked fast rolling kneebars.  Nover from Ultimate Fighter fame
looked to be much bigger then Held.  Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith
thought this was a controversial split decision, but I thought Held won
Rounds1 & 3.   Held connected with much bigger shots in Round 3.  Nover
got a takedown, but really didn't do much with it once he go it.  Held
remain aggressive in Round 3 to steal it.
2) Bantamweight Tournament Finale, Eduardo Dantes d. Alexis Villa by
unanimous decision:  A really interesting fight as Dantes is long
taller and had a big reach advantage over Villa.  Villa's wrestling
dominated the first round, but this also cost him the in Rounds 2 and 3
as I believe Vila got tired from going to for all those takedowns in
Round 1.  Dantes looked phenomenal is Rounds 2 and 3 and I am really
looking forward to his fight against Bellator Bantamweight Champion
Zack Mackovsky in Season 6
3) Patricky Pitbull d. Kurt Pellegrino by TKO in Round 1:  Pitbull
connected with a couple of big shots that sent Pellegrino down, but I
thought he recovered and was looking for a leg when he ref called.  Bad
call by the ref, but Kurt was a good sport about it.  He retired after
the fight and offered to train Patricky at his gym.
4) Heavyweight Tournament Finale, Thiago Santos and Eric Prindle
declared a No-Contest:  Bizarre fight.  Santos gave Prindle a low blow
between the legs as Prindle laid on his back.  It was a nasty, and
after taking the full five minutes to recover,  Prindle was still
unable to continue.  He said when he walked around he felt like puking.
  I am glad it was declared a no-contest and I hope they have this
rematch on the first card of the Season 6 which starts in early 2012.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA

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