OVW TV tapings report 11-30 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping report for November 30th, 2011. This was the "go home" show for the December 3rd OVW Saturday Night Special, but tonights taping didn't exactly set my world on fire. OVW's TV roster suddenly seems really thin, yet they have a few of their top guys that are around, that they're doing little with. Seems odd. Also, suddenly much of the booking feels like it's the "on the fly" variety, and some of it makes little sense. But, there is still some interesting stuff going on booking wise, and also on the plus side several matches were made at this show for the Saturday Night Special, as well as matches made for next weeks TV taping tonight. But back on the bad side, there was little to no good wrestling tonight, and this Saturday Night Special is not a major one at all. OVW has had a good year in 2011, but it just feels like they're limping/coasting to a conclusion to it now.
Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and the returning Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was between 90 and 100.
OVW did announce on their Facebook that their TV episodes will now be available online on Saturdays, it used to be Mondays.

1. Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin & James "Moose" Thomas beat Joe Coleman

Dark match. Bellagio in control early. Coleman back with a flurry of dropkicks, but Bellagio caught him on a crossbody attempt and gave Coleman a fall away slam. Bellagio got the win with a chokeslam.

2. Brandon Espinosa beat Dylan Bostic

Also a dark match. Bostic was wearing some new tights. The match was fast paced and back and forth early. Espinosa catapulted Bostic into the turnbuckle, and then pinned him following a face plant.

3. Elvis Pridemore beat Nick Dumeyer

Yet another dark match. Pridemore with a top rope dropkick on Dumeyer, followed up with a flying forearm, and a splash to the corner, all of which looked really good. But then it went south with Pridemore pinning Dumeyer after some sort of a badly botched move. Not even sure what it was supposed to be. Man, talk about a guy going from actually looking crisp in the ring to looking like crap instantly. Yeesh.

The TV taping opened with clips of the end of last weeks show where Randy Terrez, suddenly thrust into a main event spot out of the blue, was challenging OVW heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade for the OVW title. Switchblade and Terrez battled for 30 minutes on TV last week, yet oddly, the show still went off the air without the finish being shown, though Terrez had Switchblade in a pinning position when they went off the air.

Out came Rudy Switchblade, wearing street clothes and the OVW title, along with his manager/attourny Christian Mascagni. Mascagni mentioned the TV audience not getting to see Switchblade beat Terrez last week. Mascagni then ran down Switchblade's recent "accomplishments", including ending the careers of Mike Mondo and Jamin Olivencia, and beating Michael Hayes to within an inch of his life last Saturday in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and beating Jason Wayne cleanly in Clarksville, Indiana. Switchblade said for those that watched on TV last week and missed the finish vs Randy Terrez, he fought against all odds, and had to dig down deep to beat Terrez. Switchblade said Terrez tried every dirty trick in the book, and referee Chris Sharpe was in on it too, making it a two on one match against him. Switchblade sarcastically "thanked" the fans for all their support.
Out came Randy Terrez, in his wrestling gear. Terrez said what happened last week was a load of crap, and that he had Switchblade beat last week. Mascagni asked Terrez what proof he had, and demanded he show it now or shut up. Out came Trailer Park Trash, the current OVW director of authority. TPT said let's see what happened last week after the TV show went off the air. The screens then showed a still shot of Terrez in mid air, crashing down on a prone Rudy Switchblade. Mascagni asked what that proved. I had the same question, that was just goofy and proved nothing. TPT said Randy Terrez was still the #1 contender for the OVW title, and will face Rudy Switchblade for the title this Saturday. TPT then told both Switchblade and Terrez to find tag team partners tonight to square off in tonights TV main event. Just a so-so segment at best here.

Lennox Norris was confronted by Raphael Constantine backstage. Norris and Constantine were supposed to get a tag title shot at The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) at the November Saturday Night Special, but Norris said that Constantine couldn't be there due to "car trouble", and was allowed to select a different partner, which he did in James "Moose" Thomas, but Thomas and Norris lost to The Elite, and then it came out that Norris was lying about Constantine's "car trouble" all along, he just wanted to pick a better partner. Here Constantine berated Norris, and told him they were wrestling each other this Saturday. I guess this begs the question though, if Constantine never had any car trouble, why didn't he just show up then and dispute it??

Ted McNaler then came up to Constantine, and told him to find a tag partner, and he'll see to it that they get a shot at the tag belts at some point.

McNaler then noticed his championship tag team partner, Adam Revolver, who is also the current OVW TV champion, in an office doing something at a fax/copy machine. McNaler asked Revolver what he was doing, and Revolver looked like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and started fast talking about him being busy with TV title defenses, and that McNaler asks too many questions. Revolver then beat a hasty retreat. McNaler then took the piece of paper Revolver was doing something with off the fax/copy machine, and looked at it with a confused expression.

