UFC 141 live coverage from Las Vegas - Overeem beats Lesnar,faces Dos Santos; Lesnar retires

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 141 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show as well as tonight's Dream show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


First round: Spin kick by Dnunes. Low kick by Nunes. Gamburyan tried to clinch but Nunes moved out. Nunes missed a spin kick but nailed another low kick. Loud Diego chant, he’s the crowd favorite. Gamburyan ducked low for a takedown but Nunes sprawled. Gamburahn missed haymaker. Nunes with another low kick. Another low kick by Nunes. He threw another, Gamburyan timed it to shoot in but still couldn’t get Nunes down. Gamburyan shot in again, picked Nunes up and slammed him down with 2:15 left in the round. Nunes back up taking no damage on the ground. Body kick followed by a hard low kick by Nunes. Front kick by Nunes blocked. Gamburyan shot in and Nunes sprawled. Spin kick by Nunes. Good action. Nunes 10-9.

Second round: Nunes landed a good punch and Gamburyan moved him into the fence. Knee by Nunes. He’s keeping Gamburyan away from his legs but Gambuyan got behind him and threw two knees while controlling him from that position. Nunes grabbed the cage to keep from going down and Steve Mazzagatti issued a stern warning. Spin kick by Nunes to the body. Another spin kick to the body and a hard right landed. Another spin kick to the body but Gamburyan timed it to take Nunes down with 2:30 left in the round. Nunes grabbed the fence but he’s already down but Gamburyan’s corner yelled at Mazzagatti over just standing by. Gamburyan keeping busy while holdingNunes down. Gamburyan’s left leg has quite the raspberry on it from the low kicks. Gamburyan yelled at Nunes about his fingers. Don’t know what that was about. Another two knees. Gamburyan went for a throw, it was blocked and Nunes landed several punches and a knee. High kick by Nunes. Close round, could go either way. Gamburyan was more aggressive but Nunes did more damage so 20-18 Nunes.

Third round: Gamburyan landed a hard right. Nunes back with a low kick. Low kick by Nunes. High kick blocked. Nunes landed anohter low kick. That left leg of Gamburyan looks horrible from the low kicks. He landed another. Nunes then went for a high kick. Gamburyan shot in but couldn’t get Nunes down. Nunes with a knee and got away from Gamburyan’s shot. Every low kick at this point looks painful. Gamburyan shot in, couldn’t get it and got kneed for his trouble. Gamburyan landed a right and a left. Nunes landed a low kick and a body kick. Gamburyan missed a punch and then missed a takedown. Nunes landed a great high kick. Gamburyan is in trouble now. Spinning back fist by Nunes and Gamburyan shot for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Nunes kicked Gamburyan in the groin. Crowd booed Gamburyan even though the replay showed the kick was square to the groin right out of Arena Mexico. Nunes landed a kick and Gamburyan took him down momentarily. He’s working for another takedown as time ran out. He went to throw and Nunes grabbed the fence but Mazzagatti didn’t see it. Nunes won the round so I’ve got 30-27. Could be 29-28.

Scores: All three judges have it 29-28 so they gave Gamburyan the second.

A funny deal is at the end of Nunes interview he did a battle cry and Joe Rogan asked Ed Soares to translate and Soares said, "I don’t know what the hell he said." This was a good fight.

The Matt Riddle vs. Luis Ramos match scheduled next was canceled as Riddle fell ill at the last minute.


Volkmann is a Division I All-American from the University of Minnesota.  Escudero, a former Ultimate Fighter winner, was a JC national placer so both are wrestlers but Volkmann was the better wrestler of the two.

First round: Volkmann went for takedown and Escudero grabbed a guillotine. . Volkmann moved to side control and doesn’t appear in any trouble Volkmann got his head out. Volkmann keeping him down throwing punches here and there. Crowd booing as little is happening. About six people are starting a "Mexico" chant. Volkmann throwing some shots late. 10-9 Volkmann.

Second round: Volkmann shot in for the takedown and got Escudero down again and moved to side control. Volkmann throwing a lot of body shots and keeping busy. Herb Dean stood them up. Not sure I’d have done that but crowd was happy to see it. Volkmann got behind Escudero standing. Volkmann got a takedown and got his back. Volkmann working for a choke. Escudero defending the choke well but he’s just getting out wrestled in the mach. Volkmann dominated the round but didn’t do enough damage for a 10-8. Crowd booed at the end of the round. 20-18 Volkmann.

