OVW TV tapings 12-14 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for December 14th, 2011. Not a big crowd tonight, between 80 and 90 in the Davis arena. Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin, and the returning Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers.

Speaking of Kenny Bolin, people from the "Oldham Era" newspaper were at the Davis arena tonight do to an article on him.
The OVW Homecoming 6 show was held this past Sunday, December 11th, and among those who worked that show were Jimmy Yang, and Serena Deeb, who appeared as a referee for a ladies match.

A1WA holds another show at the Davis arena tonight, December 15th, with a main event of Paul Burchill vs Vic The Bruiser.

The finals of the "King of Clarksville" tournament will be held at the OVW house show in Clarksville, Indiana this Saturday, December 17th. Adam Revolver, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Paredyse, and Joe Coleman are the finalists for that tournament.

The archive of the OVW Overview episode #3 with special guest Jason Wayne is available at this link. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/psp/2011/12/11/ovw-overview

They touted a "huge announcement that will change OVW forever" coming at next weeks TV taping. Ok......

Speaking of next week, no report next week because I'll be out of town over Christmas.
The last three weeks or so of the show haven't been really grabbing me in a positive direction. Not much in the line of momentum coming out of OVW right now, and that somewhat dreary trend continued tonight.

The next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on January 7th.

1. Randy Terrez beat Randy Royal

Dark match with a battle of the Randy's here, but not a great deal of chemistry between these two in the ring. Terrez dominated things early with fast and fancy maneuvers. Terrez with a scary, somewhat botched, dive to the outside. Royal came back with a Pedigree for a near fall out of the blue. Looked good, but seemed out of context for the match, but I guess if you're gonna get one big move in, make it count. Heh. Terrez came back and won with his face first reverse Russian leg sweep thingy.

2. Jessie Godderz beat Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match, my first look at "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz, who is here training while under TNA contract. Godderz wore a ring jacket that said "The man, the myth, the legend", but that was the only heelish thing he did this match, and he was supposed to be the heel. He didn't do anything babyface-like either though. Godderz pressed Pridemore over his head and dropped him down, doing the strong man act. Pridemore than got offense in on him though, getting in a bulldog, a flying forearm, and a powerslam on Godderz. Godderz came back and won with a jumping Stone Cold Stunner. Not a disaster, but not impressive at all either from Godderz. He looked pretty measured with his moves in there to me.

3. Taeler Hendrix beat CJ Lane

This too was a dark match. Hendrix is the current OVW Womens champion, but I think this was non-title. Lane with a new outfit that showed her midriff. Hendrix went for her legdrop finisher very quickly, but Lane bailed out. Lane tried a splash off the top rope, but missed. Hendrix then won it with her legdrop finisher, which was somewhat botched. This match didn't click at all the short time it lasted.

The TV taping opened with clips of last weeks TV main event, Rudy Switchblade defending his OVW heavyweight title against Jason Wayne in a no DQ match. The finish saw Marcus Anthony run out and hit Wayne with an F-5, leading to Switchblade getting the victory to retain the OVW title. However, after the match Mike Mondo returned and beat the crap out of Switchblade, because Switchblade had previously injured Mondo back in mid November.
This leads us to tonights TV main event, Rudy Switchblade & Marcus Anthony w/Christian Mascagni against the unlikely tag team of Mike Mondo & Jason Wayne.

4. Dylan Bostic vs Ace Hawkins went to a no contest

This was the first match of the TV taping, and it was a match between two guys who have never won a match in OVW. The match barely got started when out ran Raul Lamotta, once again being chased around Keystone cops style by Bolin Services 2.0(Prince Bolin, James "Moose" Thomas, and Rocco Bellagio). Everyone chasing, and being chased, were all in their street clothes. BS 2.0 spent all of last week chasing Lamotta around as well. Lamotta got away again, so Moose and Bellagio took their frustrations out on Hawkins and Bostic, destroying both of them. Lamotta came back out and beat up all of BS 2.0, but the numbers game finally got to him, and Lamotta was beaten down by Thomas and Bellagio. Lamotta had his shirt ripped off. Bolin took his belt off, and whipped Lamotta with the belt hard numerous times, while Thomas and Bellagio held Lamotta in place. This went on for a long time, a kayfabe breaking amount of time, until finally several referees ran out to break this up. This was the first time in many weeks that BS 2.0 has gotten the upper hand on Lamotta, he's been outsmarting them at every turn for a long time.

