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Thumbs Down
Best Match: Sonnen vs. Bisping
Worst Match: Weidman vs. Maia

I watched this event with three people that had never seen a UFC event before. Before the show I explained to them all the rules and the difference they were going to see from boxing. Wow was this ever a bad show to present to them. I could see they were bored with it and had no interest. What sucks the most is that it seemed that for most the fights there was no real urgency to finish that you see in most UFC fights that make them so great. I had to make promises to them that this Nick Diaz guy was going to be much better.

Matthew Burrill

Ok, for anyone from Vegas, did you catch the news cast right after UFC? They had a clip of Dana White talking about the pre lims that air on Facebook. He came off like a pompous ass....funny to go back n watch the humble Dana from The Ultimate Fighter 1 to now....what a nerd.....Bisping was robbed, n for anyone that didn't get chael's post fight interview, you are an idiot. Chael's job Is to not only sell n WIN fights, but to sell himself, in turn, selling more fights...that stadium in Brazil is gonna be packed, n my tv is gonna be tuned in...isn't that the point?
Oh, the weight cuts are killing the sport.....just my opinion...all 135 lbs of it....
Please don't post my name, thanks!

UFC on FOX 2
Thumbs in the middle.
Nothing really bad, although some would argue the slow-motion parts of Round Three of the first fight were embarrassing. Nothing truly outstanding, though, and a finish would have made a difference. Ironically, if Velasquez/Dos Santos went to the distance and one of the big two here went to a finish, it would have made both shows look a lot better.
The original booking was greatly justified, however.
Maia/Bisping would have likely seen The Count destroy the Brazilian, if Maia had attempted that strategy of striking.
Sonnen/Munoz would have likely been a real war, and while the thought of Munoz one-punching Chael would have ruined a major PPV fight, it would have been vastly more exciting.
But the actual fights, while somewhat indy-level feeling (going too long and no decisive winner, except for Rashad Evans), did go well beyond the StrikeForce inability to set up big fights. Then again, there’s a vastly different structure with the UFC.
Demian Maia/Chris Weidman
At least they hit hard on weight cutting. Not quite sure about the judging, because I can comprehend Maia getting a round, but two? If Weidman had any gas left in his tank in Round 3, he finishes Maia.
Chael Sonnen/Michael Bisping
They should have let the two talk more, but Sonnen’s post match promo was a masterpiece in commanding the moment, not just cutting a promo. There’s much commentary about pro wrestling here, but no one who should would pay attention to it.
This fight suffered from having the other two go to the distance as well, because this one was a battle of wills and was excellent, but just seemed one more match of a theme (hence my indy reference… matches really shouldn’t be looking the same on a big stage.)
Rashad Evans/Phil Davis
Interesting on a few levels. Davis can hang, and it’s scary to think what he can do with seasoning. There were at least two spots where almost any other fighter in the business (except, perhaps, Jon Jones) would have been finished. But Davis pulled out of them.
Davis never seemed like he would win the fight, but it seemed like Evans was never going to finish it, either. It would have been interesting to see what would happen if Davis got the two spots of complete dominance over Evans… not sure if Rashad escapes.
Amazing how, in two hours of commentary, no one dared compare Davis to Jones to any depth. If Rashad Evans couldn’t finish Phil Davis, what chance does he have against a more experienced, more deadly and roughly the same sort of athleticism that Jon Jones will bring in defending his belt?

