UFC 141 weigh-ins, Brock in surly mood, Nate fails to make weight, no pull-aparts

UFC weigh-in notes

The major notes from the weigh-ins is that Nate Diaz didn't originally make weight, and that Alistair Overeem clocked in at 263 pounds, the heaviest of his career, and was not fat at that weight.

Brock Lesnar, who cut from about somewhere between 278 and 285 depending on who you believe, clocked in at 266 pounds and was at least from a muscularity standpoint, the physically most impressive looking he's been probably dating back to his WWE days.  There is not a question that the illness took something out of him, but whether that can overcome his grave disadvantage if he can't get the fight to the ground and quick is a different story.

Lesnar looked in a surly mood, to say the least, and walked off after weighing in, not even doing his scheduled interivew.  Overeem said nothing new, only that he predicted a knockout in the first round, or second round at the latest.

Diaz came in at 157 pounds, missing weight by one pound.  He was told he had one hour to drop the pound, and did so his official weight was 156.

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Nate Diaz (157) vs. Cowboy Donald Cerrone (156)

Brock Lesnar (266) vs. Alistiar Overeem (263)

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