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Thumbs up

Best match: Punk / Miz / Del Rio
Worst match: HHH / Nash
This was a good-looking card, and the matches you thought were going to be good, delivered. 
- Ryder is looking better each match, and Ziggler once again looked great even though he lost. Hopefully this means bigger and better things for Ziggler. 
- The Booker / Rhodes segments were unnecessary, as Rhodes should have been able to pin a retired wrestler either way. 
- The HHH/Nash match probably couldn't have been any better, but at least Nash was able to finish the match. It crawled at a snail's pace. 
- Having Bryan cash in for the title produced a good pop, but I still see this as WWE rewarding those who ordered the PPV. The whole "see what you missed for not ordering?" angle. I did like the smirk on Show's face afterwards, a callback to when he forced Bryan to cash in the MITB briefcase against Henry. 
- The main event was great, and ingenious the way it looked hopeless for Punk before he was able to take the ring apart. Those years of helping put a ring together paid off. 
In all, a good PPV, but still not worth the $45 / $55 price tag. Those prices should be saved for the big events.
Don Cameron

Hey Dave,

Thumbs up

Best Match: CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio
Worst Match: HHH vs. Kevin Nash

I really enjoyed the show tonight. I loved the main event and the Orton/Barrett match. I'd go ****1/4 for the main event and ***3/4 for Orton/Barrett, though it could have been **** with a minute or two more. For the record, my brother(who is a very casual fan) thought Orton/Barrett was the best match. I think the people who caught glimpses of the Nexus angle see Barrett as a big star, there's definitely something there with him. The main event was all-around well done, and the psychology was perfect for CM Punk. As messed up as the psychology has been with him on his promos, it is always perfect in the ring. I got a big kick out of the handcuff storyline, first with the clever escape from the ladder and then again with untying the rope. Enough ladder stuff to satisfy me without going overboard. Great match.

HHH vs. Kevin Nash was embarrassing. It just goes to prove that Kevin Nash has been absolutely negative since returning. He was never over, he got Punk less over, and he probably got HHH less over. He should've had a match with Punk on Raw after Summerslam where Punk goes over, end of story. Instead, we got 4 months of mostly garbage overshadowing the title picture, and for what? Where does this go from here?As for the match, HHH wasn't bad but it was just so boring. Everything was at half-speed and the crowd did not care at all. I think Kevin Nash's WWE run has been more embarrassing than even the worst of his TNA run, because WWE absolutely should have known better.

Putting that debacle aside, I liked most of the show. Ryder's win was fine, and I would have liked to have seen a longer Booker T/Cody Rhodes without the 2 angles, but I guess Booker can't go as long. Oh, and I did like the Daniel Bryan title change, but I literally just remembered it happened and I watched the show, so maybe it didn't have as much impact as it could have. If they give him a nice run and build to Orton vs. Bryan at Mania that would truly be awesome, but I'm probably just dreaming.

Overall, really great show.

Jared Benson
Chicago, IL

Two Thumbs Up
Best Match: CM Punk vs Miz vs Alberto Del Rio
Worst Match: Big Show vs Mark Henry

