UFC 141 feedback and Dream feedback

Hi Everyone,
I gave the show a solid thumbs up
Best Fight: Diaz vs Cerrone
Worst Fight: Jacob Volkmann  vs. Efrain Escudero
Best KO: Johny Hendricks
Best Sub: n/a
Manvel "The Anvil" Gamburyan  vs. Diego Nunes - Thought this was a solid opener. Nunes kicks were solid, was able to keep distance to throw them and was able to avoid Gamburyan's takedowns.

Jacob Volkmann  vs. Efrain Escudero - wasn't an exciting fight at all. First round was really bad.

Anthony Njokuani  vs. Danny "Hurricane" Castillo-Njokuani was totally shut down in this fight and couldn't get his striking game started in any way. I was a bit surprised at that but hats off to Castillo for totally imposing his will and taking the fight where he wanted to.

Ross Pearson  vs. Junior Assuncao - Thought this was a well matched even fight that could have gone either way. I rally thought that Assuncao was going to take this going into the fight but Pearson continues to improve.

Nam Phan  vs. "Lil" Jimy Hettis-Hettis is a beast! What a dominating display and ground control. Phan had a lot of heart surviving especially in the first round. Hettis couldn't complete his submission attempts and has a bit of work to do there and once he does he is going to be a contender.

Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko vs. Alexander Gustafsson - Not to much to comment on. A feeling out process trying to gauge distance and boom, it's over. A solid win for Gustafsson and maybe a future endeavors for the Janitor.

Jon Fitch  vs. Johny Hendricks -a huge win for Hendricks and a good thing for the welterweight division for Fitch to lose. Hendricks looks to be back on track and a couple more top 10 wins should earn him a title shot. Why did Stitch cut some of Hendricks beard off after the win??
Dong Hyun "Stun Gun" Kim  vs. Sean Pierson - thought this was a solid fight. That was a cool throw and reversal in the first round. Amazing how many crane kicks Kim was throwing and Pierson was lucky the one in the 2nd landed at the end of the round or we was done.

Nate Diaz  vs. Cowboy Donald Cerrone -was really looking forward to this fight and it didn't disappoint in the slightest. Herb Dean was great, "touch gloves...or not!" That was great. Diaz put on an amazing boxing display, looked just like Nick. His accuracy was incredible here. After Diaz' last two fights, I would really be interested in seeing a Diaz vs Rory MacDonald rematch or a fight against Ben Henderson.

Brock Lesnar  vs. Alistair Overeem- Vicious knees did Brock in and that liver kick was devastating. Bas Rutten would be proud. Don't like The Reem nickname, that's bad. What is wrong with staying with The Demolition Man? Looking forward to Overeem vs Dos Santos.
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Grant Zwarych
Observer Index

