UFC 140 feedback

I give UFC 140 a thumbs up.
Bocek vs. Lentz was a good fight as was Jabouin/Watson.  I had the latter fight for Watson 29-28. I also had Patrick over Ebersole 29-28. Some quick fights on show although it was a good card up and down, I was at the ACC tonight and while the crowd was hyped most of the time it was nothing near the level of Montreal when GSP was there.  Everyone was way more into Machida than Jones for the main event.  The finish of which was really good and dramatic the way Machida hit the mat after being choked out.  Everyone was cheering for Tito.  And seeing Nogueira's arm snap was the grossest thing I've seen in MMA perhaps next to Cory Hills broken leg.  Nog lay in the ring for a good 5 to 10 mins afterwords while he was worked on, and finally got his feet.  All the fights were really good and overall good show.  The ACC itself did not appear even close to being sold out as there were empty seats all over the place for the entire show.
Jason McNeil

Thumbs up
Best KO: Korean Zombie
Best Sub: Frank Mir
Best Fight: Jabouin vs. Watson
Worst: Patrick vs. Ebersole
I was there live from fight #1 to the end.  The atmosphere was good, but not at the riddiculously high level of 129. There were empty seats, but not that many. I'm guessing 19K+ people.
Unfortunately the Canadians didn't do that well overall and that probably led to a deflation of enthusiasm. This was particularly apparent after the stunning 7 second win by the Korean Zombie over the big Canadian face, Mark Hominick. Spirits were highest as Hominick walked out, and then the pin was put to the balloon and the whole arena deflated after the stunning loss. This probably attributed to the muted response the next fight had (Patrick vs. Ebersole, even though Claude Patrick is from nearby Mississauga). The enthusiasm picked up for the Tito Ortiz - Lil Nog fight and maintained itself afterwards.
Is the Zombie - Hominick finish a record? I remember the current record was Todd Duffee KO'ing Tim Hague, but can't recall the time. 8 seconds comes to mind.
I gave the Jabouin vs. Watson fight the best of the night because it was the most competitive fight, went the distance and I had no clue who would come out on top afterwards. The 30-27 score for Jabouin was total BS. This fight was tough to call.
Patrick - Ebersole got worst because they basically cancelled each other out. There was lots of stalling against the cage and not much action between the stalling. The fight also lacked much crowdd enthusiasm after the stunning Hominck loss.
Tito got a great crowd response due to the respect he has earned for his years in the octagon. Too bad he couldn't generate the energy into a winning performance. Hopefully he gets his wish for one more fight. He deserves it.
I cringed as I saw Big Nog's arm break from Mir's nasty kimura. Frank Mir is criminally underrated. Hopefully Big Nog will be okay. He's one of my favorite fighters, and it pained me to see him lying on the mat for several minutes afterwards.
What can you say about Bones Jones. He simply looks unbeatable. The first round gave me hope that  Machida could give Jone a run for his money. That dissipated once he could get him down and lay a hurt on him. I really want to see Jones vs. Rashad Evans.
A. Wong
Toronto, ON

Big thumbs up again.  Note to Dana, we had to go to the sports bar this time because we
couldn't afford both PPVs.  The bar was packed, BTW.  Twice as much as Edgar/Maynard 3
and that was the hockey season opener.
Best fight - Jones/Machida.  Holy hell.  I don't think I've seen a Jones fight that
didn't impress me, and dude's what, 23?  Criminy.  He played it smart in the first round,
then decided to finish it in the second.  I knew the second that cut opened up it was
over.  Just a matter of when.  The modified choke was a thing of beauty.  Where does he
get this stuff?
Mir vs. Big Nog.  I hate Mir, really just wish he'd go away, but I was SCREAMING at that
kimura.  Just absolutely beautiful.  Kind of a boring fight until then though, but when
an entire bar yells "OOOOH!" three times at your submission...
Ortiz vs. Little Nog.  Hee hee.  I do have it on good authority that Tito was hurt before
the match.  He was suffering from a severly broken hymen.  Again, though, not IF Tito
broke his ribs, but how many.
I expect that people won't like the Ebersol/Patrick fight but I enjoyed it quite a bit.
Patrick was great in reversals and counters.  I'd definitely like to see this one
Zombie vs. Hominick - I was turning my head to check out a waitress' ass so I missed the
whole fight.
No bad fights on the card.  The bar didn't get ION (Fuck you Spike and DirecTV) so I
didn't see any of them.  Ah well, I went there to see Jones win and everything else was
gravy.  Mmm, gravy.
Mike DeGeorge

UFC 140 - Thumbs up
Best Fight:  Mir v Nogueira
Worst Fight: Patrick v Ebersole
*I did not see the undercard, only PPV.
*Watched at Bar in Indianapolis.  Bar area packed.   Excited about Jones and Tito.  Very vocal.  Same experience as my hometown Buffalo Wild Wings on UFC fight night.
David Kaplan

Thumbs up 
Best match: Mir-Noguiera
Worst match: Ebersole-Patrick
Excellent show; some terrific finishes. All matches were solid to excellent.
Frank Mir has an amazing, definitive comeback that made the match.
However, while announcers put him back as part of the "title picture",
don't think he could get by Lesner if that ever happened again.
Loved Chan Sung Jung's spectacular 7 second victory. Expected Jones to
retain definitively, and he did.  Ortiz was clearly taken out, but agree that he
has at least another fight in him.
UFC put on an excellent card, that was actually worth paying for.
  --  Mike Omansky

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