Ultimate Fighter final live coverage from Las Vegas - AMAZING ONE ROUND FIGHT

Welcome to our live coverage of the Ultimate Fighter finals from The Pearl at the Palm Hotel in Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A lot of these fights, maybe almost all on the undercard pending a great showing by the loser are loser leaves town matches.


First round: Caraway’s new nickname is Kid Lightning. So maybe he’s dyslexic and grew up idolizing Sean Waltman. They both wore identical trunks. Should be a rule about that. The guy in the orange and gray nearly knocked down the guy in the orange and gray. Caraway was the one who rocked Neace. Neace landed a punch to the jaw. Caraway got a takedown. Neace is trying a triangle from the bottom, but it’s more a reverse triangle. Caraway escaped into side control. Caraway on top and now has Neace’s back. Neace trying to backdoor out while Caraway trying to work for a submission. Neither was successful as the round ended with Caraway still having Neace’s back. 10-9 Carway

Second round: Neace land left to the jaw. Neace landed a right. Caraway with a low kick. Caraway landed a left. Caraway moved in with a few punches. Caraway blocking most of the punches. Caraway shot in for the takedown. Carwaay got his back in a transition. He’s now working for a choke. Neace tapped out.  Match was nothing special.


Clopton lost to Dustin Neace to get into the house. He was brought back as a replacement for Akira Corassani, who was injured a few weeks back.

First round: Siler with some knees in a clinch. They were against the fence. Now back to the center. Siler landed a punch and a low kick. Siler in with a punch and knees fom short range. He threw five knees although Clopton didn’t seem hurt by any of them. Each threw the other down. High kick by Siler. Clopton landed the best punch of the fight. Another hard left byClopton. Clopton hurt him with another punch. Siler landed several knees oming back. Clopton got a takedown into a guillotine as time expired. Clopton had the harder punches but Siler did a lot more as far as volume with the knees and had the guillotine at the end so 10-9 Siler.

Second round: Clopton landed a punch and they are against the fence. Trading knees from the clinch while Clopton landed some body shos. Siler still landing knees and now connecting with punches. Two good knees to the head by Siler. He keeps using knees from the Thai plumb. Clopton with a trip takedown and threw some good punches from the top. Siler back up throwing more knee from the clinch. Clopton’s nose may be broken. He’s bleeding badly from it. Siler landed punches. Knee by Siler and another. Siler with more knees. Siler landed a right moving in. Clopton landed a good right. Clopton with a takedown in the closing seconds. Close round but I’d go with Siler so 20-18.

Third round: Clopton tried a takedown but Siler blocked it. Clopton with a takedown. Clopton with a quick takedown halfway through. Siler up and hurt Clopton with an uppercut. Knees by Siler late. Siler pulled out the round in the last minute in my opinion so 30-27.

All three had it 29-28 for Siler, so they gave Clopton the third I’m guessing.


First round: Ferguson’s nickname is Taz. Delorme’s is not RVD. Ferguson caught him with a right right away. Now both in a clinch and Delmore took Ferguson down. Ferguson rubbing the forearm against Delorme’s cheekbone. Delmore working for a guilltoine but Ferguson popped up and is now on top. Ferguson landing several punches from the top. Delorme did a triangle from the bottom. Ferguson tried a short power bomb but that didn’t break the move. Delorme holding the triangle and throwing punches at the same time from the bottom. Now Delorme is throwing elbows while having Ferguson trapped. The triangle isn’t submitting him but it’s keeping him under control. Ferguson escaped into side control. Ferguson on top throwing punches. Ferguson throwing elbows from the top. Delorme reversed with seconds left. Close round. Ferguson 10-9 based on more damage even though Delorme controlled hiim, but I could see it the other way just as easily.

Second round: Ferguson won the second round more solidly. It went back-and-forth but Ferguson landed harder punches.

Third round: Delorme dropped Ferguson with a left and got his back with a choke. Good come from behind win. :22


First round:  Both came out swinging wildly and Albert landed a left and then dropped him with a right cross and pounding on him from the top. He’s got one arm trapped and pounding on him until ref Herb Dean stopped it. Give the nature of the probable loser leaves town, Pague was really unhappy at the stoppage. 1:09


First round: Brimage throwing a lot of punches early. He’s throwing a lot of punches. Bass’ face is already bruised up. Left by Brimage. Bass trying for a takedown and not getting it but did manage to land a right, but Brimage immediately back with a left. Brimage’s round easily 10-9.,

Second round: Good exchange, Brimage with punches and Bass landed a good knee. Bass threw a hard kick to the groin and Brimage went down hard. This was one of the nastier low blows of the year. Not quite at the level of Thiago Santos last week. Brimage is going to continue. Brimage had done one earlier in the round. They touched gloves. . Bass worked for takedown but didn’t get it. Brimage kicked the leg and swept Bass off his feet. Brimage with another combo. Left landed by Brimage. Hard low kick by Brimage and then Bass badly missed on a takedown attempt. Bass again trying for a takedown. Both swinging hard. Real good round. Brimage landed a strong low kick at the horn. Brimage’s round, so 20-18.

