OVW TV report for this coming Saturday's go-home show

By Trent Vandrisse

Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for January 4th, 2012. This was the "go home" for for the January 7th Saturday Night Special, but wasn't especially strong as go home shows go, but did have a few nice moments. This didn't feel like a show they put a great deal of time and thought into though. Only a few matches are known for the Saturday Night Special. The show is strongly focused on the cage match of one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes vs Mohamad Ali Vaez, with Hayes having to quit wrestling if he loses. The show is being called "Steel Cage Apocalypse".

The returning Dean Hill, along with Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 100.

The elaborate entrance of Chad Deity, featuring OVW's own Jamin Olivencia, has opened at Actors Theater of Louisville, and will run thru February 4th.

Bryan Alvarez conducted an interview with his new favorite wrestler, OVW's Chris Silvio, on the January 3rd Figure Four Daily podcast. It can be heard at this link, but a subscription to the Figure Four/Observer site is required to access it.

"Superstar" Bill Dundee will be appearing at the January 11th OVW TV taping, selling copies of his new book, which is titled "If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question".

1. Brandon Espinosa beat Mike Sydal

Dark match. Mike Sydal is the legit younger brother or WWE Superstar Evan Bourne. Sydal in control early. Espinosa answered back with a big clothesline, and held control for awhile. Sydal came back with some dropkicks, his matrix move, and an enziguri. Espiniosa though, caused Sydal to do the banana splits, and then gave Sydal a forearm shiver while he was splitting. Espinosa then won with his cobra clutch into a face plant.

2. Elvis Pridemore beat Nick Dumeyer

Also a dark match, thank goodness. Pridemore with a big spin wheel kick. Dumeyer took over the match after giving Pridemore a clothesline to the back of the head. Dumeyer though made the "cardinal" mistake of knocking Elvis' beloved red baseball hat off of his head. This always causes Elvis to fire up instantly. The easiest way to beat Elvis is just don't touch his hat. Pridemore with a back suplex on Dumeyer, followed by a flying forearm. Pridemore got the win with his reverse stunner move.

3. Tony Gunn beat Pete Hatton

Also a dark match. Still not sure if I have Pete's last name right. He comes off to me like a poor mans version of Randy Orton. The goofy Gunn was wearing a green and black singlet, with tights with stars all over them. Gunn had his stuffed bear with him, which is named Ralphie. Match got off to a fast start. Pete lost his gum, so that sick freak Gunn put it in his mouth, and chewed it the rest of the match. Chewing another mans ABC gum...Yikes. Pete with some offense in, but missed a second rope dropkick. Gunn then won with his firemans carry into a diamond cutter finisher.

4. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Taryn Shay beat Randy Terrez to retain the OVW TV title

This was the start of the TV taping. Green with his usual long ring intro for Silvio. One the match began, Silvio managed to evade Terrez successfully early on. Terrez hit his flying kidney punch. Terrez with a 'Rana that sent Silvio to the floor. Terrez went to the floor, but was distracted by both Mo Green and Taryn Shay out there. Back in the ring, Silvio in the tree of woe. Terrez with a dropkick while Silvio hung upside down. Green and Shay again ran a distraction, allowing Silvio to hit Terrez with his "Rocket punch" finisher to win the match, and retain the OVW TV title. I was disappointed with this match somewhat. I thought these guys might click, but they didn't work together very well at all.

Some flunkys came out and set a pink blanket on the mat, a half of a mannequin wearing Paredyse' peacock feathers and a pink hat, a pink rocking horse/unicorn, and Christmas lights wrapped around the ring ropes.

While the "set"(?) was being constructed, a video aired of the recent problems between Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa. The basic story is Espinosa is homophobic, and doesn't like Paredyse' antics one bit.

Referee Chris Sharpe came up to Lennox Norris backstage and told him he has a match against ???. They had the volume low here, couldn't hear all they said. When Sharpe left, Ted McNaler came up to Norris and asked him if he's seen Adam Revolver. McNaler and Revolver had a violent break up of their "Elite" tag team last week. Norris told McNaler that he senses pent up frustration from him, and offered to give McNaler his match tonight, as a way to get his frustrations out.

