Notes from WrestleReunion in Los Angeles day one including Los Angeles tribute

by Daniel Short

Here are my notes so far from WrestleReunion:

The retrospective program was a wonderful journey through wrestling's past as they showed fun behind the scenes photos, played footage throughout, and the wrestlers got a chance to say a few words or tell stories about their LA memories.

Miguel Alonzo appeared even though he had just been hospitalized, so it was heartwarming to see him there if only for thirty minutes.  Billy Graham rattled about when he first teamed with Jerry Graham and how Jerry got him into LA.  Wrestling photography great Theo Ehret was in attendance and even brought two flashdrives of his photos that he put together specifically for the event (and what beautiful pictures they were).  We got to hear from the likes of Gene LeBell, Magnificent Mimi, Mando Guerrero, "Wild" Jack Armstrong, "The Destroyer" Dick Beyer, Buddha Khan, Pepper Martin, and so many others.  The best moment was when Rock Riddle spoke, praising the fans who stuck around through what was turning into a two-hour program, and talked about how proud he was when he wrestled a while back for Jesse Hernandez (who was in attendance and spoke)'s EWF promotion at the younger talent in the locker room having been taught and understood the manner of respect that Jesse and Rock went through.  He even cut a great promo (light-hearted) on Jeff and Scott Walton when they were conversing with one another while he spoke.

After them was the Arena Chicks mini-show. Superstar Billy Graham walked out with Sassy Stephie in the opening bout victory against Davina Rose, which turned out to be the best match of the show (actually competitive).  Fantasia beat Buggy Nova in a near squash and the main event tag of Shelly Martinez and Cookie (as The After Midnight Express) losing to Angel Orsini and Amber O'Neal (Fire and Ice) was a trainwreck.  Got everyone pumped, though.

Next was The Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana and guest Mikey Whipwreck.  Absolutely hilarious and a must-listen (includes an awesome story about how Mikey spent two hours with Terry Funk after his first wrestling show).  The show ended with Colt bringing up Naughty Bobby (formally PWG Commissioner Dino Winwood) to do vocal impressions of wrestlers cutting promos around the phrase "I would not suck your dick for the title."  Everyone was rolling with laughter by the time it was over.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


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