Third round: Volkmann dove in for another takedown. He again moved into side control. Jon Fitch is clearly in possession of Volkmann’s body in this fight. He’s riding Escudero and throwing annoying shots but the crowd is bored. Dean stood them up. Now that was ridiculous. Volkmann has his back andwas boring, but he was still punching from that position and there was no way you can stand a guy up from a dominant position like that when the top guy is throwing punches. Volkamn got behind Escudero standing. Volkmann working at breaking him down with his legs. Crowd is booing the fight even though it’s actually some decent wrestling. Volkmann ducked low but Escudero staying upright. Escudero grabbed a guillotine and his now squeezing for the first excitement of the fight. Escudero remains on top squeezing with 1:00 left. Volkmann back up and Escudero put him back down with 27 seconds left while holding the guillotine. Volkmann got out of the hold before time ran out. People enjoyed the last minute. Escudero gets the round for that near submission so 29-28 Volkmann. But Escudero never should have gotten that gift stand-up.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Volkmann. No other score possible but that didn’t stop the crowd from booing.

Volkmann told Frankie to work on his takedown defense. He meant Frankie Edgar but the crwod didn’t like him going in an booed himfo htat one. Then he told an Obama joke that got over even less than the match did.


First round: Kim throwing low kicks. Pierson threw one back. They locked up. Kim landed a left. Body kick by Kim. Pierson landed a punch. Kim landed a left. Hard low kick by Kim. Both trading shots. Pieros landed a lead left. Pierson moved in but didn’t land. Kim grabbed a front headlock and threw a knee. Pierson put his hand down so Kim couldn’t throw another knee. Big judo throw by Kim but Pierson rolled with it and got Kim’s back. Pierson is working for a choke. Pierson on Kim’s back throwing punches but time ran out. Good last flurry and that rolling with the throw was sweet . That finish made it close but still Kim 10-9.

Second round: Kim back with low kicks. Kim landed a lead left. Slow fight. Two good shots by Kim. Pierson moved into a clinch and Kim tried a throw but Pierson blocked. Jumping kick by Kim and followed by a punch. Pierson grabbed a clinch and threw knees. Kim landed a left. Great jumping kick put Pierson down. Kim trying to follow up but couldn’t land a good shot before time in the round ran out. Pierson is really rocked. He didn’t even know where his corner was. Kim’s round so 20-18

Third round: Kim landed a left and moved in. Kim shot low for a takedown. Pierson got back to his feet pretty quickly. Kim tried to throw him and Pierson grabbed the fence to block. Kim then took him down again. Stand up was ordered. Kim tried the front kick again. Both threw some punches late but nobody landed a good shot. Kim’s round, should be 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Kim.

A funny deal in the post-match interview.  Kim kept talking in Korean and they were pressed for time since the Spike prelims were about to start.  Rogan told Kim to wrap it up and he didn't know what Rogan said so kept talking in Korean for quite a while.  When he was done, Rogan wrapped it up without letting his translator translate a word he said.


We are now live on the station that shall not be mentioned by UFC. Castillo is from the Urijah Faber camp. His nickname is "Last call," which I hope doesn’t mean his story will be covered by ESPN in 30 years. Njokuani is a fun striker.

First round: Castillo wants to take it down,well duh, but he’s making it obvious. Nojokuani landed a left. Njokuani landing a few more punches. Castillo ducked low, and took Njokuani down. He got up and Castillo suplexed him. He tried another supulex but Njokuani blocked it. Castillo put Njokuani on his back. Njokuani tried a judo throw but Castillo kept the advantage. Castillo is behind him standing and trying to break him down. Castillo working for a choke on the ground but Njokuani escaped and got on top. Now Njokunai tried a guillotine and Castillo slammed him down hard. Castillo tried a choke but Njokuani up with 22 seonds left. Good round. Castillo 10-9.

Second round: Castillo went for the takedown but Njokuani easily moved away. Njokuani in with a knee. Castillo shot in, Njokuani threw three knees to the body from the clinch. Then he fired a hard elbow. Njokunai threw a punch that put Castillo down to a knee. He grabbed a clinch and threw a knee. Castillo then got the takedown with 1:38 left. Njokuani scrambled up with 23 second left. Castillo didn’t do any real damage. Castillo took him back down again. Those takedowns may win Castillo the round but they shouldn’t. I’ve got Njokuani and a 19-19 score going into the third.

Third round: Njokunai landed a left but not hard. Now he landed a right. Castillo shot but Njokuani sprawled. In a clinch and Castillo threw a knee. Castillo work for the takedown and slammed Njokuani down. Njokuani tried to roll out. He did get up and Castillo landed a knee. Njokuani grabbed a front headlock and gave it up. Front kick by Njokuani and Castillo moved in and got another takedown. Castillo riding him. Njokuani in with punches and a knee. This is Castillo’s round but close so I’ve got 29-28 for him. Could go the other way.

Scores: 29-28 Castillo 29-28 Njokuani and 29-28 Castillo. Njokuaninot happy, crowd booing heavy but it was the right call. Fans booed him as Castillo thanked his mother.


