King Mo talks Lesnar retiring

By Steven Muehlhausen
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Here are the quotes:

Some people have said that Lesnar looked defeated and couldn't wait to get  done with the fight. Lawal saw some tendencies to that and feels that Lesnar got  too much, too fast.
"I think he was nervous," Lawal said. Then he tried to hype the crowd up  by singing/rapping to a song and then when it was over he went into the cage and  that's when looked defeated when he stepped into the cage. I think Brock got  pushed too fast, too soon to his career and probably because he makes a lot of  money. If they woulda built him on right, he could have been a great heavyweight  fighter. I think he helped save the UFC and make them more marketable because he  has such a big following.
Lawal definitely feels that was the case and has strong feelings on why  people feel like Lesnar didn't like to get hit.
"I think so," Lawal said. "But at the same time, I think he knew that he  was getting paid a lot and they (UFC) had to rush him. Personally, I heard he  was running his own show. I think maybe in training he got hit and didn't like  it and they (training staff) modified things, so he wouldn't have to get hit. He  never got adjusted to getting hit. No one likes to getting hit, but after awhile  you tolerate it. You don't think nothing of it."

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