Brittany DeVore interviewed Randy Terrez backstage, and asked him if he's found a tag team partner for tonight, and indeed Terrez had, producing Jason Wayne as his partner for the evening.

4. Paredyse beat Randy Royal

This was the first match of the TV taping. Royal worked in a cut up t-shirt, and has a bit power lifters looking physique, and a Military looking short haircut. Paredyse goosed Royal on the rear end several times early. Royal took over, the crowd was quiet here. Brandon Espinosa came out and joined Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin at the announce desk. Seems Espinosa is a bit Homophobic or something, and lately Paredyse and Espinosa have been destroying each others dressing rooms, but have had no physical altercations yet. Paredyse gave Royal a thumb in the bum, then rolled him up for the pin. Not much of a match, Royal showed nothing here, and Paredyse' character seems cold to me here now. It's like it needs some kind of a tweak or something at this point. Paredyse and Espinosa had a stare down after the match.

Ron Hed interviewed Rudy Switchblade and Christian Mascagni backstage, asking them who Switchblade's tag partner would be tonight vs. Randy Terrez & Jason Wayne. Mascagni said everyone would find out when the bell rings, which turned out not to be true. The reason Ron Hed conducted this interview was Brittany DeVore didn't want to do it, because two weeks ago on TV Switchblade got in her face big time for no reason.

Benny Bray was shown backstage with the Blossom Twins, Holly & Hannah. Bray asked the Blossom's to be at ringside for his match tonight, and they were enthusiastic about doing it.

5. Benjamin Bray w/The Blossom Twins beat Ace Hawkins

Babyface vs babyface match here, but that was the only thing "good" about it. Match was fast paced early, but really clumsy looking. Nothing was clicking at all. Both guys were really struggling. The Blossom Twins got on the ring apron to celebrate with Bray before he won the match, which was goofy. Bray then won with a lung blower. This match was the total Hersheys squirts. Just super awful.

After that abortion of a match, out to the floor came Chris Silvio, Mo Green and Taryn Shay. Silvio had a pill bottle with him, and said it belonged to Bray, and was "performance enhancers", and he doesn't mean for in the ring either. Ok, THAT was a funny line. Silvio said Bray falls short in the ring, and in the bedroom. One of the Blossom twins took the mic and said Bray was what they call in England the creme de le creme. Damn, if that's true, the pickings are mighty slim in jolly old England. The other Blossom twin said what Silvio has with him is Mo, and a Ho, which that line popped the dead crowd here, and caused Taryn Shay to fire up instantly. Shay said the Blossom's were sluts, and had nothing on her American thighs, and that Benny Bray never deserved her. Shay actually showed fire on the mic here. Mo Green said it's too bad they're busy tonight, or they would teach Silvio and The Blossom's a lesson. Shay was still angry and said they weren't busy. The Blossom's said it sounds like a challenge to them, and they and Bray accept, so I guess we had some type of a weird six person match booked here. Did this mean Mo Green was going to actually wrestle this Saturday? No, because....

Backstage Taryn Shay was desperately taking to Lady JoJo, begging her to help her out and team with her and Chris Silvio this Saturday. JoJo said that Shay has walked out on her several times recently, which is true, asked Shay why should she help her out now. But then JoJo said she has a match against OVW Womens champion Taeler Hendrix next week, and that if Shay will be in her corner then, she will team with her this Saturday, calling it a double favor. Shay was cool with that. JoJo then forced the once again subservient Taryn Shay to call her "Miss JoJo". This felt like on the fly booking, but at least it made some sense.
Also backstage, Rudy Switchblade was talking to Christian Mascagni. Switchblade was nervous here, asking Mascagni who his partner would be tonight. Mascagni calmed Switchblade down, and assured him he had it all taken care of. Mascagni then produced Switchblade's partner for the evening, and it was none other than Mohamad Ali Vaez. But, like I said earlier, contrary to what Mascagni said earlier, we all found out about this before the bell rang.

6. James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin & Rocco Bellagio beat David Osborn

Two 300 pounders going at it here, but it was over very quickly after Thomas gave Osborn his "Moose kick", which actually completely whiffed by the way.

