OVW TV tapings 1-25 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for January 25th, 2011. I'm a bit under the weather here, but am trying to forge on. The attendance was again in the 125 range. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers.

The next Saturday Night Special is February 4th, but only match has been made/announced for that show as of this writing, and it's a gimmick match involving manager Prince Bolin.

I haven't listened to it yet, but Matt Cappotelli is the guest on the new Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast at this link.

Last week OVW announced they were going to start putting their new TV episodes online on Thursdays. That's about as fast of a turn around as you can get. Tape them on Wednesdays, and have them on the Internet on Thursdays. Interesting that it's now on the Internet even before it airs locally on Saturdays in Louisville.

1. OMG("Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze) beat Lennox Norris & Randy Royal

Dark match. Spade and Jonze are again the OVW Southern Tag Team champions after regaining them from Marcus Anthony and Jessie Godderz last week. Spade and Jonze had fun beating on Norris early, and beat him at the end too when Jonze gave Norris a flying forearm off the top rope, and Spade then pinning Norris after a Swanton.

2. Jack Black w/Prince Bolin & Mickey beat Dylan Bostic

Also a dark match. Black is now being announced at 399 pounds, and is down in weight for sure from when he used be announced at 537. Black is now wrestling in a long sleeve black t-shirt, with a red singlet over it. He now sort of looks like jolly old England's late, and not so great, Big Daddy. Bostic tried some leg kicks and dropkicks on Black here, but Black just swatted them off, and pinned Bostic with a spinning sidewalk slam. Black's knees look totally shot though, he's having a hard time moving around in the ring.

Sean Casey w/Raphanel Constantine and 3 ladies beat Heath Hatton

Also a dark match, and be damned glad of that. Jeez, Casey has been doing gimmicks for years when he has a varying number of hot valets with him, but it's not going well here this time. Visually, it looks fine, in every other way, it blows goats. The funky music played, and Casey, Constantine and the 3 ladies paraded and danced around for what seemed like forever, and nobody gave a fat rats butt. Casey isn't Chris Jericho, and he also isn't the Funkasaurus, and he can't get away with just doing nothing. Even when the match finally got going, Casey was still basically doing nothing, kept bailing to the outside for TLC from the 3 ladies. All 3 clueless to pro wrestling ladies got up on the ring apron, and like last week again had to be told to get up there, and Casey rolled Hatton up for the pin. The crowd was comatose. This sucked, but it would make a wonderful cure for insomnia.

The TV taping opened with the entire Mascagni family coming to the ring, and all looked to be in a great mood. Mohamad Ali Vaez and OVW Heavyweight champion Rudy Switchblade were wearing suits. Marcus Anthony, Jessie Godderz, and Rob Terry were in their wrestling gear. Christian Mascagni announced that the end of the "Tyrant" Danny Davis has begun. Mascagni said after what happened last week, with Anthony and Godderz losing the tag team titles, he went to the OVW Board of Directors, even though he really didn't want to, and was "forced" to tell them some things about Danny Davis. Mascagni said as a result of that meeting, Davis has been placed on "Administrative leave" by the OVW BOD. Mascagni said Danny Davis would never be seen here again. Wanna bet? Mascagni also said the OVW BOD has named him the new "Talent Arbitrator" of OVW, and that means that he calls the shots around here now.
Out came Trailer Park Trash. TPT told Mascagni that he was still the OVW director of operations. TPT said Mascagni may write the checks, but that he is the one that makes sure they don't bounce. TPT said the main event for tonight would be Jason Wayne vs Rob Terry. Terry beat Wayne here last week, but it was after Wayne had already faced OVW champ Rudy Switchblade in a match that was close to 20 minutes long. Terry interfered in that match, causing a DQ, and then defeated an already beaten down Wayne in a short challenge match.
I hate the BOD crap in pro wrestling. It's such lazy booking. This nameless, and faceless, board of directors who make insane and sweeping decisions, and then the characters are just forced to adhere to them. It's lame as hell, and like I said lazy, and also like I said, I hate that type of booking. Also, the heelish authority figure has been done to death in pro wrestling. Much trodden ground to say the least.