Third round: All standing and both firing and Bass knocked Brimage down but Brimage got a duck under and slam takedown. Brimage then let him back up. Both swinging hard again. Bass has gotten some confidence. Both landing hard. Brimage connected strong with a left. Both landing punches again. Brimage landed a good left. Kick by Bass and Brimage landed a counter, then two more punches by Brimage. Brimage landed more solid shots. Both swinging like crazy at the end and Bass knocked him down one more time to clinch what was a very close round. 29-28 Brimage. Really good fight, hope they replay it on TV.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Brimage.


First round: Big size difference here. Gaudinot really small even as a banamweight. He’s the one with green hair. Takedown by Bedford and has him under control on the ground. Knee to the body on the ground as Beford went for a guillotine. Gaudinot got up but was behind held against the cage. Bedford with another takedown, this time into mount. He’s throwing punches from the mount. Bedford hurt him with punches and elbows and Gaudinot turned his back. Bedford bloodied him up and has Gaudinot’s back again. He threw knees. Close to 10-8 but not quite.

Second round: Another takedown by Bedford. He threw a knee to the body. Gaudiont up and Bedford has him aginst the cage. . Another takedown by Bedford. Just too much of a size difference so far. Bedford remaining on top. Landing a lot of punches and Gaudinot is in trouble. Bedford with punches and elbows from the mount. Gaudinot is just covering up and doing nothing on offesne. He gave up his back. Bedford going for an armbar with12 seconds left. Time ran out in the round. This was a 10-8 round so 20-17 at this point, could even be 20-16.

Third round: Gaudinot landed a spinning back fist. Bedford nailing him with body shots, he’s killing him on the ground with punches, body kick, knees from the top, elbows, a knee to the body, a kick to the body, more knees to the body and shoulder. And finally Steve Mazzagatti stopped it. Totally one-sided fight from start-tofinish. Gaudinot needs to wait for 125 because this was all about the size difference.


First round: Neither rushing into things. Ferguson started landing low kicks to the hamstring of Edwards’ left leg. Edwards landed two lefts, one to the head and one to the body. Great high kick by Edwards. Ferguson back to the low kicks. Both trading, Edwards seems quicker. Ferguson has the size and reach. When they do wild exchanges Edwards does well. Edwards landed a strong uppercut . High kick by Ferguson blocked. Now Ferguson landing and hurt Edwards. He’s taking over and Edwards scrambled to safety. Ferguson buckled his knees again with a punch and followed up with more punches. Geat high kick by Edwards. Edwards shot for the takedown, Ferguson blocked and a nice roll by Ferguson who got to his feet. Excellent round. 10-9 Ferguson.

Second round: Another trade and both landed strong blows. Ferguson with a hard body kick. Big trade and Edwards got the better of it and followed with a kick to the face. Edwards now landing more. Edwards with a flying knee and more knees. Ferguson was rocked. Ferguson’s nose is bleeding. Ferguson back to the low kicks. Left uppercut by Ferguson. Right hook by Ferguson. Ferguson’s nose bleeding more now. Ferguson nailed him with a right uppercut that hurt Edwards. Both throwing but Edwards landed more solid punches. Edwards with a nice left hook. High kick by Edwards although Ferusgon didn’t appear hurt. Ferguson got a takedown late in the round. To me, not enough to win Ferugson the round, so 19-19 at this point.

Third round: Left jab by Ferguson. Hard body kick by Ferguson. Edwards back with a body kick but not as hard. High kick landed by Edwards but Ferguson wasn’t fazed. Another hard body kick by Ferguson. Edwards doing low kicks now. High kick landed strong by Edwards . Ferguson tried one but Edwards blocked it. Edwards with a spining punch. Ferguson missed several punches. Both swinging , Edwards movement avoids most of Ferguson’s punches but Ferguson is throwing more. Overhand right by Edwards. Another high kick by Edwards. Edwards ducked for a takedown but didn’t get it. Edwards still landing more in an exchange. Close round, but I’ve got Edwards with the round and fight 29-28.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 for 29-28 Ferguson. Everyone here had it 29-28 for Edwards. So many of Ferguson’s punches missed when you were up close. Having said that, the third round was close. Great fight, though.


