John LaRocca talks the Larry Blackwell retirement TV show and Blackwell's final match

Hi Dave,
All Pro Wrestling: Gym Wars TV 1/7/12.  Episode 104
This entire show is the APW Universal Heavyweight Titles vs. Larry
Blackwell's Career.  JECKLES defends the title against Larry Blackwell
in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.  This the match that many of hardcore
Northern California indy fans are calling the 2011 Match Of The Year on
the Nor-Cal indy scene.  Long time APW fans where saying it was better
then Vic Grimes vs. Erin O'Grady (Crash Holly) from July 1997 which
Grady hit Grimes with a car door.  This is a wild one with fighting all
over the building, outside the building, and even a nasty bump from the
balcony at the APW gym to the floor.
Larry Blackwell was a very overweight at 400lbs.  When his dad was
hospitalized in late 2010,  Larry made it his goal to lose weight for a
longer and better quality of life.  Larry dropped down to 275lbs by
eating a low calorie diet.  Blackwell made his debut as "Peter Snott"
in a Revenge Of The Nerds gimmick tag team called the Snott Brothers. 
For his size he could move.  When Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan
split from Roland and started PWI,  Peter Snott was renamed Larry
Blackwell as the companies top heel.  Blackwell carried that role for a
year and half, but then was turned babyface and given a lame gimmick as
part of a tag team called the Beach Boyz.   Larry left APW and
wrestling in early 2003 when the then bookers Gabe Ramirez and Jason
Deadrich simply killed the love of wrestling for him with bad booking
and not making it fun anymore.   When I became the booker of APW in
2008, I wanted Larry to come back because I always marveled at his
speed and quickness as a 400lber.Plus, Larry had great in ring
psychology and understood better then anyone big man on the Northern
California indy scene how to work the big man style It took a few
months and after seeing a few shows and seeing how much fun the APW
locker room was having, Larry returned to wrestling again in November
of 2008.   At the end of 2010, Larry told me  that he was only going to
wrestle for one more year and wanted his last match to be in December. 
Larry told me due to wrestling at such a heavy weight it was getting
harder and harder for him to recover after matches.  He wanted to
retire so he could have a better quality of life as he grew older.  Now
this is pro wrestling and retirements do not mean much these days, but
being 35 I do not see Larry ever doing another wrestling match.  I
joked with that he would be back, and he told me he could never go out
on higher note then this and thus does not want to wrestle again.
My opinion of the match is it was very good for being a hardcore match
with a lot of crazy spots and bumps.  Personally, it is not my type of
wrestling.  Since I rarely book hardcore type matches, the crowd loved
every minute of it.  Also since being getting hired by as the APW
booker in 2008, this was the first time I ever used tables and thus the
crowd went nuts for every table break.

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