Mick Foley talks going into comedy

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network and
#AftermathBlog had a chance to sit down and interview the hardcore
legend and former 3 time WWE Champion, Mick Foley. Highlights:
His new career as a stand up comedian, and is his aspiration that it
turns into something more, or were these tours it all along:
" Ill tell you were I didn't want to lead, its me sitting on my couch
10 years from now saying I could have done that comedy if i just give
it a try. Ive done it a little bit a few years ago, but I got a little
disheartned. I realized it would take alot of work, much more work id
be willing to put in to really become good. I dont know where it's
suppose to lead anywhere besides me to be able to speak about things
that seem fun to me".
How he likely doesn't have one more book left in him but he (jokingly)
has the desire to be the leader in writer forwards for books
On his latest book "Countdown To Lockdown", WWE Plugging the book, and
did that start the train of thought of him wanting to return to the
" I got a 203 area code phone call. It was WWE asking me if I mind if
they mention my book on the air, and the other question was if you
would like to do an interview with Joey Styles , and I was like yea.
So Joey called me up, and Ive known Joey for ages, and we have always
gotten along very well, and he was like is this for real ?  like they
have never done this to anybody, and what it did was it just instantly
erased all the little grudges that I thought I had "
Foley addresses the possibility of having "one more match" left in
him, how his son has been asking him about it, and how he is
physically capable of having a "decent" match (perhaps not an epic
encounter), but he would need lead time to physically prepare
Part 2 of Arda's interview with Mick Foley will be released on Tuesday Dec 6
To watch the interview, click on this link:

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