First round: Dodson hurt him with a punch right away. Both swinging and missing. Dodson is so freaking quick. Dodson nailed him with a left and a left kick. Dillashaw can’t catch him. Dodson knocked him down with a left and Dillashaw almost did the splits, got up, got knocked down with another left and a few lefts on the ground and Herb Dean jumped in to stop it. I thought it was early and watching the replay people thought it even more. Dodson went crazy when he won, running up the cage and flipping twice and doing two round-offs in the cage and started playing to the ground. This was awesome. He did a John Cena interview, he doesn’t care if people boo him or cheer him. Dodson was booed a lot and cheered a lot when it was over, hugged Dillashaw. 1:54 Fans really booing the stoppage. After they went to a break Dodson held his trophy and stated dancing like crazy, this guy is so loaded with charisma it’s not even funny. Not everyone likes him but people reacted to him huge.


First round: Bermudez seemed like the crowd favorite. Bermudez all agressive with him throwing. Bermudez with a front kick and missed a flying knee. Takedown by Bermudez off a kick and Bermudez went for a guillotine and knees. Bermaudez let him go and landed a punch. Brandao back landing a left. Body kick by Brandao. Right by Brandao. Bermudez landed a punch and flying body kick. Bermudez dropped him with a right. Both trading but Bermudez landed a good punch and a landed by Brandao. Big trade with Brandao landing the best shot. Brandao with a flying knee knocked Bermudez down. Bermudez back to his feet and Brandao with a German suplex. He threw a high kick but Bermudez was running and it missed. Bermudez landed a straight right. Bermudez dropped him with a right as Brandao came forward. Brandao first went for an ankle but Bermudez was on top throwing punches. Hard shots by Bermudez but Brnadao kicked him off. Bermudez landing more hard punches . Brandao got an armbar while being bombed. Unreal. One of the best one round fights you’ll ever see. A Standing ovation when it was over for both guys. 4:51


First round: Miller out with punches, tried a takedown and it was blocked. Bisping landed a right. USA chant. Bisping shoved him against the cage. Loud USA chant. Bisping putting his hand over Miller’s mouth. Miller tried a kick. Bisping caught it. Miller landed the first good shot with a right. Bisping back with a right to nose. Miller shot in and Bisping . Miller with a left and took Bisping down. Place went crazy when Bisping was taken down. Miller landed a few punches while keeping Bisping down. Bisping wall walked up. . Miller landed a right. Miller in with a low kick. Bisping landed a right. Bisping landed a right. Miller with a left and another left. Bisping clipped him with a punch and Miller went down. But back up. Miller 10-9.

Second round: Big USA chant to start the round. Bisping landed a left. Miller’s bleeding from the nose . Body kick . Miller shot for another takedown but Bisping blocking this one. Bisping turned him against the fence. High kick by Bisping blocked. Bisping claimed an eye poke or maybe a head-butt as the replay showd. Miller landed a a good overhand right. Bisping slipped or was dropped. Bisping landed a right. Bisping with punches and a knee to the body. Miller shot slow for takedown. He dared Bisping to punch him. Bisping punched, therw a kick, Meyham palying possum but colnd’t get he takedown. The kick was thrown with Mayhhem down but it missed so no foul. Bisping sucks chant. Bisping landed several punches as Miller appeared to tire. Bisping landing more pucnhes. Miller really tired landed a body kick. . Bisping with more punches. Bisping with punches and knees. He’s taking Miller apart although Milker is doing `Is that all that you have.’ Big right by Bisping. Bisping landing more shots. Miller with a super slow takedown. Bisping pounding him on the ground as the round ended. Almost a 10-8 for Bisping but not quite, so we’re even 19-19.

Third round: Both guys really tired. Bisping landed several shots, blocked a takedown and kicked him hard in the ribs and walked away, letting him get up. Miller’s left eye looks like hell. Bisping picking him apart with punches. Miller at this point is only surviving. Bisping continues to land. Bisping claimed a poke to the eye. Miller tried a takedown but Bisping sprawled. Bisping punching him on the ground. Bisping with hard kneesto the body and more punches . Miller rolled for something but slow and Bisping saw it coming. Bisping landing punch after punch on the ground. Now an elbow and more punches by Bisping. Bisping went in his guard and punching away. More knees to the body and punches and ref Steve Mazzagatti stopped it. Bisping collapsed when it was over.

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