UFC 140 live coverage from Toronto - Jones vs. Machida, All-time record tied

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First round: Cholish on top when Clarke rolled for a kneebar. Cholish let him up after a few punches. Cholish ducked for a takedown, didn’t get it but threw a knee. Cholish 10-9.

Second round: Cholish with a punch and body kick followed by a low kick. Clarke punching nad landing short. Cholish moved in for a takedown but didn’t get it. Cholish landed a good right. Now Cholish got the takedown with 1:55 left. Clarke from the bottom got Cholish’s legs and took him down, but in the scramble, Cholish got his back. Cholish is firing hard punches on the ground. Cholish landing hard punches from the back position and ref John McCarthy stopped it. Clarke bleeding from the punches at the end. Clark got the takedown, scrambled and got his back. Single leg while Cholish used the Kimura, held the arm and spun to his back. Excellent grappling by Cholish in the final seconds.


First round: Hecht with a body kick. He tried a second one but Attonito took him down with it. Attonito on top throwing hard punches . Attonito actually moved voluntarily from side control to half guard and threw good punches from that position. All Attonito 10-9.

Second round: Attonito working for a takedown,but not getting it. He lost balance as Hecht nailed him with a hard elbow and Attonito went down. Hecht was pounding on him with punch after punch. Attonito getting destroyed and finally ref Josh Rosenthal stopped it.


First round: Loud Bocek chant. Bocek with a knee and uppercut. Bocek moved him into the fence and threw a knee. High kick by Lentz. Bocek got a takedown. Loud Bocek chants. Bocek is from Canada if you’re wondering why. Lentz got a guillotine but Bocek isn’t in trouble. Lentz is up, Bocek slammed him while Lentz tried to hold on but Lentz gave up the move. Crowd going crazy for Bocek. Bocek remained on top and threw some punches late. 10-9 Bocek

Second round: Bocek landed a body punch and tried a takedown, but didn’t get it. Bocek got him down again. Bocek landing hard elbows and punches to the body. Bocek with more punches. Lenta tried a guillotine and Bocek stood up and was able to get out of it. Lentz punched him when Bocek’s pants were falling down which led to fans booing him. Lens landing several punches late but Bocek’s round 20-18.

Third round: Bocek got another takedown. Bocek is beating the wrestler at wrestling. And Lentz, who is the wrestler facing the JJ black belt, is the one going for submissions. Lentz up and landed a left uppercut. Bocek moved in and got another takedown. Lentz again going for a guillotine. This move hasn’t worked yet. Bocek out again. Bocek with ground and pound. Bocek landed a few punches but he was mostly just controlling the top position. Bocek landed stomp to the gut. Lentz up just as time was running out. Bocek should win 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Bocek.


First round: Jabouin a lot more experienced against top competition, Watson a lot taller and more reach, being 135 pounds and 5-11. Jabouin landed a good shot but as he tried to move in, Watson landed two jabs with his superior reach. Watson moved in but didn’t land. Jabouin moved in but couldn’t land because of the reach disadvantage. Jabouin landed a good right after Watson missed a spinning backfist. . Watson moved in but Jabouin has him pinned against the fence. Jabouin took him down with 2:12 left. Watson back up. Watson pushed him off. Watson moved in but missed a high kick. Watson with a low kick. Jabouin threw a punch but missed big. They traded at the horn. 10-9 Jabouin.

Second round: Watson trying to use front kicks to keep distance. Uppercut by Watson. Jabouin landed a kick to the body. Low kick by Jabouin. Watson tried a spin kick but didn’t land and Jabouin missed a spinning kick. This round is very close at this point. Low kick by Jabouin. Uppercut by Watson and a jab. Both throwing but neither landing solid. Jabouin landed a good spinning back kick and got a takedown. Watson grabbed a guillotine with 16 seconds left. Jabouin is in a lot of trouble but Jabouin popped out. I think Watson gest the round because of the guillotine so 19-19.

Third round: Side kick by Jabouin. Watson did the slowest spin kick you’ve ever seen, and it missed of course. Watson landed a body kick and another body kick. Watson in with a body kick again. Jabouin landed a good low kick. This is anyone’s fight with 2:30 eft. Low kick by Jabouin. Spin kick and takedown by Jabouin. Watson spun to his feet. Watson is now on top with 1:57 left. Watson landed elbows to the left ear. Watson landing more elbows. Watson locked in a D’arce choke. Jabouin is in trouble. Jabouin spun out and to his feet and threw a spin kick to the body. Jabouin landed two good punches late. Still, this was Watson’s round. The thing is, round two was close so this could go the other way but I’ve got 29-28 Watson.