First round: Takedown by Assuncao. Assuncao working for a guillotine, gave it up and has Pearson’s back. Pearson escaped. Head kick by Assuncao landed but not hard. Knee by Pearson. Assuncao moving in and trying another takedown. Knee by Pearson. Body kick by Assuncao. Assuncao landed a three punch flurry and a low kick. Pearson with a low kick. Assuncao with a body kick. Assuncao 10-9.

Second round: Assuncao moved in and got the takedown but Pearson immediately back up. The crowd has been dead most of the night as all these decisions have taken the life out of them. No good fights after the first one haven’t helped. Pearson put Assucano down with a left and landed a hard right but now they are tied up and Assucnao is able to regain his bearings. Pearson landed a knee. Assucnao bleeding under the right eye. Assuncao trying for the takedown. Pearson with a takedown. Assuncao then took Pearson down. Assuncao landed a few punches late. A hard round to score but Pearson did have him in trouble at one point so his round and we’re even at 19-19.

Third round: Pearson has a bloody nose. Assuncao took Person down right away. Assuncao has pearosn’ back. Assuncao got another takedown but Pearson again back up. Knee by Assuncao. Assunao landed several shots and moving in for another takedown but didn’t get it. Pearson may be bleeding from the left ear. Assuncao bleeding under the right eye. Pearson landing several shots. Pearson threw a hard knee. Pearson bleeding under the right eye. Pdeason landed some good shots and a knee. Assuncao moved in for a takedown but didn’t get it as time ran out. Hard round to score. I’ll go Pearson so he’s takes it 29-28.

Scores 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 Pearson. 30-27 isn’t a good score and the fight was close enough that it could have gone either way.

As we start the PPV show the place is probably 95% full.  Usual situation where all the cheaper seats are full but the expensive risers have plenty of empties.


First round: Hettes moved in for the takedown right away. Hettes throwing some lefts on the ground. Phan up and Hettes with a knee. Another takedown and Hettes went for a guillotine. He wins a lot with this move but didn’t get it here. Hettes is pounding Phan on the ground. Phan is in real trouble. Hettes has his back. Phan back up. Crowd gave him a big hand for surviving that onslaught. Hettes looks tired now. Hettes moved in and couldn’t get the takedown. But now he did a beautiful hip toss to put Phan on his back. Hettes not as aggressive from the top this time. He landed two short elbows and is working for an armbar. Hettes pounding on his face and body while Phan blocks the armbar. Now Hettes is unleashing punches and Phan was in trouble. Phan covered in blood. 10-8 Hettes tho I’m not sure the judges will see it that way.

Second round: Hettes moved in trying for a takedown. Jumping knee by Hettes and he moved in and got a single leg and put Phan on his back. Phan from the bottom was working for a leglock but didn’t have it. Hettes throwing punches from the top and moved into full mount and grabbed a side choke that Phan escaped from. He tried a guillotine but Phan out on on top. Now Phan throwing punches from the top. Hettes up. He’s throwing lefts from short range in the clinch. Another takedown by Hettes. Phan up but Hettes hip tossed him down into side control. Phan up and Hettes hip tossed him back down. Hettes round so up 20-17. Crowd likes this fight. Best since the opener.

Third round: Both standing and trading. Hettes took Phan down again. Phan’s right eye bleeding again. Phan up and another takedown by Hettes. I can’t believe we’re having another decision. Hettes got another takedown. Crowd pretty dead at this point. Hetteswith some lefts on the ground. He’s going for a side choke again. He doesn’t have it and let it go. Hettes back to throwing lefts and now an elbow to the right side of the face. Hettes landing some nasty elbows to the head from the top. Hettes throwing a lot of punches trying to put Phan away but Phan survived. Crowd giving the fight a standing ovation which is more indicative of having a good fight after a bunch of stinkers. Very close to another 10-8, but I won’t go that far this time, so 30-26 Hettes.

Scores: 30-25, 30-25 and 30-26, wow they gave two 10-8s


First round: Matyushenko landed a punch. Gustafsson trying to keep him at a distance because he’s got a huge reach edge. Gustafsson landed a left. Front kick by Gustafsson and Matyushenko moved in with punches. Gustafsson using front kicks to keep the fight at a distance and a low kick. Gustafsson put him down with a left and finished him with punches on the ground. Basically Matyushenko moved into a left jab, went down and Gustafsson finished him with a flurry of punches on the ground.  Gustafsson's lucky he finished him because he blew out his knee and was limping bad going to the back.

They just showed Overeem and Lesnar on the screen.  Both were booed.  Lesnar got the louder reaction.


First round: Henrdricks decked him with a left, landed another punch on the ground and it was stopped. It was good stoppage as Fitch went limp.  :12

When Mazzagatti stopped it, Fitch immediately pulled a reversal on Mazzagatti not realizing it wasn’t Hendricks.