Mascagni stayed in the ring, and asked "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz to stay in there with him. Mascagni put over Godderz for his role on the "Big Brother" reality TV show, and that Godderz is in the latest copy of "Mens Fitness" magazine. Mascagni said with him in charge now OVW isn't like Wal-Mart anymore, and seniority means nothing around here. Mascagni said Godderz must prove himself to him, and to the fans, and that he had a tough opponent for him right now. Mascagni then called ring announcer Brittany DeVore a "skank", and told her to get in the ring and do her job, or be fired.

4. Jessie Godderz w/Christian Mascagni beat Nick Dumeyer

This was the first match of the TV taping. Mascagni's "tough opponent" for Godderz was jobber meat Nick Dumeyer. Godderz dominated Dumeyer with a sidewalk slam, a power slam, an Enziguri. Godderz finished Dumeyer off with a Stunner.

Mascagni got back in the ring and took the mic and berated referee Chris Sharpe for allowing closed fist punches. Mascagni told Sharpe that he would not be refereeing the Jason Wayne vs Rob Terry main event tonight. Mascagni said he would be refereeing that match himself.

Bolin Services 2.0 were in their locker room. Prince Bolin berated his personal assistant Mickey for bringing him Smart water. Bolin only wants FIJI water. Jack Black and Joe Coleman were also there, but James "Moose" Thomas was not, and this concerned Prince Bolin, because nobody had seen or heard from Moose all day. Bolin was also having problems with his cell phone. Bolin told Joe Coleman, who was lifting weights, to go find Moose.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Jimbo Onno was playing piano, and one of Sean Casey's three ladies was singing. Casey and the other two ladies were there as well, along with others. Elvis Pridemore then asked the girl who had been singing to rap, so she did, which impressed the throng gathered around the piano.

The shot then cut over to Chris Silvio and Mo Green. Silvio is the current OVW TV champion, and he has now wrapped the title belt in tie die material, with the metal plates showing, and was showing off the "Tie die title" here.
Adam Revolver walked up to Silvio. Revolver said he knows Silvio is as upset as he is that Ted McNaler interfered and messed up the Silvio vs Revolver for the TV title match that took place here last week. Silvio didn't seem that upset though. Revolver suggested that he and Silvio team up tonight against McNaler and ???, and that way they will both get what they want, and Silvio won't have to defend the TV title tonight. Silvio agreed to it, after first conferring with Mo Green.

5. Brandon Espinosa beat Chase King

Both of these guys are out of Missouri. Espinosa had what looks like a shaving kit with him. Espinosa totally dominated King, and beat him with his Cobra Clutch into a face plant finisher. After the match Espinosa went to his bag, which contained a dress, and put it on King, and then smeared lipstick on King's face. While doing this, Espinosa was making rude comments directed at Paredyse.

A well done video for Ted McNaler aired. It was about the split between McNaler, and his long time Elite tag team partner, Adam Revolver, and included music, promos, and clips. Good stuff.

6. Adam Revolver & Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Ted McNaler & Randy Terrez

Add Taryn Shay to the MIA list here, as she has not been seen with Silvo and Green, or in OVW at all, for a few weeks now. Revolver wanted no part of Ted McNaler early in this match. McNaler pounding on Silvio in the corner. McNaler catapulted Silvio into the ringpost. Terrez in with his flying kidney punch on Silvio. Terrez with some Lucha moves on Revolver. Terrez missed a top rope flying bodypress attempt on Silvio. Revolver with a butterfly suplex on Terrez, which is one of Ted McNaler's standard moves. McNaler in with a pretty northern lights suplex on Silvio. The crowd popped when it was finally McNaler vs Revolver, but Revolver bailed out to the floor. McNaler chased him around out there, but fell victim to a blind Chris Silvio clothesline on the floor. Terrez then took Silvio out on the floor with a dive. Revolver though then pinned McNaler in the ring with his feet on the ropes. This went awhile, and was alright.

