Feedback to Ultimate Fighter finals

Thumbs Way Up
Best Fight: Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez
Worst Fight: None
1) Johnny Bedford d. Louis Gaudinot:  Bedford was one of my favorite
fighters on the show and he looked great hear against one of the
toughest guys in the house.  Bedford is such a huge Bantamweight so he
will have an advantage in this division.   Gaudinot is perfect example
how the UFC needs to get a 125lb division soon.
2) Tony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards:  Good fight, but I had Edwards
winning Rounds 2 and 3.  I have a feeling with that the judges gave
Ferguson the second round because of the late takedown, but I don't
believe he did much damage with hit.  I thought Edwards connected with
much harder shots in that round and also the third.  Ferguson rolling
umaplata was wicked looking and also impressive.
3) Bantamweight Tournament Finale:  Johnny Dodson d. TJ Dillashaw:
Both of these guys are good, but Dodson is just too explosive and
amazing athlete.  Many picked Dillashaw to win this entire tournament
  from the start, but after seeing Dodson a few times he was my
  Dillashaw will be successful in this division and the loss won't see
him cut from the UFC.   Dodson has a tons of charisma and could be the
face of 125lb Flyweight division in the future.  I like Dodson, but he
is really annoying at the same time to where you want to see him lose.
He is definitely a personality the bantamweight division needs.
4) Diego Brandao d. Dennis Bermudez:  What a round!  This was an
amazing back and forth fight that could get some late votes for fight
of the year.   Brandao is going to be a player in the Featherweight
division in the near future.  Bermudez also is going to just get better.
5) Michael Bisping d. Mayhem Miller:  Though I am always rooting for
Bisping to get KO'd, but Bisping versus Anderson Silva has a chance to
be money down the line.  Miller though he lost and didn't look good
against Bisping, really made himself a babyface in the UFC from his
personality on the show.  If Sonnen loses to Munoz on the next Fox
show, I could see Silva vs. Bisping in Brazil.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA

My AT&T U-Verse went off during the main, but I recorded the replay and was able to see
the whole fight.  FYI.
Thumbs up, awesome night of fights that, due to a great season of great fighters, I was
stoked to see.
Best fight: Go Diego Go!!  Probably because I get a hard-on for slick BJJ finishes like
Worst fight: Edwards/Ferguson.  Why was this even on?
They have created two new stars in Diego and Dodson.  If these guys have any skill to
hang in the UFC they will be fucking HUGE.  Dodson you either love or want to hit, and
Diego you cheer for him like a  football hooligan during the fight and want to give him a
hug afterward.
Hated the result of the main, but it was a great fight, Bisping was able to put the fight
where he wanted and that was that.  I think Bisping is a twat but I love him as a
fighter.  Mayhem's test will be how he comes back from this.
Seeing as how you had a number of legit 125ers, any chance UFC will open up that division
now, hell you had two of them on the main card.
Mike DeGeorge

Thumbs way. Great card bottom to... almost top. Can't beat the feathers and bantams for skill and will. All the ITH fighters earned spots on this card.
Best fight: Diego vs. Dennis
Worst fight: Pissbing vs. Mayhem
KO: Dodson
Sub: Diego
Brian Caraway and Justin Neece put on a spirited first round before Caraway finished him quickly in the 2nd.
Sub Josh Clopton who did not make it into the house gave Stephen Siler a good contest but Siler took the deserved UD.
Delorme and the Deliverance extra guy put on another good fight, Delorme dominated the 1st which featured top shelf grappling from both, Ferguson evened the fight standing in the 2nd, then Delorme quickly dropped him immediately with a jab in the 3rd and quickly sunk the RNC for the tap. He has now beaten both the guitar player and the banjo player.
John Albert got a quick KD on Justin Pague then wrapped Pague's arm around his own neck and used it as a handle to pound him out.
Marcus Brimage dominated Stpehen Bass for most of the three rounds for the deserved UD in what might have been an upset. Rogan and Goldy were calling some other fight in some other dimension for half the first round. Great undercard.
On the main card, Johnny Bedofrd totally dominated Louis Green Hair and battered him on the ground until Mazzagatti finally stopped it in the 3rd. Could have been stopped in the 1st. Wonder if the judges gave Bedord any 10-8s, both rounds clearly should have been.
Tony Ferguson and Yves Edwards put on an outstanding three round demonstration of MMA striking. Tony also pulled a rolling omaplata out in the first round. Yves came on as the fight continued but could not hurt Tony with anything. I had Yves winning by one point but could not argue Tony winning or getting the UD, although I don't see how you could have had it 30-27 like two of the judges did. Rematch'd be fine with me.
In the BW finals, John Dodson pulled out another cannonball like he did with Bedford and dropped TJ Dillishaw and the ref (Dean) stepped in maybe a little too quick as Dillishaw had already rolled for an ankle. Regardless Dodson is explosive but Jesus Christ is he obnoxious.
The one round the FW final almost went was IMO the round of the year. Bermudez suprisingly outstruck Brandao early, then Brandao dropped him twice but when charging in got caught with a counter right by Bermudez that dropped HIM very hard, but as Bermudez was trying to pound him out he left an arm down for too long and Diego suddenly flipped him over intio an arm bar that had him tapping before he even landed. Absolutely outstanding and even at one round goes on the FotY list and even more so because Diego had just been bombing everybody out and hadn't shown a lick of Jiu Jitsu before this point.
The main, eh. Let's not talk shit, Mayhem was maybe #6, #7 MW in Strikeforce and did not get this spot because of his record, he got it because of his crossover success, and he had no business in the fight. He had a good first round but gassed out and was target practice for Pissbing's featherfists and it still took two rounds to do enough damage for the ref to step in. Maybe he should have punched more and whined to the ref less. Any notion that this fight was anything resembling a title eliminator is from Mars, and Rogan isn't getting paid enough for the sell job he had to try to do (or maybe he is, because it was not credible that even HE believed a word he was saying). The fight dragged the card down.