Out came Paredyse to his wacky "Moment in Paredyse" set wearing white jeans with pink dye on them, a yellow ball cap with pink on it, no shirt, and a blue tie. Paredyse took a ride on the rocking horse, but it caused the mannequin to fall over, so Paredyse covered it for a pinfall. Was that a Katie Vick moment in Paredyse or something? Paredyse talked about the Hayes vs Vaez cage match, saying he'd like to get Vaez in a cage, and put over his "swimmers build", but Paredyse said he was picking Hayes in that one.
Paredyse said Brandon Espinosa has yet to answer his challenge to face him on January 7th. Paredyse showed some video footage of last week when Christian Mascagni was warming up for his "fight"(?) against Mike Mondo, and Espinosa was massaging Mascagni's shoulders. Paredyse had the clip played a few more times in slow motion. They also had a machine here blowing bubbles at Paredyse, but it came unplugged during the segment.
Out to the floor came Brandon Espinosa. Espinosa claimed he was studying to be masseuse. Paredyse challenged Espinosa to get into the ring, Espinosa was very reluctant to do so, but finally did. Once he did, Paredyse turned his back on Espinosa, and ordered Espinosa to take a shot at him. Espinosa didn't hit him. Paredyse said it proved Esponisa didn't have the cajones to face him. Espinosa did finally accept Paredyse' challenge to face him on January 7th.
Quite a flat and weak segment. Paredyse came off sort of uncomfortable to watch here, almost heelish to a degree, and the crowd was pretty dead.

5. Epiphany beat CJ Lane

Ladies match here. Lane seems to go back and forth between the face and heel role weekly. Just whatever they think they need at the time. Epiphany attacked Lane from behind, and kept control with a body slam. Epiphany hit a leg drop, and won the match in less than a minute.

Out came Price Bolin and James "Moose" Thomas. They didn't mess with the big black Epiphany, but Prince Bolin was going to whip CJ Lane with his belt. Raul Lamotta made the save for Lane, but was beaten down by Moose. They ripped Lamoota tank top off, and Bolin was preparing to whip Lamotta, when Lamotta's accomplice, who still had his face covered up, made the save for him. The accomplice revealed his identity, and it was indeed TNA's Anarquia, who wrestled here for years as "Low Rider" Matt Barela. Not sure what he's going to be called here now, Anarquia I think, but he and Lamotta have officially reformed their Los Locos tag team. Both Lamotta and Barela spoke a lot of Chicano Spanish on the mic. Barela messed up and said he wants a tag title shot against Bolin's men, but they're aren't even the tag champs right now. Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze are. This got a bit confusing to follow exactly, but basically Los Locos are going to face Moose and ???, and if they win, Lamotta gets to hit Prince Bolin with 15 lashes at next weeks TV taping. Clearly people messed up some lines during this segment more than once, but Bolin said they'd only agree to the match if Los Locos returned Rocco Bellagio to them. Anarquia said Bellagio was backstage, but that he won't be much use to them now. The fans were happy to see Anarquia back in OVW, but he didn't give me the impression he was all that thrilled to be back himself.

Adam Revolver came up to Lennox Norris backstage, asking Norris if he's seen Ted McNaler. Norris played the same sly game he played with Ted McNaler earlier, as he told Revolver he looks like he's got some pent up frustrations, and offered Revolver his match tonight, as a way to take his frustrations out. Norris got out of wrestling at all tonight, and had The Elite facing each other, with neither one of them knowing about it. Cute and cleaver booking here.