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Donald Cerrone vs. Nate Diaz
Worst Fight: None
1) Nam Pham vs. Jimy Hettes:  Wow, Hettes is sick on the ground and
looked impressive.  What made it more impressive was Nam Pham is no
joke as a fighter.  Pham always brings a good fight and showed some
very good bjj defense, but Hettes was all over him like a real life
Spider-Man.  Looking forward to seeing more fights from Hettes.  Even
though he lost, Pham still put up a fight and was able to avoid getting
finished even after being locked in submissions and getting nasty shots
on the ground, so my hats off to Pham.
2) Alexander Gustafsson vs Vladimir Matyushenko:  This was a classic
booked fight from Joe Silva as you have a young gun going up against an
aging, but respected veteran.  Silva's goal was for Gustafsson to
defeat Matyushenko convincingly and start building him up the ranks of
the Light Heavyweight division.  That result happened and a result I
expected.  Gustafsson needs to add some muscle to his frame if he keeps
winning because Jon Jones will muscle him around if they ever fight.  
For Matyushenko, there is a certain love either Dana White or Joe Silva
have for him.  I get the feeling one of those guys or possibly both
grew up being big fans of his, so I doubt he will be cut anytime soon.
3) Jon Fitch vs. Johnny Hendricks: I wasn't
shocked Hendricks KO Fitch, I was shocked that it happened in 12
seconds.  I personally am a big fan of Jon Fitch.  I am one of the few
people who don't complain about his fights.  My heart goes out to him
after having surgery and then coming back to suffer a loss like this. 
That is the beauty of MMA, truly anything can happen.    Dana White
must be happy with this result.  Fitch was on a cusp of a title shot
and now he is far away from one now.  White hates Fitch's fighting
style and has worked around giving him a second shot with a long time
now.  Now, Fitch has no leg to stand on and White couldn't be happier.
4) Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone:  Fight Of The Night easily.  I think
when we all saw the card, we all predicted that would happen.   Simply,
Diaz got inside the head of Cerrone.  That is the Diaz brothers game
plan for every fight.  Diaz brothers always act like punks going into a
fight, their opponent can only think about KO'ng them and their game
plan is all out of wack.   Cerrone finally found his game plan in
second round, but it was too late. The Cowboy took way too much damage
in Round 1 and was tired in Round 3.   My favorite part of the fight
was Greg Jackson's yelling at Cerrone coming out for Round 3 which made
this great fight that much more dramatic.
5) Brock Lensar vs. Alistair Overeem:  I was pulling for Brock, but I
am not shocked by the result either.  The most dangerous part of
Overeem's game is his strikes.  He threw perfectly timed knees and then
connected with a shot the liver.   Anyone who knows anything about
fighting, knows liver shots are nasty.  Once I saw Overeem throw the
kick to the liver, I knew Brock was going down.   Brock's retirement
was a class act.   Who knows if he is really going to retire, but me
bring a huge Brock fan and knowing he always values family first, I
believe its real.   Plus, who knows how his body has been effected by
the diverticulitis and also the surgery.
Overall thoughts:  I enjoyed this show.  Big fights get the blood
going.  Gets everyone in the room excited and that is what Lesnar vs.
Overeem produced.  This is the big difference from the UFC and the WWE.
  Now, this feeling will happen again for the WWE with Rock vs Cena, but
this will only happen one time a year.  UFC has this feeling four or
five times a year.   At my regular job,  everyone was talking about
this fight and they all where either ordering it or watching it
somewhere.  Nobody ever talks about pro wrestling with me anymore and
they know I am involved in the pro wrestling business.
The only negative with the show is the fact that they did not promote
Junior Dos Santos their Heavyweight Champion that much.  I don't
remember if they showed him before the Brock and Overeem fight.  They
should have scheduled time for a promo with JDS asking who he thinks
will win.  Then after the winner of the fight, instead of showing JDS
at the side of the cage, have him come right into the middle of the
cage and face off with Overeem with Dana White between them.   The UFC
does a lot of things right, but this is something they really slack off
Also, Gina Carano is very attractive, but it was embarrassing when they
showed her dancing like a drunk broad in the audience.  She did redeem
herself with a good interview about the movie.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA

UFC 141
Thumbs up, not one of the best cards of the year but mostly entertaining
Best fight: Nate vs, Cerrone but it wasn't THAT good (because how bad Cerrone choked) 
Worst fight: nothing was really bad, although it was only Escudero's late sub attempt that saved that fight from stinking. Volkmann is Sonnen without a brain, charisma or boxing skill.
KO: Hendricks
Sub: none
Nunes-Manny was a pretty good fight. More competitive than I was expecting.
Volkmann-Escudero, I already said. Don't get why Escudero is expected top be any tougher this time around, but he was the one trying to finish the fight at least.
Kim-Pierson was also decent and better than I expected. Pierson has skills, he's just too late to the dance. Too bad. Kim showing new abilities, good for him. Kim gets dicked out of a 10-8 by the judges. What else is new. For the last fb card, not a great sendoff.
On Spike, Castillo-Njokuani was good. Njokuani also showing some new skills, making Castillo look better in beating him.
Assuncao looked completely better than in his last fight, also making Pearson look better in winning. Pretty eh for the Spike sendoff as well.
On the top card, Hettes was impressive as all hell in totally drubbing Nam Phan. What planet did this kid drop down from? I had it 30-24 with a 10-7 in the 1st, and even the Three Blind Mice had to go 25, 25 and 26.
Gustafson continues to show a lot of raw talent in KOing Vladdy with a jab.
Hendricks shocks with the 1 punch, 12 sec. KO of the otherwise durable Fitch. Quick KOs like that always have a fluke component but it kind of puts a lot of things in perspective. Not that it was an issue but how can a beard like his be legal? It's more padding than an MMA glove.
Cerrone like I said choked. The mind games were too much for him. He was slow, wooden and weak. The crispness of his last few fights was AWOL. Even Jackson lost it and yelled at him. Good job by Nate but I reserve being overly impressed, he beat a guy who wasn't there.
Reem. What can you say? Odds are Brock didn't really recover from the illnes and surgery, but there's a chance the same thing would have happened on the best night he ever had, too (Cain also---they maybe are just that much better fighters than him). He DID take about 5 body knees and a liver kick before crumpling---most heavyweights would have crumpled about 3 knees from Alistair before. The fight lived up to the expectation even if it wasn't competitive. Reem seemed lean even at 263 and was by far the physically stronger of the two.
Thumbs up. Very entertaining and oddly even with the wrestling LESS of a zoo than usual for Japan NYE. Weak matches at the very top hurt the card.
Best fight: I'm gonna call it a draw between the ReMix fight and... the Barnett-Suzuki wrestling match. Best fucking wrestling match I've seen in many years.
Worst fight: Aerts-Fujita wrestling match was pretty bad
KO: Saddulaev (via Suplex)
Sub: Megumi
Saddulaev's Suplex on Tokoro was SCARY. Ref seemed to take forever but rewatching it really wasn't, just one of those things you don't expect and are hard to realize and react quickly to.
Thought Banuelos-Imanari was pretty bad. Very little engagement.
Fernandes just way too much for Marques, as expected.
Was sort of resting my eyes during the first kickboxing match.
Thought Widlund did as well as he could in the other one, given he was an undersized, outgunned late sub. When Kubo decided to put him away, done deal.
Sakurai vs. Chonan was nothing to write home about either. Two older slowed down guys.
Kawajiri continues to look monstrous at 145. Outwrestles Olympic wrestler Miyata like he wasn't even there. Shouldn't have been a mismatch but it was.
Karla Benitez was hot dancing her way in. Not so hot getting tapped by Megumi in seconds. Nothing other than a mismatch.
Then Barnett and Suzuki put on a wrestling match that burns the joint down. Incredible pace and technique. Two big guys moving like lightweights. No daylight, no bullshit. The art of pro wrestling exhibited. Holds, throws and counters, just enough striking and highspots. One of the best wrestling matches I ever saw. Schillavello btw like I suspected he would be is GREAT at calling rassling, plays it completely straight, no stupid jokes or perverted crap, wish he'd do it full time, leave MMA to the experts.
Then comes a completely incomprehensible skit involving Inoki on a cross, the Japanese economy, Tiger Jeet and Ali Singh, a picture of Ueda (none of whom Schillavello or the other two nitwits knew), two kendo sticks and a sword. It would have had to be a zillion times more logical to achieve making no sense. Oh well. Didn't help that the translator nitwit didn't translate.
Then comes a whole second opening ceremony for the rest of the card.
The comes the ReMix Fight, whichis what they're calling rules that had last year for Aoki and the cosplay trannie kickboxer who knocked him out, which is still the greatest thing in the history of life. MMA gloves, one 3m round kickboxing, one 5m round MMA, no decision (draw if no stoppage). This year it's Nagashima (the TV) vs. Kikuno, who takes the whole deal a lot more seriously than Aoki did. The kickboxing round is just a riot as Kikuno flattens Nagashima and almost stops him then Nagashima flattens Kikuno at the end of the round. Kikuno does not screw around in the MMA round and takes him down and finishes him with G&P from back mount. WAY fun fight.
Bibi destroys Banuleos quick in the BW tourney final, cutting the ring from the bell, scoring a delayed reaction KD (Light Bulb Head Mikey: 'he just tripped')  and pouncing and finishing him with G&P.
Tell you the truth, if they'd quit right there, would have been a hell of a card. Would have been a lot shorter than NINE FUCKING HOURS, too. Too much.
But no. Jerome LeB and Timmy Sylvia have to rassle. JLB is somehow the champ for Inoki. The kickboxers rassle with boxing gloves. It isn't as bad as it could have been, they keep it mostly believable and pretty short. 
Now Aerts and Iron Head Fujita rassle. This is more of a standard rassling match with Fujita heeling. Peter kicks him around awhile then Fujita taps him with a Boston Crab. A little on the hammy side.
Now there's a tag with Sakuraba and Shibata vs. Suzukawa and Sawada. It's entertaining. Saku does schitck where he's been out of wrestling so long he doesn't remember the rules. He seems maybe legit not 100% with it, either. Shibata and Suzukawa provide the athletics. Suzukawa is very believable. After the match it's a schmazz with Sawada going after Saku with chairs. Fat Mikey and Light Bulb Head Mikey mark out and are explaining why it's real. Great.
The top three matches however disappoint. Takeshi gives a lukewarm effort in taking Takaya to a dull 5 in a failed attempt to take the FW title. Takaya does as much as he can with an opponent who won't engage but the result isn't much fun to watch.
Aoki carries his weird little girlfriend Kitaoka the full 5 in a grappling sparring session impersonating a LW title defense. At moments a fight breaks out. Not much fun either.
In the main Ishii, although in shape and willing, is just nowhere nearer in the same league as a somewhat slimmed down Fedor than he would have been if they had made this for his debut fight a few years ago like they wanted to, and Fedor mercifully ends it quickly with a clean KO.