Scores: 29-28 Watson, 29-28 Jabouin 30-27 Jabouin. I don’t know about Jabouin getting a 30-27 because of the third had to be Watson’s round, but as far as who won, it could have gone either way.


First round: Hallman rushed in going for a takedown. Hallman is a welterweight moving to lightweight and then missed making weight. He tried to throw Makdessi, who twice grabbed the fence to keep from going down. Ref Josh Rosenthal warned him and Hallman got him down. Halmann is just a lot bigger, throwing punches and got his back. Hallman flattened him. Hallman landing punch after punch to the side of the head. He’s working for a choke. Makdessi escaped back position but give up his face. Hallman landed some punches from the top. Hallman landed several punches really to the back of the head although not intentional. Hallman on top landing elbows. Makdessi gave up his back and Hallman working for a choke and Makdessi tapped. Makessi continued. He looked to be more than 180 in the cage fighting at 155 after missing weight.


First round: Philippou landed a right.  Hamman went for a takedown but didn’t get it and
Philippou landed a hard punch.  Low kick by Hamman.  Hamman landed , Philippou knocked
him flying with a punch and then knocked him down with an overhand right.  Philippou got his
back and has a choke in.  Philippou let him up by orders from his corner.  Turned out to be really
smart corner.  Left and overhand right by Philippou and dorpped him a second time.  Philippou
took him down and he’s pounding him.  Philippou let him up.  A left and right cross and
Hamman went down again and ref John McCarthy jumped in to stop it.  Best fight so far on the


First round: Soszynski got a huge reaction, biggest so far on the show given he grew up in Winnipeg. He and Jericho both. Both out punching. My feeling is that favors Pokrajrac. And it’s favoring him. He’s taking Soszynski apart and has him down and pounded him into Bolivia on the ground before Yves Lavigne stopped it.

Soszynski was out out cold. Fans not happy. Soszynski is in trouble, Yves Lavigne is calling for ice and water. A let and a right cross hurt him. Then a right landed on the nose. It was the hard punches on the ground that knocked him out. Fight only lasted 35 seconds.

Next fight won't be starting for about 25-30 minutes.


First round: This is his first fight since the death of Shawn Tompkins. He got a huge ovation. He’s from London, Ontario and got the biggest reaction so far in the show. Unreal, Jung, knocked him out in seconds. Hominick missed a left and a counter right by Chan knocked him down. Three hard punches on the ground and Herb Dean stopped it at 7 seconds.

This ties Todd Duffee's record for the fastest bout in UFC history. 


First round: They just said Ebersole he decisioned Cung Le in San Shou, which isn’t true. He lost that fight by decision. Patrick is from Toronto so he’s the home town favorite. Ebersole is from Australia although he grew up in Iowa. Joe Rogan botched the California story of Ebersole’s suspension. Ebersole went for a takedown but Patrick blocked it. They are in a clinch against the cage. Ebersole working for a takedown and Patrick grabbed a guillotine. Ebersole put his thumbs up like he was okay. Ebersole out and on top. Both on their feet. Ebersole moved in with punches and back with a clinch. Ebersole again working for a takedown. Patrick blocked it. Patrick threw a few punches. Ebersole was the aggressor but neither guy really controlled the round. 10-9 Ebersole.

Second round: Ebersole landed a left. Now Patrick is the one moving forward. Patrick with knees to the body. Patrick tried a takedown and Ebersole easily sidestepped him. Patrick landed a left in the clinch. Ebersole landed a a good elbow off the clinch. Ebersole moved in for the takedown but isn’t getting it. He’s working the takedown and Patrick defending well. Knee and elbow by Patrick in the clinch. Ebersole landed an overhand elbow in the clinch. Patrick has him pinned against the fence. Dull fight. Clinch with nothing happening for the most part. Ebersole with body kick. Patrick landed a few punches. Patrick can’t get the takedown. Patrick was the aggressor in this round so should take the round so I’ve got 19-19.

