TNA Genesis feedback

Thumbs down
Best Match Abyss vs Bully Ray
Worst Match Crimson and Matt Morgan vs Samoa Joe and Magnus
Just an awful awful finish to the main event, i'm so glad i didn't pay for the ppv and watched it at our local Hooters instead.  If I had paid for this I would be so pissed.
Wade Haugen

Hey Dave, first time watching a TNA PPV live online so thought I'd send in my thoughts.

Best match: X-Division opener/Monsters Ball match
Worst match: Knockouts
Thumbs in the middle....

Good start to the PPV with the X-Division match opening up, I like Sorensen & see good things for him but for now, Aries retaining was the right choice. hey need more challengers for him though as they can't have Kash or Sorensen challenging for the title all the time in some shape or form.
Pope vs D-Von was alright for what it was, didn't expect the sons to reunite with their father so soon but the crowd seems to love the feel good moment.
Gunner going over RVD surprised me but as my friend on Skype said, maybe the injury angle was a way of working around the rumours of RVD maybe joining WWE again (kinda reminds me of Christian when the Main Event Mafia beat him down then he left for the WWE). Puts Gunner over but where does he go from here, just putting people on the shelf with manoeuvres on the concrete?
Knockouts, couldn't care less, even though Velvet Sky was smoking hot (did she get her breasts enlarged?). Fuck Mickie James and her constant shots at the title, the added 'bonus' of Madison Rayne being in a cage didn't make me care any more than I tried to...
The Monsters Ball match was a favourite of mine, purely because Bully Ray is a star. Hilarious but can also be an asshole (unlike the supposed asshole, Mr Anderson) that get people to hate him. Fun match but was hoping for a Bully Ray win because Abyss is worthless. Wonder what will happen now with the little backstage skit they did during the Tag Title match. Speaking of which.....

I like the pairing of Joe & Magnus, just a pity Joe is so out of shape. Then again, if a company weren't using you to your potential, I guess you have a right to let yourself go. The only person I didn't care for in the match was Crimson, Matt Morgan is the star of that team and should be in the World Title scene, instead of trying to get Crimson over. I noticed a dual chant saying 'We want Morgan' but a few replied 'no we don't' so those people are obviously idiots or were paid by Crimson to do that. Who will be next to challenge for the titles? Who knows, maybe Eric Young and ODB.......
Our first main event never got out of first gear. Maybe Kurt is trying to keep himself healthy for the Olympic trials but who is he kidding? He probably won't make it as he'll be one of the oldest there...these two could have tore the house down but instead, we had a crummy finish with an awful superkick. Kurt, stick to what you can do, wrestle, not weak kick someone with a trainer/sneaker on.
What is Hardy's face paint all about? Must have got RVD to do it for him while RVD was on the pot. I love Roode and want him to continue as champ but I hate cheap finishes. I know he's a heel and all but what made it worse was Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate then going for the pin when he obviously knew he was going to win by DQ after witnessing Bobby kick the ref in the nuts (man up Hebner, Bully got a cheese grater there instead of a kick, which was bound to be worse lol). I was expecting Sting to come retart the match & threaten Bobby with a title change stip if he got himself intentionally DQed. Maybe we'll have a rematch on Impact this week? Who knows, but hopefully it'll be better than a flat ending to what started out as a decent PPV.
Thanks for reading (first time sending in)

Randall Morrison
from Northern Ireland

Thumbs in the middle
Weird results on this card....i hate that they still do ppv's where they do tv, kills it alot for me. 2 low blows to decide matches back to back?????
Best match Roode v Hardy....simple match but goofy ending. 
Worst match Gunner v RVD...super short and RVD just doesnt work for me anymore.
Wondering why Styles v Daniels wasnt on the card? Didnt catch much of the monsters ball match, pretty sure ive seen it before. Really just wanted to see Angle-Storm even if the dead crowd didnt...Suprised Angle was put over
but i guess its at the next ppv also. Wish the tag belts would have changed hands, current champs are boring. So guess thats it for Pope-Devon feud...did it even start?
Would like to see Kash get more....James-Kim was ok but another silly ending.
Roy Kukuk

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