More UFC 142 feedback

Two thumbs waaay up in a show that made me think I was watching a wrestling ppv!!!
TERRY ETIM VS. EDSON BARBOZA- I was so bored by the match I was beginning to kick myself for driving out in 15 degree weather to watch this when that Kick of Doom happened. It's worth watching this PPV just to see poor Terry fall so rigidly frozen that he looked like the Statue of Liberty toppling over.
ERICK SILVA VS. CARLO PRATER - What a screw job! Best part of this was Rogan taking Mario to task in an interview in the cage. Mario made his case and Joe then turned to Silva and said "Clearly Mario made a mistake!" Hysterical interview.
MIKE MASSENZIO VS. ROUSIMAR PALHARES - Stare in amazement as Rousimar slaps on the heel hook like DDP used to do with the diamond cutter: out of nowhere!
VITOR BELFORT VS. ANTHONY JOHNSON - In Johnson's well known "Final Match with the Promotion" he gets jobbed like he was leaving in the old territory days by Big Dan Mirgliotta who stands him up out of the blue 3 times when he had an advantage like a modern day Danny Davis eventually leading to Belfort winning. Who is writing this stuff backstage?!? Great!
JOSE ALDO JR. VS. CHAD MENDES  - I was looking for Jose Lothario in his corner as Aldo seemingly achieves his boyhood dream in the home town with yet another great finish. A fitting Main event and crowd reaction/celebration afterwards.
John Kutz

Thumbs Up. Great show but the first of five in 40 days is killing the
goose that laid the Golden Egg. I thought Dana White as a smart man? I
don't know if it was a micing issue but outside of the main event the
crowd came across largely flat. Nowhere close to the atmosphere at
your average soccer game. Aldo & Palhares could draw money IF they
spoke English. In 2012 it's inexcusable. The UFC should be giving
these guys English lessons.
M B Mehdi
Middlesbrough, England
Hey Dave,

Quick UFC 142 thoughts: show gets a big thumbs up. A really great show.
Best fight: Jose Aldo Jr. vs. Chad Mendes
Worst fight: none really, but if I have to name one, I would give to Carlo Prater vs. Erick Silva because of the reversed decision. Just a terrible decision in my book.