Third round: Ebersole immedaltely went for the takedown but couldn’t get it. Ebersole kept going for it and put Patrick on this back. Ebersole with a back suplex into a slam takedown. He’s now got side control. Now Joe Rogan talked about Duane Ludwig. He said it was a 4 second knockout. The problem is the was waved off at 8 seconds and the timekeeper screwed up, but even if you rewatch the tape, the shortest you can get it if you want to argue is 8 seconds unless you rework the rules to call off matches four seconds before the ref does. Ebersole is behind Patrick. Patrick spun out with 2:10 left. Patrick needs to do something because this is Ebersole’s round so far. 2:00 left. Ebersole is working for a takedown and not getting it but he is the aggressor. Ebersole blocked a takedown and is working for a guillotine but Ebersole escaped and both were to their feet. Both guys tired. Both throwing punches and both landed. Patrick with a punch and knee. Ebersole shot for a takedown and Patrick stuffed it. Patrick trying for another choke but Ebersole out and on top. Ebersole with a few punches later. This fight could go either way. The chokes weren’t really there, so I guess Ebersole 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Ebersole 29-28 Patrick 29-28 Ebersole. Fans booing. Again, this could go either way.


First round: Tito does not look in the condition at least visually he was against Ryan Bader and Rashad Evans. No way he came into this healthy. Oritz in with punches. Both throwing and Ortiz getting the better of it. Ortiz working for a takedown. Nogueria defending the takedown well so far. Tito chants. In the clinch. Nogueira with an elbow . Ortiz with punches. Both struggling in the clinch. Nogueira caught him with a left and now throwing a lot of punches and a knee put Ortiz down. Nogueira punching him on the ground. Lots of punches. Ortiz is in real trouble now. Oritz got guard. Nogueira working the body. Loud Tito chants. Nogueira landed lot of punches and elbows to the head and the body. Nogueira landing more punches and elbows. Nogueria thowing elbows to the body. It was stopped with Nogueira winning. The elbows to the body may have broken a rib and Ortiz was in a lot of pain clutching his side when it was over.

Ortiz said Nogueira caught him with a knee in the same spot Evans did.  When asked about retirement, Ortiz said he really hoped Dana and Lorenzo would let him fulfill his contract and do one last fight because he wants to set a record with 15 years in UFC.  He wasn't knocked out so I can see them giving him one last fight, particularly with so many shows this year and Ortiz still being a name. 


First round: How is Frank Mir 6-3 when Lesnar was two inches taller than him? I guess he grew since that second Lesnar fight. Nogueira is also listed at 6-3 and they are about the same height. Nogueira pushed him agianst the fence. Nogueria punching off the clinch. Mir for as big as he is isn’t outmuscling Nogueira at all. Mir turned him and threw a knee to the body. Nogueira turned him and Mir turned him back. Mir got the takedown. Nogueira right back up. Nogueira threw an elbow and punch and another punch and a knee from the clinch. Nogueira hurt Mir who is exhausted. Nogueira is going for a guillotine on the ground. . Mir rolled to get on top. Mir got side control and working for a Kimura and and Nogueira rolled but Mir rolled with him and kept the hold. He may have snapped the arm because Nogueira tapped out which is the first time Nogueira has ever tapped. Unreal. 3:38

Mir noted that he’s the first person to knock Nogueira out and now he’s the first person to tap him out.


First round: Jones isn’t being booed here like he was booed yesterday. Amazing after all these years McCarthy is the main event ref and Jeff Blatnick is one of the judges. Jones wasn’t booed but I think the crowd liked Machida more. Jones looks so much bigger than Machida. He’s throwing low kicks. Machida staying away from him. Machida got in a low kick. Jones with a low kick. Machida threw a left. Machida is quicker. Low kick and Machida landed a punch. Machida chant. Spin kick by Jones missed. Machida moved in but didn’t land. Nothing happening in this round early which is kind of what I figured would happen early. Machida in with a punch and moved out. Jones threw a kick to the arm and leg. Jones missed a punch and Lyoto landed a punch. Machida landed several punches and hurt Jones this time. Machida moved in. Jones may have to wrestle him because Machida’s quickness and elusiveness is doing well. Jones missed another spin kick. Jones threw a head kick but it didn’t land. Machida’s round 10-9.

Second round: Trading low kicks. Spin kick to the body by Jones. High kick by Jones but didn’t land. Jones keeps missing and Machida stays away. Macihda chant. Jones landed a low kick. Machda swarmed and landing punches. Jones didnt try and take him down. Jones is playing Machida’s game completely. Jones landed a good right to the jaw. Jones finally took him down. Jones busted him up with elbows. Jones is working for a choke. Machida up and bleeding. John McCarthy stopped it to check the cut. Nasty cut over the right eye. Machida is in trouble because that’s a deep cut. Knee to the body by Jones from the clinch. Machida tried to throw hin but couldn’t do so. Machida landed a hard right but Jones took it and landed a knee and again Jones is choking him with a standing guillotine and Machida went out. That was a scary impressive finish. 4:26

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