Update on what could be the end of wrestling at the old ECW Arena

After a meeting today between area wrestling promoters and the new owner of what was once known as the ECW Arena, now called the Asylum Arena, it appears even more likely that wrestling, at least as it was in the past, at that venue, will be history in just a few weeks.

The new owner told promoters they were going to shut the building down, tear down the walls and rebuild the arena into a 3,000-seat arena geared for concerts, and put in a restaurant complex.  The interior will be completely changed and when it's open, the rental price will be significantly raised.  It will be priced out of the range where most of the groups that had run in the arena would be able to afford running it, and the rules of what can be done in the new arena will be a lot stricter.

The arena as it once was will end with a doubleheader on 1/14, a 2:30 p.m. CZW show and a 7:30 p.m. Evolve show.

The Evolve show will end with a "Tribute to the Arena" ceremony bringing back stars from the ECW days for a farewell ceremony.

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