Brittany DeVore with a backstage interview with Jason Wayne and Mike Mondo. Mondo and Wayne both agreed that they do not like each other, and have been bitter enemies in the past, but they would work together tonight to beat their common enemies now, Christian Mascagni's team of Rudy Switchblade and Marcus Anthony. Mondo and Wayne shook hands on their deal to work together tonight.

The OVW director of wrestling operations, Trailer Park Trash, was talking to Jack Black back in TPT's office. The Disco Dancing Lennox Norris came into the office to thank TPT for giving him a qualifying match tonight in the King of Clarksville tournament. Norris then offered Jack Black a candy bar. Black said thanks but no thanks, and that he didn't need candy bars anymore.

5. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze beat Andrew Patton & Nick Dumeyer in a non title match

Spade and Jonze are now the OVW Southern tag team champions, and they debuted some new male stripper type outfits tonight, wearing peach colored vests with white slacks, and shiny mirrored belts holding them up. The slacks appeared to be anatomically enhanced in the groinular region, and there was much gyrating and pelvic thrusting from Spade and Jonze going on here. It is funny in short doses. They've done this act as heels before at the Mondo Wrestling a Go-Go shows, but of course as heels they wore black slacks then. heh it looks like Nick Dumeyer has lost noticeable weight, which only exaggerates his huge Boris Zhukov looking head. Spade with some big chops on the jobbers. Spade pinned Dumeyer after he and Jonze gave Dumeyer a double kick to the head. Spade and Jonze need a name for their team.

James Onno was backstage playing piano at an OVW Diva's Christmas party, while some of the Diva's sang along badly. Onno is a legit great pianist. Large Black lady wrestler Epiphany jumped up and yelled at the mentally ill Tony Gunn to get away. Seems that Mr. Gunn was trying to crash the party. Gunn then snapped a photo with a camera for some reason. Onno told Gunn in a frustrated tone that he and Gunn are not a tag team. Onno then went back to playing piano, as the party resumed.

6. Paredyse beat Lennox Norris in a King of Clarksville tournament qualifying match

Brandon Espinosa, who is no fan of Paredyse' antics, again this week came out to the announce desk during a Paredyse match. Paredyse was in control here, giving Norris a bronco buster. Norris got a cheap shot in, and then clipped the knee of Paredyse to get control of the match. Paredyse back with several slaps to the the face of Norris, followed by a reverse slap, called a "pimp slap". Espinosa took huge exception to the "Pimp slap" Paredyse gave Norris, and got up on the ring apron to express his displeasure. Paredyse, like he did last week, again kissed Espinosa on the mouth. Norris ran over and bumped into Espinosa, allowing Paredyse to roll up Norris for the win to qualify for the King of Clarksville tournament this Saturday night, or I should say the Queen of Clarksville in his case.

Christian Mascagni, Rudy Switchblade, and Marcus Anthony cut a promo backstage. Mascagni said he has assembled a "dream team" in Switchblade and Anthony. Switchblade said there's no way Mike Mondo and "That knuckle dragger" Jason Wayne can co-exist as a tag team tonight. Marcus Anthony cut his first ever OVW promo here, and he was very impressive, had great fire, a strong voice, nice delivery, good material, and was believable. Marcus Anthony is definitely a name to remember.

Mohamad Ali Vaez came to the ring in street clothes. Last week, one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes challenged Vaez to a cage match at the January 7th Saturday Night Special.
Here Vaez at first simply said no. Out came Michael Hayes, also in street clothes. Hayes said he knew Vaez was going to say no, as the fans chanted "Chicken" at Vaez. Vaez said he's already done everything he could do to Hayes, and he will not "entertain" him one more time with a steel cage match. Hayes said since day one Vaez has wanted to get him out of the ring, thinking Hayes doesn't belong there. Vaez agreed saying Hayes isn't in his league, and that he will not accept a cage match with a one legged gimp. Hayes said they have to finish this on January 7th. Vaez said he has no incentive to take the match, that he has nothing left to prove. Hayes then provided the incentive by saying if Vaez beats him, he will quit wrestling. This stipulation intrigued Vaez enough to get him to accept the match. Vaez then slugged Hayes, and left. Hayes usually isn't real strong on the mic, and kinda skates by on sympathy, and the whole Patriotic thing, but I thought Hayes was very strong on the mic during this segment. Had good emotion, and got his points across very well.
The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) were talking backstage. Last week McNaler beat Revolver, with one second left in the time limit, to win the OVW TV title. Here McNaler was giving Revolver a pep talk, telling him that brothers fight all the time, and that Adam Revolver will go on to hold much more gold in OVW in the future. McNaler then said he has to leave now to go defend his TV title, and shook hands with Revolver. Revolver said everything was cool, and wished McNaler luck, but soon as McNaler left, Revolver's expression instantly changed. He wasn't actually cool with the situation at all, and Revolver said "My TV title".

