Obsever back issue special: The first 15 Royal Rumbles

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The 15 issues included in this special are the ones covering the first 15 Royal Rumble (PPV events started in 1990) events, which are:


February 1’88, January 23 ’89, February 1’90, January 28’91, January 27’92, February 1’93, January 31 ’94, January 30’95, January 29’96, January 27’97, January 26’98, February 1’99, January 31 ’00, January 29 ’01, January 28 ‘02


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Feb. 1 (10)                              Complete coverage of the promotion’s 1/24 head to head events-

Nassau Coliseum’s Bunkhouse Stampede finals  vs Hamilton’s Royal Rumble

Mike George wins WWA World title tournament in Kansas City

Fujinami & Kengo Kimura win IWGP belts from Fujiwara & Yamazaki


Jan. 23 (8)                               Dusty Rhodes leaves NWA

WWF Royal Rumble 1/15 card coverage

AWA & Jarrett Promotions split

Bam Bam Bigelow history in NWA

Chris Benoit wins Commonwealth mid-heavyweight belt from Davey Boy Smith


Feb. 1 (8)                                 Titan signs Mike Tyson as special ref for Hogan vs Savage

Royal Rumble 1/21 card coverage

AJPW & NJPW going to work together for 1st time in more than a decade

Akira Maeda does job for Nobuhiko Takada 1/16 in Tokyo

NWA booking committee trimmed down


Jan. 28 (10)                             WWF Royal Rumble 1/19 card coverage-Sgt Slaughter wins WWF title

Observer Research Reveals Vince’s Baldness Fetish

At what point does bad taste cross the line

Transcript of column sent to The National re the war angle

Vader wins IWGP title from Fujinami 1/17

Diamond Dallas Page debuts in WCW


Jan 27 (10)                              Joel Goodhart declares bankruptcy

WWF Royal Rumble 1/19 card coverage- Flair wins WWF title

More Wrestling Observer award winners

Strange story, Bret Hart loses IC title to The Mountie who loses to Roddy Piper

WCW debuts Jesse Ventura at the Clash


Feb 1 (10)                                Royal Rumble 1/24 card coverage

Flair still not signed by WCW

Jim Cornette to return to TBS

Kerry Von Erich apprehended on drug charge

WWF Superstars 1/25 taping hilights

Number of wrestlers finishing up in WWF


Jan 31 (10)                               Dusty Rhodes resigns as WCW booker

Royal Rumble 1/24 card coverage

Arn Anderson files suit against Sid Vicious over England stabbing incident

UWA & EMLL wrestling union break up

London tabloid has story on Dynamite Kid

Lots of commission problems in Washington & Oregon


Jan 30 (12)                               Royal Rumble 1/22 card coverage Jeff Jarrett wins IC title from Razor Ramon

123 Kid & Bob Holly win tag belts over Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka

Angle to bring Ric Flair back to be at the 1/25 Clash

Woody Strode passes away

Ray Stevens hospitalized

Nu Jack of The Gangstas arrested

Weekly Pro Wrestling awards


Jan 29 (12)                              The Monday night war-how it’s changed wrestling

Royal Rumble 1/21 card coverage-Goldust wins IC tiotle from Razor Ramone

Clash of Champions XXXII 1/23 card coverage

Buddy Fuller passes away-quick career recap

Extreme Fighting was subject on Phil Donahue show

Stan Hansen & Gary Albright win double tag titles from Kawada & Taue

Speculation of Atsushi Onita return

Jerry O passes away


Jan 27 (12)                              More UFC problems-this time New York

Royal Rumble 1/19 card coverage- Shawn Michaels wins WWF title

WCW sets company record 1/20 in Chicago

Mitsuhara Misawa wins triple crown from Kenta Kobashi

Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue win double belts from Williams & Johnny Ace

Clash of Champions XXXIV 1/21 card coverage

Request TV confirms ECW PPV for 4/13

Major news concerning meeting with Giant Baba & Atsushi Onita

John Lober defeats Frank Shamrock 11/17 in Honolulu

World Vale Tudo 1/19 San Paolo results-the debut of Mark Kerr in MMA


Jan 26 (16)                              Will Tyson vs Austin be the most publicized match ever?

Bobo Brazil passes away

Royal Rumble 1/18 card coverage

Champions roll call for 1997 along with top drawing cards

A lot of craziness in Portland revolving around Matt Borne

Mark Kerr legal situation up in the air

The Quebecers debut in WWF


Feb 1 (18)                                WCW vs WWF business trends over the years

Royal Rumble 1/24 card coverage- Rock regains WWF title vs Mankind

Kawada suffers broken wrist in triple crown win over Misawa

UFO 12/30 card coverage

Some controversy in refereeing of Bas Rutten vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka match


Jan 31 (18)                              WCW gives releases to Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko, Saturn, Douglas & Konan

Royal Rumble 1/23 card coverage-Jericho wins IC title

Al Costello passes away-career retrospect

Bobby Duncum Jr & Raul Reyes pass away

WWF pulls developmental territory deal in Memphis from Randy Hales

Rings 12/22 card coverage

Multifacetico killed by gang in Mexico City


Jan 29 (12)                              Royal Rumble 1/21 card coverage-Jericho wins IC belt from Benoit

Kenta Kobashi blows out knee

Saturday Night magazine has lengthy story on the Hart family problems

Scott Steiner arrested

Much talk on potential shut down and relaunch of WCW under WWF banner

Main event draws


Jan 28 (12)                              NJPW in chaos-Muto, Ishizawa & Kojima give notice

Imminent arrival of Hall & Nash teased on Raw

Royal Rumble 1/20 card coverage-William Regal wins IC title from Edge

Tradition of Memphis wrestling on WMC-TV returns

Hilights of Jim Ross press conference





Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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