First batch of Royal Rumble feedback

Thumbs Down

Best Match: Punk/Ziggler
Worst Match: Diva's Tag

A surprise ending only helps this show a little bit.

I'm tired of the fact that WWE's definition of entertainment really means attempts at 'comedy.'   It's okay to have some lighter moments in the beginning of the Rumble, like Foley and Santino, but it needs to get serious around number 20.  Too much campiness throughout the whole show.  It kills the drama and anticipation.

While styles and production values have advanced, this Rumble reminded me of the mid-90's Rumble's before the Attitude Era: there is just not a lot of depth in the roster.  Like in the past, WWE relied on gimmicks and having wrestlers do double duty to fill the 30 slots.  It's not a talent issue.  There are talented people under contract.  The problem is start-and-stop pushes, punishment booking, and the glass ceiling.  The Rumble looked like jobbers on parade tonight with very few stars.  It's a management issue, it's been that way for years, and it will probably never change.

Jim Valley

Best Match: Royal Rumble, I guess

Worst Match:  Divas Tag Match

Hi Dave,

Watched the Royal Rumble with 20 excited people at my friends house, his son was playing an old playstation game, Xenogears on his PS3.  He was the smartest person in the house.  This show sucked the life out of the room.

The opening match was bad, the Divas match was an NXT match, the Kane vs Cena match was bad, there was a squash match (That we all know leads to nothing) on a show I paid for, the WWE title match was a complete disaster, not that the wrestling was bad, but there was so much going on it was like the older TNA matches that would hurt my head and in the end it goes nowhere.

The Rumble itself was below average (despite the good drama at the end), it lacked any real starpower for the most part but that was to be expected, the crowd seemed dead at many points of the match, which isn’t really a surprise as the crowd didn’t seem too receptive to the show as a whole.  I watched a lot of this going “Oh yeah, that guy” as guys came out. Usually there is enough going on in these matches to keep my attention however this rumble had a lot of spots where I would look at the clock, get some food, take a leak, play on my iPhone, check the score of the Pro Bowl, etc.

And amongst all that they do these long videos which make the show seem like the B show before the big PPV, this seemed like a show that did not matter and well……I suppose it didn’t. 

A BIG Thumbs down for this show.

Keep up the great work


Ryan McDeed

Thumbs Down Best Match: Punk vs Ziggler Worst Match: Divas. This show fell flat for me. The crowd came off totally dead for the whole show, and the commentary was atrocious. The Opener seemed like it was over before it even got started. The Divas match sucked, but what do you expect. Cena vs Kane sadly extended one of the worst feuds off the last decade, and the match was awful. Not sure why they had to put Brodus Clay in a filler match instead of the Rumble. Punk vs Ziggler was their usual great match, but hurt by all the sports entertainment nonsense at the end. The Rumble itself just felt boring, and sloppily booked. There were very few exciting moments, and the whole thig was just paint by numbers. Glad to see Sheamus is finally getting th big babyface push he deserves, but otherwise bad show.
Geoff Gillott

Royal Rumble Feedback
Thumbs Up
Best match: CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler
Worst match: Beth Phoenix, Natalya and the Bellas vs Eve, Kelly, Tamina and Alicia
Hi Dave
Honestly, until the end segment this show was teetering between thumbs in the middle and thumbs down for me. The Rumble had too much comedy for a match with such high stakes. Ricardo was great and could have been in longer, the Foley-Santino stand-off was fun and the Duggan cameo was fun. I was even cool with Lawler and Booker but Michael Cole entering was a turn-off for me. All that being said, the end segment between Jericho and Sheamus might be the best end stretch of the Rumble since Undertaker and Shawn Michaels a few years ago. It initially seemed obvious that Jericho would win, then it felt like they were even enough that whoever got eliminated should get the title match for their show, and then when Sheamus won it was just right. Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan, if that is what they go with, would be a great match and a great turn-around from their match being knocked off Mania last year.
Punk vs Ziggler was a pretty good match, although all of the false finishes on Ziggler while the ref was down were ridiculous since he lost anyway. I liked the opening cage match and although it could have been longer the finish was solid. Also, Bryan and Big Show match up really well against each other. The Brodus Clay match was fun and I think he has a good future in the company as he is talented and the Rikishi-style gimmick seems to be going over well.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

Thumbs down
Best Match: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
Worst Match: John Cena vs. Kane