Joe Babinsack

Thumbs up
Best Fight:  Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis
Worst Fight:  None
A good show.  I'm still not convinced of the judging in the Maia/Weidman fight.  I dont know how the judges got 29-28 decision.  On my scorecard I had 30-27 Weidman.  Weidman controlled the entire fight and was able to get the takedown in all 3 rounds.  The Evans/Davis fight just showed how dominant Rashad's wrestling really is and I am really looking forward to the Evans/Jones fight.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA
MFC 'Bitter Rivals' (starting to think UFC is right, leave naming cards to rasslin)
Thumbs up. Entertaining show, no really bad fights.
Best fight: McGillivray-Bautista & Toney-Jackson
Worst fight: Mark whatever the fuck his name is (the fat promotor with the fake Elvis hair) vs. human decency
KO: Gouveia
Sub: McGillivray
Bas trainee Jamie Toney battered outsized and outgunned late sub Kyle Jackson but could not finish him. Jackson never backed up a step and never stopped threatening.
In something of an upset veteran Nathan Coy out of ATT Coconut Creek completely dominated phenom Dhiego Lima out of ATT Atlanta for a onesided decision. Lima seemed to have no clue how to fight a southpaw.
Ryan McGillivray came off a long inactive period with a good win over the way outsized but favored Diego Bautista in a highly competitive go, catching him rolling with an arm bar for the sub late in the fight.
The promotor once again throws Antonio McKee under the bus. McKee misses weight by 7 pounds for his MW title defense vs. Brian Cobb and is stripped, which is not really the right way (fight should go on, title vacant if he wins, other guy wins title by winning the fight) but is okay, but the jackass makes a point of doing it publicly and firing him at the same time. How many greasy meals has McKee put in his fat stomach. On top of which Cobb misses by half a pound and is publicly fired also unless he wins. This guy gets off on humiliating fighters. Sounds like a penis envy issue to me. After all the bullshit, McKee turns in one of his more inspired performances despite age 42, even scoring several KDs off side kicks to the body, and takes the 3 round UD.
In the main, UFC vet Wilson Gouveia ends a long winless spell by completely exposing house fighter Duane Lewis, breaking his shinbone with low kicks and finishing him with G&P.
Thumbs WAY up. Not a dull moment. Card so loaded that Spong-Manhoef and a title fight were among the unaired prelims.
Best fight: Direkci vs. van Roosmalen
Worst fight: none
KO: gotta call this a tie between Errol and Ghita
Culturally fascinating presentation in a supper club setting and featuring live performance that included from Bagpipe & Drum Corps to dancing girls. And the best thing was NO SCHIAVELLO. (Replaced by a pair of gibbering nitwit Brits who were equally as bad, but at least not as loud.) 
In the TV opener, @HW the Other Anderson Silva took local Michael Duut to Muay Thai school for three rounds. Duut tried an after the 1st round bell cheap shot and turned the hometown crowd against him.
Harut Gregorian repeated a victory over 70kg champion Chris Njimbi, walking through him and opening a cut with a knee that forced the stoppage.
Errol Zimmerman despite coming in too fat to wear his La Parka outfit only needed one left hook to dispose of phenom Rico Venderhoeven. If Errol ever got in shape he might rule the sport.
Turkish veteran Murat Direkçi outboxed powerpunching phenom Robin van Roosmalen for most of the all-action three but was victimized by a 4-1 (5 judges) hometown decision. He did not seem upset and announced his retirement after the fight.
In a HW title fight scheduled for 5, Daniel Ghita looking in career best shape avenged a previous loss and gained the title by KOing defending champion Hesty Gerges with a single left hook at the end of the 1st after dominating the round.
In the main, Badr Hari celebrated his retirement (he is moving to the US to pursue boxing, saying the money is gone from kickboxing with the demise of K-1) by scoring three quick KDs for a 1st round TKO of Gokhan Saki. Hari picked Saki to be his opponent and it was not a gimme going in. (The main commentator nitwit actually GUARANTEED that Hari will become world HW boxing champion.)
UFC on FOX 2
Thumbs up for the prelims, down for the top card
Best fight:  Dunham-Lentz
Worst fight: Weidman-Maia
KO: Cub over Levar for the one-punch
Sub: Oliveira and that's gonna be hard to top for Sub of the Year
