UFC on FX live coverage from Nashville - one fighter retires

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Jorge Rivera, who faces Eric Schafer in about two hours, announced that he would be retiring after his fight tonight.


First round: Denis landing several punches early. Clinched and threw a series of elbows to the side of the head and Sandoval went down after four elbows to the side of the head and Josh Rosenthal stopped it in 22 seconds. 


First round: Big left by Pineda. Pineda ducked a Schilling punch and landed one. Takedown by Pineda.  He’s moved into mount. Pineda landed punches and grabbed a choke . He gave up the choke to throw a lot of punches to the side of the head. Schilling got back to his feet with Pineda still on his back, and Pineda locked in a choke and Schilling tapped out.


First round: Hayden landed a left and went for a takedown. . Hayden landing some lefts. Camoes went for a takedown but Hayden spun to his back and took him down. Knee by Camoes but Hayden took him right back down. But Hayden let him back up. Camoes looks slow. Camoes went for a takedown but Hayden reversed and got his back. Hayden moved to the top in guard. Camoes locked in an uma plata but Hayden pulled out. Camoes with an ankle pick took Hayden down and landing a lot of punches from the top. Camoes has his back working for a choke. Hayden looked like he was tapping. Hayden tapped a second time and is just about out as they broke them up.


First round: Roberts with a few punches and Brenneman ducked low and got a double leg takedown. . Roberts moved to side control but Roberts got guard back. Brenneman back into side position and then a crucifix . Brenneman landing punches and he’s trapped. The punches aren’t that hard but he can’t defend himself. Brenneman landed knee to the body but he’s mostly just kept position. Brenneman working the body with some punches. Roberts got to his feet and was taken right back down at the end of the round. Brenneman easily 10-9.

Second round: Nice kick by Roberts blocked and Brenneman immediatley took him down. Brenneman trapped the arms and firing punches with crucifix position again. Roberts regained guard. Herb Dean stood them up. That was ridiculous since Breenneman was doing damage from the top. Brenneman moved in and went for a single leg. Roberts landing a lot of elbows. Brenneman working for the takedown and Roberts went for a Kimura, then an armbar. Now Roberts has an inverted triangle with seconds left in the round. Time ran out. Roberts did well late in the round but Brenneman had the advantage most of the round so 20-18 Brennaman.

Thrid round: Takedown by Brenneman right away. Brenneman with side control throwing knees. Herb Dean yelling at Brenneman to work. Brenneman is throwing elbows to the head. Roberts regained half guard.  Brenneman out and threw a knee to the body. Brenneman landing punch after punch. He’s throwing punches and Herb Dean is telling him to work. Brenneman throwing knees to the body. Now more punches. Dean is getting annoying yelling at them to work when Brenneman has neber stopped either knees or punches. So now Dean is standing them up again. This is crazy. Roberts tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Brenneman landing punches and is now on top. Roberts now has him tied up . So of course Dean isn’t saying anything with nothing happening. As soon as Brenneman started punching the body, then Dean starts telling him to work. Brenneman landed a punch from the top. Now little is happening. Roberts going for a Kimura with 12 seconds left. Time ran out with him still working for the Kimura. Still, Brenneman won all three rounds and should take it 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Brenneman


First round: Shalorus landed a punch. Nurmagomedov is a sambo champion who is 16-0 in his cage debut, fighting only a ring Russia. Shalorus winged a punch. Body kick by Shalorus. Shalorus clearly the aggressor here. Nurmagomedov landed an uppercut that hurt Shalorus. Shalorus is in a lot of trouble . Nurmagomedov on top throwing punches. Nurmagomedov on top. Shalorus back up. . Nurmagomedov throwing wild punches but missing. Crowd giving both men a big hand. Knee to the body by Nurmagomedov. Wild trade between the two, Nurmagomedov got a hard right in. Nurmagomedov’s round 10-9. Good round.

Second round: Nurmagomedov got a takedown on a world class wrestler. Mario Yamasaki ordered a stand-up. Nurmagomedov feinted and shot in and got another takedown and moved to side position. Another stand-up was ordered. Nurmagomedov landed a few punches just as the round ended. Nurmagomedov’s round, so 20-18.

