OVW TV report

By Trent Vandrisse
Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for December 28th, 2011. I did not do a report last week due to being out of town over Christmas, so let's first catch up real quick. The show I didn't report on last week featured Raul Lamotta, and a ski masked accomplice, having someone bundled up in a trunk of a car, and driving away. The person they kidnapped was suspected to be Rocco Bellagio of Bolin Services 2.0...Chris Silvio won the OVW TV title from Ted McNaler when McNaler's own Elite tag team parter, Adam Revolver, "accidentally"(?) hit McNaler with Mo Green's cane....And Christian Mascagni's muscular team of Marcus Anthony & Jessie Godderz stole one from Jason Wayne and the returning Jamin Olivencia in a fun TV main event.

Speaking of Jamin Olivencia, he has a featured role as an actor/wrestler in "The Elaborate entrance of Chard Deity" play that will be running at Actors Theater in Louisville from January 3rd thru February 4th. People from Actors Theater were at the Davis arena tonight allowing fans to sign up for a drawing for free tickets to the play. I will be attending the play sometime in January.

Trailer Park Trash's announcement "that would change OVW forever" ended up being 5 dollar advanced ticket prices at all 4 local Louisville monthly OVW shows, plus 45% off Poppa John's food purchases at those shows with an advance ticket purchase.

But back to tonight. The TV announcers were Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin. Bolin came out with two bottles of Champagne, and a glass, to celebrate the New Year on the air. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. DeVore's Mother was in attendance tonight. Speaking of attendance, it was around 125 tonight. It was said to be a full house attendance wise at last weeks TV taping.

The next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on January 7th.

1. Brandon Espinosa beat Dylan Bostic

Dark match. Espinosa all over Bostic early on. Bostic back with a dropkick and a 'Rana. Espinosa with a nice over the knee backbreaker. Espinosa won with a grabbing the tights roll up, but that's not the finish they wanted to do at all. Fun little match until the botch at the end.

Between the dark matches tonight they showed on the video screens an empty arena sit down interview Gilbert Corsey conducted with one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes. These segments aired on last weeks OVW TV show. Hayes faces Mohamad Ali Vaez in a cage match on January 7th, and if Hayes loses, he must quit wrestling. The interview here was about Hayes losing his leg in combat, his extensive rehab after that, and how Vaez thinks he doesn't belong in pro wrestling. The crowd was very quiet during these interview segments with Hayes, because they were listening intently to what Hayes was saying.

2. Jimbo Onno beat Randy Royal

Also a dark match. James Onno is a good guy again, so he now wants to be called "Jimbo" again. Royal appeared to injure his ankle/knee on a leap frog spot, but it was a ruse, as Royal attacked Onno from behind. Royal held control for a bit, but Onno came back and won with a Tree slam. So-so at best.

Part two of the Corsey interview with Michael Hayes was shown.

3. Elvis Pridemore beat Pete ??

Yet another dark match. The crowd was quiet here, but unlike the Michael Hayes interview, they were quiet because they weren't into this match. Didn't catch the last name of Elvis' opponent here, it might have been Patton. He was a rangy, tattooed guy from Marion, Illinois. Pete held control for awhile, and then punted Elvis' beloved red baseball hat out of the ring. The red hat is to Elvis what the blanket is to Linus, so this fired Elvis up, as Pridemore came back and won the match with some sort of a reverse stunner type of a move.

Part three of the Michael Hayes interview was played. Corsey asked Hayes what happens if his loses to Vaez, and his career is then over. Hayes said losing wasn't an option.

The TV taping opened with a video of an empty arena interview Gilbert Corsey did with Mohamad Ali Vaez. Corsey asked Vaez what his issue with Michael Hayes was. Vaez said Hayes does not belong in the wrestling business, and that Hayes is capitalizing off of his name. Vaez said after he came just one day short of setting the record for the most days as OVW TV champion, they pulled him off TV for a "chairty case" in Michael Hayes. Vaez said after Hayes challenged him, he embarrassed Hayes in front of his Mother, and everyone. Vaez said the cage match against Hayes on January 7th will be closure for him, and that he Vaez will "restore" OVW as a place for "Able bodied athletes who deserve to be here".

