M-1 Challenge TV report

M-1 Challenge XXX: Zavurov vs Enomoto II
December 9th, 2011
Costa Mesa, California
By Daniel Galvan
Featherweight Bout
Bao Quach (19-10-1) vs Alvin Cacdac (10-8)
Round 1 – Cacdac wastes no time to strike with a right cross. Quach takes down Cacdac and has north-south position on him. When Quach looks to mount, Cacdac sweeps him, but Quach stands back up on his feet. Cacdac clinches Quach against the rope, scoring with a couple of knees. The fighters separate and both fighters unload on each other with a series of punches.  Cacdac appeared to have gotten the better of the exchanges. Quach lands a big right hook followed up by a left head kick. Cacdac knocks Quach down with a stiff right. Quach recovers and immediately gets another take-down. Quach then goes back to the north-south choke. He can’t get it so he gets full mount on Cacdac. Quach then goes for the arm-bar and it looks tight. Quach then transitions to a triangle choke and Cacdac submits.
Official Result – Bao Quach def. Alvin Cacdac via 1st Round Submission (Triangle Choke)
Middleweight Bout
Eddie Arizmendi (15-3) vs Tyson Jeffries (7-5)
Round 1 – Jeffries shoots in for the take-down and doesn’t get it at first, but he continues to pursue it. Jeffries gets the take-down. He works from the closed guard of Arizmendi. Arizmendi stays busy from the bottom with strikes, but Jeffries is still scoring with big ground and pound punches from the top position. Jeffries continues to ground and pound Arizmendi from the closed guard position, going to the head and the body of his opponent. The action slows down on the ground, so the referee stands up both fighters. Arizmendi has to be delighted by the stand-up as he lands a nice front kick. Jeffries immediately counters with a good right-left combination. Jeffries throws quite a few strikes at Arizmendi, but Arizmendi lands the best one which was a hard uppercut. Arizmendi stops a single-leg take-down from Jeffries, and he looks for one of his own. Jeffries stuffs the take-down attempt and clinches with Arizmendi, putting him against the ropes as the round ends. Jeffries 10-9.
Round 2- Jeffries starts aggressive again, missing with right hook, but he does land with a right cross. Jeffries scores with a body punch. When Jeffries shoots in for a take-down, he is hit with a nice right hook by his opponent. Nonetheless, Jeffries still pursues for the take-down and gets it. Jeffries finds himself in side-control. Jeffries lands knees to the body of Arizmendi from side-control. Jeffries gets north-south position. Arizmendi turns on his right hip and tries to get up from that position, but Jeffries immediately gets the neck of Arizmendi and locks on a D’arce choke for the 2nd round Submission win.
Official Result – Tyson Jeffries def. Eddie Arizmendi via 2nd Round Submission (D’arce Choke)
Catchweight (160 lb) Bout
Alexander Sarnavskiy (16-0) vs Sergio Cortez (7-6)
Round 1 – Sarnavskiy is careless with his kicks and falls down. Cortez will take the opportunity and gets in the guard of Sarnavskiy. Cortez doesn’t really do anything from the top position. Sarnavskiy looks for a kimura, but he just uses it to sweep Cortez. He then gets the back of Cortez. He starts to land some ground and pound on Cortez, and he goes back to the rear-naked choke. He locks it on and Cortez is forced to submit.
Official Result – Alexander Sarnavskiy def. Sergio Cortez via 1st Round Submission (Rear-naked Choke)
Lightweight Bout
Artiom Damkovsky (9-6) vs Jose Figueroa (10-5)
Round 1 – Figueroa goes for the take-down at the start of the round, but Damkovsky throws him off. Damkovsky lands a leg kick. The fighters exchange glancing blows. Figueora continues to try for the take-down, but he can’t takedown Damkovsky. Figueroa lands an overhand right. Damkovsky then goes to work with a left hook. Damkovsky then just destroys Figueroa with a right hand that knocks him out cold. The referee immediately stops the fight. This was a brutal knock-out.
Official Result – Artiom Damkovsky def. Jose Figueroa via 1st Round KO
M-1 Welterweight Championship Bout
Shamil Zavurov ( c) (17-2)  vs Yasubey Enomoto (7-3)
Round 1 –  Enomoto has a big height advantage on Zavurov. Enomoto lands a left hook at the start of the round. Zavurov lands two hard left and right hooks and immediately shoots in for the take-down on Enomoto to no avail as Enomoto stuffs it. The fighters exchange hooks and uppercuts. Enomoto knocks Zavurov down with an overhand right, but Zavurov stands back up quickly. Enomoto connects with a crisp jab. Enomoto tags Zavurov with uppercuts as the first period ends. Enomoto 10-9.
Round 2 – Zavurov leg kicks the lead leg of Enomoto. Zavurov then lands a big overhand right on Enomoto. Enomoto complains that he was poked in the eye, and the referee takes a time-out for Enomoto. The fight resumes. Enomoto dirty boxes Zavurov and Zavurov does the same to his opponent. Zavurov lands a nice knee, but Enomoto finds a home for an over-hand right. Zavurov takes Enomoto down with a single-leg take-down. Zavurov nearly finds himself in a triangle choke from Enomoto as he takes him down. Zavurov works from the guard of Enomoto. Enomoto does a good job of neutralizing Zavurov and the fight is stood back up. Zavurov looks for a take-down, but Enomoto pulls for a kimura as the round ends. Zavurov 10-9.
Round 3 – Enomoto throws a combination, but he is met with a right hook counter by Zavurov. Zavurov scores with a jab and looping right hook. Enomoto lands a right hook in an exchange. Zavurov tries to work a jab on Enomoto. Enomoto then starts finding a home for a jab of his own. Zavurov looks for a single-leg take-down, but Enomoto is able to defend it by sprawling and attacking the body with punches. Zavurov finally gets the take-down on Enomoto. Zavurov lands quite a few punches in short space. The referee stands up both fighters as the round ends. This was a close round. 10-9 Zavurov.
Round 4- Enomoto uses his reach advantage by landing the jab multiple times. Enomoto then lands a series of short uppercuts. When Enomoto goes for a body kick, Zavurov counters with a nice left. Zavurov shoots in for a double-leg take-down, and he slams him. Enomoto is very aggressive from the bottom position with submissions, and he eventually pushes Zavurov off. Both fighters stand back up. Enomoto goes to the body and continues to pick apart Zavurov with a jab. Zavurov shoots in for another take-down, and Enomoto looks for a guillotine choke. Zavurov defends it and gets back up to his feet. Zavurov gets another take-down on Enomoto. Zavurov works from half-guard. Enomoto stands back up and takes down Zavurov. Another close round, this is a pretty close fight. Enomoto 10-9.
Round 5 – Zavurov shots in for a take-down, but Enomoto stuffs it. As the fighters separate Enomoto lands a nice right. Enomoto stuffs another take-down attempt from Zavurov. Zavurov continues to pursue for a take-down, but he isn’t successful against Enomoto. Enomoto lands an uppercut-hook combo that drops Zavurov. Zavurov grabs the leg of Enomoto as he is quite fatigued. Both fighters stand up and Enomoto lands on the chin of Zavurov with punches as Zavurov’s hands are down. Zavurov glances Enomoto with an overhand right. Zavurov shoots in for the take-down, but Enomoto immediately sprawls and looks for the guillotine choke. He locks it on and it’s deep. Enomoto gets the submission win with about a minute left in the last round, and he is the new M-1 Welterweight Champion.
Official Result – Yasubey Enomoto def. Shamil Zavurov via 5th Round Submission (Guillotine)

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