Jesus. So they 'fix' the weigh in presentation by at least keeping the whole thing on camera, but having Glazer (sigh) and Kenny babble over the whole thing. What a fucking amateurish MESS. And then to the show they add ANOTHER LAYER of commentary? Now you had Glazer (sigh) and Kenny plus Ariel, the FOX guy with Randy and Jones (Randy and Jones greatly improve things however), PLUS Goldy and Rogan? More cooks is not the answer to dull broth. And it IS dull. BORING. Again: not rocket science. Look at UFC's effective presentation for all these years that IS NOT BROKE. This is MMA, not CorpSportAmerika.
Levar looks great in becoming the first to stop Beltran, and thank God somebody did, his slop fighting was IMO unwatchable no matter how 'entertaining' watching him get beat on is. Amazing how he lost 25 pounds in his face and was still fat in his body. If Lavar has really come back 100% from getting shot up like he did (which excuse me but DID NOBODY EVEN MENTION?), it's an even (way) bigger accomplishment.
Michael Johnson jumps off to a lead and hangs on to take the UD over Shane Roller, but he's still looking like a jitterbug and a frontrunner. Needs to settle down and make his techniques count, not just land them.
Oliveira er wisely drops to 145 and is too much for Wisely, improvising a brilliant sort of Inverted-Indian-Deathlock rolling figure-4 calf slicer for the tap. Highlight reel material.
Cub Swanson pretty much has his way with a mysteriously worse George Roop once he figures out how to get inside the reach, and ends it in the 2nd with a textbook bob to the left slip the jab flying mouthpiece overhand right. Roop does not look like the same guy who stopped Grispi and Korean Zombie not that long ago.
Card was great up till now. Things begin to go downhill with Russow-Einomo. Einomo has plane trouble and ends up in the air for 22 hours.
This sounds good until we remember he gassed in his previous fight also but at least he made that one interesting first.  Russow who is not as obese as before but still has large cop doughnut saddlebags grounds him early and that's the story of the rest of the fight. If Russow hadn't been a local they would have been throwing things. Stinker.
Dunham and Lentz crank it back up mainly thanks to an uncharacteristically combative performance by Lentz in a losing effort, as Dunham is able to bust him up with G&P in the 2nd and force the doctor stoppage between rounds.
The main card comes and things immediately get worse as Weidman and Maia utterly stink out the joint for all three rounds. Maia has gotten so much worse it isn't even funny. As a straight JJ fighter he was beating everybody except who? Anderson Silva? Big fucking deal. But no he has to 'become more well rounded'. So now he's a shitty striker and his grappling has gone to shit. Weidman was a late sub and at least has an excuse for gassing, Maia doesn't have one (gee maybe fights would be better if the fighters didn't cut weight HHHMMMMMMMMMMMM), but this was as pathetic as Kimbo vs. Houston Alexander by the time it was over. Just for additional Amateur Night in Dixie points, the decision is mistakenly announced as split. But how Maia was given any rounds by anybody is a joke. One of the worst fights in UFC history.
Chael to put it simply looked like re-fried, freeze dried shit. Bisping was able to dominate not only the striking but the clinch. Chael got TDs but was unable to keep Bisping down or do much with them even by his pitty-pat standards and the first two rounds were arguable, but I thought Bisping edged both of them. Chael finally got some significant grounding done in the 3rd and certainly won the round, but Bisping took HIM down at the very end and did more damage with a couple elbows than both put together had done the whole fight. Guess it's balancing the karma for Bisping to get screwed out of a decision for a change, and maybe 'screwed' is putting it too strong, but eh. Should be noted that Bisping 'takes those shortcuts' at every opportunity, grabs the cage, holds the trunks (GORDON SOLIE: Ah ah... ) (I'm sure if Chael could figure out how to fight dirty in MMA he would too.) For even more ANiD, the decision is misannounced as a UD for Chael with one 30-27, which in actuality was a 30-27 for Bisping, which is even sillier as the only clear thing was that Chael won the 3rd. This performance does not help the Anderson vs. Chael rematch. Was interesting to hear Chael answer some questions out of character on the Fuel postfight and admit how jealous he is of Anderson.
The main. more eh. Davis was visibly nervous and in over his head, just like anybody who knows anything knew he was going to be, and Shad was not impressive in a safety-first victory in a dull style matchup. Similarly, this does not help make Shad look like a viable challenger for Jones.