Crimson Mask

Best Fight:  Diego vs. Bermudez

Worst Fight:  Ferguson vs. Edwards

Worst Finish:  Bisping over Miller because it was Bisping over Miller

I lost the feed just as Bisping-Miller was starting from AT&T so I can’t comment on specifics.  At first I thought the dropped signal was a result of the new Dana-Spike feud, but it was all AT&T cable channels.   Had to read the result.  Very disappointing that Mayhem wasn’t able to deliver.  Maybe he peaked a couple years ago?  I still don’t buy Bisping as a title contender, every time he faces a top level fighter he’s lost.  Plus he’s an asshole.

Great finish for the featherweight finals, but this fight showed what I suspected, that while Diego Brandao is good, he is not a world beater.  Thing is, he’s so amazing at selling this Road Warrior gimmick of being completely unstoppable.  He cuts these crazy promos, has great facials, and looks great in squash matches, just like the LOD.  So when he fights average fighters, or weaker willed ones like Bryan Caraway, they give up before the bell rings.  Yet top fighters, or those that aren’t intimidated can more than hold their own.  And as much as Diego was bragging after his armbar finish, Bermudez was kicking his ass.  And Bermudez isn’t even that much of a striker.  If Brandao faced a top notch featherweight striker, he will fold.  That being said, great awareness and presence to snap that armbar in, yet Bermudez was stupid for leaving his left hand perfectly in position.

The real gem for the UFC is going to be John Dodson.  I didn’t see his win as an upset at all.  He is the real life version of Rey Mysterio’s pseudo-gimmick in the late 90’s/early 00’s where his diminutive size actually gives him an advantage.  Dodson is too tiny and squirelly to wrap your arms around to clinch.  If you try to use your reach advantage to outstrike him, he’s too small a target and bouncy to hit with a punch.  And if you get too close he’ll pepper you with fifty uppercuts before you can push him away.  And then while you’re trying to figure him out, he bounces around and hits punches from the side.  And if you are able to actually get a takedown, he’s so damn bouncy, slippery, and small, he gets right up again.  It’s along the lines of why Darren Sproles is so tough to tackle in the NFL.  Right now, I think the only guy with a shot to beat Dodson is an experienced technical striker with a game plan like Dominick Cruz.  However if they fought next week I’d pick Dodson because it’s going to take a few fights for people to figure him out, sorta like how people are still trying to figure out Jon Jones.  The other thing is, because of his size, EVERYONE underestimates him and can’t believe it when he’s kicking their asses.  I’d pick him over just about any bantamweight right now.  As for his intangibles, he’s a great unique personality with an interesting look, and reminds me of my five year old son after eating ten bags of Skittles.

To show that being small isn’t the newest trend for domination, take in point Louis Gaudinot.  He’s near the same size as Dodson which only proves how good Dodson is.  Gaudinot is an idiot who fights like he’s 6’ 250 pounds.  Problem is he’s 5’2” and 80% of the UFC is bigger and stronger than him and easily overpower him.  He’s not quick and thinks being a firey brawler can beat anybody.  Instead of being quick to evade, he gets in there to brawl and gets overpowered and mauled every single time.  Note Johnny Bedford was zapped to death by the smaller Dodson in the semis, yet Gaudinot tried to stand toe to toe with a giant and Bedford had his way with him. 

Ok win by Tony Ferguson, but he just proved to be the typical Ultimate Fighter winner who just can’t seem to finish anybody.  The other highlight was the trailer for Gina Carano’s “Haywire”.  I can’t wait for that. 

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Thumbs up

Best fights: Ferguson/Delorme and Brandao/Bermudez
Worst fight: Miller/Bisping

This card was an excellent showcase of lighter weight classes and their potential for amazing bouts.  It also was a showcase in what happens when marketing trumps a fighters' ability.

The first round of Ferguson/Delorme was so much fun. It's not often one sees such a battle of wills on the ground as that extended triangle choke attempt by Delorme. So much brilliance going on in such a subtle environment as jiu-jitsu made an excellent contrast with the later savagery (that ended with slick jiu-jitsu)  of Brandao/Bermudez. These fights were both exhilarating from start to finish.