Teemu Orjatsalu

Thumbs up. UFC keeps raising the bar. Reffing is still an issue however.
Best fight: I'm gonna give it to the card as a whole. Several very good fights with no single one standing out.
Worst fight: none.
KO: tie between Barboza and Aldo. Barboza's was cleaner but Aldo's was a block, and escape and the KO all in one motion.
Sub: Palhares
Arantes and Carvalho got things off on the only fb fight going a close, fast, technical three in one of the night's best fights. I had the 29-28 for Carvalho but the judges all went the other way. Close enough for a draw.
Mike Pyle kicked off the FX card with a quick stoppage of the improved but still way outgunned Ricardo Funch. Sorta interesting thing here was Funch losing the Buckwheat hairdo and Pyle letting his grow out a little ending up with the two of them looking like twins.
Alcantara turned in two brilliant rounds dominating Omigawa. The first with clean KDs and a saved by the bell near sub should have been a no brainer 10-8 and you could even make a case for the totally one-sided second being one too. Of course he doesn't get even one. Alcantara gassed inexplicably between the 2nd and 3rd and allowed Omigawa back into the fight but still may have stolen the round with a last second TD to mount. I had it 29-26. Alcantara needs to up the cardio but his skills in all areas are top of the food chain.
Gonzaga takes a quick sub over JDS sparring partner Oliveira, who is extremely tall but has that thin-but-flabby physique. Not much to be said about this. Note to Goldy: Rio de Janeiro is not a 'country'.
Tavares and Stout top off the undercard with a very close three rounder. Tavares can only get it to the ground in the 1st, but more than holds his own standing with the better technical striker and takes a UD, scores not announced. I had it 29-29.
Barboza and Etim kickoff the PPV. Etim seems to quickly become leery after a couple of leg kicks. Barboza seems on the way to a one sided decision when he suddenly uncorks a Spinning Back Reverse Roundhouse Heel Kick that KOs Etim standing and topples him frozen with one arm raised like if you knocked down the Statue of Liberty. This goes on the all time HL reel right next to Anderson and Lyoto's front kicks.
Then Erick Silva wrecks Carlo Prater in seconds only to be DQed. The replay showed there were less strikes to the back of the head than in any other G&P finish anybody could name. Total bullshit call. Even if it had been illegal strikes that makde Prater UTC the worst it should have been was a NC.
Palhares then quickly taps Massenzio, surprising no one who has been awake for the past few years. It's so quick Palhares only has time for one illegal groin kick in the whole fight. He looks a little less musclebound than usual, fwiw.
The after all the bullshit it's Vitor vs. AJ. Mirgilotta obviously under instructions from Dana does everything but hold AJ so Vitor can hit him. AJ throws Vitor around for a little while but gets stood up in seconds every time then not inexplicably gasses allowing Vitor to take the RNC for the tap. Even at all that fight is exciting while it lasts. AJ is then fired. I can understand the 'three strikes' part but still seems like a raw deal to me, especially the way the fight was conducted which IMO should be a bigger 'scandal' than the weight cutting. Also end of the day they were about the same weight in the ring, 5 pounds apart, which really makes you think (assuming your capability of doing so) about why the fighters have to go through all this rigamarole of cutting and readding weight, which really can only worsen their condition and make for worse fights, when basically they end up fighting a guy their same size anyway. Hmm. Maybe they should weigh in right before the fight, all fight at natural weight, be healthier, have more gas, put on better fights, not have any more bullshit deals like this one. Hmmmmmmm.
In the main Aldo returns to form, shredding Mendes with LKs, stuffing his TDs (although one thanks to an instinctive fence grab), and then finishing him with a poetry-in-motion one-move rear waistift block, pivot escape, knee to the jaw and then a couple followup shots, then immediately races into the crowd. Amazing scene. 

Crimson Mask

In the UK we only got to see the main card, but what a main card it was.
Best Fight: Very hard to choose, but I'll go with Belfort vs. Johnson for Belfort's comeback
Worst Fight: Silva vs. Prater, purely for the finish.
The KO from Barbozza was the best I've ever seen "live" in MMA, there have been more spectacular ones I've seen in videos but the fact that it came out of nowhere makes it so much more memorable. Belfort and Aldo both put in very impressive performances, Aldo perhaps even showing that his poor fight against Mark Hominick was just an anomaly and he can still be considered in the top 3 pound for pound fighters. Aldo running into the crowd was a great moment but I can't help feeling that it was a bit dangerous, there could have been some serious problems if the crowd had pushed forward any more. Rousimir Palhares also looked good but I would question whether he's a bit one-dimensional in his attacks.
A lot will no doubt be said about Mario Yamasaki's decision to disqualify Erick Silva, and I'll leave it to people with more knowledge than I have to discuss whether or not it was worthy of a disqualification. What I would like to comment on is the disgraceful way that Yamasaki was treated in the aftermath of the fight. There was absolutely no reason to have Joe Rogan drag him in front of the cameras and force him to explain his decision without any time to prepare an answer or a chance to see the action again on the big screen. This was certainly not helped by Rogan shouting "THAT'S LEGAL" and "THAT LOOKS FINE TO ME!" on the mic to get the crowd even more angry. Referees have such a tough job as it is and as we've seen this week mistakes can certainly be made, but nobody should be put in the position that Yamasaki was, a position where he was humiliated for having the guts to make a decision based on what he felt was right from what he could see. Thankfully Yamasaki redeemed himself with an excellent stoppage in the Main Event.
Keep up the good work, looking forward to listening to yours and Bryan's take on the evening.
Chris Dewing

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