4. Jamin Olivencia beat Raphael Constantine

This was the first match of this TV taping. Olivencia got a good pop here. The pesky Constantine got a cheap shot in on Olivencia early, and beat on him in the corner. But it was short lived, as Olivencia returned the favor on the corner beating, and then simply overwhelmed Constantine with his hard hitting offense. Olivencia won it pretty quickly with his "O Drop" clamping DDT finisher, but didn't really stick it. Constantine just more or less collapsed with Olivencia clamped on to him.

Out to the floor came Christian Mascagni, who was totally uncharastically dressed up here in a hooded sweatshirt, sweat pants, and shoes with kick pads. Mascagni, a lawyer in real life, always wears a suit when appearing in OVW.
Mascagni got in the ring and took the mic, and demanded that the director of wrestling operations in OVW, Trailer Park Trash, come out now. Mascagni ranted and raved that he was sick of all the crap, and the never ending conspiracy against him in OVW, and he wanted TPT to come out and have a fight, not a wrestling match but a fight, with him right now. Mascagni said in the words of the "great"(?) Duke Droese, it was time to "Take out the trash".
Out came TPT, in street clothes, and wearing eye glasses. TPT said he'd love to beat up Mascagni, but that Mascagni full well knows he can't do that, because he's the director of wrestling operations, and can't wrestle while doing that per the rules set down at the board meeting. TPT though said he knows someone in the back who would be glad to fight Mascagni tonight. TPT told Mascagni to get ready to fight Mike Mondo tonight, and added that if any member of the Mascagni family interferes, they will be fired. Mascagni was looking petrified. Nice segment here.

Jimbo Onno, a legit great pianist, was playing piano backstage at the OVW New Years party. Jack Black walked in, announced that he has lost 100 pounds since having surgery, and then threw his cane aside, saying he wouldn't need it anymore, which got a pop from the party goers backstage, and from the crowd in the Davis arena. Black lady wrestler Epiphany asked Onno to play something special for Jack Black, so he did, while Elvis Pridemore, a legit white rapper with a CD, broke out a rap for Jack Black. Epiphany then tried to "sing", which was quite hidious.

They put some Hayes vs Vaez footage from the past in the January 7th Saturday Night Special commercial.

Christian Mascagni was backstage, looking worried, saying there is no way he will fight Mike Mondo tonight. Mascagni then took a call on his cell phone, saying he needs help, and that this is an emergency. Mascagni then slammed the door and told the camera man to get the Hell out when he realized he was being filmed.

5. Taeler Hendrix beat Taryn Shay to retain the OVW Womens title

This match was set up during a brief backstage confrontation with these two last week. You'd think winning the womens title would be the main thing on Taryn Shay's mind here, but before the match started, Shay went to the floor, took the mic, and called ring announcer Brittany DeVore a "dirty skank". Shay says she hasn't forgotten about DeVore sleeping with "her man" Benny Bray. Hell, almost every women in OVW thought Bray was their man. Fans chanted for DeVore to "Slap that Ho" as DeVore got fired up mad at Shay.
Shay then called Taeler Hendrix a "filthy whore", saying that while she might not have caught Hendrix sleeping with Benny Bray, she knows Hendrix' type, and would now teach her a lesson about what happens when you sleep with another womans man. Hendrix then hit her legdrop finisher on Shay, and beat her to retain the OVW Womens title in less than 10 seconds.

A commercial for The Elaborte Entrance of Chad Deity aired.

They showed Raul Lamotta, with his ski masked accomplice, in the parking lot, with someone, most likely Rocco Bellagio, in a bag, tied up in the trunk of a car. The video clicked a few times, as "snap shots" of this were shown. Nice touch. The OVW production team has clearly stepped it up lately as far as videos go. Lamotta's masked accomplice lifted his mask, but kept his back to the camera. It sure looked to me though like it's TNA's Anarquia, who wrestled in OVW for years as "Low Rider" Matt Barela. In fact, Barela and Lamotta used to team up in OVW as Los Locos.

