OVW TV tapings report 1-11 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for January 11th, 2012. OVW is coming off a high as the January 8th Saturday Night Special, titled "Steel Cage Apocalypse", drew a legit standing room only sell out crowd to the Davis Arena to what in effect was booked as a one match show. Mohamad Ali Vaez beating one legged Iraq war hero in a cage match, and now Hayes must quit wrestling as a result of the pre-match stipulations of the cage match. This TV episode I'm going to recap/review here featured a sad, but uplifting, farewell speech from Michael Hayes.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. Good crowd for a TV taping tonight, around 150, and they were pretty loud for much of the show.

"Superstar" Bill Dundee was in the Davis arena tonight selling copies of his new book, which is titled "If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question".

Here's a link to the Louisville Courier Journal of a review of "The elaborate entrance of Chad Deity" play that is running at Actors Theater of Louisville thru February 4th. OVW's own Jamin Olivencia is featured in the play, and some of the scenes shown in the play were filmed at the Davis arena.

There were several podcasts on OVW recorded over the weekend, check them all out.

OVW Womens Champion Taeler Hendrix was on The 411 on Wrestling show on Jan. 8th at this link.

OVW Referee Chris Sharpe did an interview on the Smart Mark Radio show on Jan. 8th at this link.


The January 8th episode of OVW Overview hosted by Larry Goodman, Mohamad Ali Vaez, and myself featured a 50 minute plus interview with Dave Meltzer. Listen to it at this link.


An action packed and newsworthy episode of OVW TV was taped last night, so let's get to it.

1. Paredyse beat Pete Hatton

Dark match. Hatton is "officially" Pete's last night, that's what is says on the back of his jacket. Paredyse grabbed a heaping double handful of Hatton's "cakes". Paredyse hit a bronco buster, then won with a botched version of his spinning neckbreaker finisher. Hatton may have legit tweaked his neck on the botched finish. Paredyse kissed Hatton after the match. These guys had no chemistry together, Hatton appeared to be uncomfortable in there with Paredyse.

2. Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine w/3 ladies beat Jimbo Onno & Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match. Casey and Constantine wore fur coats, and had three dressed up ladies with them, all I think were Mondo Wrestling a Go-Go performers. This appeared to be an audition for Casey and Constantine as tag team to me, and if that's the case, wrestling wise at least, it was a big flop. Pridemore took the heat as the match trudged along. Onno came in and ran over Constantine several times. Casey came in, and he and Constantine gave Onno a horribly botched double face plant. Casey then pinned Onno, but time stood still as referee Joe Wheeler clearly did not think this was going to be the three count, but alas it was. What an abortion of a finish. It appeared to me that it was the veteran Sean Casey who was in la la land, and messed the whole thing up. It wasn't even the right spot in the match for a finish had it not been so badly botched. Yeesh.

3. Brandon Espinosa beat Andrew Patton

Yet one more dark match. Espinosa is coming off a big loss to Paredyse at the January 8th Saturday Night Special. Espinosa set something on the announce desk on his way to the ring, looked like a shaving kit. Espinosa beat the living crap out of Patton in the corner early. Patton back with a flurry of offense. Espinosa hit a big over the knee backbreaker, and got the win with his face first Cobra clutch slam. I don't really like that finisher, but this was the best of the dark matches by several leaps and bounds.
The post match saw Espinosa get his object off the desk, he took a dress out of it and put the dress on Patton, then smeared lipstick on Patton's face. Espinosa clearly wants another crack at Paredyse.

The TV taping opened with clips of the finish of the January 8th Mohamad Ali vs Michael Hayes cage match when Christian Mascagni ran out and slammed the cage door on Hayes' head, circa Terry Gordy doing the same thing to Kerry Von Erich in 1983, leading to Vaez beating Hayes. Then clips of the post match was shown, with several babyfaces trying to climb the cage to save Hayes after Mascagni's family members actually came up thru the mat after the the match and beat on Hayes. Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey were giving very spirited and emotional commentary on these clips from the upcoming DVD release of this show.

