UFC 142 feedback

Thumbs Up overall.

This event kind of gave me flashbacks to some of the old ECW and past ROH events at the ECW Arena. I think that UFC in Brazil = The ECW Arena of the UFC

Tim Lee
Orange County, CA

I give UFC 142: Rio 2 thumbs up.
I think that the fighters were having a contest for the coolest finish.  What an insane finish to a show.  I didn't think Mendes had much of a chance going in and he showed that he's one of the top in his weight class.  Aldo is a still a step above him.  And I really liked the finish that came kinda out of nowhere but  Barboza easily gets KO of the night and quite possibly of 2012 with the kick the threw.  Palhares's leg lock was nice too.  Erick Silva was robbed but that goes without saying, a rematch is needed here.  I had Tavares over Stout 29-28, 29-28 for Alcantara, and Arantes over Carvalho with the same score.  Really good show.  Having a loud crazy crowd helps a show when the card isn't as stacked.

Jason McNeil

Hi Everyone,

Bar I was at was pretty full, more than they expected although it started to empty out before the Belfort fight which was strange.

I gave the show a thumbs up
Best Fight:Alcantara vs Omigawa
Worst Fight:none
Best KO: Edson Barboza
Best Sub:Rousimar Palhares
Ricardo Funch vs. Mike Pyle - Great start to the card to get the crowd going with the KO.
Yuri Alcantara  vs. Michihiro Omigawa -Omigawa was lucky to escape the 1st round with the armbar at the buzzer. Thought this was a very entertaining fight with some nice action.
Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ednaldo Oliveira - Gonzaga needed this win and he looked impressive taking it to the ground.
Sam Stout vs. Thiago Tavares The fight match up was exactly like Lesnar vs Overeem but at lighter weights. Stout couldn't impose his will in the first round as Tavares kept taking him down. I thought the second round was very close and could have gone either way and that decided the fight. Stout seemed to have more gas than Tavares as Tavares couldn't get him to the ground.
Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim - a fast paved fight. Barboza's striking was more crisp and accurate but Etim never backed up. A hilight reel KO.
Carlo Prater vs. Erick Silva - Silva was a beast. Not sure about the reversed decision though. If I was Mario Yamazaki I wouldn't answer the door at his hotel if someone knocks and says "Room Service"
Mike Massenzio vs. Rousimar Palhares -another quick one that you cant comment on but a great submission to win. Palhares is a tank.
Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony Johnson - Johnson sure didn't look as impressive as his hilight reel, the weight cut must have really drained him. Great story ending with Vitor getting the choke.
Jose Aldo Jr. vs. Chad Mendes - Aldo looked amazing here and totally healthy. I think it would have been a long night for Mendes if this went longer and his leg would have been hamburger. It is a safe bet that Chael Sonnen would not do what Aldo did if he wins in Brazil.
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Have a great night all.
Grant Zwarych
Observer Index

Thumbs up!

What a fun show! I honestly bought this tonight looking to avoid Tebowmania but came away feeling like this was the best PPV I've bought in few months. Two "holy shit" KOs, one awesome submission finish, and another totally unexpected submission finish made this well worth my money. The DQ was frankly horrendous, one would hope that the UFC can learn a lot from that and figure out how to better integrate replay so their officials aren't hung on ledge like poor Mario tonight when they make a mistake. (Especially a bad one that costs a guy a win!) The finish where Aldo ran into the crowd was just one of those special moment that make you love sports. This show was just what UFC needed to kick the year off with, with so much going wrong for them the last few weeks.

- Jack Wofford

Following thoughts encompass my entire feelings about tonight's show:
A. Holy FUCKING SHIT.  When even Gabriel Gonzaga has a good match, you know it's a good
B. I had considered skipping this PPV for a number of reasons.  Right before the main, I
leaned over to my friend and said "If I ever say I'm going to skip a PPV this heavy in
Brazilians, please slap the piss out of me."  Boys and girls, if you didn't get the PPV,
get the replay.  We're talking PPV of the year here. 
Mike DeGeorge

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