And then there was a main event. Rogan can go on about adrenaline dump all he likes, but Miller has been fighting on big stages too long to blame a loss on jitters. Yes it's the biggest stage, but he's been a professional too long for that. He looked like a rank amateur against a very talented, elite level guy in Bisping. Mayhem Miller looked like he had no business in the same arena as the Count, let alone facing him in the cage; and certainly not trying to stand with him. Bisping was a man who collapsed at the end of the fight from kicking his opponent's ass almost non stop for two rounds. I've been a fan of Miller's for quite a while (ever since he got handled by GSP, in fact) but if he returns in the UFC it should not be against anything more than a mid-level gatekeeper type.  He has a lot of ground to make up after tonight.

Travis Reynolds





Those last three bouts were memorable for different reasons.

John Dodson has all sorts of talent and crazy charisma. Heel? Face? I don’t care – I just wanna see him fight again!

Brandao and Bermudez are awesome talent, too. That match left me breathless. I was stoked to see Bermudez get the knockdown and pound on Brandao, but I was equally impressed with how Diego turned it into a submission. Just a sensational fight.

I didn’t see much of the prelims but Bisping vs Miller gets worst fight almost by default. We all knew how this fight was gonna end but the real disappointing aspect was how unimpressive Bisping looked against a journeyman fighter living off his charisma. Despite Joe Rogan’s bullshit, no-one can make me believe Bisping has a snowball in hell’s chance of troubling Anderson Silva.

And I think Bisping would be the first to admit it after tonight’s effort. As for Miller, what do you do with the guy? Send him to Strikeforce maybe.

All in all, another sensational show by UFC to follow up on their first FOX special.


Dann Lennard

Sydney, Australia

Hi Everyone,

I gave the card a thumbs up, a great night for free TV

Best Fight:Dennis Bermudez vs. Diego Brandao
Worst Fight:none
Best KO: John Dodson
Best Sub: Diego Brandao
Johnny Bedford vs. Louis Gaudinot - Bedford looked amazing here. Gaudinot had no answer for any of Bedford's offence or size and reach difference. Some nasty body shots.
Yves Edwards vs. Tony Ferguson - that was an awesome 1st round! Second round very technical as well. This is a more patient Tony Ferguson as he is showing Edwards a lot of respect. A bit surprised at 30-27 scoring on 2 score cards, this fight could have gone either way although Ferguson definitely won the first but no way he won all 3 rounds.
John Dodson vs. T. J. Dillashaw - That was shocking. Didn't think it would end that quickly and would have thought Dillashaw would have taken him down and controlled him. Hope to see Dodson get knocked out soon, his post match antics are a bit over the top along with his hyena cackle.
Dennis Bermudez vs. Diego Brandao - for a short fight this was a great one! Back and forth and an explosive armbar to finish.
John Albert vs. Dustin Pague - another quickie and a bit of an upset I think.Pague was done once he took that punch.
Jason Miller vs. Michael Bisping - Mayhem looked very tired after the first. Bisping's boxing was far superior and was the big difference along with the cardio. Mayhem took some big shots. Bisping was fighting a bit dirty in the 2nd..the obvious kick attempt when Mayhem was goading him and at the end of the 2nd his elbows were 12-6 when Mayhem was on the ground.You knew this was going to end in the 3rd. A good performance by Bisping and is probably better for future fights that he won. Everyone loves to pay to see the heel get beat.
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Looking forward to UFC next weekend. Should be another great night with an intensely loud crowd. The crowd noise will come across a lot louder in ACC than it did at Rogers Centre.
Predicting that Hominick vs Korean Zombie is going to be fight of the night and steal the show with the biggest crowd reaction.
Also, as great as Jon Jones is, I wouldn't be surprised to see Machida take him out. I think Machida's experience and patience and counter punching style will overcome Bones' youth and aggressiveness. A loss for Bones could make him better and become another GSP like story of domination after his loss to Serra.
Grant Zwarych
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Hi Dave,
I give tonight's show a thumbs up despite a couple not-so-great fights. 
Best fight: Brandao vs. Bermudez
Worst fight: Bedford vs. Gaudinot
The UFC has re-round a great midcard babyface in Miller, but Bisping is a main event heel on his way to bigger things. Its hard to see him beating Anderson Silva, but I think that the build to a Bisping title fight would be great. Having the fight in England, making Bisping the babyface, would also be an interesting possibility. Looks like they are going with Munoz and Sonnen instead, which is difficult to understand. A Silva vs. Munoz fight would likely not yield much interest, and doesn't Munoz train with Silva? 
An interesting debate lies in the following question: who is the better heel, Sonnen or Bisping? For my part, I vote Bisping. Sonnen is great, but also pretty outlandish. He sometimes comes across as a guy trying his hardest to be a great heel. Bisping is different in that he has all the characteristics of someone who is just a true, genuine jerk. I think that makes him easier to hate as a heel.

Daniel Della Posta

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