Out to the ring came Christian Mascagni, along with the entire Mascagni family, which now includes Mohamad Ali Vaez. OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade was wearing a suit here. never have seen that before. Vaez was in street clothes, Marcus Anthony and Jessie Godderz were in their wrestling gear. Lots of heat here, as the crowd was super loud. The crowd enjoyed when Mascagni had microphone problems. The mics, especially the wireless mic, sounded like total crap all night long tonight. It was weird, they sounded great on Saturday for most of the show, then something happened, and they sounded terrible at the end of the show on Saturday, and they still haven't addressed the issue. Mascagni lied and said Vaez beat Michael Hayes all by himself. Jessie Godderz cut his first ever promo in OVW saying that he, "Mr. Pec-Tacular" was the real hero around here, not Michael Hayes. Switchblade sarcastically wished Hayes "The best of luck in his future endeavors", and said perhaps the one legged Hayes would have better luck "Taking up hopscotch". Marcus Anthony back in September he helped Michael Hayes in a match against Vaez, which is true. Anthony said back then he received a thank for from Hayes, but what drives him is money. Anthony spoke of Mascagni getting him out of prison, which is why he's indebted to Mascagni. Anthony said Hayes is "A cockroach who should worship the ground I piss on". Heh. Vaez said he was "Free at last". Vaez said Hayes must now quit wrestling, and that he Vaez was very excited to begin the next chapter of his career. A bit of dissension was already teased here when Vaez said he was glad to now be associated with "almost similarly skilled talent as himself".
Out to the ring came the OVW Southern Tag Team champions "Smooth" Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze, along with Jason Wayne to a huge pop. Spade said he and Jonze will take on any two of Mascagni's goons right now. Mascagni called Spade and Jonze, who now do a male stripper gimmick, "Roxbury wannabe queers". Mascagni said if Michael Hayes means that much to them, they should put up the tag belts against Marcus Anthony and Jessie Godderz right now. Spade immediately accepted, and the match was on. Very good opening segment here, hampered only by the microphone problems.

4. Marcus Anthony & Jessie Godderz w/Christian Mascagni beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze to win the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

This was the first match of the TV taping. Switchblade, Vaez, and Jason Wayne went to the back, but the feeling loomed that they'd be back out before this match was over, and they were. Spade and Jonze knocked Marcus Anthony out of the ring with a double shoulder block early. Spade and Jonze dominating Jessie Godderz. After Anthony ran a distraction, Godderz with a huge, and pretty, enziguri on Jonze, leading to Jonze taking the heat. Anthony with a huge, and scary looking, released German Suplex on Jonze. Anthony has excellent potential, and I think he'll be signed by some promotion, but he's really green at this point, and this is one scary dude on some of his spots. He's intense, and comes off as a guy who could legit hurt people in the ring if everyone isn't careful. Godderz is the opposite. He too is really green, and he looked kinda lost in how to sell the fast offense and spots of Johnny Spade, but he also comes off to me as a very coachable guy, and not a guy who is going to hurt anyone in there. Jonze was beaten on for several minutes here. Anthony with two over the knee backbreakers on Jonze. Godderz pressed Jonze over his head, but lost him, which allowed Jonze to make the hot tag to Spade, who came in running wild. Godderz though made a nice blind tag to Anthony, who then leveled Spade with a big clothesline. Spade with two not so super superkicks on Anthony, but neither one took them off his feet. Spade missed a dive off the ropes. Anthony missed a big reverse fist drop off the ropes, thank God. Like I said, this guy is scary at times. Jonze and Spade hit their double kick to the head finisher on Anthony, but Christian Mascagni got up on the apron to distract referee Chris Sharpe. Mascagni then fell to the floor, faking an injury, and referee Sharpe was dumb enough to fall for it and go out and check on Mascagni. Why?? Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mohamad Ali Vaez and Rudy Switchblade ran back out. Vaez with a neckbreaker on Spade, Switchblade hit Jonze with the OVW heavyweight title belt. Sharpe got back in the ring and counted Marcus Anthony pinning Johnny Spade to win the OVW Southern Tag titles, as Mascagni made an instant "Miracle man" recovery. This was first title gold in for Anthony and Godderz, and the first tag team gold for manager Mascagni, who now controls both the tag team titles, and the heavyweight title in OVW.
Prince Bolin was backstage with his man James "Moose" Thomas talking to rookie Joe Coleman. Bolin offered, and Coleman accepted, the chance to team with Moose tonight against Los Locos(Anarquia & Raul Lamotta), with the stip that if Bolin Services 2.0 loses, Prince Bolin gets 15 lashes. Bolin then looked at a flunky and asked him what his name was, the simple looking flunky said "Mickey", but Bolin called him "Mikey", and said that now Mikey would be his assistant.

