Strikeforce feedback

Thumbs sorta up. Sorta piss poor matchmaking and some very bad reffing but still mostly fun to watch.
Best fight: Saffierdine vs. Stinson
Worst fight: Woodley vs. Mein
KO: Robbie
Sub: none
Very good performance by Payan in the opener. Excellent boxing, particularly the correct use of the jab. Martinez might want to consider devoting what's left of his career to better training rather than stupid hairstyles. In another act of great stupidity, Mauro just throws away the announcement of the Miesha-Ronda fight in an aside after Miesha is shown in the audience.
Very good contrasting styles fight between Legere and Spang. Textbook on how a short wrestler should fight a tall striker. Spang's JJ kept the ground interesting. Good win for Legere.
The always incompetent tall skinny female ref with the long braid Kim Winslow struck again, calling a premature halt for Villante over Smith, who was obviously unhurt and defending intelligently. She would in the manner of amateurs everywhere try to compensate in a later fight and make a far worse and potentially life threatening mistake.  Villante did look sharp for the first time that I've seen. The 'Punchstat' horseshit showed Villante landing 10 of 12 ground strikes. The replay showed maybe three landing and two of them illegally.
Burrell and Terry fought a tight, interesting three, with Burrell's athleticism vs. Terry's better technique being the story of the fight. Burrell takes a disputed 29-28 SD. I personally scored the 2nd even and had it a draw. Most think Terry, fighting over his natural division, won. Close fight in any case. Burrell is like OSP, all the athletic ability in the world, now has to learn to fight.
Pretty good undercard all in all.
On the top card, Saffiedine and Stinson opened up with a great fight. Tarec was pasting Tyler pretty much at will but Tyler sudddenly turned it around with a big elbow that drew blood and put Tarec on his bike. Tarec used his wrestling well from then on but Tyler remained dangerous and cut his other eye with elbows from the bottom and was definitely the more aggressive. Tarec takes the deserved SD but spent a lot of time running and does not look overly strong in doing so.
Woodley and Mein then proceed to stink out the joint for three, and put the blame on Woodley, who found Mein too dangerous to risk anything but TD/L&P. Even at that Mein was active enough from the bottom to win one card, but you couldn't really argue the decision.  The fat ref with the toupee lets Woodley lay for most of the fight, but stands them up in the 3rd with Mein going for Kimura. Sigh. This supposedly sets up a rematch between Tyron and Tarec for the title vacated by Nicky The Pothead, with both guys looking weak. I'm not sure what SF is supposed to do for the next year, as thin as their roster is and supposedly frozen in place now.
Speaking of which, who the hell decided to throw Larkin to King Mo? That's like child abuse or something. Mo squashed him like a bug which Stevie Wonder could have seen coming. Kim Incompetent stands them up with Mo pounding the shit out of him, hello?, and then exacrerbates the situation by getting in EIGHT PUNCHES LATE for the stoppage. Mo let her have it after the fight and good for him. Where the fuck did she get her ref license? Wal Mart? Revoke it before she gets one of these kids killed. But again, what is Mo supposed to do now? Are he and Mousasi supposed to fight each other for the next 10 years? Is Feijao in SF or UFC? Mike Kyle? Does anybody even know? And those 4 guys are the whole division as of now.
Perfect little morality play in the Lawler-Amagiv fight as Amagov, against all standup-war expectations, takes Robbie down in the opening seconds and then proceeds to apply a grazing and absolutely illegal knee to the head, losing a point which quicky becomes academic as Robbie then applie a completely legal flying knee to Amagov's head then pounds him silly with hooks to the head from ride position. (I commented before the fight that it would have made more sense to give Lawler the title shot than Jardine. Well... )
... because Jardine, who had NEVER FOUGHT AT MW, obviously had ZERO business in the ring with Rockhold, who made short work of him, doesn't really merit further discussion. Again though, what is SF supposed to for the next year, with the roster this thin. After Tim Kennedy and Lawler and Jacare, who is there, and they've all beaten each other already anyway? I really can't comprehend what they're thinking with this. This makes the WEC brand split logic look like E=mc2.  Rockhold alludes to it in his promo, talking about them bringing guys FROM UFC for him to fight. In that case what's even the point? It becomes silliness on the order of boxing titles, with two champions in the same company in the same division.

Crimson Mask

Overall Thumbs In The Middle
Best Match = Tarec Saffiedine vs Tyler Stinson
Worst Match = Tyron Woodley vs Jordan Mein
Show was fine nothing really bad fighting wise. The massive downer for the show was a combination of some bad referee calls and some really bad Judging. 
To me Villante should have been looked at for the strikes to the back of the head and the fight was called way to early.
The next 3 fights (Burrell/Terry, Saffiedine/Stinson & Woodley/Mein) were all botched by the judges. 
I had 29-28 Terry, 29-28 Saffiedine & 30-27 Woodley
These 3 fights need to be sent to every fighter under contract with the UFC/Strikeforce as an example of why leaving it to the judges is a massive mistake.

Matt Smith

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