More feedback to UFC on FX

Hi Dave,

I'm giving the show a thumbs up, I can't remember the last time there were so many first round finishes on a show, good timing as well with it giving extra broadcast time to air the Nick Denis fight.

Best fight I would give to Barry vs. Morecraft, I'm a sucker for Barry's wacky humour and it was a hell of a left hook. I thought the stoppage was two or three punches too late but we've seen far worse than that so far this year. Best KO is an obvious one for me, Nick Denis' elbows were insane and a fantastic way to make his UFC debut. Best submission goes to Neer in the battle of veterans, it seemed a bit strange to me to give a TV fight to two guys who are on the downward trend of their careers, giving them the exposure on this show won't really accomplish anything in the long run.

I was pleased to see Miller defeat Guillard, partly because I've always found Guillard a bit over-hyped, but mainly because I think Miller is more of a challenge for the top fighters in the division even if Ben Henderson gave him a humbling. Hopefully this will help Miller's popularity and recognition as he's never seemed to get much of a following despite his impressive performances.

The only negative I had about the show, and it may be a weird thing, but I found Jon Anik and Kenny Florian very difficult to distinguish between. Maybe I'm just not used to the subtleties of some accents but I couldn't tell them apart unless I heard Florian talking about specific fighting techniques. That said, I thought Anik did a good job both on play-by-play and on interviews.

Chris Dewing

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Mike Easton vs. Jared Papazian
Worst Fight: None were really that bad.
Very enjoyable show.  Fights were good from top to bottom.
I liked the new presentation. Made it feel like a legitimate sports show.
Patrick McHugh,

Well, I watched the show. Liked it very much - thought the show seemed
more "real sports cast" than "usual UFC TV show" and I liked the
different feel. It really made the usual UFC bumper music seem
stale-dated though - it's gotta go. Lots of good fights, so two thumbs up.
Mike Jenkinson
Edmonton, AB

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