There was a cool video with music for "Team Tie Dye", which consists of OVW TV champion Chris Silvio, Mo Green, and Taryn Shay. Silvio was called "The baddest man on the planet" here. Like I said not long ago, the OVW production team has really been stepping up their efforts as far as videos go lately.

5. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Randy Terrez to retain the OVW TV title

No Taryn Shay with Silvio and Green on this night. Silvio beat Terrez last week to retain the TV title, and Terrez got another shot tonight. Why? I have no idea, seemed strange. Match off to a fast start, with Silvio hung in the tree of woe early. Terrez in control. Terrez with a dive to the outside on Silvio. Terrez with a top rope crossbody block. Mo Green ran a distraction, and Silvio went for something that was under Mo Greens hat sitting in the corner, and that "something" was brass knuckles. You never know what's under a hat I guess. Silvio then hit Terrez with a brass knuckle loaded "Rocket Punch" to again beat Terrez, and again retain the OVW TV title. The energy level of the match and the crowd here was far less than the first segment, and the tag title match.

6. Los Locos(Anarquia & Raul Lamotta) beat James "Moose" Thomas & Joe Coleman w/Prince Bolin & Mikey

Mikey the assistant had several bottles of water with him. Los Locos hit the ring, and the match was on. Anarquia wore the same gear he wore in TNA, Raul Lamotta wore similar gear. This was Anarquia's first TV match since returning to OVW. James "Moose" Thomas was knocked out of the ring, and into the announce desk. Meanwhile in the ring Los Locos totally overwhelmed rookie Joe Coleman with a double face plant, and Lamotta then pinned Coleman with a jumping DDT. The match lasted less than a minute.

Prince Bolin was supposed to take 15 lashes here if his team lost. Los Locos in the ring alone with Prince Bolin. Dean Hill waved a belt over his head at the announce desk. James "Moose" Thomas tried to save Bolin, but he was again knocked off the apron, and took another header into the announce desk.
Bolin tried to make an escape thru the babyface entrance, but was met there by Jack Black. It was Bolin Services 2.0 who attacked Black a few months ago with a vicious backstage attack, which caused Black to have surgery. Black, who was over 500 pounds then, has dropped over 100 pounds since then. Black forced Bolin into the ring to take his lashes, but then out of the blue Black turned heel, and attacked Los Locos. Black gave both Anarquia and Lamotta big splashes, and Bolin whipped Anarquia with a belt. Black has lost a lot of weight, but he wasn't moving very well in the ring. Kenny Bolin was on the floor celebrating heavily. Jack Black is the first man Kenny Bolin ever managed I think. Dean Hill was really disgusted at the announce desk, as Los Locos were left laying in the ring.

The showed clips, with music, of the impromptu battle royal ordered by the director of OVW wrestling operations, Trailer Park Trash, last week, with the winner getting a shot at the OVW heavyweight title tonight. Ted McNaler won it, throwing out his long time former "Elite" tag team partner, Adam Revolver, in an exciting conclusion.

