TNA Genesis PPV live coverage from Orlando - Roode vs. Hardy; Angle vs. Storm

Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's TNA Genesis PPV from Orlando.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, as well as last night's Strikeforce show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Good opener.  Ion pinned Kash first with a 450 and then Aries hit Sorensen with the 450 but Sorensen kicked out.  Sorensen pinned Ion with an inside cradle.  Ion interfered, distracted the ref, and cost Sorensen the match.  In the end, Sorensen was on the top rope and Ion from outside the ring, pulled his leg and he was crotched.  Aries did a dropkick into the corner and won with a brainbuster off the middle rope.

Terrence & Terrell were all dressed up with chains and flashy clothes and sunglasses.  Both 16.  Jeremy Borash wanted to know why they were acting like this.  Pope said he wanted to slap Borash, who he called BJ, and said he would except nobody would be there to hold the mic. 


Terrence & Terrell were out in Pope's corner.  After all those months of building they already blew off the angle.  Pope beat down Devon and told his kids to attack him.  The kids hesitated.  Pope told them again and they again hesitated.  Pope then attacked both twins, decking both.  Devon then made a comeback.  Crowd was very hot for the comeback.  Devon got the pin with a reverse suplex and Devon and his kids left together.  Thought it was way too fast to do this but a lot more heat than the match would have had otherwise.

Sting with Velvet Sky.  Velvet Sky wanted to Knockouts VP job.  She said she's been loyal, been here for five years.  Said Madison Rayne interferes all the times in matches.  Sky wouldn't shut up or let Sting talk.  Even with the babyfaces you can see the person scripting this has a woman hating fetish.  She had an idea to keep Rayne occupied during the Gail Kim vs. Mickie James angle.  I think they are going to put Rayne in a cage above the ring.  They didn't say it but Sky said she had an idea and Sting said it was a phenomenal idea.


Short match.  RVD looked like he's dropped some weight and he seemed more motivated than of late.  They did what appears to be an injury angle with RVD.  Gunner peeled off the mat from the floor and then Ric Flair distracted ref Earl Hebner and Gunner laid RVD out with a DDT on the floor.  Gunner threw RVD into the ring and pinned him.  They immediately sent in EMTs and put RVD in a neck brace and put him on a stretcher and carried him out.

Jeff Hardy interview.  Hardy super over to this crowd.  Hardy said he was modest.  He said he's been resurrected.


They do have a cage set up at ringside to put Madison Rayne in.  Velvet Sky came out and threw Rayne into the cage and they hung the cage from the ceiling.  Remember the days when they advertised stips ahead of time and promoted them with the idea you might want to pay to see them?  Granted, selling PPVs is obsolete in TNA today.  Just not sure what we're doing today.
The two had their smoothest match thus far but total crap finish.  Rayne threw Brass Knux from the cage.  They bounced on the mat and rolled out of the ring.  Ref Brian Stiffler went out of the ring to grab them.  Kim  then told Rayne to do it again, so she threw another set of Knux from the cage.  This time James got them and hit Kim with them but the ref saw James use them and disqualified her for it.  Crowd wasn't happy at all with that one.


Abyss won the match with a black hole slam onto a barbed wire board.  The crowd liked the match by the end because of a few stunts.  It was one of those matches where they don't do much of anything, and spend a long time setting up contrived stuff, but the stunts involved a lot of weapons.  There were a ton of no sell spots early.  At one point Abyss was the meat in a barbed wire board sandwich and Ray came off the top rope with a senton but Abyss kicked out.  Abyss choke slammed Ray through a table for a near fall.  Ray gave Abyss a rock bottom onto a barbed wire board for a near fall.  Abyss choke slammed Ray on thumb tacks for another near fall.  Abyss also used a cheese greater to the groin, and there were garbage can lid shots and a lot of kendo stick shots.  I thought it was awful most of the way but the crowd got into the big stunts at the end.


Morgan & Crimson won with a double choke slam on Magnus and Morgan got the pin.  Joe worked hard here and was almost able to carry it.  In the middle of the match, they showed Ray and Abyss still brawling backstage which hurt the match a lot and they never got the crowd completely back.  Funniest thing was when Crimson was getting beaten down, there was a "We Want Morgan chant" and then there was a "No we don't" chant.

James Storm interview.  He tried to get the crowd to chant "You suck" at Kurt Angle.


This was mind-boggling on many levels.  The crowd was dead for most of the match, even Storm would kick out of moves like moonsaults and an Olympic slam.  It was a lot of the usual Angle stuff, but Angle is way toned down trying to protect himself and for whatever reason, his stuff wasn't getting over.  It was making Storm look like the opposite of a hot star.  And then the finish was Storm going for a superkick, but Angle put Earl Hebner in front.  Storm held up.  With Hebner out of position, Angle kicked Storm low and then kicked him in the head and got a pin.  Fans were stunned that Storm didn't kick out.

They interviewed Bully Ray.  He had blood on his hands and the idea was that he hurt Abyss after the match.


Another awful finish.  The story is Roode kept trying to save the title by walking out and getting counted out but Hardy would get him and throw him in the ring.  Hardy tried a twist of fate on the belt but the ref Brian Hebner stopped him.  Roode went for the pin with his feet on the ropes but Hebner caught him.  Hardy used a schoolboy for a near fall and then Roode blatantly kicked Brian Hebner low for the DQ, just before Hardy hit the twist of fate.  Long match, longer than Hardy has done since he came back.  It was Roode carrying things as Hardy didn't do a lot, but the work itself was fine.  Not a great world title match or a great main event, but a better than average match.  The crowd was far more into this than most TNA mains because people react to Hardy so much better than anyone else on the roster.  But for a PPV from a company where nobody buys the PPVs, this is a really awful finish.

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