Crimson Mask

How do I rate a PPV that had most of my favorites losing but produced solid action?
I have to say thumbs up because I am in no way sorry I purchased the show.
Can't really give best/worst fight decisions because I'm too big a fan of those involved.
I loved the hell out of the Fitch fight.  I don't know about the guy personally, he may
be the nicest guy ever, but I find his fighting style horribly dull and uninteresting.
Jim Hettes was very impressive again and could be a player in the division if he can
improve his ground game.  I am laughably new to jiu jitsu and I was screaming at his
positioning for submissions.  Seriously, you switch to mount holding a head-and-arm?
Opposite of Fitch, I admire Nate Diaz' ability and despise him otherwise, not to mention
being a big Cerrone fan.  That said, Diaz was incredible and deserves that win.
Lastly, of all the ways I figured the Lesnar/Reem fight would go, I NEVER thoughtof
attacking Brock's gut and don't recall anyone else mentioning it.  Brilliant, really.
Looking back and watching a second time, his head really didn't look into the fight, like
he was distracted. 
As for Brock, has anyone affected the sport so drastically in such a short period of
time?  He's got a huge legacy with 8 fights.  EIGHT FIGHTS and he's almost an icon.  But,
I admire the man.  Sometimes it takes more guts to walk away - and we all know he had a
multi-million fight with Mir on the table for the taking.
Better to walk away than become Hulk Hogan, I suppose.
Mike DeGeorge

Thumbs up for the show.
Best Fight was Diaz Vs Cerrone
There were two three round absolute maulings, a fight where someone
did the Crane Kick Daniel-San style, Two fights that ended by
knockout, and a fight that ended because the Yeti kicked Sasquatch in
his vital organs. All in all I say I was entertained. People are
saying Brock goes back to the WWE now, I don't think he'll go back
full time, but if  he can get a contract like Rock or Taker where he
makes a few big show appearances a year, I can see that.

Damien Williams

Earlier today, on the National Geographic Channel, they replayed a show about a Killer Whale who fought a Great White Shark all caught on video.  They both shot in underwater, and minutes later they both emerged, the Orca came up victorious with the White Shark upside down in its mouth and afterwards tore out the shark’s liver.  After this attack, the sharks of that area left the Farallon Islands, basically “retiring” from that area.  Who would’ve thought this battle was the perfect representation of what would happen when Alistair Overeem faced off with Brock Lesnar … complete with liver attack!  Very significant fight and there will never be another figure like Brock Lesnar in the world of MMA and Wrestling plus we have the two best stand-up heavyweights in history to look forward to.  Dos Santos-Overeem, can’t wait!

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Hi Dave,
   Just wanted to give my quick thoughts regarding UFC 141. I would have to say it was thumbs down for the most part, and nothing really stood out as a great fight. The Nate Diaz - Donald Cerrone fight was the best fight of the night, but in my opinion came across as sloppy by both fighters even though the pre fight antics were entertaining. The worst fight of the night had to be the main event only because the build up for the fight was big, but you probably had to see the result coming a mile away if you really looked at the fight. In my opinion Brock came back too soon from surgery, and returning to the cage and fighting someone as dangerous as Alistair is just insane. I give Brock is due credit for coming back from his illness and getting back in the mix, but even a healthy Brock before the surgery would have had little chance of beating someone like Overreem. Hopefully Brock thinks twice about retirement since he is a big draw, but if it's for health reasons then of course he made the right decision. Brock will always be a huge draw if and when he chooses to go back to WWE, but it was just sad to see him appear to just give up in the fight and just let the ref call it. Ah well, it was my first UFC purchase of a PPV in about a year, who can afford these things every month at 50 bucks a pop?! Too bad it was a lackluster PPV in my opinion, but at least we have some good fights coming up on Fox and FX next month. Actually there are so many free fights coming up soon, that I don't think I'll buy another PPV for probably a long time and just catch them at the local sports bar instead.

Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

I give UFC 141 a thumbs up. 
Great show to end the year with.  Overeem is a beast and if anyone was going to beat Lesnar it would have to be him. He seems like a new generation of heavyweight even though he's been around for a while and it's hard to imagine 2012 ending and Overeem not being the heavyweight champion.    Dos Santos has his work cut out for him. Maybe Lesnar vs Undertaker will happen after all.  Diaz vs. Cerrone is fight of the night.  I love to watch the Diaz brothers fight. In any other fight I would have picked Cerrone to win except for this one but I had no idea it would be so one sided. Hendricks beating Fitch was upset of the night.  Hettes is the breakout star of this show.  I had him over Phan 30-25.  And Njokuani over Castillo 29-28.  Rest of the fights were decent, nothing horrible.
Jason McNeil

UFC 141
Thumbs in the Middle
Best Fight - Cerrone v Diaz
Worst Fight - Lesnar v Overeem
*I watched at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Chicago area.  Place packed, as always.  A hardcore UFC crowd that reacted to big shots and booed the Diaz decision.   Nobody left over a 3 hour period.
David Kaplan


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