First round: Fans are booing Diaz. These guys were chomping at the bit to get at it. Cerrone got a big face reaction. Diaz was booed like crazy, more than you’d expect. Cerrone flipped him off when Herb Dean asked him to touch gloves. Crowd going crazy. Diaz immediately went for a takedown. . Diaz throwing lefts from the clinch. Diaz with a knee. Let’s Go Diaz chant . Cerrone shoved him off. Diaz threw a few punches and Cerrone landed a good one. Cerrone with a low kick. Knee by Cerrone. Diaz landing a ton of punches . Left jabs by Diaz are landing one after the other. Diaz landing punches and knees. Diaz continuing to land and he snapped Cerrone’s head back with some punches. Diaz continuing to land. Cerrone threw a body kick and a head kick. Low kick by Cerrone. Diaz with more punches. Let’s go Diaz chants and he lands punch after punch. High kick missed and Cerrone went down. He got up and Diaz continues to land punches. Now body shots and shots to the jaw. Daiz landing another series of punches. Cerrone’s mouth busted up. Diaz now going for a takedown. Diaz 10-9. Best action of the night.

Second round: Cerrone shoved him down. Cerrone needs to go for a takedown. Cerrone landed a knee. Low kick by Cerrone, Cerrone swept his leg and put him down and Cerrone landed a knee. Diaz got behind him standing and Cerrone reversed and got Diaz’s back and then let him go. Daiz landing punches and Cerrone landed a knee. Cerrone nearly tripped him up. Diaz landing a lot of punches. Cerrone back and hurt Diaz with a high kick that put him down and then walked away letting him up. Cerrone with a low kick. Diaz with a knee. Diaz back with punches. Cwoboy chant. Daiz landing punches and Cerrone back. Now a big flurry by Diaz. Cerrone with a knee and threw Diaz down and walked away . Cerrone won’t go to the ground with him. But Diaz is doing very well standing. Uppercut left by Cerrone. Cerrone leg swept him down again. Diaz’s punches made Cerrone stumble and he’s trying to follow up. Diaz keeps landing. Diaz chant. Diaz landing even more. Cerrone threw him down a bunch but Diaz landed so many punches, and Cerrone had the knockdown. Cerrone I guess for all the throwdowns and the knockdown so 19-19. But this was a hard round to score.

Third round: Diaz flipped him off with both hands when the third round started. Cerrone with low kicks and Diaz with more punches. Daiz taunting him and landing a bunch of punches. Diaz going to the body and then to the head. Body kick by Cerrone and Cerrone went down. Diaz landed a left. Diaz landed a ton of punches to the body and head. Daiz way ahead in this round so far. Knee to the body by Cerrorne. Low kick was checked. Cerrone tripped him down but won’t follow up. Diaz up and landing again. Cerrone landed a right but he’s being outlanded like crazy. Another knee to the body by Cerrone. Slugfest back and forth. Diaz snapped his head back with a punch. Cerrone swept him down again but he’s not going to win the fight like that. Cerrone with a high kick and Diaz with more punches. Flying knee by Cerrone. Diaz continuing to land. Cerrone with a high kick and Diaz back with punches. Cerrone swept him down again but Diaz with more punches. Both swinging as time ran out. They shook hands when it was over. Diaz’s round and he won the fight either 30-27 or 290-28

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Diaz. Crowd booed the decision like crazy. But Diaz clearly won the fight.


First round: Brock looks like he’s going to have an adrenaline dump, he is so tense an intense. Lesnar was cheered here. Don’t blink. Overeem got a mixed reaction. Lesnar got by far the most cheers he’s ever had in Vegas, and no boos at all. Crowd is so buzzed for this one. Brock is not charging in. Lesnar with a low kick. Lesnar threw a left jab. Overeem threw a right. Lesnar missed a right bad with no set up. Brock went for the single leg and Overeem got away. Not a good sign. Low kick by Lesnar. They traded knees but Oveeem’s was more solid. Overeem is bleeding from Lesnar’s jab. Overeem in with knees and and Lesnar is hurting. Another knee and a body kick. Lesnar couldn’t catch the kick. Lesnar landed a right. Overeem hurt him with a knee and punches. A kick to the liver and Lesnar is done. Overeem is pounding himwith punches against the fence, about 11 punches before ref Mario Yamasaki stopped it. 2:26

Lesnar announced his retirement after the match.  He said that he had promised his wife and kids that if he won, and got his title shot, he would retire after the title match, but if he lost, he was retiring.  It was pretty clear when Lesnar didn't even try his wrestling seriously that he knew the wrestling wasn't there at the level it once was.  More to come later tonight.

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