7. Rudy Switchblade w/Christian Mascagni beat Ted McNaler to retain the OVW Heavyweight title

The story here was this was McNaler's first ever shot at the OVW title, after 8 years in the company. Switchblade and Mascagni insisted that ring announcer Brittay DeVore introduce him. She did so in a crusty fashion. Switchblade has intimidated DeVore big time in the past. DeVore is also the real life girlfriend of Ted McNaler. Switchblade and McNaler are not big guys, but two good pros duking it out for the OVW heavyweight title in this one. After a standoff early, McNaler took control with some chops. Mascagni on the floor in DeVore's face. McNaler with a flying bodypress onto Switchblade, who was on the floor. Switchblade raking his nails on the back of McNaler in the ring, as Switchblade took control of the contest. Switchblade with crossfaces on McNaler. McNaler firing back. McNaler went for a butterfly suplex, but Switchblade with an excellent counter into his "Wake up call" Boston Crab finisher on McNaler in mid ring. McNaler made the ropes. Switchblade then missed his Frogsplash finisher. McNaler hit his spear finisher on Switchblade, but out ran all of Mascagni's men, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Marcus Anthony and Jessie Godderz. The good guys though were expecting this treachery, so out ran Jason Wayne, Jonnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze to run Vaez, Anthony and Godderz to the back. What they didn't count on, however, was McNaler's former partner Adam Revolver. Revolver ran out and clubbed McNaler in the back of the head, and Switchblade then gave McNaler a jumping DDT to win the match, and retain the OVW title. This was the same finish Raul Lamotta gave Joe Coleman earlier in the show, watch that stuff guys.
There was a long pause before the last segment.

All of the babyfaces came out to surround the ring. Adam Revolver was shunned by all of them, so he took his rightful place with the heels, when most of them came out as well and surrounded the ring. None of the Mascagni family came out though.
Out came now former pro wrestler, one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, to a huge standing ovation, with many pro Hayes, and pro USA chants. Hayes said he was a man of his word, and he lost on Saturday Night. The crowd chanted "You got screwed". Hayes talked about how the crowd has accepted him, and let him chase a dream he thought would never happen. Hayes said he didn't do it alone, and thanked all the wrestlers surrounding the ring. Hayes said he's been knocked down in life before, and now he has to pick himself up again. Hayes said the journey of Michael Hayes the wrestler might be over, but the journey of Michael Hayes the person was far from over.
At this point the video screens showed the whole Mascagni family backstage hamming it up, fake "crying" for Michael Hayes, and stuff like that. Dean Hill was yelling the for the screens to be turned off. Out to the ring came OVW owner Danny Davis, to a big pop. Davis said this was still his arena, and his house. Davis said if Christian Mascagni didn't have the board of directors in his back pocket, he would have fired him long ago. Davis said next week at TV Anthony & Godderz would have to defend the tag titles against Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze, and Rudy Switchblade will defend the OVW title against Jason Wayne, and if anyone from the Mascagni family interferes in either of those matches, the OVW BOD has said that Davis can fire all of them. Davis then said since this is his house, he ordered the production team to turn off the video screens right now, which they did.
Davis then said Michael Hayes was the greatest man he's ever met, and he wakes up every day wishing he could be more like him. Davis then told Hayes when he comes to terms with no longer being able to wrestle, to come see him about an opportunity he may have for him.
Hayes then went around the arena saying goodbye to the fans. Many people, and I mean many, were openly crying during this. How often do you see this type of legit emotion at a pro wrestling event nowadays? Pretty much never, but it was in existence here big time. People on the OVW staff were crying too. Referee Chris Sharpe looked very sad, openly weeping, maybe because he was the one who had to make the three count that ended Hayes' career.

Wow, what a show tonight. Easy thumbs up, and plenty already set up for next week. OVW suddenly once again has a lot of momentum here in early 2012. I'd recommend checking out this episode, which will be available free online at ovwrestling.com, and on the OVW Facebook page, this weekend. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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