Multi-time UFC title contender considering retirement due to injury

The Boston Herald has reported that Kenny Florian, 35, who has unsuccessfully challenged for the lightweight and featherweight titles, may have to retire due to a herniated disc in his lower back.

Florian said he had been bothered with back problems for years, but they worsened in November with a weightlifitng injury that hasn't allowed him to do any training, and that both his neurologist and orthopedic doctor have suggested he retire.

Florian categorized his decision as in a holding pattern, looking at taking a few months off from training and hoping he will heal up, and attempting to strengthen other parts of his body.  Florian said he has tingling and numbness down his right leg.

Florian hosts the TV show UFC Tonight and has been used as an announcer on Zuffa events in the past. 

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