Feedback to Strikeforce and Ward vs. Froch

Thumbs in the Middle
Best Fight: KJ Noons vs. Billy Evangelista
Worst Fight: None
1) KJ Noons d. Billy Evangelista: This was a fun fight.  Round 2 was
very close, but I actually gave it to Evangelista on first viewing.  On
my second viewing, I gave it to Noons.  Glad Noons won the fight as I
think for Strikeforce he is a marketable fighter.  I hope Noons
continue to work on this ground game, because without that he is going
to have a tough time against wrestlers.  Noons is already a very good
boxer, so hitting pads is the last thing he needs to worry about in
training.  Wrestling and BJJ should be his main focus in training.
2) Gegard Mousassi d. OSP: Just dominance by Moussasi.  OSP looked
outclassed here in a step up in a big step up in competition.  I shook
my head when they asked Moussasi about how he could be lined for a shot
at the vacant Light Heavyweight Title and meet the winner of King
Mo/Lorenzo Larkin fight on Jan 7th.  Moussasi said "well, there are
other contenders, but will see".  Someone needs to coach these fighters
about post fight promos.
4) Mrs. Cyborg d. Japanese Dominatrix:  Once I saw Yamanaka had no
muscle on her body, I thought this would be quick.  There is simply
nobody for Cyborg to fight.  She has a tough time making 145 and how
can she make 135.
5) Gilbert Melendez d. Jorge Masvidal: I expected more of a scrap, but
Melendez just dominated Masvidal for all 5 rounds.  Masvidal did mark
up Melendez's face, but "El Nino" was clearly winning each round.  I
felt Melendez should have finished Masvidal is spectacular or quick
fashion to make a statement to the higher ups at Zuffa that he needs to
be on the main stage in the UFC.   Like for Melendez to fight in
Strikeforce?  KJ Noons?   I am glad Melendez called out the best of the
UFC in his post fight interview.  That truly was the only highlight of
show for me.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA

Thumbs Down
Best Match : K.J. Noons Vs. Billy Evangelista
Worst Match : Gilbert Melendez Vs. Jorge Masvida
Gilbert Melendez is one of the most crushingly boring fighters in MMA.
He's another points scorer. He's failed to finish anyone of note and
that face, that hair and that awful, awful accent = no buys.
M B Mehdi, Middlesbrough, England

Thumbs up. Good action fight although one sided as Ward outboxed Froch at all distances. Two cards were ridiculously close @ 155-113 as I had Ward 117-111 and you could make a case for a 120-106 shutout. Credit to the British judge for ignoring nationalism and scoring it accurately at 118-110. Entertaining in any case as Froch never stopped trying. Been good if Masvidal had taken the same approach on the MMA card.
Thumbs in the middle. Two good fights (or at least one and one good performance) and two not so good.
Best fight: Mousasi-OSP
Worst fight: Melendez-Masvidal
KO: Cyborga
Sub: none
KJ Noons looked lost in ekeing out a narrow UD over the very ordinary brawler Evangelista. He seemed stuck in between styles and his base style boxing looked weak.
Mousasi took OSP to school, but OSP kept coming and finished the fight strong. Mousasi said he was very sick and not satisfied with his perfomance, but both guys were impressive. Mousasi has certainly improved his weak point of wrestling, and OSP's will and condition and basic athleticism will take him places if he ever gets any flow to his technique. Scoring is ridiculous as the first round should have been a 10-8 for Mousasi and none of the judges (including BJM and Judo Gene) gave it to him. Local yokel ref was the usual idiot, actually standing them up when Mousasi was mounted and pounding.
Cyborga apparently unharmed by the layoff and undaunted by facing a taller opponent for the first time flattened Yamanaka twice in 15 seconds for the TKO. A torrent of gibberish from the commentators followed as they had apparently been instructed to pimp Cris dropping to 135 (which anybody with a lick of sense would know she CAN'T) to fight Rousey, who has yet to fight at 135 herself. Hey here's a clue, the challengers need to come to the champ's weight to fight, if anybody's gonna have to adjust. Aside from the fact that Ronda, no matter how cute or impressive she is, has only four fights and has yet to beat anything resembling a contender. Probably be good we see what happens when she gets hit in the face before Cris is the one who does it.
The main pretty much stunk out the joint as Melendez had Masvidal's number from the bell but neither really made any further adjustments till the last round when Masvidal woke up and a fight nearly started. Gil was able to easily outpoint a very passive Masvidal standing and was content to do so and Masvidal appeared content to be outpointed. More gibberish followed with them babbling about UFC guys coming over to fight Melendez in Strikeforce. I really don't get what Zuffa is doing or thinking here, except keeping any other promotion from getting their Showtime spots, but the guys who figure to be competitive in UFC should be put in UFC, period. The often repeated 'Melendez is the best LW in MMA' is a bunch of bullshit, too. Sure he's good but the guys he fights wouldn't be contenders in UFC, so we don't know. He's a big fish in a small pond and apparently doomed to remain one.
Crimson Mask

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