Overall this was a pretty good show. Ziggler vs Ryder was great. Crowd was really into it with lots of credible near falls and the right man icking up the victory. Really cool to see the Big O, Chiapetta and Zack's dad (from his youtube show) all in attendance. Hopefully Ziggler moves on to the main event scene as he's been excellent since I restarted watching wrestling around MITB. Easily close to 4 stars.
Air Boom vs Primo & Epico w/Rosa Mendes - Good match as well. I haven't seen much of Primo and Epico but they were quite impressive. ***1/4
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett - I'm not a fan of table matches but this was really enjoyable. Cool finish even though Wade Barrett deserved the win more than Orton. ***
Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly -Poor Beth. Half the year stuck with Kelly, Eve and Alicia Fox. Not bad for a divas match and longer than I thought it would be. Can't figure out why Kelly was deserving of a title match but whatever. *1/2
HHH vs Kevin Nash - A bit too long for my taste. Nash botched the pedigree at the end and HHH had to do it again. Other than that it was a well worked match with some good action. Crowd was dead at times. ***
Sheamus vs Jack Swagger - This was weird. Crowd was into Sheamus but didn't care about the match. **
Mark Henry vs Big Show - I did not read any reports about Henry being injured (I'm guessing that's what happened) but as soon I saw that promo from Big Show I knew something was wrong. Forgettable match. Big Show wins the title with the WMD and then Henry gets up and hits a horrible looking DDT on a pile of chairs. Some fans immediately started chanting for Daniel Bryan. He gets a good pop and pins Big Show for the title. In my humble opinion this would have been a great time to turn him heel but it didn't happen. He got up on the announcer's table and rubbed the title in Michael Cole's face which was the best part of the celebration. Being my favourite wrestler I marked out huge for this even though it wasn't totally unexpected. I really hope he gets to defend it at Wrestlemania and gets treated with some amount of respect.
Punk vs Miz vs Del Rio - This was awesome. Plenty of good spots with Punk looking like a superstar. Del Rio was impressive as well. **** 1/4

A good way to end the year. Really looking forward to next month's Royal Rumble!

Joao Sales

WWE TLC: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Punk vs. Del Rio vs. Miz
Worst Match: Triple H vs. Kevin Nash
Ryder vs. Ziggler was a great way to kick off the show.  These two put together a good match with the feel good finish of Ryder winning.  Nice to see Ryder get the win here and hopefully they continue with him while Ziggler maybe gets an opportunity at the next level.  Tag Team Title was also a fun match and I like the team of Epico and Primo.  I had been wondering for a long time how Rosa still has a job, but I think she finally found her spot (at least until they decide to break these guys up in which case they will all be future endeavored probably).  I would love to see more quality talent that won't get singles pushes made into teams so we could have an actual tag division.  I enjoy Kofi and Bourne as well as a duo even though Kofi deserved to be a bigger singles player.  Orton vs. Barrett was another good match, although I would have rather seen them do more without the tables.  Nice finish even though Barrett mostly had his legs go through the table.  I hope Barrett continues to get a push.  Divas match wasn't necessary, but at least it was short and I had no real problems with it.  Didn't care for Nash vs. Triple H.  It was slow moving and Nash should not be put in these types of matches.  Nash if he is going to stick around would be better off in his original role as a bodyguard type who occasionally wrestles, but not in a ladder match.  Crowd seemed mostly dead despite it being Triple H and even he looked less than great out there.  Sheamus vs. Swagger was a waste of time. Haven't we seen this a bunch on TV already and you know Swagger has no chance of winning a match.  I'm still trying to figure out why Sheamus isn't in the mix at the top.  He's super over and he's one of the few guys who doesn't really ever get beat.  I guess it would be too logical for him to be working the title matches.  Wasn't really digging Henry vs. Show especially when Show won quickly.  It seemed a little rushed, but it was saved for me by Daniel Bryan cashing in MITB.  I don't have high hopes for what WWE will do with Bryan as Champion or if he'll even have it for long, but I like Bryan a lot and glad to see him holding the title.  Was worried that Booker vs. Rhodes would not take place, but they finally had the match.   It wouldn't have broken the show, but I was looking forward to seeing Booker in action and I am fine with canceling a match in storyline on free TV, but not when I pay $45.  I assume this feud will continue with Rhodes winning.  Hopefully they can work Goldust into the program at the Rumble so they can do the Goldust vs. Cody match.  Main event was great.  Really enjoyed it.  I thought it played out well.  Glad Punk wins.  Not sure what the title programs will be for Mania, but I hope they are fresh matches that we haven't seen all year long.  Now that we have well over a month until the Rumble it would be nice if they started building tomorrow night, but I know that won't happen since they have no long term planning anymore.  Will be lucky if they have a card by January week three. 
Robb Block

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