TLC and Strikeforce feedback

Thumbs up!
Best match: Punk/Del Rio/Miz
Worst: Big Show/Mark Henry
This PPV was much better than it had any right to be.  Fantastic main event.
What was up with HHH? His midsection looked pretty flabby.  Props to Kevin Nash for taking a couple of risky bumps and not phoning it in, even if the crowd was pretty much dead for that match (and with no build-up, that should be no surprise).
A good show that will be remembered as a great show in the morning, thanks to the fan favorites going over (Daniel, Ryder) and for a superb main event.
Josh Jabcuga
Buffalo, NY

Best Match: Punk vs. Miz vs. Del Rio
Worst Match: Beth vs. Kelly

Better PPV than I expected - the main event delivered in spades, and Ricardo took a hell of a bump. Loved the spot where Punk used his experience of putting together rings in the indies to be able to get the handcuffs off. Nice of WWE to waste Daniel Bryan's title win on a PPV hardly anyone bought. Mark Henry losing the title just like that was unexpected. Triple H and Kevin Nash put on a better match than anyone would have thought, but it still went on too long, and a lot of it was still very cringeworthy. Beth and Kelly started a several match skid that the main event ended, and you could hear Beth's spot calling through most of it. Orton and Barrett put on a solid tables match, and the finish allowed an out for Barrett to build to a rematch where Orton can finally pin him. The tag title match was solid, but no-one really bought Epico and Primo winning the belts. Ziggler and Ryder was the perfect match to start the show, the crowd were so hot for Ryder, sort of makes up for not doing the change at MSG. Ziggler put on a great performance, he should move up the card from here.

Overall, I'd say thumbs in the middle leaning upwards, great opening stretch, fairly awful-to-average midcard, saved by the main event.

Martin Bentley

Thumbs up.
Best match: Punk-Del Rio-Miz
Worst match: Phoenix-Kelly Kelly
Very good show overall.  I'm not a fan of ladders matches, but the three
way was excellent -- very exciting, well done. Enjoyed the Ricardo factor with
the handcuffs.
Zack Ryder win was good; Daniel Bryan an unexpected "cash in" and title win.
Could have lived without the tag match -- even though it was well done --
and the divas.
Fun show. --  Mike Omansky

I give Strikeforce Melendez vs. Masvidal a thumbs up.
It was a good show for fights.  The best match having to be the main event.  Another strong showing for Melendez although I really thought he would have submitted or KO'd Masvidal by the fourth or fifth round.  I really hope Melendez gets what he wants and someone from the UFC comes over to fight him. Preferably Edgar.  Noons/Evangelista was a good brawl.  I don't really care for the presentation of Strikeforce shows, but the four main fights were good tonight.

Jason McNeil

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