6. Dylan Bostic vs Elvis Pridemore went to a no contest

When I saw two jobbers come out to face each other, I knew something was up here, and it was. Just like a few weeks ago, shortly after the jobber-fest match started, out came Prince Bolin and James "Moose" Thomas. Thomas laid waste to both Bostic and Pridemore. Bolin then whipped both jobbers with his belt, and screamed into the mic that this was for Raul Lamotta kidnapping Rocco Bellagio, and Bolin cryptically warned Lamotta that they'd better get Bellagio back in pristine health, or they would "Gut OVW from top to bottom like a fish". Some refs ran out trying to stop the carnage. Bolin called this "An escalation of war".
Part two of the Gilbert Corsey interview with Mohamad Ali Vaez was shown. Corsey pointed out that Michael Hayes has beaten Vaez in the past. Vaez said wrestling was the sport of kings, not the sport of cripples, but did admit that Hayes beat him a few times, but only because he got so many chances at him. Vaez said you don't see cripples at the Olympics, because they have their own "Special" Olympics. Vaez said OVW is a place for people to prepare to grab the brass ring, and move on to the next level, not a place to parade around a Charity case. Vaez said he is the better man, and no way would Hayes beat him in a cage match.

Christian Mascagni was shown backstage with Al Snow. Snow was wearing a Hockey jersey. Mascagni was heavily begging Snow here to tell him the counter to Mike Mondo's "Gut check" finisher. Snow finally asked Mascagni if he'd just leave him alone if he tells him the counter, and Mascagni promised he would. Snow whispered something to Mascagni, causing Mascagni to become giddy with delight, and he was now glad to be fighting Mondo tonight, and he quoted Charlie Sheen by saying "I'm winning". When Mascagni left, Snow muttered there was no counter to the Gut Check.

7. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) to retain the OVW Southern tag team titles

The Elite were again going for the tag titles here, but McNaler was clearly angry here with Adam Revolver, because Revolver directly caused McNaler to lose the OVW TV title to Chris Silvio here last week. Spade and Jonze are now doing a male stripper gimmick. It sort of reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit or something. All Spade and Jonze early, as they both dominated Adam Revolver in this babyface vs babyface match. Jonze and Spade with a double kick to McNaler. Jonze with a top rope flying forearm to Revolver. McNaler and Spade brawled on the floor, leaving Revolver and Jonze alone in the ring. Revolver pinned Jonze by holding his while male stripper slacks to apparently win the OVW Southern tag team titles. But wait, Ted McNaler was angry with Revolver for winning that way, and McNaler stooged off to referee Chris Sharpe that his own partner cheated to win the belts, costing himself the belts in the process of course. Sharpe ordered a restart. Revolver and McNaler arguing. Jonze gave Revolver a superkick, and pinned him to retain the tag titles for he and Jonze.
The postmatch saw McNaler tell Revolver they were done as a team. Revolver angrily attacked McNaler from behind, and a spirited pull apart then ensued, as Spade and Jonze, along with several refs, tried to break it up.
I didn't like how this match was laid out at all, and it wasn't a good match at all, didn't click, and with these four, it should always be a good match. The crowd was dead too, until the restart. The match was clearly just a backdrop for the postmatch Elite break up, which I guess they now have finally broken up after a year of arguing. The pull apart was good, the rest here was bad. Two title matches so far tonight, this and the ladies title match, and neither one was about the titles at all. Came off kinda weird.

Part three of the empty arena Gilbert Corsey interview with Mohamad Ali Vaez was aired. Corsey talked about Vaez being so disrespectful that he ate cereal out of Hayes' fake leg, and about Vaez putting Hayes in the hospital. Vaez kept hammering home the point that Hayes made his name off of him. That Hayes sold t-shirts off of him. Vaez said Hayes rode a gravy train off of him. Vaez finally said Hayes can't hang with an athlete like himself, and got up and walked away, leaving Corsey sitting in the ring with a pensive look on his face.