After the match the video screens showed Raul Lamotta backstage going into a locker, finding a bag, and pulling out car keys, and then the credit card of Prince Bolin. What is Lamotta, the babyface version of Jeff Gaylord come to life here or something??? Moose Thomas and Rocco Bellagio ran backstage to get Lamotta, but when they did, Lamotta, who magically somehow managed to be in two places at once, snuck up behind Prince Bolin in his comical way, and pulled his pants down, revealing that Bolin was wearing two pairs of plaid boxers. The comedy spot got a pop here. Lamotta may have actually come from under the ring, not sure. It didn't make much sense though, in addition to being in two places at once, Bolin was also wearing jeans, and had the button loosened, and the fly down I guess. Who walks around like that? I mean you can't just yank jeans off someone, he should have been wearing sweat pants, or something like that, for this spot. But old looking jeans is what he always normally wears. Why two pairs of boxers? Was he afraid of a blow out or something? Kenny Bolin was angrily storming around on the floor after this was over, but blew up quickly. It's unclear whether Kenny was upset about his son, The Prince, being pantsed, or for his sons questionable fashion sense regarding undergarments.

Jack Black was backstage, walking with a cane, visiting with babyfaces, including "Smooth" Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze. Black hasn't been seen here since Bolin Services 2.0 attacked him backstage with chairs several weeks ago. Black talked about doing ok after having surgery. Spade and Jonze said they looked forward to Black being back as a wrestler, but Black seemed melancholy about it, saying he needs to lose weight, and implying he might be done as a wrestler.

7. Adam Revolver beat Andrew Patton to retain the OVW TV title

Just like last week, a total jobber gets a shot at the OVW TV title. Revolver beat Patton quickly with his Russian leg sweep finisher, and then, like last week, celebrated like he just won the Super Bowl or something.

Out to the floor came Revolver's tag team partner, Ted McNaler, holing the piece of paper Revolver was caught doing something with earlier. McNaler told Revolver they were called The Elite for a reason. McNaler said he figured out that Revolver was making his own copies of TV title contracts, so he would be facing easy guys to beat, which disgusted McNaler. McNaler said he has since been busy signing contracts, and the tag team match of Shiloh Jonze & Johnny Spade vs Tony Gunn & Sean Casey this Saturday just became a three way, with the Elite being added to the match, and the OVW Southern Tag Team titles the Elite holds being on the line. This seems to seriously dilute the Johnny Spade feud with the mentally ill Tony Gunn, which has been brewing for months now. I mean I guess both guys now going for the tag titles can be a twist to it, but it just feels like more booking on the fly here, and takes away from the Spade and Gunn story greatly.
McNaler then had more news for Revolver, as he told him there is a signed contract for Revolver to defend the OVW TV title next week at TV, and it was signed by.... Ted McNaler. Elite vs Elite for the TV title next week. Naturally, Adam Revolver, the most heelish babyface in the world, wasn't cool with any of this. The Elite have been arguing for most of this year, too long actually, and did have a match a few months ago to determine who the leader of the team was, which McNaler won that one.

8. Randy Terrez & Jason Wayne beat Mohamad Ali Vaez & Rudy Switchblade w/Christian Mascagni by DQ

TV main event time. Wayne overpowered Switchblade early. Terrez did the old flip both the heels at the same time move. The heels took over on Jason Wayne, with Switchblade using several European uppercuts. Wayne back with a running powerslam on Vaez. Wayne took the heat, but got offense in during it, but the heels cut him off from tagging to Terrez for awhile. Wayne back with a Samoan drop on Vaez. Christian Mascagni removed some mats on the floor, but nothing came of that tonight. Switchblade in pounding on Jason Wayne. Terrez came in, but ending up taking the heat for awhile as well, as this match just seemed to exist to fill time on this episode. Switchblade came off the top, but hit Vaez by accident. Vaez later gave Switchblade an accidental elbow drop. Vaez took a precarious looking bump over the top rope off a clothesline. With Vaez and Wayne fighting on the floor, Terrez got the better of Rudy Switchblade in the ring, and went up top for his Thrill Kill finisher, a twisting corkscrew moonsault. But Switchblade got up, and shoved referee Chris Sharpe into the ropes, causing Terrez to be crotched, and crumple to the mat. Sharpe was so angry with Switchblade's cheap stunt, that he disqualified him for it, but Switchblade thought he was being brilliant, and was laughing out loud at the outcome here.

Out came Trailer Park Trash, who said Switchblade again got himself intentionally disqualified to keep the OVW title. That made zero sense, since the title wasn't on the line in a tag match here. Duh. TPT said he has a special referee for the Rudy Switchblade vs Terrez match for this OVW title this Saturday, a referee that Switchblade can't push around, and said that ref would be Jason Wayne. Wayne seemed surprised, but was totally cool with doing it.

Eh, a fairly mundane tag match to close out a missable episode of OVW this week. Like I said last week, Randy Terrez is popular here, but I get the sense the fans aren't buying him in the main event slot. It's kinda like when Ronnie Garvin won the NWA title.

The post taping dark match was Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze vs James Onno & Lennox Norris, but I had to leave and didn't see it. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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