Ted McNaler vs Adam Revolver never got started

Soon as McNaler saw it was Revolver coming out to wrestle him, he ran to the floor and attacked Revolver, and a spirited pull apart then ensued, both in the ring, and on the floor. This was easily the best thing of this taping so far. The ring filled up with most of male roster, just like it did at the end of last weeks show.
Out to the floor came the director of OVW wrestling operations, Trailer Park Trash. TPT said this wouldn't go down tonight like last week did. TPT ordered a battle royal to start right now, with the winner getting a title shot at OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade next week.
6. Ted McNaler won an impromptu battle royal to earn a shot at the OVW Title

Early on in the battle royal OVW champion Rudy Switchblade came to the floor in street clothes, along with his manager/attourney Christian Mascagni. Los Locos ran out with lead pipes, and chased Prince Bolin and James "Moose" Thomas away. It came down to McNaler, Adam Revolver, Jason Wayne, and Jessie Godderz, who Mascagni also manages. Switchblade and Mascagni got up on the apron, and it provided enough distraction to allow Godderz to eliminate Jason Wayne. Revolver ended up on the floor, but wasn't eliminated. Godderz pressed McNaler over his head, but McNaler got out of it, and eliminated Godderz. Revolver snuck back in the ring and tried to throw McNaler out, but McNaler reversed it and threw Revolver out to win it. Great finish here, and a good sequence leading up to it.

They set a table up in the ring, followed by a long pause.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring, and brought out Mohamad Ali Vaez and Michael Hayes. All three men sat down at the table to "talk for the last time" before the Vaez vs Hayes cage match. Vaez had great facials here, his face was a mask of pure hatred and intensity directed squarely at Michael Hayes. Corsey asked Hayes what he can do to prepare for a cage match, especially since Hayes' career is on the line. Hayes said he can't really prepare for it, that he just needs to go out there and give it all he has. Corsey asked Vaez what's at stake for him in this match. Vaez said what's at stake for him is the integrity of this business. Vaez said Hayes does not belong in the ring. Vaez said to prepare for this match is he's been with OVW for the last 7 years, and he has been in cage matches before. Vaez said Hayes has no idea what he's getting into. Vaez said Hayes' entire career consists of matches against him, and that Hayes is under prepared.
Hayes said while Vaez was in OVW he Hayes was spilling his blood, and crawling in the desert, and putting his life on the line. Hayes said if Vaez thinks he isn't ready for a cage match he's out of his mind. Hayes said he's done things to people he doesn't even know that Vaez can't even imagine, and he knows Vaez. Hayes said most of his wrestling matches were against Vaez, but that Vaez is starting to realize that Hayes is better than him. Hayes said he's better on one leg than Vaez is on two. Vaez knocked Hayes' head into the table, and knocked the table over, and on top of Hayes. Vaez swung a chair at Hayes but missed. Hayes hit his finisher on Vaez, and then paused, but eventually grabbed a chair, and gave Vaez two chair shots to the back.

It wasn't a match, but a good segment to close the show this week, and add even more heat to the Vaez vs Hayes cage match. Weird show though. The first half was bad, the second half was much better. At the end though, it felt like they had more stuff set up for next weeks TV taping, which is packed with stuff, then they have set up for the Saturday Night Special. This Saturday Night Special is going to live and die on the Vaez vs Hayes cage match.

7. Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz beat Jason Wayne & Raul Lamotta

Dark match. Christian Mascagni was not out with Switchblade and Godderz here. First time I've stayed for a post taping dark match in a long time. Much stalling at the start, with Wayne and Lamotta having fun OVW champion Rudy Switchblade's warm up jacket. Wayne wiped his feet on it, Lamotta blew his nose on it. Wayne in total control of Switchblade when the action commenced. Godderz with a powerslam on Lamotta. Lamotta answered back with chops on Godderz. Switchblade had little luck, he got hammered by both Lamotta and Wayne. Lamotta ended up taking the heat. Lamotta fought free after a sloppy double DDT on both Switchblade and Godderz.
Prince Bolin and James "Moose" Thomas came out to the floor to distract Raul Lamotta, and Godderz rolled up Jason Wayne to win it amid the confusion. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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