Third round: Shalorus shot in but couldn’t get the single leg. Shalorus landed a left. Nurmagomedov tried a takedown, couldn’t get it, but landed punches. Nurmagomedov came in and shot for the takedown. Shalrous tried a guillotine but never had it. Nurmagomedov on top. He moved to mount with 3:04 left. He’s working for a choke and got it, as Shalorus tapped out. That’s a strong debut because Shalorus is a tough guy.


First round: Schafer took him down twice. Rivera back up. Another takedown by Schafer. Crowd booing the ground work. Schafer landing some punches. Schafer bleeding from the nose. Schafer controlling him on the ground. Rivera got a reversal with 19 seconds left. Schafer got an uma plata at the end of the round. Schafer 10-9

Second round: Schafer moved in going for a takedown. Rivera defending well. Schafer went low for the takedown, and Rivera landed punches and then landed on top. Rivera landed a lot of good punches, bloodying Schafer up. Rivera continuing to land a lot of punches on the ground and Schafer is in trouble. Rivera continued to land punches and Herb Dean stopped it.


First round: Barry threw a leg kick and Morecraft took himdown and working for a choke right away. Barry back to his feet. Barry hurt him with a low kick. Morecraft shot in but this time Barry blocked him.  Morecraft got the single leg and got him down. Morecraft going for a head and arm choke. He’s got full mount but Barry gave up his back. Barry tried to get out. Morecraft working for an armbar. Barry escaped and now he’s on top. Back to their feet. High kick by Barry. Barry knocked him silly with a left hook and a few punches on the ground and it’s over. He jumped to the top of the cage and did the double biceps pose. Left hook to the jaw, 5 punches on the ground, he was pretty much out at punch four.


First round: Both guys going at it from a Thai clinch. Easton pushed him into the fence. Elbow by Papazian. Ref Mario Yamasaki separated them,. Trading low kicks. Papazian couldn’t get a takedown. Papazian landed several punches. Trading punches, both landed hard. Papazian with a knee. Papazian landed and Easton back. Easton in with punches. Spin kick by Easton and Papazian back with a punch. Easton landed a left. Easton with a low kick. Both in a clinch throwing a lot of punches. Could go either way in a close round, very slightly Papazian 10-9.

Second round: Easton landed a left. Both trading and Papazian got the best shot in. Both throwing big punches back and forth. Hard low kick and a punch by Easton. Papazian shoved him into the fence. Crowd booing and ref Mario Yamasaki separated them. Papazian go a few punches and a spin kick to the body. Easton got the takedown. Papazian up. Easton landed a knee. Papazian tried a takedown, Easton on top right as the round ended. Easton’s round so 19-19.

Thrid round: Both trading punches. Papazian may have gotten the better of it. Now in a clinch. Both landing punches. Both landed hard shots. Papazian landing a lot more shots and seemed to be moving ahead. Both throwing. Papazian still landing more shots. Knee by Easton. Now Easton back. Both landing shots. Easton starting to land more. Both throwing late. Papazian landed a great uppercut. Both swinging. Papazian tried for a takedown as time ran out. This could go either way because rounds one and three are close. Even round two was close. I’ve got Papazian winning this round based on that late uppercut, so have him winning 29-28 but I’m guessing judges will go with Easton.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-29 majority Easton


First round: Ludwig with punches and knees but Neer grabbed a bodylock and going for a throw. Ludwig has good takedown defense. Knee by Ludwig. Neer landed a nice left. Ludwig landed several punches and a knee and more punches. Neer called time out. His mouthpiece came out. Smart because he was slightly wobbly and managed to get a break. Neer’s left eye looks swollen. Ludwig landing a lot of punches as Neer came forward. Several knees by Ludwig. Neer going for a takedown. Neer finally got him down. Neer got a guillotine as Ludwig tried to get to his feet. Ludwig went out.


First round: Guillard thought a flying knee. Another knee landed. . Guillard got caught with a left hook and went down but Miller moved in. . Guillard blocking the takedown and was hit with an uppercut. Knee by Guillard and a high kick. Miller bleeding from vthe mouth. Miller moved in for takedown. Miller got Guillard against the fence. Knee by Guillard and Miller had to back off. Trading punches. A flying knee by Guillard but Miller took him down. Miller got his back working for a choke. Miller locked him in the body scissors, got the choke and Guillard tapped out.

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