Dana White on Stoumboulopolos show tonight

By Grant Zwarych 
Dana White was on George Stroumboulopolos talk show tonight. One segment on the show, maybe 12-15 minutes.
Did a quick bio on Dana and UFC and how it has grown.
Talked about setting sights on India and China and mentioned big fight coming up in Toronto. (strange didn't mention Jones vs Machida as the main event or anyone fighting on the card, to buy the PPV, start time etc)
Talked about FOX deal
Goal always was to get on free TV, Dana a huge boxing fan and boxing was always on free TV, Pay fights started and promoters were too greedy to then put them on free TV.
Fighting is big it's in all of us. We get it and we like it.
NFL wont get into Europe, people there haven't grown up with it and don't understand it.Football cant do that in Europe, just like Cricket cant do that in US.
You can flick on Spanish channel, see two people fighting, cant understand commentator but can still watch it and enjoy it.
Concussions...fight plan for fighters. In history of the world,it has never been done. Worked on it a long time, very expensive, it was a huge one. Talked about 3 knockdown rule in boxing and how dangerous that is. Cheerleading is more dangerous. Never been a death in UFC. If get knocked out, they  get put on medical suspension.
Loss of GSP-he is #1 PPV star in MMA. When he blows his knee out, it sucks.
Toronto mayor says should train MMA in schools-Should teach MMA in schools to counter bullying-when we were younger parents put us in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo etc, this is the new martial art. Highly encourage it.
Showed picture of mugger that got beat up by person in Chicago that trains in MMA. Person pulled gun and had him get out of car. Beat the hell out of him. Dana said he just met the guy in Chicago.
Showed real old clip of Dana and made fun of how nervous he looked. Dana talked about recent speaking gigs. When getting sanctioned by Nevada, asked him to speak and he froze. Lorenzo said, what the hell was that.
Never intended to number the events, the fans started numbering them and it has been great. #100 was huge.
A lot of his quotes you have heard before when you listen to a lot of Dana interviews.

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