None of the matches were particularly special, and something about the Rumble was just disappointing. I didn't have a real problem with Sheamus winning. The Rumble is highlighted by its "high spots" and I felt like they were lacking compared to other years. With the CONSTANT pointing to the Wrestlemania sign and CONSTANT advertisements for it you'd think this event would make you more excited for it, but it didn't. Also, is there really a need to play a commercial for the following night's Raw on a PPV I just bought? I did actually like the layout of the CM Punk as much as other might not have. I would have liked to have seen the match going another 10 minutes as they were having a really good one. I wish Ziggler was seen as a bigger star as he's one of the best as taking bumps and selling in wrestling and could do a great 40 minute Wrestlemania match with Punk. I'll be interested with which title Sheamus goes for. One would think the Smackdown title, and I'd hope so too. I'd much rather see Jericho-Punk feud than Sheamus-Punk.
Matthew Burrill

The only shining light in this PPV (aside from Bryan's excellent twitter commentary) was that Daniel Bryan is still World Champion. The cage match sucked, Cena's match sucked (if we are getting Kane vs Ryder at WM, that will suck too), Dolph Ziggler was an uber-jobber to Punk and the wrong guy won the Rumble.
And in that crappy match, Ziggler looked even worse, Cody (though he seemingly eliminated a thousand people) was just seen as the guy who lasted 2 minutes less than Miz (who was never even really considered a threat to win), Barrett was jobbed out, there was no Punk or Daniel Bryan (what's the point in saying all superstars are eligible if you aren't putting in the champions - there are surprises every year, and I'm pretty sure Road Dogg isn't an active WWE Superstar) and the great returns of Del Rio, Christian or even a record breaking number of eliminations for Kane didn't happen. You could be blind and have no arms and legs and still not drop the ball as badly as WWE did here. At least Kofi did a cool handstand and Santino and Mick Foley are funny - I'm glad $54.95 tells us those facts that we couldn't have found out on free television.
You have a ready made, Best in the World storyline for Jericho/Punk, so I agree with not going with him, but Sheamus? Orton will be in the title match at WM, and there has to be a heel in the match. Orton/Bryan makes sense because Orton can finally shut him up, but your ROYAL RUMBLE WINNER is either going to be a third wheel in a good storyline or the reason why a potential classic feud and match doesn't play out. Sheamus/Orton was no good in 2010, and Sheamus/Bryan will suck because they have been on television together for months already without any sort of altercation. Awful, just awful.
Well done WWE, usually when you stink the place up, you localise it to a week either side of a show. This time you've screwed up one of your top feuds for WrestleMania trying to swerve us all. Don't be surprised if the fans swerve you and start tuning out of Smackdown in their droves.
Kharma is fantastic by the way. Can her and Trish have a match at Mania please?
Your ever-demoralised viewer,
Adam Dawes

Hi Dave, Overall, the Rumble was alright. I absolutely hated the Cena/Kane match and everything else was average, I guess. I can't complain too much though because all I wanted was for Daniel Bryan to keep the belt and he did. However, no one really gave a shit about Ziggler or Cody, which sucks but that's what you get when you bury your midcard heels for months. They know how to elevate the faces right now but when it comes to the heels they've been terrible since The Miz had the strap. I'm surprised they've gotten Daniel Bryan this far.  The Rumble match was mediocre and not really memorable.  It was good to see the old timers but the rest of the guys were geeks with exception of guys like Orton, Jericho, etc.  The crowd didn't care about anyone who wasn't already established.  Kharma's return did surprise me though.  The final few minutes with Sheamus and Jericho was pretty good dramatic atleast.  One last thing is that you have to respect Kane's submission skills for putting out Ryder so quickly with his face move thingy!  Thanks.

Steve Viglio

Hello everyone,
I gave the Rumble a slight thumbs up.
Always look forward to the Rumble as it is my favourite PPV. Didn't think too much of all the various ad type promos throughout the PPV
Best Match: Punk vs Ziggler
Worst Match: Divas or Brodus vs McIntyre
Bryan vs Show vs Henry - I thought they did a good job in this match considering the limitations. It was a unique finish and great visual with Show holding Bryan as he swung outside the cage until he dropped for the win. Have never seen that before in all my years of watching wrestling, good finish and good to see Bryan continue as champion. For such a large man, Show sure takes a great DDT.
Phoenix & Natalya & Bellas vs Kelly & Tamina & Torres & Fox - I guess it is what it is. Kelly didn't look horrible here. Liked the finish with Beth making the hard tag and ordering Bella out of her ring. (and the fact she was still selling it with a pouty face as they walked up the ramp after the victory)
Cena vs Kane - A horrible finish even more so that we have to watch this continue thru the Elimination Chamber.
Brodus vs McIntyre-what can you say about least we can watch the Funkettes.
Punk vs Ziggler - I thought this was a great match. They work so well together. Really loved Ziggler's reversal of the GTS into the Famouser, that was cool. Everyone was expecting Punk to get screwed after every "pin" so I was a bit surprised that he wasn't.
The Rumble - The level of star power here was very apparent. Having Lawler & Booker in the match was OK but Cole was a bit too much. Kharma was a nice surprise to the match, looking forward to her return and matches with Beth & Nattie. Maybe she is the she in the Jericho videos? I liked the Foley vs Santino dueling sock spot and Booker's comment "this is like a gun fight". Road Dogg looked decent during his spots. Not sure who would have picked Sheamus to win the Rumble but I guess that is the swerve. Will be interesting to see how WM now pans out unless Sheamus loses his spot in the Chamber. Kofi wins the John Morrison spot of the Rumble with his handstand and walk to save getting eliminated.
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Grant Zwarych
Observer Index

