Devon Nicholson talks suing WWE and his Olympic hopes

Devon Nicholson was a guest this past week on The LAW discussing his lawsuit with the WWE, his upcoming court appearance (which will be take place March 8th in Ottawa, ONT), qualifying as an alternate for the Canadian Olympic Greco Roman wrestling team and more. The full interview is available at as well as on iTunes by searching 'Live Audio Wrestling'. Here are some highlights of the interview:
Training for the Olympic Trials:
Coming out of high school, I was actually offered numerous amateur wrestling scholarships, but my heart was never in amateur wrestling; my goal was always to be in WWE, so I ended up turning them down and moving to Calgary to train in the (Hart Family) Dungeon.

To compete in the Olypmic trials requires a lot of training and a lot of focus. I decided I would try and train for those to get my mind on something more positive. I just entered them to compete, but I ended up doing really well. I won five matches in a row and lost the final, but I’m now the alternate to go to the London Olympics.

For the past four years, I’ve been training in MMA and grappling, just because I really like that stuff. I actually won the Canadian Open in grappling in 2008, and I won the Ontarios in grappling in 2010. I’ve always kind of been in shape and doing wrestling and grappling type of stuff. It just kind of popped into my head after I retired, like, “What am I going to do next?” Amateur wrestling was there.

His Case Against the WWE:
It’s actually against human rights to discriminate against an athlete for having Hepatitis C, that’s what the whole case against WWE is about. I have medical clearance to compete in amateur wrestling, I can compete in football if I wanted, basketball, hockey, wouldn’t matter. That’s why the whole thing is so frustrating with WWE. They have a "no blood" policy in place, where a match is supposed to be stopped if blood occurs, just like what happens in amateur wrestling. For whatever reason, they decided not to hire me, even though they have hired Hepatitis C positive employees in the past.

This whole situation has just been a nightmare for me. Some people have been like, “Oh, he just goes around suing people. This is about the money.” This has nothing to do with the money. I’ve wanted to be a wrestler all my life. If someone offered me $50 million, or be in WWE for a year and then die after a year,  I would take being in WWE for a year and die. This has been my dream since I was a little kid. I gave up scholarships, I dedicated my life to trying to get in WWE.
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Transcribed by Chris Maffei

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