Crimson Mask

UFC on Fox 2
Overall Show - Thumbs down.  Worst fight - Maia v Weidman.  Best Fight - Sonnen v Bisping.
Booking - Thumbs way down.  UFC booking has been a major strength and a key factor in the product growth.  The booking of two fighters known for being boring on such an important card is inexplicable.  Not booking Sonnen v Bisping from the start is just odd.  I'm baffled that they don't show a fight featuring the smaller weight classes with an almost guaranteed exciting fight.
Fox Broadcast Presentation - Thumbs way down.  Dave covered this topic well on the audio show.   They don't hype the components that make MMA exciting.  Where's the quick cut videos showing submissions and fantastic knock outs.  The personal feature on Rashad might work for the Olympic Games where women are a target audience, but it caused me to fast forward.
All the pre-fight talking was just dull. Again, fast forward.  Overall, I don't believe Fox knows how to present MMA.  It's clear with Dana's focus elsewhere that there's no movement to freshen the TV presentation.
Chael's post fight promo - Thumbs way down.  At first, I marked out for a well delivered old school pro wrestling promo.  After further thought, did it increase my interest in watching Chael fight Anderson?  NO!  The "Anderson Silva you suck" promo sure achieved that goal.  Chael should have called out Anderson.
Rashad's post fight promo - Thumbs way down.   Pouting does not sell tickets or get you over.  Call out Jon Jones!  Express excitement for your next fight.  Rashad can be very good on promos, but he was weak here.
Local promotion - Thumbs down.    I heard next to no promotion with local sports talk or read very limited promotion with the newspapers.  I watch every UFC card, live in Chicago and DID NOT attend this show. 
Joe Rogan - Thumbs Up.
Potential to significantly increase MMA fans as a result of Fox deal - Thumbs way down.   If I was a first time viewer of MMA and watched the Fox shows, I would never watch again.
David Kaplan

Hi Dave, this feedback is based on just the Fox Broadcast.
Thumbs in the middle
Best fight: Sonnen vs. Bisping
Worst fight: Maia vs. Weidman
Once again, I was impressed with the presentation that Fox brings to UFC. To me, it really helps give an extra level of recognition to the UFC brand, and I hope that image can also catch on to other people. It's always cool to hear the Fox Sports music usually associated with football bringing in UFC fights. The pacing of the actual show was a bit odd, with the abrupt cuts to commercial right after rounds would end, but it is understandable why it was done so it's not a huge problem.
For the actual fights, the lack of submissions or knockouts didn't really lower the excitement of these fights any. Maia and Weidman was just an awful match though, with bad pacing and too many half assed or missed attempts at doing much of anything, especially being able to finish the fight. Sonnen and Bisping was three rounds of excitement, with good work from both in the first round, and impressive follow ups by Bisping in the second round and Sonnen in the third. I do think Sonnen had an opportunity to finish in the first round, but this fight was fun to watch for all three. I personally had Sonnen taking rounds one and three and Bisping with round two, but I saw the fight being able to go either way. Sonnen's promo afterwards was phenomenal, complete pro wrestling and delivered perfectly. Evans vs Davis was a fun fight, but kind of seemed exhausting for going five rounds. Evans was fast in the first round, and ultimately dictated the pace of the match. Davis just couldn't keep up, and Evans completely overshadowed him in the wrestling game, causing Davis to just not be able to get strong presences on his feet and on the ground. I had Evans also winning unanimously, but this was still a great fight to watch for the skill. I don't know if Evans really is a contender to Bones right now, but that will be a fight in April worth buying.
Overall, while there may not have been as much "excitement" as people claim, the two main matches delivered on being able to show a different side of UFC. UFC on Fox 1 had the quick knockout victory of JDS, and this time we were able to see more technical and lasting UFC fights based on ground opponents and ultimately racking up scorecard points. Maia and Weidman really hurt this, though, as both men looked completely gassed by the end of the second round. It's sad that one fight was as bad as it was, because I do believe the other two fights were able to expose the more mainstream, newcomer audience to the more technical skill needed to compete in MMA. Thanks for your time Dave.
Michael Prince

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