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were talking at the announce desk about something.

7. Ted McNaler beat Tony Gunn to retain the OVW TV title

Gunn won a match at the December 13th house show at St. Therese gym in Louisville to earn this title shot. Gunn was wearing goofy new tights here. Yellow on top, and then blue with numerous white stars down the legs. Gunn, of course, had his trusty teddy bear, Ralphie, with him here, and the bear was the story of this whole match. McNaler grabbed Ralphie, showing the referee how heavy it was, because Gunn is very prone to stuffing the bear with various objects. Gunn got Ralphie back and went to the floor, but McNaler hit a dive thru the ropes on Gunn, and took Ralphie away from him again. McNaler then gave the bear to ring announcer Brittany DeVore, who is his girlfriend in real life. Gunn and McNaler brawled on the floor, and Gunn ripped Ralphie away from DeVore, and then ripped her chair away from her. The match went back to the ring, and was very even back and forth. The bear came back into the picture, and led to the finish when McNaler tossed Ralphie up into the air. Gunn caught the bear, but McNaler then caught Gunn with his spear finisher for the win, to retain the OVW TV title. A ridiculous match in many "unbearable" ways, but it was fairly entertaining.

Lady JoJo was talking on her cell phone to someone backstage. She said she had to go when she saw referee Chris Sharpe heading towards her. When Sharpe got to her, JoJo, like she did last week, instantly turned on the tears, with Sharpe trying to console her, and tell her everything would be alright. JoJo left, and Sharpe had a smitten look on his face.

8. Mike Mondo & Jason Wayne beat Rudy Switchblade & Marcus Anthony w/Christian Mascagni

TV main event time. Anthony overpowered Mondo early. Jason Wayne and Marcus Anthony, two big young bulls, squared off. Anthony was highly impressive here, taking Jason Wayne down with a big clothesline. This led to Wayne taking the heat for a good while. Wayne's left eye looked really bad, like he got hit in the eye, or thumbed in the eye, but he wasn't pawing at it at all or anything. Mondo finally got tagged in, running wild on Switchblade. Switchblade and Anthony accidentally hit each other a few times during the babyface comeback. Mondo did some wildly entertaining spots with Marcus Anthony. These guys seemed to click instantly in the ring, make me salivate to see a Mondo vs Anthony singles match. Mondo is so damned good in the ring at this point in his career. Switchblade and Wayne had some spots fall apart with each other at this point. They weren't on the same page. While Christian Mascagni distracted the referee, Marcus Anthony with a swift and stiff looking powerslam on Mondo. Damn. Wayne with a Samoan drop on Anthony. Switchblade went for his "Wake up call" Boston crab on Mondo, but Mondo reversed it, and rolled Switchblade up to win the match for her and Jason Wayne. This is the second time Mondo has pinned Rudy Switchblade since Switchblade has been OVW champion, so I have to believe that Mondo is going to get a title shot real soon. Both Switchblade and Anthony beat on Mondo and Wayne after the match, with the manic Mascagni screaming for his men to "hurt them". Out came Jessie Godderz, who put the boots to Mondo, so I guess Godderz is the newest member of the Mascagni family. The heels beat on the faces for what seemed like forever, until some several referees finally came out to break it up. That was the second time this show that it took far too long for any help from the back to come out, the other being the Bolin Services 2.0 whipping Raul Lamotta with a belt segment. Both times, it took so long for any help to arrive it just felt stupid. I guess they're trying to get some stuff over, but when it makes no sense, what can really get over?
Mike Mondo and Marcus Anthony both entertained the Hell out of me in the TV main event, but just a fair show overall again tonight. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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