WWE Royal Rumble: Thumbs Down
Best Match: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
Worst Match: Clay vs. McIntyre
I thought the cage match to open the show was fine.  It wasn't great, but I didn't have any problems with it especially since Bryan is still Champion even though he is booked like anything but one.  The Divas tag match was also nothing special and didn't need to be here.  Only difference between this and TV is that it lasted more than a minute.  I don't like when they have random meaningless matches on ppv because I could see that on Monday and Friday and not pay for it with my money, just my time.  Cena vs. Kane was not thrilling.  Double count out is lame and this feud is even lamer.  I really despise this storyline.  Zack Ryder is now just a prop like a table or a ladder.  Clay vs. Drew is another big match for ppv.  I know this is working to get Brodus over and that is fine, but didn't need to be on ppv.  Isn't that like four or five strikes against McIntyre now?  Ziggler vs. Punk was pretty good.  Even though Ziggler was beaten over and over again, I bet he'll get some more title matches over the next month or so and probably a spot in the chamber as well.  The Royal Rumble was disappointing.  The Rumble is the one match I really usually look forward to every year and usually I am pretty happy with it.  This time it was pretty weak.  When Michael Cole is taking up one of the spots and you have stars like Cena, Kane, Clay, and so on that weren't used in the match that seems silly.  Most of this was comedy and not taken seriously and I don't mind a few comic spots like Socko vs. Cobra, but they should have made this more meaningful. The few big stars only worked for a few minutes and the rest was nothing special.  I was hoping for a few more surprises.  Liked seeing Duggan and Road Dogg, but they could have used Goldust maybe to do something more with Cody and Clay should have been in this and been a monster in the usual Kane spot.  Khali is horrible.  I was fine with Sheamus winning, but thought it was going to be Jericho or Orton. 
Robb Block

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Punk-Ziggler
Worst match: Divas filler
Like most people who aren't so desperate to fix the economy by donating $60 a month to Vince McMahon, I usually only buy two or three WWE shows a year, and after this year I'm starting to rethink the popular logic that the Royal Rumble should be one of those shows. The whole show was pretty much just an average Raw if it had a Royal Rumble tacked on at the end. 
The cage match was shockingly brief. I know Henry is hurt, but c'mon; I wasn't counting, but this match seemed like it barely went 10 minutes. It was fine while it lasted. The end spot was neat. It's just frustrating that it was so short, considering it could've easily assumed the time wasted on the divas match and the Clay-McIntyre squash. By the way, if they ever want Henry to get healthy so he can have a match of any meaningful length, shouldn't he, you know, get some rest? 
Cena-Kane was less dreadful than I anticipated, even though I think this so-bad-it's-funny angle has already wrapped up the 2012 WO Worst Feud award with 11 months to go. Although a double-countout is usually a cheap copout I think it was a necessary finish, since Cena obviously can't lose and it'd kill Kane to get beat in his first real match back. Kane's chair assault of Cena came off well. At this point Kane has murdered Ryder so many times it's lost all meaning; it's like Kenny dying on "South Park."
Punk-Ziggler was predictably the best match of the night by a wide margin. I thought the end spots were great. With as great as the match was, however, it's a shame that they already killed so much of this angle's heat by having Punk already attack Laurinaitis on the go-home show. Just baffling booking. Nonetheless, these guys did great. This match easily saved this show from being a thumbs down from me.
The Rumble was fine. Not one of the best, but not disappointing by any means. Sheamus was on the short list of guys I thought would win, so that wasn't too surprising, though after Raw I expected Jericho to win. Speaking of which, their exchange might have genuinely been the best Rumble ending ever. Tremendous tension, great creativity. Sheamus is now one of four men to win the Rumble, WWE Title, and King of the Ring (HHH, Bret Hart, and Edge being the other three), so that's a nice rub. The rest of the match was ok. The "surprise" entrants were cool, but nothing to get too excited about. I thought Kharma had a great showing, and the dynamic of all the announcers entering was entertaining. The Foley/Santino bit was amusing.
To summarize, a mostly crap show with too much filler and an insultingly short World Title match was somewhat salvaged by a great WWE Title match and a reasonably entertaining Rumble. I won't bet on it, but maybe this WrestleMania will give us the Bryan/Sheamus match I paid to see and didn't receive at least year's.
Justin Weaver
Beloit,l WI

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