Brittany DeVore did a backstage interview with Paredyse. Paredyse won the "King of Clarksville" tournament, proclaiming himself to be the "Queen of Clarksville", and the coronation ceremony was held for that on OVW TV last week, but Brandon Espinosa crashed that party and attacked Paredyse. Here Paredyse challenged Espinosa to a match on January 7th, saying he'd show Espinosa just what kind of a man he really was.

When the interview ended, referee Chris Sharpe handed DeVore an official invitation to the OVW New Years party. Lady JoJo, who has been playing a sly and sexy game recently to get referee Sharpe in her back pocket, came up to Sharpe. Sharpe offered JoJo an invitation to the party, but JoJo then asked Sharpe for his phone number, which she wrote on the invitation. Moments later, Shapre received a text on his phone, when he looked at it, his eyes about bugged out of his head. Lady JoJo had apparently texted a picture of herself to Sharpe, in some state of undress, or something like that.

8. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Taryn Shay beat "Rock-n-roll" Mike Sydal to retain the OVW TV title

Mike Sydal is the legit younger brother of WWE Superstar Evan Bourne. Sydal is small, but muscular, with a shaggy haired, goofy charisma about him. He has star tattoos down his back. Sydal did a matrix like move to avoid Silvio early, and then hit Silvio with an enziguri. Sydal with a standing moonsault. Silvio with a superkick on Sydal, as Mo Green ran a distraction. Sydal tried another standing moonsault, but Silvio got the knees up. Silvio with a top rope double axe handle. Sydal with a top rope dropkick. Mo Green with another distraction, and Bryan Alvarez' new favorite wrestler Chris Silvio hit Sydal with his "Rocket punch" finisher to win the match and retain the OVW TV title. Sydal looked green here, and he and Silvio clearly had never worked together before, so some of the spots looked really measured. But Sydal is the type of a guy you'd like to see again. If he was around here regular, he could maybe eventually be a good part of the roster is my gut feeling on him, but it would be a bumpy road. He's got a touch of his brothers athletic ability though.

Christian Mascagni was shown backstage with a room full of jobbers, psyching himself up for his fight with Mike Mondo, and kicking at kick pads held up by various flunkies.

9. Christian Mascagni vs Mike Mondo went to a no contest.....I guess.

TV main event time. Mascagni had a towel over his head, an American flag jacket on, and a Charlie Sheen "winning" T shirt on underneath that, with sweatpants and a boxers head gear on his bald head. Mondo was in his regular wrestling gear. Mascagni went to the floor, took the mic, and begged Mondo to reconsider this "fight". Mascagni was calling Mondo "Mike" here, instead of "Mikey", because Mondo doesn't like to be called "Mikey" anymore. Mascagni talked about all the good he did for Mondo when he was managing him. Mondo just kept slowly stalking Mascagni, as Mascagni was in the corner saying he'd give Mondo anything he wanted, including the world title. Mascagni's water then broke, as he literally pissed in his pants, as the front of his sweatpants became wet. LOL! Mascagni's troupe of flunky jobbers then ran out as Mondo threatened to hit Mascagni for too long of a time. The ring then suddenly filled up with the entire OVW roster, men and woman, and a huge brawl was on. Mascagni slinked away like the snake he was during this. At one point during the brawl The Elite violently battled on the floor. The women fought a lot too, including CJ Lane grabbing ring announcer Brittany DeVore for Taryn Shay to slap, but Shay didn't get a good shot in on her.
It finally came down to the babyface males of OVW left in the ring, as the fans applauded. I would have liked to have seen just a little physicality between Mondo and Mascagni here, but this was 100% theater. The Mascagni peeing his pants spot though was a funny/good payoff, and you're not going to see many Indy shows pull off a trick like that.

A whole lot went on this week, but it was certainly a "smoke and mirrors" type of an episode featuring a main event that had zero wrestling in it, and two out of three title matches that had zero to do with titles. Still though, I liked this show. It had good energy to it, and a lot coming out of it going forward. Last weeks episode was entertaining as well, but had some weird/bad edits on it. But OVW has rebounded with two nice episodes to close out the year, which is good, because the episodes in early December were the worst of the year. They appear to have some momentum back now, and 2012 will be an interesting year for OVW no doubt. I'm looking forward to it.

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