Crew members brought out a somewhat stripped down version of the "Moment in Paredyse" set which tonight included a pink blanket, a Unicorn Hobby Horse, and Christmas lights strung on the ring ropes.

Brittany DeVore interviewed Bolin Services 2.0 back stage. Prince Bolin was stressed, he said he hasn't seen Rocco Bellagio in a month, hasn't seen James "Moose" Thomas all day, and he still can't get his phone to work. Bolin said he would still explain tonight why Jack Black recently joined BS 2.0. Bolin then called for his men to go to the ring, but BS 2.0 member Joe Coleman suddenly disappeared, making Bolin even more stressed out. 

 After a long pause, out came Paredyse for his "Moment in Paredyse" segment. Paredyse was wearing a tie tonight, and his wings. Paredyse played a super hero role tonight, talking about Superman having two separate identities. Paredyse said tonight not only is he a super hero, he's also an ace investigator. A crack journalist who asks the "hard questions", and conducts "probing inquisitions". Paredyse talked about what went down between Raul Lamotta and Bolin Services 2.0, and Anarquia coming back, the kidnapping of Rocco Bellagio, and just when Los Locos were going to whip Prince Bolin with a belt, Jack Black, who was badly injured by BS 2.0 which almost ended his career, turned bad and attacked Los Locos, and joined up with BS 2.0. Paredyse said he wants to know why Jack Black did what he did, so he brought out BS 2.0.

Out came BS 2.0, but all who left at this point was Prince Bolin, Jack Black and Mickey the personal assistant. Paredyse said it looked like Bolin was short on men. The lights went out in the arena, and when they came back on, Mickey had disappeared. Any suspension of disbelief, and that wasn't any here anyhow, but it was all gone for good when Prince Bolin began legit laughing out loud at one of Paredyse' comments. Boy, talk about the wrong time to crack up and laugh, when a managers men are being taken away one by one as a show goes on. Yeesh.
Raul Lamotta was shown on the video screens, with Anarquia behind him. Lamotta said if Prince Bolin wants his men back, he has some demands. First, he wants a match one on one against Prince Bolin at the February 4th Saturday Night Special. Lamotta said it would be a lumberjack match. Lamotta asked Anarquia to stay backstage during that match. Bolin said he would do it if it means he gets his guys back. Lamotta said he would get them back, but then added that the lumberjacks will have belts with them, and can whip anyone who goes outside the ring. Paredyse had a large rainbow colored weight lifting belt with him, and showed it to Prince Bolin.
This wasn't a strong segment. Even before the major Prince Bolin cracking up and laughing at the worst possible time gaffe, his acting was gay porn level bad here. The talent has to believe in the angles they're doing, and the lines they're saying, or it comes off so forced and phony. And that was the vibe here, big time.

7. Rob Terry beat Jason Wayne with Christian Mascagni was the special ref

TV main event time. There was another long pause before this match started. I got the feeling they were setting a lot of stuff up on the fly tonight. Mascagni came out in a tight ref shirt, with the sleeves cut off, and a black neck tie. It looked like something Paredyse might wear, and the crowd even chanted "You are gay" at Mascagni, especially when he very thoroughly checked Jason Wayne over for any foreign objects. Terry finally attacked Wayne from behind, and the match was on. This was as boring as last weeks match with these two, and Terry just kept pounding on Wayne in a slow, lumbering fashion, with Mascagni playing a totally biased referee here. The crowd chanted "You can't wrestle" at Rob Terry, but Terry did stop pounding on Wayne long enough to hit a swinging neckbreaker. Wayne finally hit an enziguri on Terry, but when he tried a comeback, Mascagni physically stopped Wayne from punching or kicking Rob Terry. Terry then hit a chokeslam, just like last week, and beat Jason Wayne for the second week in a row. Like I said, this was boring, real boring. Someone seated near me commented that it was way too much of Christian Mascagni on this show. Mascagni did fine with all his material tonight really, but I agree, it was just way too much of him on the show. All of the Mascagni family came out and celebrated after Terry beat Wayne.

Not a very good show tonight, the second week in a row of so-so offerings from OVW. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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